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DRUNK TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more funny texts videos! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! KIDS CALLED OUT FOR GRINDING AT SCHOOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDCUCOBb6F4
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Text Comments (6844)
SSSniperWolf (11 months ago)
HAIIII let me know what videos you guys want to see!
Winterloves Ice (1 month ago)
So u watch naruto
Winterloves Ice (1 month ago)
Hiii 500 reply
Joselyn Luna (2 months ago)
SSSniperWolf I think you should do a gacha life music
Midoriya Izuku Deku (2 months ago)
Ejane Santillan (6 minutes ago)
hey SSSniper Wolf do you play Mobile legend
Emma Rose (6 hours ago)
“I’m so happy I decided to keep you” my mom says that to me all the time....
jade evans (1 day ago)
hi my name is ruby and i am Britis and i have bean whaching you for 2 years plz can i have a shot out
Cruchanan McIver (1 day ago)
All sea food taste like the sea
Shivali Darju (2 days ago)
moose cutei (2 days ago)
One time at the batch I was sweped up by a wave and I swallowed sea weed 😝😝😝
htbluespider33 (2 days ago)
oysters the most shittiest food I've ever had to be honest with you
Water Bloodrose (2 days ago)
I can’t drink... but can soon!
Shelley Haime (2 days ago)
I am in ze UK YAYYYY!!!!!
itz_ risa_playz (2 days ago)
Im sorry SSSniperWolf im just confuse when i see little lea and you sorry you guys just look the same im sorrry no offense
Matthew Murillo (2 days ago)
To text yourself i think u add your number to your contacts and text your number by pressing your number
Marvel Mijokovic (3 days ago)
Hahaha OMG I'm dying from laughing!? Help meh!>///< 😂🤣😂🤣😂
doge the dog (8 hours ago)
So are you laughing or having a seizure
Cystalgalaxy Wolf (3 days ago)
I like oysters because they make pearls and I love pearls
Kayla Virnig (3 days ago)
0:22 Ummmmm I'm eating Frosted Flakes
Gacha Rosie (3 days ago)
All in my recommend is you
Realrosesarered fan (4 days ago)
I'm drnkkkkk lol
Lil Flinch (4 days ago)
How dare you oysters are delicious
Derek Moreno (4 days ago)
What is an oister did i spell that right
Thomas Rauckhorst (4 days ago)
Mary Robertson (4 days ago)
I love how I'm watching this while drinking
I love your vids
Isabella Ardelian (4 days ago)
Tsm- AquaGymnast991 (5 days ago)
I’m 1 percent made out of Frosted Flakes Are you high?
KERMIT THE FROG (5 days ago)
My dad's name is Bruce Wayne (Batman)(not kidding) Soo he was drunk and he was saying he went to school with Bruce banner (the hulk) and forgot I was his daughter 😂
Jack MSP (5 days ago)
I'm 14, but my parents let me drink alcohol and smoke After watching this video, I will completely stop, xD
Jessie Vlogs (5 days ago)
Once my mum didn't recognize her own farther😂
Pete Cronshaw (5 days ago)
I laughed so hard when the guy said weeeeeee pootis
Itz_Lani-chan Gacha (5 days ago)
Yess England has ALOT of nice police people (I live in England)
Kk Savage (6 days ago)
My mom almost killed my brother because she was drunk
Cocaha 87 (6 days ago)
I'm not as think as you drunk I am
Jessica Ou (7 days ago)
I love oysters
Midnight_WolfGirl 14 (7 days ago)
My brother tried to do the controller thing when I was younger but I never fell for it apparently, lol
AwsomeRBLX YT (7 days ago)
To text yourself you put a contact with your number
Candy CCM (7 days ago)
*In the UK you have nice police.* Me: Gurl have you look at our new
Tiffany Cak3 (7 days ago)
This is funny HAHAHHAHA
Finnygfunk 07 (7 days ago)
Ilysm, I hope you see this comment! I am on my brother's Google so just so you know when I comment on your videos I am a girl. I was wondering if you had advice for having a parent whom is not always sober... and if you have advice for me please reply or pin this comment, because I am depressed. And I know you've probably been thought things like that too, ilysm. Edit: *I really hope you see this, it would mean a lot.♡*
woahhh miranda (8 days ago)
Marrisa so funny like I literally kept on laughing
Icy Fire (8 days ago)
ThePurpleDeer xx (8 days ago)
Actually, UK policemen are really feisty, they hit my dad with a bat when he opened his neighbours door...DON'T BE COUNTRY-IST XD
KayPlayz (8 days ago)
me: *hold sugar jar and butter container* *opens fridge, puts sugar jar in* *goes to put sugar jar away* says: wheres the sugar???? *opens fridge* says: im a idiot.. i dont know how this happened... but it did
Aaliyah Lillie (8 days ago)
Jerald Del Poso (8 days ago)
Nicholette Rock (8 days ago)
Im. not old enough to drink but if I do I might die I have a disease that is rare so it can get me sick easily
never been drunk never will be drunk
Potato 993 (9 days ago)
yay live (9 days ago)
My favorite french Youtuber!
Alba Avila Rojas (9 days ago)
My brother once got so drunk he forgot were he lived
evie gallacher (9 days ago)
Omg so funny 😂
Gacha Bella Kirby (9 days ago)
I Cant Get Drunk Im A Kid Who Plays A Lot Of Royal High
Gacha Bella Kirby (9 days ago)
Mean Roblox Not Royal High
vivian blatt (10 days ago)
Lindsey ??????? (10 days ago)
I 💖 your videos!
Ella graces Life xx (10 days ago)
I’m from the UK!
anime girl 09 (10 days ago)
I'm not allowed to drink yet I'm 9
carson beverage (10 days ago)
An oyster is basically snot in a rock
Crystal Caro (11 days ago)
I luv the one she was talking to herself
Ava Wolf (11 days ago)
No I’m not jet but in two years I will
So if I eat 100 boxes of Frosted Flakes, what will happen? Reply your thoughts to me!
music lover (11 days ago)
Gacha Berry (11 days ago)
Lol I don’t like oysters eathier
Itz ya gurl ZAZ (11 days ago)
99.999% of the video = idk something about the video 0.000001 = how nice Lia’s hair is
Alibaba su kas (11 days ago)
Thank you for the shoutout its at 4:49 my name is kayleigh but my nickname is Kay Lmaooo
Xbox player Robertson (11 days ago)
Twilight zone is coming to Carowinds in 2025
Sylvia Chan (11 days ago)
I have once drank pool water
Sawyer Brown (11 days ago)
Shawntell Martin (11 days ago)
Phoebe Koay (11 days ago)
My friends was drunk and yelled at me to go back and study, little did she know that was what i was doing at the time. xD
Rojin Ebru (11 days ago)
Are you half turkish?
Seaira Lafferty (12 days ago)
I'm not old enough to drink but I'm old enough to get a super sugar Rush
literally hannah (12 days ago)
Weeeeee *PoTiS*
nour heh (12 days ago)
8:05 plot twist when you think you werent that drunk
*_Zane And jake_* (12 days ago)
Im allergic to seafood but...i like it
Rochel Tronchin (13 days ago)
It will be nice if I do😂😂😂the shit I will do *literally* lol😂😂
Angel Cannings (13 days ago)
im in england and the are some nice police men that come to school but except for that THEY ARE SO MEAN....... have a great day XD
ETHAN 911 (13 days ago)
Hey sexy
Princess WenlockYT (14 days ago)
Gxlden.Crystal (14 days ago)
I zoned out and my phone was in my hand and I asked my cuz where it was and she asked if I was drunk lolol
It's just Lozy (14 days ago)
I have underageitus so I can't get drunk
Evette Gonzalez (14 days ago)
Im "petting cats" right mow
Jake Freeman (15 days ago)
I got drunk at school
Sara Capra (15 days ago)
Oysters are nasty
Brandon Hernandez (15 days ago)
tiger queen (15 days ago)
I love oysters
Metzli Gonzalez (15 days ago)
I call my boyfriend my baby penguin cuz when he puts his hoodie on he looks like one
Victoria Naylor (16 days ago)
Now I want to drink lol
galexygamergirl 101 (16 days ago)
I love oyster and clams and crab legs
SPECTRE10469 YE YE (16 days ago)
I’m underage but I take after my dad who has drank since he was 16
I am too young to drink
The Robux Twin (17 days ago)
Has phone in hand) Me: Guys have you seen my phone? Everybody looks everywhere) Sis: Did you check your hands? Me: FOUND IT!!
Izzybelle Lynn (17 days ago)
xD Weeeeee Potis x3 totally me if I ever get wasted.
Pug Doodle noddles (18 days ago)
TBH I did not know that hostess was out of business
sparkels world (18 days ago)
Damn these people tho..."Hey babey whetes are you?" "Babe?" "Oml I'm dating a moron... Sends pic) "I'm right next to you...
Marissa Baumann (18 days ago)
My favorite parts were when marissa came up twice because thats my name!remember me Marissa_is_the_best!from Instagram
jason douglas (18 days ago)
n to the no im kid
Matthew Sporer (18 days ago)
Do a livestream drunk pls
jojoxx toy (19 days ago)
part 2 ples
Prince Prankers (19 days ago)
I'm 16 so no
31773 plays (19 days ago)
Cass Hirschy (19 days ago)
im nine so im not aloud to drink

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