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Hijab Lolita Fashion in Japan and Abroad|Interview with 3 Hijabi Lolita Fashion girls in Tokyo

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Hijab Lolita fashion is real. Meet 3 hijab Lolita girls from Malaysia, who wear their styles on the streets of Tokyo, Harajuku. Muslim Lolita fashion girls have grown in numbers over the last years. Get inspired by them: Their Instagram group is here: https://www.instagram.com/pinkustarz/?hl=ja Sugar Noor (recently less Lolita but still great fashion styles. Scroll down her Instagram to see her Lolita fashion) https://www.instagram.com/sugarnoor/?hl=ja Alyssa Salazar http://thehijabilolita.tumblr.com/ PiLoves314 https://twitter.com/PiLoves314 Feel free to recommend more in the comment section! ▶SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS!! http://www.youtube.com/c/AskJapanese?sub_confirmation=1 ▶CATHY CAT's CHANNEL! ☆https://www.youtube.com/user/Canudoitcosplaygirl ☆Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoitCosplaygirl ☆Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/canudoitcat/ ■Produced by WAO AGENCY http://agency.wao.ne.jp/media.html
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Text Comments (1018)
Sam _ Yeah (1 day ago)
how cute they are !!😍😍😍😍
g l (1 day ago)
From the hijab style I know they are from Malaysia because I'm malaysian too and here in Malaysia mostly malay women and we are muslim wearing hijab with that style.we use hijab to cover our hair which is part of our aurah and yet it is part of islamic religion obligations that muslim women must adhered to.
anisya naira (1 day ago)
I wish they know that lolita isn't just about cute and innocent.
salam D (1 day ago)
hahaha history?? . . . ye sejarah yang tak boleh dilupakan.. jepun pernah jajah Malaysia!!! dan banyak perkara buruk askar jepun buat terhadap rakyat Malaysia dahulu.. remember that!
Shiro Senpie (10 days ago)
"uhhh... apa?" so Malaysian lololol
Amirul Haqim (22 days ago)
Wohhooo org johor...,by the way aq org muo
Neon Cutie (25 days ago)
They are so cute!
Hanan Hashem (1 month ago)
Im from terengganu, its a very hot place & totally not suited for lolita fashion. However im started to love lolita dresses & can anyone help me to get my first steps in lolita fashion?
Ren Rez (1 month ago)
Izza And Raisyatun (1 month ago)
What about indonesia, it has the most muslims and its doing ok
Faitheh Playz (1 month ago)
I'm muslim and I wear a hijab. I was interested in Japanese things because of Animes and turns out that I'm a weeb now. :3 other things too
ALYSHA SOFEA (1 month ago)
Why are they so so so KAWAIIIIIII!!! Also I love Anime. 😋😋😋
risaee (1 month ago)
i've always wanted to dress like them ! but i'm afraid the ppl in malaysia is gonna 'kecam' me if i wear lolita outfits in public lol -just like the many toxic comments under this video huh ;;- i really can't believe in "accepting everyone for who they are" anymore,,
ChoenSa Tube (1 month ago)
In every video about hijab I find non-muslims commenting that Muslim girls are forced to wear it and stuff like that. Well, I'm a hijabi, and most of my friends and family are, and absolutely no one forced us to do. And I find it so weird when ppl think we're forced to wear hijab. Why would u care about that anyway!!!
uwuちゃら (1 month ago)
"Oh nO theY arE weArinG hiJab whIch mAkes thEm terrOriSts" The comments are cancerous. (Not as cancerous as the haters lmfao) Let them be for the sake of the universe what the fucc 💆💆💆 👏👏😷😷🖑 out with that ewwww
lili wang (2 months ago)
IJAZ AHMED (2 months ago)
in muslim countries 90% to 95% girls are virgin before marriage and in non muslim countries only or may b 5% girls are virgin islam give self respect in non muslims countries girls are like tisue paper which use it and through it into dustbean which is not value the women islam is beautifull religion
azarul nizam (2 months ago)
What!!my colleague's friend on the right side.
Dead Memories (2 months ago)
"What made you interested on japanese cutlure" "hentai"
Dead YukiCosplays (2 months ago)
It’s okay to cosplay or wear Lolita fashion You can adjust to make it suitable for your modesty
anis sabarina (2 months ago)
Proud of u girls..... Don't let other people judgment bring u down
J afar All win (2 months ago)
Ma Shaa Allah.
Kaz (2 months ago)
i fucking hate hijab. Fucking muslim weeaboo!!!
Kaz (1 month ago)
+Izza And Raisyatun Fuck you trash!!!
Izza And Raisyatun (1 month ago)
yehyuk (2 months ago)
everyone here is talking about the toxic comments but i dont see any..?
die Macsmannschaft (2 months ago)
One girl frozen like ice
Crack face Stick 69 (2 months ago)
Malaysian people like myself... We commonly use the word ‘ Ahh’. To talk to people
rinrin (3 months ago)
Ugly fxxking malay bitches sluts!!!!!!!
Izza And Raisyatun (1 month ago)
How are they sluts, u dont know them enough to know that
Ashchi Salleh (3 months ago)
Ahh so much hate in comment section.... I wonder what they say if they learn gackt living in Malaysia majority Islamic state for long time...... And as man. I love Lolita fashion. If Muslim girl like it I more happy than once. 😂😂👌
Farazi (4 months ago)
I thought u need to wear hijab to cover ur head and ur breast too..coz my muslim friend tell me that..stupid hijabitch maybe?
Izza And Raisyatun (1 month ago)
They are covering those parts
sumaiyah miah (4 months ago)
Also I want to know how they all do there hijabs in such a pretty way I can never make mine look right
sumaiyah miah (4 months ago)
They're soo inspirational to those girls who want to dress like this but not sure how also good how they still follow Islamic rules hope you're doing well siste's love from UK ❤
Ghufran Uddin (4 months ago)
why are most of these non-muslim dudes acting like white knights when they are trash lol.
Crafty Prop (4 months ago)
Ape??? Ape???????????????????? Kejadah.
Fyrhp (4 months ago)
Sorry, but ...Style wise i think it looks like shit.
trash َ (5 months ago)
太郎憂国 (5 months ago)
can you wear Hijab Lolita fashion in your home country?
Yea..its nothing wrong...it just that girl say...the Weather malaysia its hot...so not Uncomfortable...if u wear it..
太郎憂国 (4 months ago)
It's wonderful
PinkuStar (4 months ago)
yes. we usually wear hijab lolita when there's event and we usually have gathering between our group and that include wearing lolita also
バグラこうじ (5 months ago)
lamaslunatica (5 months ago)
I love lolita style but is so expensive/hard to find clothes that style for me
ح م (5 months ago)
I'm from Iran and I love animes and Japanese fashion it was so good that I saw some cute girls with hejab and so kawaii😍😍
rinrin (3 months ago)
STFU Ur not iranian! Iranians hate Islam n hijab!!!!! Ur a fxxking Shia!!!!!
Sh E (5 months ago)
I'm a muslim girl who wears hijab, thank you for making this video Cathy Cat!! I was a fan of fairy kei few years ago but never had the chance to wear it
Jeli (6 months ago)
They do look cute tho
Nur S. (6 months ago)
i love the way they did their hijab
xXXAshleeXXx (6 months ago)
I’m a hijabi girl and this is so cute tho
슝슝 (7 months ago)
I know its pretty fxxked up and not shariah combining hijab with lolita fashion but hey, who cares ?? This is a free world and they didnt mean any harm :v let them live as they are.
Alia Kurosaki (7 months ago)
I’m so proud to be Malaysian. And I know those girls at the convention here. I would love to do hijab gothic lolita someday 🖤💜💖
Oof, who doesn't love Sebastian—? XDDD Awh, lucky. I don't think I'll ever have the chance to buy these lolita clothings, lmao I'm poor. Plus I've never enjoyed shopping unless I'm being dragged along so yeah whatevs, despite the fact that I am also a girl. I just wear whatever my mom bought me rofl. xD But these clothings really took my interest. The designs are absolutely adorable but it also possessed the exquisite element. Wonder what I'd look like in one.
Alia Kurosaki (7 months ago)
I bought my first gothic lolita in a very cheap price due to the shop I went too it’s on sale. The lolita brand that I bought is Bodyline which is a perfect lolita brand for the beginners. YESSS I LOVE SEBASTIANN xDDDD I wanna be a perfect lady for him xDD
Alia Kurosaki honestly, me too. I've been interested in this lolita fashion since I was young but however, the clothes are way too pricey and couldn't aford it, kms :( and SEBASTIAN— JSHSJSH XD
Raimi Rafiqah (7 months ago)
I'm Malaysian too... The Lolita Outfit are really2 cute... 😍😍💕💕 The outfit really2 inspired me...👍👍
Jack Tantowi (7 months ago)
Cantik dan manis
strawberry pink (7 months ago)
The one in the middle has such a beautiful face *-*
bezita kaka (7 months ago)
What the fuck lol
Scarlett 04 (7 months ago)
This interview seemed really awkward 😬 But the girls look absolutely adorable!
aurelia lia388 (7 months ago)
Orang malayaaa 😗😗😗😗. Kita serumpun ....
Sumida Ryogoku (7 months ago)
Gosh they look stupid...
Sumida Ryogoku (5 months ago)
+trash َ stupid
trash َ (5 months ago)
• • (7 months ago)
They are so sweet...💕
gardens disney (7 months ago)
im going to be hijab lolita😍🌸
. garsban2 (7 months ago)
Yasu Bloodly (7 months ago)
proud to be Malaysian and Hijab cosplayer! xD well done!love them so much
Fufu (7 months ago)
They're so cute!
nnightmareg (7 months ago)
Maria Alzubairi (7 months ago)
Noor Al-Kattan (8 months ago)
Thank you for featuring me ❤
Damian K. (8 months ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? Hijab - the symbol of women oppresion, and lolita - feminist subculture together? Oh the irony hahaha
Random Commenter (8 months ago)
holy shit. this is the most cancerous thing I have ever seen. filthy muslim culture shouldn't exist in Japan and should mix with our superior culture.
cimajeen Vet (8 months ago)
You all soooo pretty! A goooood video again!
愛Ai (8 months ago)
malaysia, thats my country w
hydelover75 (8 months ago)
So cuuuuuuuute!!! 💕💖
Takaki Nako (8 months ago)
I am a muslim, but I di have so many christian friends. I really respect them, And they do the same!🙏🏼 I tho everyone will respect each other, but when I saw the comment I read some Anti-Islam comments. It breaks my heart (‘: They think that Islam is the most dangerous religion. It’s wrong guys😢 We are a peace religion. Ppl you saw in tv that usually look like muslim is not muslim. They are fake. They just disguising. And some muslim who lived in Germany are disguising (‘: So please don’t write a mean comment if u don’t know the truth (‘: I hope you guys can be more open minded (‘: *SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH (Grammar)
Michu Pichu (4 months ago)
You know there is definitely a reason that us westerners do not like Islam. 1: Your refugees brought destruction to the city streets 2: Your refugees raped many girls across Europe 3: Here in the Philippines we've experienced an Islamic terrorist attack twice 4: In Texas your muslim friends have been walking around putting up Strict Shariah Zones thinking they own the place
Michu Pichu (4 months ago)
You know there is definitely a reason that us westerners do not like Islam. 1: Your refugees brought destruction to the city streets 2: Your refugees raped many girls across Europe 3: Here in the Philippines we've experienced an Islamic terrorist attack twice 4: In Texas your muslim friends have been walking around putting up Strict Shariah Zones thinking they own the place
Michu Pichu (4 months ago)
So you're saying muslims that live in Germany or shown in TV aren't muslim but some Anti-Islam propaganda?
Takaki Nako (7 months ago)
Arif Gunawan wht do u mean?
Arif Gunawan (7 months ago)
of course it's fake, who wants to take bad side of it? no ones
Abc123sakira (8 months ago)
Based on the Anti- Muslim comments on this video, people seem to not realise that not every Muslim country is like the Middle East. There is a difference between Asian Muslims and Middle East Muslims, we are (Asian Muslim) not oppress, not controlled by our families and or our spouse, some Muslim countries don’t even have Sharia Law nor stoning. Even if they have Sharia Law, there are countries that follow it strictly and some countries that don’t. If all Muslim countries were like this, we wouldn’t even made an economical impact as some Muslim countries have done. If Muslim women were so oppressed these girls would have not been able to even leave Malaysia. Every country has different teachings for religion not every Muslim are alike, so before you claim OPPRESSION do some research before you make ungrounded claims
Iffy (8 months ago)
They do their scarves so nicely wow
risaee (1 month ago)
those are the common styles you'll see in malaysia but i agree tho lol
April Israelson (8 months ago)
they look so cute!!! <3 Love the modest look with the sweet lolita dresses. They look very lovely!
Hermes Trismegisto (8 months ago)
Que cosa mas bizarra...
Hercule Holmes (8 months ago)
Hijab is UGLY. Period. That is the purpose of hijab. The hijab neck-scarf completely hides the shape of a woman's neck and hides her ears.
rinrin (3 months ago)
+smoltae if that's so that goes against the purpose of hijab which is to cover their beauty n modesty u r not supposed to look pretty in hijab or wear make up
Hercule Holmes (5 months ago)
If that were true, it would not be haram for a woman to show off her sexuality.
diana (5 months ago)
Hercule Holmes hijab shows that women can show beauty even covering their body with other things. You’re really out of it bro.
Heyoo (8 months ago)
the middle girl is so cutttteee <33
Adolf Franz (8 months ago)
this is transjapanese someone who was born in a wrong country and religion lol
Loren Schurter (8 months ago)
I thought the video was beautiful, yet the comment section is... shocking? I thought people were better than this. I have never seen a negative comment on your videos and now? It's almost like religion scares people. Just because people are different than you, doesn't mean you need to be afraid and vulgar. I am a Christian woman and I totally respect these women for their fashion choices as well as coordinating with the hijab. Just as other religions (even the Christian religion group) wear ceremonial/traditional pieces such as robes and what-not, hijab is similar. I have no idea why people are so ignorant to the fact that the hijab is just a way for them to be modest, but their style doesn't necessarily have to be "plain" or "modest" just because they wear hijab and are Islamic. Fashion has no bounds, so I hope they don't see these peoples' disgusting comments and get second thoughts, because they are beautiful souls and I love their style! You do you, boo ;)
uwuちゃら (1 month ago)
Ikr lmao!!! Every time there is a word "Muslim" random aliens will scream "TERRORIST" which is too fucking funny XD
Yoongi Bear (7 months ago)
Finally someone can speak some sense 👍.
Loren Schurter (7 months ago)
Well, sorry you can’t read, because what I’ve said is true. Maybe if you weren’t so close-minded you would’ve agreed 🤷🏻‍♀️
Arif Gunawan (7 months ago)
well you probably didn't realize the ignorance of most of your sentences there lol
Haleemah (8 months ago)
NoxFury (8 months ago)
The hijab (Arabic: حجاب, hijāb) initially designates, in the Koran (sura 33 verse 53), an obstacle (curtain, screen, veil, hanging ...) - and in no way a feminine garment. The term refers more specifically to a symbolic barrier, to a boundary separating men from God, or to a border separating believers from non-believers1. Hijab is not for fashion, it's only for islamic purpose, before saying nonsense do some research
SweetyLeia (8 months ago)
This Is Litterally The cutest thing I've ever seen today
TheZey (8 months ago)
Guy at 3:10 😁😁😁
swan 98 (8 months ago)
WHY they have to hide their body and not to show skin? Sadly they MUST wear hijab and cover their body *because their religion and society THINK that "WOMEN'S BODY IS TOO PROVOCATIVE"* and that's terrible, so they think they're being "modest" with hijab...and there's no need to be "modest", women don't need to change anything, we don't need to cover our body because people think is provocative, the society all around the world NEEDS to change the perception of how we see women...we are not objects.
Arif Gunawan (7 months ago)
swan98 it's not like physically forced, but more like brain washed
Abc123sakira (8 months ago)
swan 98 religion yea kinda but society no. We are not forced to cover up anything we don’t want to, and the fact that you can say that is just contradicting cause they choose this, these are their bodies. A woman can show off as much or as little as skin that SHE wants to - coming from a crop top, skinny jean loving Malaysian woman
Letizia Sales (8 months ago)
Okay, I appreciate a lot the fact that they're dressing like they want to and they're very pretty for sure, but please, stop saying "modest fashion" when you want to explain something about Muslim modern clothes. Lolita fashion has *nothing* to do with modesty. It has very unique clothes and accessories that make you stand out a lot. Also, you don't become "modest" just because of the hijab, especially if you're wearing diamond high heels, latest fashion trends and so on. It's just a term that it's widely used to describe the religion but come on You can tell me you're modest only if you're wearing your traditional clothes, because if not so, western people can be addressed as modest too. And no, i'm not """racist""" or salty or whatever. I'm not against the hijab at all, but it doesn't make sense if you don't use it in the right way and then keep saying you dress humble (I don't know if this is the right word)
syts77 (8 months ago)
Well, I agree...
Ozan Arslan (8 months ago)
Their pronounce is so... Cute. And Funny
Otousan Quins (8 months ago)
I am not Islamic but from what I know Islam does not support this kind of fashion. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought wearing hijab is not only a symbol of modesty but it is made so as not to attract attention, now that they are doing this " Lolita " fashion, they are garnering attention from the crowd which makes the use of Hijab invalid. I for one, although I see some girls not all beautiful even with Hijabs I would never wear one. I am born with beautiful hair, why can't I show it and be proud of it? My own opinion.
Quietude (1 month ago)
+Otousan Quins You do realize i can still be christian if i commit a mass murder
uwuちゃら (1 month ago)
*inhales* Oh My God. OH.MY.GOD. DID YOU JUST TELL US TO CONVERT TO ANOTHER FUCKING RELIGION JUST BECAUSE WE DO NOT FOLLOW 97.5% OF THE QURAN (holy book). Mm that is another level of maturity
nazrin maskam (2 months ago)
Otousan Quins u are wrong, as long their cover their body part. then is ok. what does it mean by attract other people to look are expose the body part. otherwise wear like in this video its fine. i dont think christian has less strict religion than muslim. only the follower doesn’t want to follow the teach
Otousan Quins (7 months ago)
Arif Gunawan Why be Muslim then? Much better to be Christian or any other non-strict religion. If you're telling me that Islam is not a strict religion you are shitting yourself.
Arif Gunawan (7 months ago)
you don't expect every followers to follow 100% of the holy book right?
andry perdana (8 months ago)
damn I want to marry them all
Malaysia My SweetHome (8 months ago)
Malaysian is the islamic country... majoriti of malaysian people is muslims.. that was good to see them,still used hijabi while they was in japanese... great , willing thankful 😊😊😊... oh,sorry for my english,im speaking not very welll .. 😅😅😅RIP english... huk3...
Hijab Lolitas lack the most important part, the S T O N I N G.
Abc123sakira (8 months ago)
Víctor Andrés Piña González yes it is
Abc123sakira is Malaysia Muslim?
Abc123sakira (8 months ago)
Víctor Andrés Piña González pretty sure that’s illegal is Malaysia, their country of origin
Ashay 001 (8 months ago)
Woow hijab's are cute 😍😍
take it easy (8 months ago)
the terrorist lolita
ShAdOwMaN (7 months ago)
cutesy salsa (8 months ago)
clogged drain bm
Mai Ali (8 months ago)
We want translation to the arabic .
chiisana0sekai (8 months ago)
These girls clearly likes Lolita fashion and respects Islam's boundaries when it comes to covering. I would call them creative and expressive. Which is what fashion is all about.
Nai Choginne (5 months ago)
chiisana0sekai understated comment!
catdidi95 (8 months ago)
chiisana0sekai finally someone said it!
Casper G (8 months ago)
thats so cutee tho
xRahzel (8 months ago)
I have been watching Cat videos for years now and I absolutely appreciate how she is utter respectful of every culture 💖 Hoping she get to resttt 🙏
soundxcrash (8 months ago)
super cute I would like to know if u guys can make a video about shops or brands u guys can tell viewers that are into Lolita fashion that distribute there product to u.s or international countries? it's hard finding online Lolita clothes that shop to u.s and are good quality i would like if anyone knows or if you guys can do something that can inform viewers that are interested in Lolita fashion.
PinkuStar (8 months ago)
soundxcrash hey! thank you for the suggestion 😍 subscribe us and follow our instagram and facebook for more info 😘
Ika Faizah (8 months ago)
I did wear cosplay with hijab during Jiyu Matsuri festival Jakarta last year. So what's wrong?
uwuちゃら (1 month ago)
+ly forfun Oh my God,we got a kiddo to be make fun of here :D
uwuちゃら (1 month ago)
+Ted Ehioghae That's blasphemic. Go read your bible and don't disturb the Muslims. For fuck's sake,everytime there is a word "Muslim",people became butthurt. You have your own belief and other people have theirs.
uwuちゃら (1 month ago)
+Momo And then Indonesians said their country is the biggest Muslim country in the damn world. Nah,Malaysia has strict and tight laws,so it is bigger in fact. But not the biggest.
Namira hanida zahra (4 months ago)
+ly forfun its gaijin not gajin, stupid.
Hatoon (4 months ago)
There's non
KingFahtah (8 months ago)
The prophet liked "lolita" too know wat I'm sayin.
sya sya yoongs (8 months ago)
KingFahtah It means that nine years old today is DIFFERENT from nine years old HUNDRED OF YEARS AGO. it means that they grew mature FASTER mentally and physically before and could marry at that age because they were already adults at the age of nine. Like I said, learn history and biology. I'm not talking about context. I'm talking about the human growth from today and the past.
joblu pata (8 months ago)
KingFahtah if the girl agrees to marriage and her parents u can
ruuoxi (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/8wOG7o5OnKg is this you are all talking about?
KingFahtah (8 months ago)
So you're saying it's ok to fuck 9 year olds if it's in the right context. Gotcha.
sya sya yoongs (8 months ago)
KingFahtah if you learnt history and biology, you'd know that humankind before grew mature faster, mentally and physically compared to this age. So nine year old Aisyah could be equal to a marriagable girl today. But it's okay, we learn something new everyday^^
ay taf (8 months ago)
a feind of mine wached this video with me, he was like "LET S GO TO MALAYSIA"
kcyshav (8 months ago)
C'est ridicule et et c'est tellement envahissant, que l'on ne peut plus vraiment observer et apprécier entièrement leur tenue. Qu'elles mettent leurs tenues religieuses, c'est plus cohérent.
YoongiGotMyHeart (8 months ago)
The thumbnail was so adorable I had to click...
Aaa (8 months ago)
They are so cute 😍😍😍
Purple (8 months ago)
Malay slang.I luv it.hahahaha
julie (8 months ago)
Thank you for interviewing them! We need more Malays with their way of thinking 💜

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