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Here's Why Ronaldo is the Greatest Real Madrid Player Ever!

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This is why Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid's best player of all time! All the Ballon d'Or, golden shoes, titles, skills; goals, records etc before his transfer to Juventus. 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD!🔔 ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- FIND ME AT: 📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/javiernathaniel 👍 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JavierNathanielHD 👥 Twitter: https://twitter.com/JavierNathaniel ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- #Ronaldo #RealMadrid #Juventus #GOAT
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Text Comments (3329)
samuel sa7 (2 hours ago)
He won 5 ball on d, or
samuel sa7 (2 hours ago)
He won 5
Vishal Yadav (3 hours ago)
Real Madrid will never be the same without him
Pyrzo (4 hours ago)
5 ballon d’Ors
Mina Manurung1 (4 hours ago)
2:06 lol
Max Marwein (7 hours ago)
Not just 4 Ballon d'or but 5
Sadri Rexhaj (11 hours ago)
Best ever
Lucasmotorisado Aguiar (13 hours ago)
Vc é Ronaldinho gaúcho são us melhores
Lucasmotorisado Aguiar (13 hours ago)
Vc é u melhor Cristiano Ronaldo vc é uma lenda cara
Lucasmotorisado Aguiar (13 hours ago)
Vc é u melhor Cristiano Ronaldo vc é uma lenda cara
ujwal pandey (21 hours ago)
0:00 if he is the best player in the world then he is best player by definition why to make such a long video about that
Thillai kumar (23 hours ago)
Whats the background music......love it
Tactizzy :I (1 day ago)
What’s the song name through the video ?
Buraga Iulian (1 day ago)
De Best fotball gamer is ronaldo
Iman Dastbelaraki (1 day ago)
sad to see he's not playing for Real Madrid anymore... We will not forget what he has done for us
Jedi (1 day ago)
Messi has the crazy handles like Kyrie Irving Ronaldo has the unlimited range shots like Stephen Curry Both awesome and respected players. Muy bueno.
Korg PA (1 day ago)
Pedro Bueno (1 day ago)
Respeita o melhor do mundo porra
Kaif Khan (1 day ago)
Marcelo celebrated before he even goaled...👑king cristiano..!!!❤️
Rosy Manlun (1 day ago)
what a man Rinaldo
CHÂU ISO Channel (2 days ago)
good, please support me.
rama sabar (2 days ago)
V nice......
Andres Valencia (2 days ago)
Eres el mejor cr7
Ananya Mukherjee (2 days ago)
Ronaldo is besytttttttt.....
Pablo711 (2 days ago)
Será el mejor del Madrid, pero del mundo es Messi😉
MR G (2 days ago)
CR7 for me
MR G (2 days ago)
Unbelievable man
Mr ABD (2 days ago)
He is greatest football player in the world (not just Real Madrid)
Pasha Boss (2 days ago)
Music name please
Mochammad Ilham (3 days ago)
Playing football without ttaoo!! The best men
Márton Ferenczi (3 days ago)
He is obviously not the "Greatest Real Madrid Player Ever!"... figo, raul, puskas, etc...was so much better. Cristiano has a lot of goals, but this doesn't mean he is the best
Хали Гали (4 days ago)
👑 👑 👑
Matteo Zanetti (4 days ago)
Perché io ho smesso di giocare!altrimenti sarei andato al real con Kakà
Vincent Filipov (4 days ago)
best ever!
Ronaldo thats best player of world
kaka amrul (4 days ago)
is the best
OOFY GAMER (4 days ago)
He won 5 ballon dors
Noah555 andersen (4 days ago)
Ronaldo is suuuuuuuuuuuuperman
Noah555 andersen (4 days ago)
Very good long goals
Noah555 andersen (4 days ago)
Tony Iellamo (4 days ago)
ma che dite
Marco Cardoso (4 days ago)
BEST BEST BEST!!!! The LEGEND PELE say RONALDO is for me the #2 best player of all times #1 is PELE 😁👍
Fam he is sick
Dalisu Ngobese (4 days ago)
Screaming commentators are the best thing about football
Un jugador con un nivel altísimo simplemente la perfección en un atleta.
KinnorTubeTv (5 days ago)
0:48 (5 ballon d"or)
piercing light is the name of the soundtrack
Abdullo Nematov (5 days ago)
Dunyoda tengsiz fudbalis Ranaldo C.7👈🖐⚽
Sammy Thorpe (5 days ago)
Messi is way better than cr7
7:12 did cr7 scored in front of messi?
rik Colman (5 days ago)
He's the best player in the fucking world
Ronaldo means the best player in the world like me
Meisita jo10 (6 days ago)
Best player in history i love him
Antoun Gameplay (6 days ago)
Ronaldo is not the greatest player in Real Madrid history. He's the greatest player ever. And Madrid has done the biggest mistake in football history.
Leon Dragojević (6 days ago)
And how can they say its better without him
gicantic youtuber (6 days ago)
guys look at marcelo in 4:22 he knew it was a goal
Jackson Baden (6 days ago)
nice one
Bibiana Silva (7 days ago)
Porque foi contra o Porto
Bibiana Silva (7 days ago)
Maquina de fazer gool
Melhor do Mundooo so ele conseguiu alcançar o Messi
メRazorBladeメ (7 days ago)
congratulations the video is over 10 minutes
Wong Ndeso (7 days ago)
Andi Wijaya (7 days ago)
ronaldo is god
jack liu (7 days ago)
messi has 5 ballon
Mourad Alili (7 days ago)
He is the greatest in history of football. A complete player. Multiple skills
Danielizen (7 days ago)
In Juventus he is a good assist
Black B 7w7 (7 days ago)
esos momentos en el q me quedaba afonico de gritar los goles de ronaldo :,c
Rene Brown (7 days ago)
He was born a fighter
Sporty_VN (7 days ago)
Guys what is the song
Mariano 950 (7 days ago)
este hombre merecía ganar un mundial
Fianz Suffian (7 days ago)
Truly the best
St Thakur (8 days ago)
How many of u like cr?
AssasinX games (8 days ago)
Good are Neymar best are Messi's but legends are Ronaldo's
Aka Neymar (8 days ago)
I think you should change it from the greatest real Madrid player to the greatest player in the world.
Ruben Quintanilla (8 days ago)
Siempre te recordaremos CR7
Silvana Lacerda (8 days ago)
Duduboy Katieh (8 days ago)
Cr7 is all time greatest
Julian Gonzalez (8 days ago)
He is asome
Danellboy (8 days ago)
Real Madrid? Completed it mate.
Shuffle Dance (8 days ago)
Es medio rara
Shuffle Dance (8 days ago)
La seña de Ronaldo en el minuto 3:33
PratamaXxX 93 (8 days ago)
while the scenes " most hattricks scored in real madrid's history" in the bottom of my heart.. i ask the owner of this channel " seriously? will you put the all of that hattrick on this video?"
duy Ngoba (8 days ago)
Who loves Ronaldo ???
oui oui zourdani (9 days ago)
100% prooved barca fan
TheDerpBeast (9 days ago)
Messi’s better I’m sorry
Joel Thomas (9 days ago)
Bicycle kick was awsome 😀😀😀
Prince Khan (9 days ago)
Not messi is the best
akaJesus (9 days ago)
I’m a Lionel Messi fan and I must admit he is the best player In Real Madrid not in the world that belongs to Lionel Messi
Riad Shaar (9 days ago)
Ronaldo and no one ......
I Am The Aether (9 days ago)
A Generational Talent with stats straight from Mars.
I Am The Aether (9 days ago)
Robbed of the 18 golden ball.
سوسو سوسو (10 days ago)
سنشتاق اليك يا رنالدو
Amiruddin Paiman (10 days ago)
GOOSEBUMPS! damnnnn Ronaldoooo!!
Impresionante e increíble,
Twrg Rg G R Jtrjrthrfu (10 days ago)
Wtf look at marcelo (4:24)
NOWE R (10 days ago)
ora cristiano alla juve suuuu
cochin fab (11 days ago)
Song name please???
gaming with sounak (11 days ago)
Why did real Madrid sell ronaldo
Kyle Farmer (11 days ago)
Messi is better than ronaldo

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