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New Best Champions in Patch 8.19 SEASON 8 for Climbing in EVERY ROLE (League of Legends)

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This is basically the meta now until the end of the season so let's take a look! Stats = https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/current/platinum/plus/grid/ ♦ Streaming 5 days a week! → http://fb.gg/phygames ♦ Follow me on Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/phygames/ ♦ Follow me on Twitter → https://twitter.com/phygames ♦ Subscribe to my League Gameplay Channel! - http://bit.ly/PhyGames Timestamps ADC = start Mid = 3:09 Jungle = 5:31 Support = 7:47 Top = 10:01 ADC – Kai'sa, MF / Lucian, Jhin, Twitch. HM = Vayne Mid – Akali, Veigar (slow build) / Kassadin, Leblanc, Ahri. HM = Malz Jungle – Kha'Zix, Xin / Evelynn, Graves, Kayn. HM = Taliyah Support – Brand, Pyke / Nami, Thresh, Alistar. HM = Janna Top – Urgot, Darius / Irelia, Jax, Sion Editor - https://twitter.com/ToxOnPC Title: Insan3Lik3 - We Are The Robots (feat. Temu) Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe443Gl4Skk Beatport Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/we-are-the-robots/1244016 Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat New Best Champions in Patch 8.19 SEASON 8 for Climbing in EVERY ROLE (League of Legends)
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Text Comments (277)
DivineSouls (11 hours ago)
Meanwhile in Bronze: Yasuo ADC OP
Musashi (16 hours ago)
Where is cho
Stephan Kroon (6 days ago)
How do you make this video? I really want to make videos with my own plays on youtube
Daniel Amendoeira (8 days ago)
What does the HM mean?
☁AntiNebula☁ (9 days ago)
DiscordantGamer1 (10 days ago)
Okay, we get it. You like Kai'sa
Unpopped Kiwi (11 days ago)
Love your outro!
Miicro (12 days ago)
where do you get those information? the runes and build guides?
C H Δ P Δ (12 days ago)
what vayne build were u talking about
Nadu Man (13 days ago)
I pick fiora into urgot and try to survive the lane phase but once I start split pushing urgot really cant match me. But I do have to be dependent on my team to not fuck up the team fight : (
BluVíkíng (13 days ago)
oof 11:39
Volibear hard counters Jax in top lane He also beats Sion in duels and he's pretty good against Irelia Darius might be a problem, but you still beat a lot of meta top laners in this patch
Sean Snider (13 days ago)
With urgot and darius being soo good in top ill have to pick up my Morde again.
Ahrin (14 days ago)
Ahri is pretty meta right now too, give her a try :D
Carl Emil Dahl (15 days ago)
Ornn top lane is pretty good too. Tanky and alot of damage
Mathieu Bossuyt (15 days ago)
for what stands HM?
Liam Langhoff (15 days ago)
I Fed! A Jax and still won
Liam Langhoff (15 days ago)
I always used urgot with the flash play
Rafael Pina (15 days ago)
Yo phy id just like to say that a lot of YouTubers don’t really care about their viewers and don’t post consistently. You however are always a reliable channel for trustworthy information on the game. So thanks
Life Decisions (16 days ago)
Yo, Phy - what’s your stream channels name? Edit: Do you/does he stream regularly?
Chrono (16 days ago)
2:28 Cait Gone In 1 MF's Q :O
Azurif (16 days ago)
Brand support is just pure cancer
Anoop Singh Jassal (16 days ago)
I guess someone has to do it Kaisa: 0:17 Miss Fortune: 1:21 Veiger: 3:10 Akali: 4:03 Kha zix: 5:40 Xin Zhao: 6:20 Brand: 7:50 Pyke 8:36 Urgot: 10:02 Darius: 10:45 Leave A Like!
Anoop Singh Jassal (15 days ago)
+Gyo O's oh right, i fucked up 😢
Gyo O's (15 days ago)
Graves, Evelynn also for Jungle
Nuno Valadas Cardoso (17 days ago)
i go aftershock and the support tree on darius with ignite flash it works. SUE ME
Nuno Valadas Cardoso (17 days ago)
i go aftershock and the support tree on darius with ignite flash it works. SUE ME
Finnblade (17 days ago)
Have you seen Corki?
NAPON MALAILOY (17 days ago)
Try khazix with storm razor totally insane
Eugene Leader (17 days ago)
best brand counter is a poke support like Xerat, velkoz or even lux. He is large and slow as fck and you can hit from out of range of his spells.
Akuma Akuma (17 days ago)
@Phylol I figured out how to download op.gg games replays you download the bat file from the op.gg site and then edit it and insert the that replay in the place in the text that allows you to view that replay. I have the code if you want it. You do not have to record the video while they are live you can do it with any bat file.
Pablo Carrillo (17 days ago)
What about twitch?
Thomas Berger (17 days ago)
Soraka is broken for support (play wirh ignite and haa e dun in lane) or rengar adc (with ignite; and have fun) but the rengar needs too know how to combo and how to use bushes correctly
Alpha Predator (18 days ago)
ASMR by Phy - Make it happen
alejandro michelena (18 days ago)
im main riven, but this season with evelyn i destroyed rank games, the trick is to change of positions when someones going for you and then u use w, with w a late game eve cant loose
ollo_63 (18 days ago)
for junglers after you talked about xin you started talking about graves and taliyah but it was still just showing xin clips until support.
Jaime Ruiz (18 days ago)
I shit on Viegar as Diana, also I think Kai’Sa beats Vayne late game right? But Twitch is the best because of the team fighting.
Vitor Presutti (18 days ago)
Veigar, MF and Leona. If you have those guys on your team enjoy your free LP
Yukki (18 days ago)
Electrocute Brand is better
Elias Hansson (18 days ago)
So basically, cc to counter anyone
SliCeouT (18 days ago)
9:35 that Lucian is contemplating his existence right now
SliCeouT (18 days ago)
The best counter to Akali is permabanning her
SliCeouT (15 days ago)
in gold 5 yea.. if the akali player is even remotely good at the game she will easily duel the ahri since the champ is just stupid
SwishCheese (16 days ago)
Ahri fucks akali ez
Tonislav Borisov (18 days ago)
So shaco stays in S tier for like whole season and you are not gonna mention him?
Christian Jarquin (8 days ago)
i can't remember the last time i have ever seen a shaco
Tim Molder (18 days ago)
I like lethal tempo more than fleet on kaisa. Maybe in higher elo fleet might be better but in low elo she works with lethal tempo as well
Edin P0znat (18 days ago)
Don't get him wrong guys, if the champion is good doesn't mean you are good at him.
Guaripolo (13 days ago)
tbh you can learn to play most of these champs in 1 or 2 games, aside from akali and kaisa id say
tariqo16 (18 days ago)
if jinx isnt on this video i will do . . . . . nothing but still when she get 3 items she become an assassin
tariqo16 (18 days ago)
+something someone deadass a jinx in my last game went 1 4 If remember good and after 3 items she started piping me and my team
something someone (18 days ago)
jinx: oh I went 0/8 in the laning phase? Well I just got stormrazor so I'll take that penta and win the game ty ^-^
Dj Martin (19 days ago)
How do you feel about Ekko mid right now?
Jean Pierre Polnareff (19 days ago)
Yea irelia still broken after half a year
Yaka (19 days ago)
Would you all say pyke jungle still works?
Cinnamon Panda (19 days ago)
brand might be inmovile but he can just e+q to basically guarantee a stunt and then just use w and r near another champ or minion to guarantee a kill
Cinnamon Panda (19 days ago)
BTW, cool to see Urgot is popular, used him quite a bit....bad part is this is almost a guaranteed nerf
Bastian Jeppesen (19 days ago)
pre season i trolled with taht veigar shit but on top lol
Reclusive Eagle (19 days ago)
The problem with Urgot is if you are still playing placements (Like I was), you need at least 1 competent person on your team. If not every lane loses and you are stuck trying to clean up a mess all game with people trying to surr 24/7 because they think: *Your Team 4* *Enemy Team 9* is end of game. Good luck trying to find competent players in Silver/Gold. Thank fk I left that group after placements. Moral of the story? Don't play Urgot in Silver/Gold ever. Unless you are Flex queuing, you can not do shit with retards on your team.
Jerome Feliciano (18 days ago)
Reclusive Eagle thats true even if you're fed as urgot you cant carry the game if there's no one else that is fed like you or if your team knows how to play with you.
karlo vullag (19 days ago)
Phy thank you so much now I can abuse these champion to get out of harD5stuck scrub Subscribed ! 👍👍
Reclusive Eagle (19 days ago)
Have you seen Liandry's Rylai's Brand? Liandry's last 3 seconds but because Rylai's applies every tick, it becomes a 6 second slow stacked with your passive...
Reclusive Eagle (17 days ago)
Well its a 20% slow so that's probably why they allow the interaction to exist. I think Glacial Augment Midlaners are more on the radar to fix than this.
Leandro (18 days ago)
+Reclusive Eagle alright I trust you. Seems broken to have a slow with a duration higher than an ability I must say
Reclusive Eagle (18 days ago)
No its a 6 sec slow. Its like Liandry's is 3 sec but every second procs a Rylai's passive. So 1 sec Liandry's = +1 sec Rylai's
Leandro (18 days ago)
You might have swapped both. It seems more logical a 3 sec slow and a 6 sec dot than the contrary. But I can be wrong
Zamynix (19 days ago)
aatrox is a really good counter to akali and kass as well.
Cyb3r 5lick (19 days ago)
Sigh it's kinda sad for a top lane main. When your role takes up less time then mf in the ADC section.
Leo McEdgeLord (18 days ago)
I feel you
something someone (18 days ago)
I mean I'm not sure if it's just Phy not knowing much about top but imo it's in a really bad spot.
LittleBoyOfHope (19 days ago)
But nb3 senpai said elise op top tiered jgler?...
On Tara's Mind (19 days ago)
I've been doing the flash -> fear combo for months. Why did it take everyone else so long to figure that out?
Leo McEdgeLord (18 days ago)
I didn't know how to do it cause I don't play him.
Manuel Ciancarella (19 days ago)
Im loving Blue Kayn soooo much
★ShiningStarz★ (19 days ago)
Idk if this is for anyone else but personally I don't take boots with MF, and instead get a 6th item depending on the situation. Her strut + youmuu ghostblade makes her very fast as it is. Hope this helps, it always works well for me :)
Brad Thomas (19 days ago)
No Vayne build at end...
surprised to not hear about the aatrox mid picks, i literally went from G2 to Plat2 spamming him mid, He kills everyone mid and can pretty much dive any mage who goes there, especially after they lose their flash. then he's free to roam either bot or top and swing the lanes into his teams favor, so far the only match ups i've had problems with is Ahri because of her R/E and a decent enough zed will kite you and keep away from you while nuking, i'm also surprised u didn't mention that aatrox is a hard counter for akali as well, her smoke doesn't protect her from his combo and he can shit on her really well, the only problem would be her getting fed from others in team fights. with the lower cd on electrocute he can output so much dmg very fast and its very hard to trade
Leo McEdgeLord (18 days ago)
Watch his last video
LefterisP (19 days ago)
Laundry buff affects mordekaiser as well. One click one kill R
Rex Umali (19 days ago)
wheres aatrox?
toa Jaller inika (19 days ago)
What about the most fun heroes?
Nole (19 days ago)
the only worse AP Assassin when fed than Akali is Evelynn.
somebodys opinion (18 days ago)
رافت صدر (19 days ago)
was w8ing the fiora BUT NOOOOOO
Raymond L9 (19 days ago)
"if for some reason you enjoy playing janna" LOL
Ayy ayy (19 days ago)
I'd replace twitch with or just add Draven into the adc list
Ayy ayy (19 days ago)
I'd replace leblanc or malz in HM For fizz
Ayy ayy (19 days ago)
I'd replace Xin Zhao or Taliyah HM for Kindred
Ayy ayy (19 days ago)
I would replace thresh with blitzcrank
Ayy ayy (19 days ago)
I would put Fiora in top 5top laners and replace like sion
Redowan Alamgir (19 days ago)
blue kayn is insanely broken tbh he can go 0/4 early and still oneshot u once he transforms
Tommy Rosario (18 days ago)
Killed him twice in the jungle as Nidalee then he came back as blue kayne and killed me and my mid laner
alez27 playsgames (19 days ago)
Ya khazix is strong af I just got a penta playing him for he 2nd time ever
Ragnorian (19 days ago)
darius and urgot are pick or ban. shits ridiculous
CheeseMedley (19 days ago)
why build Iron Locket on Pyke? he doesn't gain bonus health
something someone (18 days ago)
resistances OP
Fishy Net (19 days ago)
What i learned from this video, Crowd Control > Everything.
shadowpod13 (17 days ago)
Crowd Control + Dmg is the key.
Mohammed Tareq (18 days ago)
as a nautilus main, this is not true :/
saper381 (19 days ago)
what is HM?
Carlos Pinto (19 days ago)
Honourable mention
this meta and s8 in general is so boring and trash
Maximiliano Gonzalez (19 days ago)
I disagree.
W akitam (19 days ago)
i can never play mf right
Dylan M (19 days ago)
Is nocturne not a good champ to climb with? asking as i'm wanting to 1 trick him
LefterisP (19 days ago)
Go for it!
Nekko Nekko Nii (19 days ago)
akali is finally in the list <3
NovusTM (19 days ago)
Isn't that bad?? Ppl gonna ban her more???
Vicente Diaz (19 days ago)
What about draven?
tai guo (19 days ago)
Cass main here
David Chacon (19 days ago)
How to counter any champion: CROWD CONTROL
Kyra Cleary (19 days ago)
I just got to gold this is my first season gg 😃
goonbee 51 (19 days ago)
Trying to play shen against an MF..... It's not fun
PR Stimulating (19 days ago)
10:40 go watch C9 vs Kabum VOD. Ofc the quality of the players are different, but they are still pros and lose as little as possible in lane.
Adrian Spaulding (19 days ago)
How to counter (insert champ CC
Soul (19 days ago)
How to counter olaf? Hit him with a CC
theduelist92 (19 days ago)
Take my words with a grain of salt, since im still learning Irelia, but i swear she cannot possibly win vs any bruiser. You can farm it out vs Tanks and shred them with passive + conqueror (just dont do it too early or you will die to the tank, trust me), you can easily dodge poke farm well and gapclose vs ranged, from teemo gnar to every control / poke mage mid, you can W assassin into the shadow realm, but bruiser beat you up. Most of them dont have a clear burst you can W, like assassins and bust/combo mages, if they have any mobility most of them have counterplay to your E and that is very bad, and the ones that dont will simply tear you a new one if you are in close combat AND you cant dash away. It's like yasuo, but worse. Fiora will dumpster you, your E is so easy to parry for a stun, all she has to do is continuously proc vitals with q and play aggro and you cannot retaliate. Yasuo dumpsters you as well, bewteen his E and his W you will never land either E or R and if you dont hit those you have no damage. Darius will tank yo shit, turn on you use every spell and you die. Garen is the same, but you cant even flash away e.e Riven has a lot of mobility and if she keeps her E to dodge stun you are done (i think you see the patterns now). This is backed up by stats btw, the only bruiser Irelia seems to beat is camille, probably due to how theyr spells interact. TLDR if you see irelia pick any bruiser you can play and enjoy freelo.
zxas aber (19 days ago)
As someone who has played about 100 games with irelia(cause shes the best) all these problems of yours are mostly laning problems, excluding the yasuo if you're irelia you should ban yasuo since wind wall basically blocks your whole combo the whole game, fiora yes its extremely easy for her to parry but her w is so easy to dodge with your q, not only that the cooldown is way longer than your e, when her parry is offline thats when you do a quick e>q>aa>q combo, this will literally chunk her life if you also used corrupting potion, rinse and repeat though i play a lot of fiora so its probably me knowing the match up well so ive never had a problem.I wont go into detail for the others yes garen and darius are pain but who doesnt hate them, pre patch you just punish the darius if he uses his q on minions but after the buff damn his damage even without his q is stupid. laning phase is hard but thats when she is the weakest,thats why you take resolve secondary since it makes your laning phase so much easier,you play safe and punish them if your e lands, farm and scale into a beast, irelia can 1v1 those champions mid to late, trinity and steraks and boom suddenly theyre thinking to themselves who fed the irelia since with your whole combo you can burst squishies now, one of the biggest problems i see with new irelia players is that they lose the lane so much and cant get there 2 core items. Here is a tip for new irelia players, its fine if you dont throw your ult on the squishy targets as long as they get hit when it expands since ypu can just dash your way towards them with your q using other enemies that were marked. Think of irelia as a tanky assassin since you do burst people down but you can take some damage if needed, i do agree irelia 1v1 against other bruisers suck a bit but its not that bad. TLDR; Play safe early since irelia sucks early, farm into a beast, win game.
Ushio Okazaki (19 days ago)
leave me with the robots one more fucking time
Taorro Arcano (19 days ago)
My climbing to iron is about to end
Johnny Matos (19 days ago)
League of Pick Some Bullshit and Pretend You're Good
Raymond L9 (19 days ago)
YUP (every adc main)
Sister Fister (19 days ago)
“Mf is really easy and really strong” shows only clips of her getting blown up and missing skills
Master Chef (19 days ago)
I dont think you were watching the same video as me lol
Alex Bateman (19 days ago)
RIP Swain, counter to so many of the meta picks right now.
Wind Cutter (19 days ago)
obviously riot wants people to buy more darius skins
Miha Sitar (19 days ago)
just want to mention aftershock poppy as a skillbased counter vs darius
something someone (18 days ago)
you can't have a skill matchup when you're playing poppy
Autumn Grace (19 days ago)
The moment you said lower elo I knew brand was up lmao
Leon Corral (19 days ago)
InkWavve (19 days ago)
In Korea, they consider Kog'maw and Vayne to be good picks into Kai'sa. Compared to how well she scales, she's actually pretty safe in lane phase, so it's not as easy to completely bully her out with aggressive picks. And all of the aggressive picks get grossly outscaled by Kai'sa by like the first 3 items. Apparently Vayne and Kog'maw can beat her in a duel at all points in the game and also not lose to her in terms of scaling. Even if Kai'sa gets a good jump on them in a lategame teamfight, Kog and Vayne are the two adcs who can still beat her (Vayne through her stealth and Kog through the sheer melting of HP bars).
MadMax (16 days ago)
+Austin Ledbetter In what world does Vayne or kogmaw beat an AP Kaisa? Unless you horribly misplay it I just found see it. Her shield, her passive, her burst on top of having a zhonyas and(or) banshees veil? No chance, there's a reason pros don't pick Vayne or kogmaw into her anymore
Austin Ledbetter (17 days ago)
+KingTubeLoL every time I vs a kaisa and I have more than 2 items as vayne I shit all over kai sa..
KingTubeLoL (18 days ago)
I'm pretty sure Kai'sa wins a duel between her and Kogmaw... Kogmaw uses his range for massive damage, but she just goes invis or ults near kogmaw and he can't really do a lot then...
Jahnye Jones (18 days ago)
+Austin Ledbetter jinx has a good mid game but her 6 item is meh compared to vayne/kog/kaisa
Austin Ledbetter (18 days ago)
+InkWavve jinx is somewhat scaley later just no escape so she bad
Taylon (19 days ago)
Phy talking about how these ranged guys "counter" Darius. Probably the only ranged that counters Darius is Kennen cause its all about him making mistakes really. Teemo you just rush him down after blind and kill him and Quinn you just E her the moment she pushes you back. Heimer you just take down his turrets before minions appear and zone him pantheon he can't face you if you E him properly or just avoid poke. honestly the only one who can probably go against darius with ganks is garen due to his regen, no mana, and he takes ignite to snowball in lane. (Personally I don't like Darius's in my game due to players underestimating playing skill and just make so many mistakes and feed due to it.)
Taylon (18 days ago)
I try not to think too much about the player, but more of the champion since that tends to be more of an NA thing which I want to stray away from, and lower ego more. It was a nice chat too.
10Abyss01 (18 days ago)
I mean, I would never think that he is absolutely kitable because it depends on the player and runes as well, but that can be fixed by team play which is what you have to do most of the times vs this kind of champions that are like raid bosses. Sadly team play is somthing that solo q lacks a lot but with some knowledge can be doable.
Taylon (19 days ago)
I understand why you think that from your experience, but most players can't dodge his abilities. There is also various ways to avoid being kited with Runes, Summoner Spells, and even items. Though you're right that he can be kited n' all, I'd be wrong thinking he absolutely couldn't be kited.
10Abyss01 (19 days ago)
Dodging darius's skils its actually so easy and dumb that I cannot believe that you just wrote that, one reason because darius isnt a popular champ in high elo its because he is in fact easily kitable and among everyone ranged champs, of its a ranged/bruiser its even better.

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