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New Best ADCs with Builds and Runes for ALL ADCs in Patch 8.21/8.22

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What would you have changed for your elo? Stats mostly from = https://u.gg/ and https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/home/ ♦ Streaming 5 days a week! → http://fb.gg/phygames ♦ Follow me on Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/phygames/ ♦ Follow me on Twitter → https://twitter.com/phygames ♦ Subscribe to my League Gameplay Channel! - http://bit.ly/PhyGames Title: Insan3Lik3 - We Are The Robots (feat. Temu) Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe443Gl4Skk Beatport Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/we-are-the-robots/1244016 Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat New Best ADCs with Builds and Runes for ALL ADCs in Patch 8.21/8.22
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Text Comments (441)
chummy mcgee (2 months ago)
“kai ser” LUL
Black batman (4 months ago)
Sivir nani? i never lost a land vs her with draven xd
Arlionx Zaba (5 months ago)
Hi mate u are so cool after long brak i back to lol thanks for movie :)
Ayy ayy (5 months ago)
New ADC when? Theres not enough ADC Champs compared to other roles
Freaky Monday (5 months ago)
Yes lucian is so broken my favorite champ btw
Nate (5 months ago)
That map view in the background is soo dope
Awmdio (5 months ago)
Phy...People are actually building two Borks on Varus. Do sth about it. Q_Q
deltoid4 (5 months ago)
Love that my main is considered a little poop. And low in the list. I have a 69% win ratio for season with twitch. :) but the difference between low and high elo is quite dramatic. And that's why you see certain champs at top. In low elo you can play Janna adc and still won Lane lol
Gamblerscop (5 months ago)
If they change ezreal passive he will be really good. He just sucks until 3-4items and even then I'd rather have any other adc on my team.
Yannis GARBA (5 months ago)
nice vid
Oradio10 (5 months ago)
And pls run HoB on Jhin it's so much better
Oradio10 (5 months ago)
so you shoved in every adc?
Janek Wieleba (5 months ago)
Hi Phy is it better to complete RAPIDFIRE for 700 or if i can afford buy BF SWORD for 1300 to build ie?
Kacper Adamus (5 months ago)
can you do this everysingle patch
Chuey Xuey (5 months ago)
Getting a razor, and rapid fire together is like so fun, you just auto with them both active and then dab. OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU.
yasuo (5 months ago)
Kaia’s is still broken even after the nerf!!!😫😑 help
Goofyzigzag (5 months ago)
This is a great video. Gj. Can you do this for all position
SmokOx (5 months ago)
overheal>triumph and absolte focus>celerity
joey creation (5 months ago)
I love play trist cause she can 1v1 with enemy adc, thats how i always fed,
XiDarkEntropyiX (5 months ago)
You're really making this 2 weeks before pre-seaon? xD
Kristian Kløft (5 months ago)
I disagree with Cait, the problem is that her damage is tied in to her passive so heavily that if you aren't playing around it well, she feels shit to play. While she might be a weak duelist, her zone control can make the lane almost impossible to play.
wartakpt (5 months ago)
Varus botr×2 ???
Ezreal is better after getting a functional W? really? (sorry if it seems rude)
Pablo Nacusse (5 months ago)
great work dude, keep it up!
Brian Hombrar (5 months ago)
I’m a Jhin main in silver, and this is my build : 1. Stormrazor 2. Boots of swiftness 3. Rapid FireCannon 4. Essence Reaver 5. Infinity Edge 6. GA or Phantom Dancer, depending if i need a little armor or if i need better kite.
eric williams (5 months ago)
Ok for real if you’re gonna do the comet build to win lane hard max your e a lot of pros are doing it and it’s really hard to play against been getting a lot of wins with it
Roland Sutherland (5 months ago)
Nice vid maybe add zigs or talk about him in future adc vids even yasuo
Woodpecker (5 months ago)
Where is Yasuo?????
willardcharlie (5 months ago)
3 ads in a 10 minute video...
o PRODIGYS o (5 months ago)
I built 2 Bork on Varus and I got reported
DemianGates (5 months ago)
Here we go! 0:20 Lucian 1:05 Sivir 1:55 Kai'Sa 2:42 Draven 3:22 Ezreal 4:01 Jhin 4:40 Vayne 5:20 Ashe 6:02 Xayah 6:41 Jinx 7:20 Miss Fortune 7:57 Twitch 8:45 Tristana 9:08 Caitlyn 9:28 Kog'Maw 9:47 Varus 10:09 Kalista
Norman H (5 months ago)
10:05 Double Blade xD
Travis Hipp (5 months ago)
Why 2 Borks on Varus XD.
Jorge Nuri (5 months ago)
sup Phy, i feel like there are more bruisers now than before, so, for example, id go stormrazor, then rageblade, gunblade for sustain plus kiting/chasing potential, then GA into zhonyas, that is by far the most safe build i could come up with and legit works for me
Cole Wooten (5 months ago)
love the background music :P
TheDustShoot Almeida (5 months ago)
wait why there is two blade of ruined king on varus build ?
vhan75 (5 months ago)
Honestly, I don't understand why people don't get Essence Reaver on Sivir; constant W for the whole proc and it's up quite often with Sivir's low ult CD
Sakura's Wink (5 months ago)
as an adc main i really appreciate this video. please make this video also for supports.
TommyGun (5 months ago)
honestly why do you think that triumph is better than overheal on bork adc's? that is silver thinking
Ivo Ludewig (5 months ago)
Maybe you should do a list like this but with non adcs that still work or some people use in bottom, just expecting to see some Heimer around.
mangkii Entertainment (5 months ago)
imo go crit vayne without stormrazors dunno but i think it slows vaynes powerspike a lot... like shiv first item and then ie is weaker then before crit nerf but its like best choice try it out guys and build is like, shiv boots ie phantom/rapid and rest defensive its important with vayne to build like 2defensive item to stay longer in teamfight
Mordekeys (5 months ago)
9:48 double blade of the ruined king?
Daniel Gouveia (5 months ago)
Hey, what about Quinn? 😂😂 Quinn is a low elo God tier adc with the blind and the knock up, it would be a pretty good video
Mordekeys (5 months ago)
5:18 irelia’s waveclear 😞
Acid Child (5 months ago)
Got what’s your opinion on Stormrazor? And why? Personally I think it counteracts the whole reason they changed crit items.
I HEART LUX (5 months ago)
Brett (5 months ago)
That Varus build got me suspended.
Salma Bzizi (5 months ago)
Thank you so much Phy, my main role is Adc so your videos are so helpful to me💕💕
Marcus Madsen (5 months ago)
On kaisa i like to go stormrazor, boots, rageblade, Then if i have a hard time i go death dance, after death dance i just go normal kaisa items again
Tdawgg 8 (5 months ago)
I felt that with the AP kaisa build mid game when I played her earlier this week she has a harder time going forward im just sticking with AD build for now
Erazem Kovačič (5 months ago)
i think tristana should be higher i don't really play adc but i have played 10 games of her in past week and won 8 of them and every game i shited on adc that are higher than her on your list (sivir,kai'sa, jinx)
RageBoyGaming (5 months ago)
Really? 2 BOTRK on Varus? It's kinda weird
A wild potato appeared (5 months ago)
I should let you know that ap kogmaw bot with a nashors does a lot better then full on hit kogmaw atm
Angry Pirate (5 months ago)
Try going death's dance third on Vayne. Lot of fun, solo Baron around lv 15-16.
tony vu (5 months ago)
@phy so is 9:58 varus build a mistake. I see 2 borks for slots 1 and 3
music123572 (5 months ago)
Ionian boots for ezreal makes no sense, tear ap stacked item already gives 20% cdr, so hes gonna have 5% from runes, 20% from iceborn and 20% from seraph fully stacked, ezreal should always go for tabis or mercs, since he is building more cdr with ionians than necessary
Aeroreido (5 months ago)
Since adc's are simply bait for your solo laners and Jungler, I am not suprised that the adc that builds hp, lifesteal and cdr for his dash is on Top of the list, man I miss the old adc days where adc was valued as more then a cannon minion
Soy (5 months ago)
Love the video bro!
Emanuele Corbellini (5 months ago)
I hate how on many champions the most effective items have no synergy at all..Like honestly I hate how the new IE passive works for Ashe and Sivir... Or Xayah's build... There is no single item in the build which has some kind of synergy with her, but that's still the best build..
Kezourx CJ (5 months ago)
Phy what do you think about Black Cleaver Ashe? I find her better currently with the tank meta as it does the same job lord dorminik offers and it offers health too
Julian Smit (5 months ago)
Honestly I dusted off my ol’ draven pal not too long ago and I feel so good playing him again. This build for him is nice. I always build BT first just because it sustains you so damn hard during fights as well. I mostly take overheal instead of triump, so I can build up the overheal shield and the bloodthirster shield giving me some shielding before fights break out
Mele (5 months ago)
Thanks man for doing this, I waited for this video so desperately. <3
Matlab Mammadli (5 months ago)
Hey there! Why don't you count Quinn as an ADC? Please, make some researches and include Quinn in the videos. You'll be surprised. I love your interpretations and enjoy watching the videos. Thanks in advance!
Jacob Topinio (5 months ago)
is it just me or does ezreal's q animation feel longer
Johan Hansson (5 months ago)
When you hit the double blade that is when you start popping of
ggZani (5 months ago)
Re: Miss Fortune’s Stormrazor build. If you’re super ahead, get IE instead of GA. MF’s passive + Dark Harvest + Duskblade unseen passive + Stormrazor crit + IE bonus crit + RFC extended AA range means your first auto HURTS. Have fun :)
Antti Tuhkala (5 months ago)
What?! No 100% crit Jhin?! But I NEED TO BE FAST!
ExperienZ (5 months ago)
Im a Kaisa Main and recently i changed my buildpath. I get a Blade of the Ruined King first into Rageblade and Runaans Hurricane into crit-items. Your midgame spike is actually so strong and your lanesustain is insanely good for the current meta.
VayneGlory (5 months ago)
revert crit the role is trash.
louie lapid (5 months ago)
why are most adc characters girls?? no boy adcs?
Xavier Paz (5 months ago)
Leathility varus with arcane comet can nuke you down from far away.
Freerunner06 (5 months ago)
MagicHat Gaming (5 months ago)
Quick question: why would you rush storm instead of essence reaver on sivir (or at least get it at all) it seems like all the stats/effect she gets really synergizes
Adriano Santos (5 months ago)
where´s the quinn????????
Dominik Bures (5 months ago)
I am Gold and every time I see Jinx in game she looses. I also tried it and it seems that her dmg is quite low compared to other champions
Xristos Stamatelopoulos (5 months ago)
As a d4 adc main, for Sivir I find Essence Reaver the best first item (combined with lethal tempo). It makes Sivir perhaps the best lane adc. 20% cdr from the item , you pop ulti AA into W for reset and it is instant -40% cd -20% from ER= -60% cd INSTANTLY. Whenever you have ulti you are incredibly strong because you keep W active for 6 seconds which gives you AS from ulti passive + 50% from ER. You basically spam skills and thus the skill cap is high, to use W everytime for the AA reset and take advantage of that and land your Q at the same time. You get the point , try it for yourself. My Sivir build is ER-boots-rapidfire-IE-Black cleaver. Black cleaver extends the skill cap to a whole another level. 40% cdr and -20% for every AA for 6 seconds make for the hardest 6 seconds to play in any champion, even though if properly taken the advantage you can pretty much solo carry games(BC debuff to every W target synergizes well with AD comps)...for 6 seconds you are stronger than URF sivir ... Now on adc twitch , as an ex rank 3 twitch EUNE (currently 46) I recommend always lethal tempo and BOTRK first (never stormrazor) , rapidfire instead of statik and qss/mercurial instead of ga. Lethal tempo is underrated. I should also mention that I only play with my duo support otp braum (2000 games) who plays around me and makes what I do possible :D
Zeratul123able (5 months ago)
the double bork build WEOW
Quinnivia (5 months ago)
Where the 🅱️uck is Quinn?
Water Wolf (5 months ago)
For lower elo's, playing a more passive Kai'Sa helps, so it's good to have a passive build that is very strong for her. Love how you wen't through all the adcs and explained the builds and runes. Other people like never do that. Thanks.
J KERLS (5 months ago)
I love how twitch’s build is exactly the same as it was when SSG won worlds
z10111213 (5 months ago)
They all suck
z10111213 (5 months ago)
btw Corci? Quinn?
Dan Xu (5 months ago)
can someone explain to me why ezreal is building both trinity force and archangel as well as a lucidity boot? wouldn't that exceed the max cdr?
Alonzo Thomas (5 months ago)
Luka Magic (5 months ago)
You need to stop leaving us w the robots. It's been a few years man just pick something new
ItsMitsuki (5 months ago)
Can do you support?
Garrett Thompson (5 months ago)
Sometimes I just listen to these videos, gain knowledge, and tell myself, "I like this guy." Then I like the video.
Magic Ravioli (5 months ago)
I'm doing really well with Tristana. If your support can set up a nice engage, the enemy almost always dies. The only problem is that her poke in lane is pretty miserable and charging up her bomb obviously takes time. I've always been able to CS really well on her too, not sure why but her attack animations just seem really easy for me. You just need to get to Storm Razor + Rapid Fire Cannon, and she can really start tearing people apart. If you get a few kills in lane the game is over. Also don't forget her tower siege is possibly the best in the game, If you win your lane you can run straight to top/mid and take another tower. She's really good at getting away from enemy ganks or getting caught out in a fight with her W. Her W makes her a really good assassin too if you're somewhat fed. Now if only they'd revert crit items. Please give us old Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver back.
MikeDaddyB (5 months ago)
double bork on varus lel phy getting sloppy
Andrew Zheng (5 months ago)
Godammit stop exposing my Sivir
Ivan (5 months ago)
toxic elise
Josip Dodig (5 months ago)
Hextec Gublade is rly great on Kaisa. i have no idea why no one buys it on her.
ryohei (5 months ago)
Tbh on all adc with botrk/bt in the build you should take overheal everytime. Personnally i like cait with press the attack because you can prock it with e against melee ennemies or traps in lane and put a huge ult in their face when you gained some distance it's really effective (plus when you have boots + runaan you proc it really fast so it's still worth as a keystone on her in general)
ahmed kaml (5 months ago)
Wow varus 2 bork build is op finally i climbed to bronze 1
flykiller009 (5 months ago)
have you tried corki in bot, the ap damage is high and still aa basted, for when your team is full ad.
Mauer01 (5 months ago)
9:49 why does varus has 2 botrk in his build?
Freerunner06 (5 months ago)
bork** not botrk, and one of them is supposed to be a runaans
EviL AMV (5 months ago)
Kalista is soo dead now the nerfs destroyed her , she can't one on one any adc, her ult and Z are useless and need a rework
Eugene Monotilla (5 months ago)
Just revert essence reaver. Like wtf. Give me back CD scaling with my crit. I am fine even if they remove the bonus 20% crit chance.
Eugene Monotilla (5 months ago)
Why do we want the Alacrity for Jhin tho? Won't it be better if he had more lifesteal with Bloodline? Considering I find the laning phase getting longer now and well fleet footwork can only take you so far. By midgame you'd atleast need some sustain for teamfights so you won't pop like a balloon.
Vincent (5 months ago)
Nice fourth item on Jhin, seems legit
LonoGames (5 months ago)
that varus build sure is insane
BurakkuRozu (5 months ago)
Ah so they are all the same builds. Good to know.

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