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LEARN FROM THE BEST. BE THE BEST. ► https://morelegends.com/en?utm_source=ytb_eng&utm_medium=lolslowmo&utm_campaign=200618 In this 1v1 fight, we'll see a battle between Ad Ezreal and Ap Ezreal, the results were pretty close, Have a good one ^^ Leave a like if you enjoyed! Musics here; Conro - I Wanna Know [Monstercat Release] Unison - Aperture [NCS Release] Outro: Desmeon - Back From The Dead [NCS Release] ( #FullBuildFights LoL Slow Motions). Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/gammastarlol/
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LoL Slow Motions (4 months ago)
NEW AATROX vs YASUO ► https://youtu.be/qzYJqLvCUTY DARIUS vs HECARIM ► https://youtu.be/aV2slPYE504
asce jeddane (25 days ago)
ap ezra vs ap kaisa
Berke Ynsn (3 months ago)
Last attempt wasnt a draw both of them didnt use ultimate so ap ezreal finished off ad with 500 extra damage advantage again
SPARK z (3 months ago)
LoL Slow Motions u
Johanna Bautista (3 months ago)
LoL Slow Motions
죠나단 (3 months ago)
Häpäti hää (9 days ago)
yeah all my misses are visual bugs too
IlToto _ (13 days ago)
Gamber63 (20 days ago)
Can u do rework Ezreal AD vs AP??
vha J Han (23 days ago)
No gunblade for AP EZ ?
DariMachine (26 days ago)
Round 1 round 2 round 3 ad ezreal win but two ezreals is bronze
이태규 (1 month ago)
평타때리는데 왜 마나가소모됨?
er dream (1 month ago)
Gabriel Miranda (1 month ago)
AP Ezreal has stronger burst, but AD Ezreal has better sustained damage.
ChatiVe (1 month ago)
Ap ezreal is better for tanks because I tried it against an full armir Illaoi he sreally struggled with my op dmg for the ad it's not worth vs tanky people :/
John Iliakis (1 month ago)
olaf qashe (1 month ago)
Ap ezreal won
Paweł Dziedzic (1 month ago)
Pablo Sw (1 month ago)
YasuoBlackStarTM (1 month ago)
Ezreal ap
Demons Power (1 month ago)
U are giving video hakkını I like it
Tamás Kvaka (1 month ago)
Ap ezreal
Bruno Carrasco (1 month ago)
el AP tiene mucho mas burst para deletear pero pierde en DPS cuando está en CD
Tinloy Go (1 month ago)
And tryndamere Vs nasus
Tinloy Go (1 month ago)
Jax Vs tryndamere please I want to see them fight
vinh lam (1 month ago)
2 tears ez won
brosiuhere (1 month ago)
Ad better
Trần Ngọc (1 month ago)
Ad e sang bên phải đi chứ lai e thẳng chết là đúng r
서민성 (1 month ago)
l feel very lnteresting for game movie
Lulu ap vs Lulu ad
かわいいreo (1 month ago)
ezreal is perfectly balanced champ and he fits in every meta. i dont ever regreat buying him.
Lorena Fernandez (1 month ago)
I think ad
Lorena Fernandez (1 month ago)
I think ad
The Amazing (2 months ago)
Ap win because i always penta in ap in ad i awlays lose
AhmetEmre Gültekin (2 months ago)
입사각 (2 months ago)
ap r w e q speed up ad r e w q.no.speed
Mikoto (2 months ago)
Crit Riven vs LifeSteal Riven
WQQ QWS (2 months ago)
great item EZREAL
Rainbow 2w5 (2 months ago)
Ad. He is ad carry, not ap carry
아곤 (2 months ago)
what is the music when projects were appeared
없는사용할 수 (2 months ago)
Gervasio Martin (2 months ago)
lgnd- fath1r (2 months ago)
ap ezx
lgnd- fath1r (2 months ago)
ap ezx
Ben Frank (2 months ago)
who E first win
꼬꼬마 (2 months ago)
광고 씹할
terdi nator (2 months ago)
faik buğra lore (2 months ago)
w e q or e w q
Hasan Taha Baytekin (2 months ago)
Bu adamLrın türkçe bildiğini bi ben mi biliyorum
mate kacper ppp (2 months ago)
ap ez
Unbreakable Gaming (2 months ago)
AD wins because he didnt use his blood thrist
Jaylloyd Taño (2 months ago)
Eren kuvancı (2 months ago)
이윤기 (2 months ago)
자동 공격은 왜하는거임
Adam Němec (3 months ago)
ap ezreal won because he did damage from E and ad ezreal didnt
Ivan Ramboyong (3 months ago)
Jayce adc vs jayce melee
Giorgos Pasalis (3 months ago)
Wtf u cant dodge an ability omg
Jesus Alvarez (3 months ago)
No fue empate el ezreal ad mató primero al ap
Tobias Gissel (3 months ago)
Ezreal won so much. Can you PLS make a Nocturne Vs kayn?? Love your videos😀
Jawad Mohamed Cherif (3 months ago)
Esreal ap won
ThanhDương Nguyễn (3 months ago)
El Ciclon Azulgrana (3 months ago)
ACE112ACE112 (3 months ago)
Ad ezreal didn't use bork active
SuperZed Ploiesteanu' (3 months ago)
i like both ones
Eriel Gaming (3 months ago)
Imran L (3 months ago)
Yi vs jax pls
AtkoZ (3 months ago)
Lethal Sion vs Tank Sion
흐뭇 (3 months ago)
평타싸움은 ad가 압도적..
Ngan Kim (3 months ago)
Yi vs ez
Analiza Petere (3 months ago)
Bulok walang kwinta
زهرة الخليج (3 months ago)
Ad ezreal missed his w
ShaDe - Agar.io (3 months ago)
Riven vs Yasuo
Shi No Hasu (3 months ago)
Ap vs ad kog'maw
destiny ting (3 months ago)
After observing the collected data and conducting meticulistic analysis, I therefore conclude that Ezreal won.
Mitchkinz (3 months ago)
Ad vs ap Diana pls I would love to find out who would win
yi cam (3 months ago)
병신같은 실험이네
BoRderBro21 (3 months ago)
sure ad will lose ap casted w before e ad not if he q fisr he will win
SREMFDRR Jr. (3 months ago)
Ezreal won
Wency (3 months ago)
Kaguya Yamai (3 months ago)
AD ezreal is much better the second round the first didn't hit ap ez so ap ez won
Happy Cat (3 months ago)
Why cant u just e away from that ult and kill .-.
JAYVEE LOVER (3 months ago)
Its same
moivuitinh nhan (3 months ago)
Tuy thoi Neu dane nhay thi dame thang
김유성 (3 months ago)
아니 병신임?? Ad 이즈리얼 스킬을 ap이즈가 비전으로 피하는데 ap이즈 win ㅇㅈㄹ하네
Mellouki Amine (3 months ago)
Talon vs zed
emirhan gunes (3 months ago)
Ad ezreal nasıl oynanıcağıni bilmiyor
서영무 (3 months ago)
Pastel de Quinta (3 months ago)
Hibrid ;v
DarkGaming ML (3 months ago)
Ant The Gaming Gamih (3 months ago)
AP Talon
just _Felixxe_ Nona (3 months ago)
AD ezrael with DH wins EVERYTHING
Gabriel Hernández (3 months ago)
Atroxx Resal (3 months ago)
Why are you dashing fowards instead of to the side. How dumbof y’all
GMA 4500M (3 months ago)
Ap can hit above minions sometimes this is an advantage
arthur manuel (3 months ago)
Yi Vs Tryndamere
Juan Camilo Torres (3 months ago)
Cho gath tank vs nasus tank and critic. Pliss
Kys Beni (3 months ago)
Yasuo won
Alperen Vedat Kocal (3 months ago)
Konuşan sen misin ?
SkitZ GaminG (3 months ago)
also ad ez wins. ap ez had ninja tabi which is more of a direct counter then what mercs are. to make the match even running beserkers on ad and sorcs on ap. there is no negated dmg that way. also in that match up the ad ez should of had death dance opposed bt if ap ez runs tabi so he gets reduced dmg as well as ad ez would combo ew q so he gets the ats steriod off w rather then using w as a dps abillity which it isnt because he hasnt put any item build towards ap ratio. good video how ever unfair advantage for ap ez. keep it up
SkitZ GaminG (3 months ago)
press the attack kayle vs lethal tempo please
ITS ME YoungBlood (3 months ago)
In auto attack ad ez will win
Tiến Anh Nguyễn (3 months ago)
irelia mới vs camile đi

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