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How to Spot Sexual Attraction in Eyes | Body Language

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Watch more How to Read Body Language videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/501674-How-to-Spot-Sexual-Attraction-in-Eyes-Body-Language Out of all the different non-verbal behaviors, I think that spotting attraction is without a doubt the easiest. We are very emotional creatures and when we're attracted to somebody, it's very, very difficult to hide. People think they're hiding it, but things always slip. One of the ways they slip are essentially the eyes. There are a lot of different ways you can use the eyes to determine whether or not someone's attracted to you. The first thing is essentially eye contact. For the most part, usually we make eye contact with people that we're interested in or people that we're attracted to. Right? But this is not entirely true. Some people are shy or anxious and they're not going to make eye contact. So what you're looking for essentially is a deviation in eye contact. So one of the ways you can use eye contact and there's a little trick that's very, very reliable. So what you're going to do is if you look at somebody in a bar or restaurant or on the street and they break eye contact vertically, so they look down. So you make eye contact with them and they break eye contact vertically and then within 20-30 seconds they reestablish eye contact, approach them. They like you. It's a very, very reliable thing. Essentially what they're doing. You stare at them. They're submitting to you and then they take a little second glance to see who you are. It's very, very, very reliable. The opposite of that would be if you look at somebody and they look at you and they immediately go and break eye contact. Nope, not interested. But what is reliable is they break eye contact and they come back. Break eye contact and then come back. Break eye contact and then come back. It's very interesting. And don't let it wait. If you see that, go right away because the more and more you wait. The more and more eye contact becomes very, very awkward. One of the things that I do in one of my classes is I have people stare each other in the eyes for three minutes without saying anything. They just stare each other in the eyes like this. Try that. Go out and try to stare somebody in the eyes for even 90 seconds. I guarantee you can't do it. It's awkward. It's so awkward because humans are not really at a level intimacy. When you stare somebody in the eyes is so awkward when you're doing it with a stranger. Studies will show that if you stare somebody in the eyes for 90 seconds to three minutes, all of a sudden you're going to like that person a lot better than everybody else in the room because you kind of shared this emotional connection. So eye contact is important in that respect. The second thing you can look for essentially is blink rate. Now, this is really cool. So blink rate correlate with emotional excitement. When we are emotionally excited, our blink rates tend to increase. Right? Average blink rates tend to be below 20 blinks per minute. For most people it really depends on where you are, but it's really hard to nail down what the average blink rate is. But in my experience, it seems to be around 10 blinks per minute. Right? So you see, whenever you see a sudden spike or a bunch of sudden spikes in somebody's blink rate in can be an indication of attraction. In my dating studies you see blink rates through the roof because the person across the table from you has an emotional response. You're attracted to them. The third way of kind of using the eyes to determine attraction is dilation. It's very interesting. Our eyes dilate when we're attracted to something. Right? Go out and find a Maxim magazine or a Playboy magazine or any cover that's predominately men focusing. Every single woman will have her eyes dilated. You never, ever see them constricted. The reason why is because men perceive women with dilated eyes more attractive than women with more constricted eyes. To the point of back in the day prostitutes used to put a specific toxin in their eyes to make them dilate.
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Text Comments (766)
FortniteClip News (3 days ago)
this guys a gemuis
360 Stunna* (1 month ago)
Michael Waller (1 month ago)
Talking rubbish
Greg Ner (2 months ago)
Goodwill Hunting :Apple's https://youtu.be/sf0OFZexRGs
Heikki Kaljalainen (3 months ago)
4 times an attractice girl/young woman have walked past me and soon as we are at the eye look range she smiles like her teeth showing and looks down, what does this mean?
Da Greatest (3 months ago)
What if she looks at me looks away and. Then lifts a gun at me does that mean she wants me?
Vegan Peasant (3 months ago)
WTF am I doing here? I am asexual.
Khrystal Bleu Valentine (4 months ago)
You don't blink 2 much 😆
F Boi (4 months ago)
Welp this means I literally just told my crush I liked him through my eyes
Jarry (5 months ago)
Inkdraft (5 months ago)
Interesting about the looking down versus looking to the side. Never noticed that.
Abhishek Kumar Singh (5 months ago)
she is interested in me bro !!!
MMOWizMaster-Doug (5 months ago)
there may be science behind this but in the real world the bigger the wallet the more wet and exited woman get for a male sucker. Good thing my wallet just fits in a normal size 36 jeans front pocket with a MGTOW logo on it.
Dragoon Galaxy Turbo (6 months ago)
1:50 I’ll get arrested
Abby Pham (6 months ago)
Why am I here at 2am
Shanice Turner (6 months ago)
me and my coworker was stareing at each other he didnt break eye contact.i smile at him and he smile back.i broke the eye contact
Glutamate Sulphate (6 months ago)
I knew and used this technique instinctively 9 years ago flirting with a random guy on the street
Casey Burnet (7 months ago)
I make eye contact but I don't push it. A lot of women, even if they're interested, will avoid making more eye contact after the first look because they either don't want to reveal their interest too much, or they want to test you by pretending to be disinterested. When I push they pull back. Then if I stop acting interested and some time has passed, they show interest again. Also I've noticed there are guys who will pretend to be interested in the girl, hugging her and approaching her, because they're trying to help her make you jealous. She will sometimes play along.
True Man (7 months ago)
What if she looking at you from from side way eyes ? It’s really good feeling when a girl likes you believe me .
xxx yzz (7 months ago)
You are very handsome & sweet looking...
Jade (7 months ago)
what if you're high on cocaine?
Jose Torres (8 months ago)
From a girls prespective. What does it mean when you are sitting down and a guy is standing and you continue to stare at him while you get up to face him?
Cari (8 months ago)
I am just myself lol
Yusuf Honey (8 months ago)
The problem is how to eye contact, I don't know. how to do it. I mean look at that eye's but which eye. left or right because I can't look At the both at the same time and keep switching seems so weird.Pls Replay Sir.
Stella Ercolani (9 months ago)
How hard up are you ?
djextinct (9 months ago)
So I got a crush on my friend and I drop her off at home from school everyday and she’d be talking to me and we’d catch each other’s eyes and she’d slowly stop talking and we’d just stare into each other’s eyes for about 15 seconds without saying a word then I look away cause I feel like she’s staring into my literal soul it’s not a bad feeling I just get shy like that I’m scared to ask her out cause she’s being pursued by 2 other guys
AaronsVids2 (9 months ago)
This works to perfection in a club setting. Eye initiate eye contact with attractive girls then when they look away I maintain my subtle look and if they return the look i immediately approach. Hesitation hinders success.
Andwele Simpson (9 months ago)
Attraction happens a lot non verbally but I never respond verbally to women because they're smart enough to speak themselves.
RsGirl (10 months ago)
I was talking to these two sales people and there was a third guy who i could see out the corner of my eye starring at me for ages...i glanced over and he quickly looked away, then he looked back like 10 seconds later and continued to stare and i could see it lol...i didnt give him another glance though...should have. Afterwards i thought who was that guy? Sussed him out and went and met him...to see if i liked him lol. The end part of the conversation was good...we were at close proximity and starring at each other for a good 3-5 seconds as convo was ending and topic had finished, neither one of us saying anything, and then he smiled, then i turned around and walked off. It felt right to just do that, then i heard him say bye and used my name (as he found out my name that conversation) I thought it was a perfect ending...just silence and eye contact and he put the cheery on top with his smile.
Paras finn (10 months ago)
What if she stares at you? I get a lot of eye contact. It's good when waiting at a bus stop, instead of sitting on your phone, you can sit and just acknowledge people by looking into their eyes. In my experience, the ones that look back at me will hold a stare. It feels really good. You've got to try this out sometime. Just don't do it when you're doing something else, I.e. In a classroom. Do it when you're obviously supposed to be doing nothing else I.e. Waiting for a bus.
Myro Ziah (10 months ago)
Listening and looking in his dreamy eyes
pisceanrat (11 months ago)
Staring/breaking eye contact, blinking, dilation
tectonicD (11 months ago)
I keep trying this but I can’t follow a girls eyes that closely after I get Maced.
Ashaun Walwyn (11 months ago)
I must be one ugly muthafucka to look at
XGEN shocks (11 months ago)
This is so correct!!!!!
Jayden Davenport (11 months ago)
When I see myself in the mirror I always see like 3 or 1 or 2 sparkles in my eyes
Techno Gamer (11 months ago)
1:50 I got punched in the face
C. Tyrell (11 months ago)
This video gets me all bothered. Guy basically looks like a smaller version of the guy I'm into...
So here's a question, if the eye dilation thing happens with a woman I meet (they have it, I don't know if I have it) and I like them, but I'm to constricted with work and trying to make a living, and honestly don't want to take it too the next step, what should I do.
Dennis Salamone (1 year ago)
please let me tell you something that a lot of people don't know body language is not real these guys want you to believe they are experts. it is as fake as mediums sorry to disappoint you
Vincent Mark (1 year ago)
I almost gave up my ex after we recently broke up.I endured a long run without help and she was no doubt my soulmate.. Just last week i ordered a love spell via ([email protected] com) it worked like magic started with phone calls then she came home like nothing happened we were only apart 4months and i love her to pieces.
Julio Ruiz (1 year ago)
So if they want to create eye contact over and over is that a symptom of attraction?
HIGHEST RA`AD (1 year ago)
dilation is exploding
HIGHEST RA`AD (1 year ago)
489 idiots liked a regular idiot
HIGHEST RA`AD (1 year ago)
Vedant Mhatre (1 year ago)
What if he or she had wore sunglasses?
Trish Estes (1 year ago)
Music competition not able to focus on ur words
LyleDeYounges (1 year ago)
My eye colour is so dark that you would have to flash light on them to see my dilated pupils, which of course would have the opposite effect. I can't communicate through my eyes subconsciously on that point.Oh, all the signals missed...
parenting management (1 year ago)
how to overcome panic attack https://youtu.be/SN_SGDNMBVU
catchmeifyucan1 (1 year ago)
stare them in the eyes? You mean like Dracula? It worked for him
myko chan (1 year ago)
What if my eyes are blind?
The Rational Saiyan (1 year ago)
But the girl I like literally does both “I’m Interested in you” look and the “I’m not interested in you look”
The Rational Saiyan (10 months ago)
*where tf is my reply*
ArmyForever !! (1 year ago)
Two boys in my school are having crush on me and proposed me but I am not interested in them but my real crush always looks at me that he is having crush with me but he does only when he talks with me and with me but not always I tried flirting him but he sometimes do the same..so is he intrested I me...???
LoveCrzy Xoxo (1 year ago)
I love this video !!!
JohnDaWhale3 (1 year ago)
This guy looks like a mix between Matt Damon and some other guy but I'm not sure who the other guy would be.....
Chydova (1 year ago)
not to be rude....but he needs braces...sorry, its the dentist assistant in me
Israel Dethroner (1 year ago)
Honestly I would just bust out laughing if me and someone else stared each other down for more than a minute.
EggsandMayo (1 year ago)
APPROACH THEM THEY LIKE YOU - ah bless the enthusiasm in that line
an-internet-user (1 year ago)
body language expert? This little boy whoi can't even sit straight ? LoL ROFLMAO
Julyan Mathis (1 year ago)
As far as the time length my junior year of highschool my first class at a new school and a girl just looked me in my eyes for roughly 5 minutes straight and no one blinked or looked away not even once. That happens to me more often than not but I don't think I look that good...I mean you can tell if the looks are for a different reason but they weren't.
Yung luck (1 year ago)
Yogi Pantz (1 year ago)
http://bit.ly/2EEOX9j definately watch the whole thing on the link! Has some good info
Anthony Lane (1 year ago)
If I stare at someone and they look at me, girl or not, I only really look back to see if they are still staring at me.
Lorraine G. (1 year ago)
what about a man who stare at a woman when he is kissing her or is making love to her? what does all that mean?
Reaper 10813 (1 year ago)
What if you make Eye contact and she smiles?
Iwillremain nameless (1 year ago)
I keep looking at this guy and we hold eye contact for around 5 seconds sometimes but I don't think I like him. He is cute but I don't actually know why I keep looking at him.
Puppet Master (1 year ago)
What if he stares at me like he wants to eat me? LOL he never looks away...
Harinder Sanghera (1 year ago)
The last time a girl made eye contact with me she got up walked over to me , Im thinking hello .. jackpot ... She said you've got a better chance to visit the moon and walked off ..... keep your advice thank u very much
Random Robert 123 (1 year ago)
I blinked 30 times because there was an eye lash in my eye
Funny video animals (1 year ago)
Secret to turning her on. Watch now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4gM_ffc6v8&list=PLt6BKjR7ldazsw2r6oDHqbWSwAE1II5O9&t=2s&index=1
Ana Lushaj (1 year ago)
Am I the only one that makes out with my pillow? Yup.... ok😳
Gabriel Sim (1 year ago)
thats great. eyes tell a lot. Very true.
Joy Lucas (1 year ago)
pg sexually attracted ang lake s girl inlove n un.kc nd mkakaramdam ng libog lalake s girl n nd nia love
Captain Nobody (1 year ago)
I was walking near drain beside a cane paddock near Cairns... I spotted a "red belly black"... Bloody thing gave me that look.... I was not going to be "approaching" any time.
Apple_Cider (1 year ago)
break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back break eye contact and come back
MsRadar23 (3 months ago)
Grand Old Soul (6 months ago)
Ishmel Cupid (1 year ago)
How to understand girls. Step 1) you don't
Cuilin Liu (1 year ago)
the love guru has spoken
bio2020 (1 year ago)
"The eyes. The eyes never lie, chico". - Tony Montana
Anita Taylor (7 months ago)
Best comment on here!
Calvin Torgerson (1 year ago)
I am now a master of stealth.
hardman8903 (1 year ago)
Why you speak eye contact like a Chinese?
Angel of Rock (1 year ago)
To bad girls never are attracted to me so I never see girls do this... *sigh*
Joy Lucas (1 year ago)
kinikilig nga kme.pro pg ung kcheistry nia kharap nia mkikita mu ung chemistry nl beyond at deep.
Joy Lucas (1 year ago)
tlgang mdali maattract lalake s mga bata p.gagawa tlg cl paraan pr mapatira nl s tirahan nl ung girl.
Joy Lucas (1 year ago)
mtrace un s lalake.kc tlgng pinaakyat nl un s tunitirahan nia.lalo n pg lam ng lalake n bata p at wlng anak.
Jeffrey D (1 year ago)
I tried staring at people here in Russia. ....Im actually typing this from the intensive care unit at the hospital.....
Dia Night (1 year ago)
What if a guy stares at me for 90 seconds or more?
Martin Bedan (1 year ago)
the comments in this section cracks me up, literally 10/10 good job haha
Sarah Allen (1 year ago)
I'm just gonna make all my crushes have a staring contest with me for 3 minutes
Zey Prestige (1 year ago)
Mostly the comments aren't even related to the topic of the video. 😂
george mikal (1 year ago)
Does he even pull?
sidra moqdas (1 year ago)
I love your videos also I learned a lot 👍👍👍👍
Al bw (1 year ago)
I'm literally watching this to see if my ships are real
Jackie Lendel (4 months ago)
Jsh Tgnd (6 months ago)
Rey Parker (7 months ago)
Coral Harmony Knight Ships are characters from fictional media that people imagine or see as having romantic attraction for each other. For example, I ship Finn and Rey in Star Wars. Ships are often highly improbable to occur and sometimes are characters that barely speak to each other. Romantic, average relationships that are plausible (like Finn and Rey) are called "vanilla" ships because they aren't full of conflict and "repressed desire." The more you know....
natashadobo (8 months ago)
same lmao 😂😂
Talking about eyes, you have symptoms of adrenal fatigue and lack of minerals.
Godrulesandanimals2 (1 year ago)
Or dilated eyes could mean that they're just stoned af
rjacamargo (1 year ago)
WTF this guy know about attraction?
Purple Six Beats (2 years ago)
Take acid and get them dilated pupils . :D
Alix (2 years ago)
This guy looks like David Hudson (katy's brother) :O btw punch them in the face and you'll have eyecontact don't worry about it !
SammiG (2 years ago)
Xbot4Life (2 years ago)
Does this guy like women though?

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