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THESE ARE BY FAR THE BEST RUNES ON RENEKTON SEASON 9! RENEKTON STARTS WITH 91 AD LEVEL ONE WTF THIS IS CRAZY! Renekton Top Gameplay! League of legends Renekton Season 8 gameplay! ►CHECK OUT SRO HIGHLIGHTS HERE: https://goo.gl/yWrlUv ►►LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for MORE Videos: http://bit.ly/1P5XteL ►SHOPPING ON AMAZON? Use my affiliate link! https://www.amazon.com/shop/renektononly Season 8 Renekton runes guide League of Legends Press the Attack - Triumph - Alacrity - Coup de Grace Sudden Impact - Ravenous Hunter +10 AD +10 AD +5 Armor ►►SoloRenektonOnly Highlight Playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzuJjd1ZPDg&list=PLr-uIm_KMDJcn5uZ8OBZ7qAIbxQoxHmQ6 ►►Check out SRO's Highlight Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-SnKMOqN5OY21u_8_1Q7ZQ ►►Troll Builds That Work Series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTFJTSp3hGg&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4HXkNE9yRGzuFaSbdA5Bhp3 ►►Road to Challenger Series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxbUfNRQu2s&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4FvDlFQDKZlLhqYQZc_dIMo ►►Season 7 League of Legends Gameplay Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHBMdTyIf28&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4H3DbHhdiJsy5LkrjiM5BU- Want to learn more about minion wave management? Check out the minion wave management series now! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQz3yU5tzJ0&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4GAMfVf_aASyiB4dheLsONx Watch me play live! ►Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/SoloRenektonOnly Follow and talk to me on Social Media! ►Twitter! https://twitter.com/SoloRenektonLoL ►Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SoloRenektonLoL Looking to support me and the content further? ►Tip here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/solorenektononly
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Text Comments (369)
SoloRenektonOnly (24 days ago)
BOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Runes are in vid description as always! <3 I played this early lane really really poorly if you saw stream you understand the power of early game renekton with these new runes. this is the 1/5 games I didnt kill my opponent at level 2-3 but wasnt recording xD. Just get 50 fury and go combo you can do 80-100% to the enemy depending on who it is at level 3.
Andrew hellsing (21 days ago)
play the croc with dark harvest
mostamazingmatt (22 days ago)
The background noise from your mic is insane, the gain is too high.
Dan Brew (23 days ago)
You should try shield bash on camille.
charlie Horne (23 days ago)
You're so good at being bad it makes me sick! Love you homie
Jacob Woolever (23 days ago)
SoloRenektonOnly if no mic just get some beats
Goozzy (9 days ago)
Walmart brand headphones! Lol jk
Sky Starland (9 days ago)
14:19 No one saw that E Dash, hahaha
ẪɀąễⱢ (10 days ago)
Aaa on RENEKTON is good to take titanic hydra or ravenous hydra (i specially use ravenous ) Is the titanic more op on RENEKTON?or should i stick with my ravenous ? Keep up the great work man ❤
nobody really (10 days ago)
Williamusetsm (12 days ago)
Is klepto renekton good?
Apathetic Apparition (15 days ago)
did you ever unblock that guy from chat? he watches your videos all the time. lol
Dr. Borris (17 days ago)
Steel series Arctis Pro is a solid head set.
DXristov (18 days ago)
congrats on the 500k
Envy Net (18 days ago)
Wait, what!??? 8:12, is it Russian “blyah”?? Or my ears just fucked up? Mike, please, I know that your answers are really rare thing but, I want to hear it from you over and over (Because I’m your fan from Russia, watching you for couple years)
Tree Doinken (19 days ago)
should i dash Q for the level? dash Qs puts 2nd point in E xD
MisterPep (19 days ago)
HyperX Cloud II, but you are a rich streamer so i guess you don't want a semi-budget headset, good or not
Leon Hoffi (20 days ago)
Title should have been: Omg new runes makes me destroy silver players even more
Joseph Zietz (20 days ago)
Why did jax get a bounty when he didn't have a kill or any assist?
Mats Danielsen (21 days ago)
Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 (good sound, good durability) or Steelseries Arctis Pro (Wireless, good sound, good durability)
Marcin Kozłowski (21 days ago)
SoloRenektonOnly, get yourself one of the Sennheisers pc sets. I use Sennheiser PC 360 and i had all sorts of shit before , Creative, Steel, Razer and more - comapred to Sennheiser, they all seem like toy headphones. It's an investment but there is no comparison.
Kaan Toksoz (21 days ago)
How 'bout klepto croc?
JOHN TELSCHOW (21 days ago)
Give Klepto-Taric Top a shot. I just out traded Irelia so easily, but loss cause of roams. KLEPTO-BOOTS-BISCUIT-TONIC-CHEAPSHOT-EYEBALL
Mr. Pouch (21 days ago)
6:34 early game bully scaling champion? sounds like the champ just too good
henri knutsson (22 days ago)
hyper x cloud 2
ThunderShot_ (22 days ago)
hey, try renekton with the new clepto :D
Tarazi (22 days ago)
Last 3 vids start with "WTF". Kowalski, analysis
Sgt Viper (22 days ago)
If you dont care if they are wired, the Hyper X Cloud II are nice
hwein (22 days ago)
Clickbait title: "WTF! NEW RUNES GIVE THE CROC OVER 90 AD LEVEL 1" Actual video: gets dominated by Jax the entire laning phase (till level 10 at least), not doing any significant damage to Jax at any point, thus making 0 use of these 'amazing OP lvl 1 dmg AD runes' :D
ExAstrisScientia (22 days ago)
Best Bluetooth headset I have ever heard https://www.amazon.com/PSB-M4U-Cancelling-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B078HSCGMC/ref=asc_df_B078HSCGMC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312142335725&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16050285333804379139&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031505&hvtargid=pla-494108935148&psc=1
Jonathan Knudsen (22 days ago)
Sennheiser HD660s with attached mod mic. Get Magni and Modi from Schiit Audio for your DAC and Amp. Total cost around 600$
MFTomp09 (22 days ago)
Sennheiser GSP 300 headset is a great headset. I have the 350. But if you can afford the sennheiser game one, it’s even sweeter. Keep these videos coming bro. Love the content.
Yumesh (22 days ago)
16:06 LOL
BigJjames93 (23 days ago)
Hmm Ran these same runes But only got 85 A.D. and 35 armor
Ladekabels (23 days ago)
watch z reviews for gaming headset ;-)
PvtSquirrel (23 days ago)
Im happy with my omen 800 headset, has also many audio options.
louislin199 (23 days ago)
sorry mike i have to stop watching at lvl3, the cringe is too much Dx
Louis Müller (23 days ago)
The hyper x cloud flight has a great, sound quality, only costs 160 and is damn confy boi My suggestion
ShieldOfTommorrow (23 days ago)
Where's the old humble and simply informative SRO? Don't join the toxic bandwagon..
Crusted Blitz (23 days ago)
Boom! What up SoloNoSkinOnly here, try out a max lethality/Black cleaver Darius build next?
Ioakim Antonis (23 days ago)
jax the early game bully hahaha.. U play this champ for so fking long and u still dont know how to play a basic match up like this?
Mugen Strife (23 days ago)
dont die and give over shutdown gold kids In Bronze: Yeah we know!! *Does it anyway* In Silver: Yeah Were Not Bronze! *Does it Anyway* Gold: Yeh ok *Tries not to like a god but ends up doing it 60% of the time*
Cyprien Guilbard (23 days ago)
with the new shield bash rune, you should try to make a build on tahm kench. i'm sure you can come up with some fucked up nuclear tank build.
naruto uzumaki (23 days ago)
Does every video of you start with WTF! ?
SpyDa (23 days ago)
that's so weird since RTO uploaded a video that he accidentally put a point in E instead of W aswell.. (his latest vid "Why cant i stop inting this jax")
ITzRetS (22 days ago)
tbh that day i also intead of puting a point in my R i put it on W at lvl 6 xDD the same day when SRO AND RTO missclicking lol
rvdy (23 days ago)
What are the runes?
Gdrad (23 days ago)
Base lvl 1AD 69 +10 longsword +12 AD double adaptive shards = 91 AD lv1. Note: 20 Adaptive is only 12 AD or 20 AP. In previous trait system you could start with +12 AD from Dom+Sorc/Insp, Sorc + Dom/Insp. Or have +13 from Insp + Dom/Sorc. You went Precision/Dom which previously would have been +6 AD in traits. So you really only gained 6 AD vs previous patch.
Prototype Corruptor (23 days ago)
I really like the corsair headsets, I would recommend them. Dont remember which model, but i have the wireless ones with the yellow trim, excellent sound quality and long battery life, if you dont ruin them by leaving them plugged in 24/7 like me lol
yo i need some seh justin .. singed ... suggestions !!! english :D
Luke Ungerboeck (23 days ago)
I think you've pretty much trained yourself not to get cannons, just yeah.
Ahmad_pro ggwp (23 days ago)
Pls play renekton with new released skin.. XD
You should make a pacifist gameplay
BlaydGraves (23 days ago)
Wait. He had 0 kills... how did you shut him down when he hadn’t killed anyone?
Draco (23 days ago)
Sennheiser Gsp 350 headphones. comfy as hell can wear for many hours and great quality sound.
PUNISHERE989 (23 days ago)
In this season you simply cant make mistakes. RIP new players.
Liam Horne (23 days ago)
Is it just me or could "WTF!" be a series on this channel
Rick * (23 days ago)
10:14 LOLOL
Namtu O (23 days ago)
Hyper X Cloud 2's so comfy and great sound. Not super expensive either!
metalninetales (23 days ago)
Lol mike told blue ez to chill.
fendi jer (23 days ago)
So no new darkharvest renekton. I'm so disappointed
Jake Larson (23 days ago)
mike get HyperX headset, I've had Turtle Beaches, Astros, Tritons, and some third part company for MS called aftershock and HyperX is the best I've worn
Lindwyrm Weisseritter (23 days ago)
"OVER 90 AD LEVEL 1??" *proceeds to get absolutely stomped early-game*
Intro Spectre (23 days ago)
Get the G35 headset, legit the best and most durable i have ever had as well as the best sounding, tough woven cord and not overly priced like the 300+ gaming headsets out there
Kelorel (23 days ago)
Preseason 2018: Miss more cannons than you ever thought possible.
armsdragon05 (23 days ago)
I have the hyperx cloud revolver and I've had em for about two years now. Haven't let me down yet
CYB3RUN0100 (23 days ago)
i had fun playing the new klepto on renekton
Joe Smo (23 days ago)
Why has no one pointed out the perfect 6/0 dream end?!
Jacob Messmer (23 days ago)
Is anyone else doing the Frankenstein challenge?👀
The Truth (23 days ago)
I hit instant dislike when I see ads that I can’t skip
Nick B. (23 days ago)
Sennheiser HD 598 Cs if you like closed back headphones. Or Sennheiser HD 6XX from massdrop if you like open back.
Tyras Fraust (23 days ago)
For headsets, Sennheiser Game One headset is on sale on Amazon and is awesome. It's wired though, and has a mic, so may not be what you are looking for.
Reggie Sloth (23 days ago)
Question for you SRO, as someone who saw your aftershock pantheon game, could the same rune set work for Renekton to make him tankier early game? Just a thought.
Juan Cedeno (23 days ago)
When’s Black Friday..... lmao on Friday my dude
Ka Kao (23 days ago)
Ur looking goofy today boi
GeekFitNYC (23 days ago)
Void Corsair RGB Headset
John Cunanan (23 days ago)
Are you into audiophile? or gaming headsets?
The only Nerf is the bounty to me
Marcus Vinicius (23 days ago)
For head set u should definitly buy ASTRO A40 logitech
Kaz (23 days ago)
SteeIseries Arctis 5/7, Had my headset for 2 years they're suuuuper comfortabIe and the sound quaIity is pretty thicc! BOOM
patrick samples (23 days ago)
siberia 840 for a wireless headset. removable rechargeable lithium batteries bluetooth & usb rf support.
Arandom Guy (23 days ago)
Kevinofrepublic (23 days ago)
That Zed Baron play was 200iq
Juny Lee (23 days ago)
josh parsons (23 days ago)
Headphone suggestions; I have Razer man'O'war and i really like them. Great sound quality and i wear them with for hours and they are super comfy. I better get a 'What up' if you choose them lol gamertag is 'Pgriffin'
BaconOfThePan (23 days ago)
"early game bullies who scale will do well in this meta probably" WELCOME BACK HASHINSHIN
SpaceKrakenKazoo (23 days ago)
This is 6 & 0 season. Get 6 & 0 and win. or get 5 & 1 and throw.
The Pixelator (23 days ago)
Sennheiser 598 HD SEs are what I bought. Well worth it. They are comfy, relatively inexpensive, and provide clear sound quality. SInce you don't require a mic, it's worth it for you more than other gamers.
Stephen Wolfe (23 days ago)
The steel series Siberia 840 are great, and interchangeable batteries
StressarN (23 days ago)
Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless! Beautiful headset, and you will never need to charge it, You get 2 batteries. One charges while you use the other! Really neat!😉
Alexo Brawler (23 days ago)
Is this the new champ? it's weird a camaleon that doesn't change their apparience
gabriel lin (23 days ago)
Don't listen to them haters Mike, Oh u should try the Cloud alpha(HyperX)
TrueNorthS (23 days ago)
Wait did i just get clickbaited? I thought renekton had 85-90 ad lvl 1 last patch😐
Michael Osadczuk (23 days ago)
7-0 the dream!
Daniel Day (23 days ago)
I loved my hyperx cloud 2 headset. I am going to get that when I get my next one.
Rodrigo Sanay (23 days ago)
best wireless headsets HyperX Flght and wired headset HyperX Cloud Revolver S with Dolby Audio.... yeah KyperX is the way to go
robert smith (23 days ago)
Turtle beach camo recon :) love those things. And they look really cool
Smashacus Styles (23 days ago)
This game was a great example of what not to do vs jax and how to play when you are slightly behind. Great patience and wait for your moment then win at the right time. Alot of people would have freaked out about jax scaling but mike just played it cool like an OG.
dastrn (23 days ago)
SRO HyperX Cloud 2 is the best headset I've found. I have 3 sets of them.
ReZisT Lust (23 days ago)
Darius: *laughs in 139 ad lvl 1*
氷ICE (23 days ago)
Also, is saying "Nunu is so damn good looking" considered pedophilia? XD
Justice and honor (23 days ago)
500k subs hype?
氷ICE (23 days ago)
Wait so why did Jax have a 450g bounty when he was only 14 cs higher than Mike and they both had 0/0/0 KDA meanwhile Kaisa had no visible bounty (meaning her bounty was no higher than 150g) and was 23 cs higher than Ezreal while their respective KDAs were 1/0/2 and 0/1/0?
For every like renekton grows a toenail
Lixien (23 days ago)
Try Dark Harvest with an Essence Reaver. It's nuts.
VollFlippi (23 days ago)
Stay away from every gaming headsets, they are just expensively marketed headphones where you would get the same quality for a lower price or even better quality for a lower price. Depending on the price range I would ask for advice in some audiophile forums or hifi forums. I personally like for the price range of 150-250 the Fostex MkIII + Alcantara Pads for ultimate comfort and sound for that price range, if the budget is higher I would rather invest in some more expensive headphones but don't buy BOSE or some shit that is expensive just for the brand names sake.

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