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Best Affordable Dark Denim Trucker Jacket/Target Goodfellow & Co. Trucker Jacket Review

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. gives his review of the Target GoodFellow & Co. Dark Denim Trucker. He talks about whether it is the best affordable dark denim trucker. Shop This Video Target GoodFellow & Co. Dark Denim Trucker Jacket https://go.magik.ly/ml/g3fa/ Target GoodFelllow & Co. Chinos https://go.magik.ly/ml/g3fh/ Contact [email protected] Shop The Style O.G. Men's Store http://store.thestyleog.com/ Help Support The Channel By Shopping The Style O.G. Amazon Page! https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-d8f65886?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp MY GEAR CAMERA CANON 70D http://amzn.to/2FKVRcH LIGHTING KIT FANCIER 3 POINT LIGHTING http://amzn.to/2s8QOAR EXTERNAL MIC INSIGNIA MULTI DIRECTIONAL MIChttp://amzn.to/2s8VR44 New videos every day at 4PM Eastern discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as men's style, men's fashion, grooming, and dating. Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links for which The Style O.G. receives a small commission. This enables The Style O.G. to continue to produce content. Thanks for your support!
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Text Comments (135)
Naqqash Latif (2 days ago)
The copper color buttons on your Gap jacket add a unique flavor to it. I personally love it.
The Style O.G. (2 days ago)
Thanks Naqqash!
J P (3 days ago)
Needed this review before I purchased it
jtt4chem (4 days ago)
Just scooped one up at Target. Thanks style O.G.
The Style O.G. (4 days ago)
You got it !
Jose Delgado (7 days ago)
Target, $39 even. I just got mine in the mail today. I am going to tailor the sleeve length, other than that awesome pickup, SALUTE!
The Style O.G. (7 days ago)
Salute Jose!
tipofmytongue1024 (7 days ago)
I like you....subscribed
The Style O.G. (7 days ago)
Welcome to the channel Tip!
Marc Rendon (8 days ago)
Great video! Just got my jacket and was wondering if I should wash it first and if so do I hand wash or machine wash?
The Style O.G. (8 days ago)
i suggest hand wash in the tub..
milin butler (8 days ago)
O.G. what's good just say this video just purchased this a few weeks ago. Goodfellow has very cheap inexpensive clothes however I don't like how some of the shirts hang at the bottom, kinda like they are stretched. Could you put a few outfits together with this also? Maybe a dark jacket with light jeans?
Angel Cordero (10 days ago)
The Style O.G. (10 days ago)
Victor Scott (10 days ago)
OG!! I grabbed a bottle of the PI Colonge, i love it. I tried the Goodfellow Trucker Jacket about 2 wks ago. I liked it, the only thing for me is that i found it to be a bit too small. Idk, maybe it was the shirt i wore that day.
The Style O.G. (10 days ago)
Might have been the shirt Victor
j smith (11 days ago)
Great review bro💖 you can make anything look fly😊keep up the good work and keep it coming.
The Style O.G. (10 days ago)
Thanks Jeannine !
67spankadelik (11 days ago)
I have the olive green one. I was impressed and will likely pick this up. Old Navy got a nice one to.
67spankadelik (8 days ago)
+The Style O.G. Old Navy is on sale right now its $29! That's what it is online and possibly in stores.
67spankadelik (8 days ago)
Found it today! Pick up a large. I could put the mediums on but, it didn't leave enough room to layer. You're right, the sleeves are a little long. One cuff back in the sleeve was the fix. And its inconspicuous. No one can tell. 😉😉😉 Thanks OG!
The Style O.G. (11 days ago)
I’ll have to check the old navy one out
Iam goona try this
The Style O.G. (11 days ago)
Let me know how it works out for you !
CRAM1REZ51 (11 days ago)
Salute O.G. Baby!!!
The Style O.G. (11 days ago)
Salute !
Ron2nd2none (11 days ago)
For the price it rocks great choice gotta cop one
The Style O.G. (11 days ago)
Appreciate the feedback my G!
Brandon Onuzulike (11 days ago)
H&m has the exact same dark denim jacket for 20 dollars, yall should think if getting it soon
The Style O.G. (8 days ago)
appreciate the input Brandon!
ziggy j (11 days ago)
The Style O.G. (11 days ago)
Ayush Upadhyay (11 days ago)
Salute Samuel L Jackson.
Said È Mirani (12 days ago)
Salute Style OG 😁 I ain't a big fan of trucker jackets , but if I would grab one then Stretch fabric is gonna be decisive....... Excellent video Jeff
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks Said!
Sean Mcmillan (12 days ago)
Cool jacket. looking forward to a how to wear a dark denim jacket video
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks Sean!
Santel Gotch (12 days ago)
Hey Jeff, where did you get your Brown wingtips?? I always been wondering about those. Im gonna buy a pair if i can afford them.
Santel Gotch (11 days ago)
+The Style O.G. thank you!! I found a pair of Milton Dark Brown wingtips to be my FIRST pair of dress shoes like you recommended in a previous video. But i have 2 questions: 1. How do i know what my size is for these shoes if i cant try them on first?? All i know is im a 10.5 in Vans Sk8-Hi's. And 2. I saw a pair of double monkstrap wingtips (Oakbrook Dark Brown)-- would that be doing too much to get that combo or should i get a pair of wingtips AND a pair of double monkstraps?? Thanks again for the info!!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
To Boot New York...
31 - for - 2 (12 days ago)
Sizing on that jacket is way off. I’m a 44r in men’s suit jackets and never wear a medium in anything. The Large was too big and the medium fit well, but it was too short. And the sleeves are very long.
Amilo Mbanugo (12 days ago)
dude, love your videos....been binging all week.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks Amilo!
Jack Reacher (12 days ago)
Hey Jeff, could you make a video on how to rock them dark wash denim jackets? Salute!
Jack Reacher (11 days ago)
+The Style O.G., looking forward to it.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
soon come Jack...
Wil Ly (12 days ago)
Denim jackets are always a go-to in my wardrobe
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
should be Wil!
Andy T (12 days ago)
You haven’t a clue.
Diego Nieves (12 days ago)
Great style, salute!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
salute Diego!
Dspiz35 (12 days ago)
The white stitching is a deal breaker for me, makes it look cheap. Good video though
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
appreciate the feedback!
MidnightWanderer (12 days ago)
You have some pretty good variety of vids and advice. One suggestion, how about a review/recommendations on styles of eye-wear? Both for eye glasses and sunglasses?
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
i like the suggestion!
MidnightWanderer (12 days ago)
I bought a levi dark denim jacket a while back from Sears...still looks good to this day. Have you ever owned one, and if so, how do you compare it to the jacket you're showing here?
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
i would take the levis over this one but it is double the price..
Orlando Santiago (12 days ago)
Great video !! Nice jacket !
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks Orlando!
Ed H (12 days ago)
Salute Jeff! I JUST grabbed me a denim jacket from Old Navy last week. Once I get some New Republic Chelsea boots, I’m ready!
Ervin That Dude (4 days ago)
I recently bought 2 dark denim and light denim from OLD NAVY. PLUS a white Levi trucker jacket from Macy's. Loving all 3
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
You are ready Ed!
coco nina (12 days ago)
I love her style I just subscribe to your channel earlier today watching from Chicago😉😉
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
welcome to the channel Nina!
FreshTooDef247 (12 days ago)
It’s funny that u uploaded this video today because I just bought me a denim jacket.. I got mine from old navy.. keep up the good work..
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
appreciate you Fresh!
Savvy Life Strategies (12 days ago)
Good value suggestion for a dark denim jacket, Jeff. Since it is 98% cotton, it may shrink a bit and fit better after it is laundered. Great suggest on a value priced denim jacket.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks Lou!
Rector Dee (12 days ago)
Can a 40 year old wear denim jacket without looking weird.
Ervin That Dude (4 days ago)
I'm 54 and rock the as often as possible
Andre Williams (12 days ago)
Aslong as u don't wear white Velcro strap ortho sneaks ur good
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
of course, it's a classic style that works for all ages..
Khalid Antwi (12 days ago)
He's like our style father! Just as I've been shopping for denim JACKETS! HEATT
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
my man Khalid!
The Derp (12 days ago)
Nice vid
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks The Derp!
John James (12 days ago)
Just got myself a new lee light wash trucker jacket in the uk 🇬🇧
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
nice John!
Edygma (12 days ago)
When you are ready to buy a denim jacket and O.G. upload this video... Perfect timing O.G.!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
I'm a psychic I tell ya..
Dmytro Fonotov (12 days ago)
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
appreciate it Dmytro!
Nikolas Espinosa (12 days ago)
This dude is a True O.G.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Jack Dollars (12 days ago)
I love Goodfellow too,they have some stuff with good quality
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
true indeed Jack!
Prince Jaren (12 days ago)
Jeff can I ask your opinion of 3 button suits ?
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
not a big fan at all...
centenoj85 (12 days ago)
Going to get one. Has a good fit. Salute sir. Stay blessed.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Salute my G!
Michael U (12 days ago)
Welp, I bought it because of you (the last one in stock in my size, too :D). Thanks!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
nice Michael!
Prince Jaren (12 days ago)
Salute Jeff
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Salute Prince!
Dsquared245 (12 days ago)
Salute OG!what do you think about the green or burgundy denim jackets? I already have 3 different washes of blue and a black one.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
if you already have the basic colors covered, it's cool to branch out to other colors like burgundy or green...
M A (12 days ago)
Good stuff, big uniqlo sale on merino v/crewneck at $29 haven’t ever seen them that cheap.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks for the heads up..
André C (12 days ago)
I was searching about this kind of jacket today! Thinking about purchasing a dark wash and another in tan/stone. Btw, your link in the description isn't working for me. Maybe it's because I am from Portugal?
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
it might \be because you are international Andre..
King Creole (12 days ago)
Hey, O.G.! Where can I shop for a nice letterman jacket?
King Creole (12 days ago)
+Andre Williams appreciate that. I'll give them a look.
Andre Williams (12 days ago)
Seems like the Letterman is the thing for fall. Try the Gap or OldNavy I think I seen acouple in there.
King Creole (12 days ago)
+The Style O.G. Bet! Keep me posted, big brother. ✌🏽
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
let me do some research King..
Me Too (12 days ago)
Great video as always my friend. I know that many denim trucker jackets out there make their sleeves long. Is there a company that does not. You mentioned your jean jacket, but anyone else that you know? Thank you.
Andre Williams (12 days ago)
Don't Levis make denim jackets for Gap?
Me Too (12 days ago)
Thank you sir!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
The Gap and Levis don't seem to be as long..
Riz Kler (12 days ago)
Salute O.G! I can't afford GQ. All I need is The Style O.G! 🤘🏼
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
my man Riz!
Anthony Johnson (12 days ago)
I never thought something like a jean trucker jacket would look so good with a dress shirt and tie....but it DOES! It's a great combo.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks as always Anthony!
adaboy4z (12 days ago)
Man I saw a couple of the black Denim at Ross, shoulda grabbed one then!! Love the Denim look.
Warren James (11 days ago)
I was just about to comment this same thing. Copped a Levi's one with shearling lining for $35.
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
gotta cop when you can!
Sammy2018 G-Blessed (12 days ago)
Salute my brother, salute! 🙏🔥🙏
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Michael Ray (12 days ago)
I'm with you on the Target Chinos . I stay away from Target over the dumb restroom policy . I like Wrangler denim jacket myself , but it probably doesn't come off as dressy . Always looking sharp Jeff !
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
appreciate the feedback Michael!
Michael Ray (12 days ago)
they let men go in to women's , and its not a single , no lock . Molesters have been caught , along with other weirdos .
Abdullah S. Ahmad (12 days ago)
Michael Ray restroom policy?
BLACKest Knight (12 days ago)
*Oh yes the FORM OF FASHION is back!!! Yo Stylest, that jacket is on point I may have to get that from you...hahaha. Banana Republic also has a cool dark wash denim trucker jacket that fits good. Thanks for the DFP and saaaluute!!!*
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
My man the blackest of all knights!
Bernd Lago (12 days ago)
Just what i need
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
glad it helped Bernd!
Czar Duhaylungsod (12 days ago)
First comment again Jeff! Please give me a SALUTE in your next video if you don’t mind hehe.
Czar Duhaylungsod (12 days ago)
Thanks Jeff!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
i'll put you on the list Czar!
Kaleo Naiga (12 days ago)
#salutesquad !!!!!
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
salute Kaleo!
Frank c (12 days ago)
I’m not really into the denim jacket look myself. But looks good on you O.G. 👌🏼
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
Thanks Frank!
Thanks for the info imma need one soon
The Style O.G. (12 days ago)
you got it Chris!

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