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Repaint! Halloween Special Demon Girl OOAK Doll

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Welcome to the 2018 Halloween special! It’s a huge one this year—not only the length of the video, but the number of collaborating artists as well. Hooray! Make sure to check out my friends’ spooky dolls after this, and have a Happy Halloween! :D Special thanks to Dolls Brand New Look for organizing the Collab this year. Get your fill of Halloween customs! HEXTIAN https://www.youtube.com/c/hextian MOONLIGHT JEWEL https://www.youtube.com/c/moonlightjewel ANASTAZIA CUSTOM https://www.youtube.com/c/anastaziacustom DOLLMOTION https://www.youtube.com/c/Dollmotion DOLLS BRAND NEW LOOK https://www.youtube.com/c/dollsbrandnewlook DOLLMILL https://www.youtube.com/c/DollMill TAMAKYU https://www.youtube.com/c/tamakyuart DOLLFAIRY https://www.youtube.com/c/thedollfairy GM ART https://www.youtube.com/c/gmartdolls KYROS_WORKSHOP https://www.youtube.com/c/Kyrosworkshop DOLLUMENTARY https://www.youtube.com/c/Dollumentary KOSOMOLSKI DOLLS https://www.youtube.com/user/alayses CHARACTERS FACTORY https://www.youtube.com/c/CharactersFactory POPPEN ATELIER https://www.youtube.com/c/poppenatelier Also mentioned in the video: Pixielify on Instagram Doll Planet - https://thedollplanet.com/ Dollyhair -http://www.dollyhair.com/ Restore Doll - https://www.restoredoll.com/ Walkercolors - https://www.youtube.com/c/walkercolours Materials: Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell Pastels - Mungyo Hand rolled Soft Pastels Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!) Acrylic Paints – Liquitex, Golden DuraClear Matte Varnish (2/3 watered down) Liquitex High Gloss Varnish Yarn - 100% Acrylic Nylon doll hair - from dollyhair.com and restoredoll.com Reroot-tool - from https://thedollplanet.com/ Glue - water resistant kind Apoxy Sculpt Epoxy Glue Armature wire, jewelry wire Tiny magnets, screws, nuts, washers Dremmel Tool Hot glue gun Airbrush Vallejo brand 'Game Air' paints Get some fun Dollightful merchandise! Prints, apparel, galaxy comforters and more! Merchandise: https://society6.com/dollightful Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dollightfully/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dollightfully Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/dollightfully/dollightful/ Music and sound credit: https://www.shockwave-sound.com (music, sound effects) http://www.purple-planet.com/ (music) DylantheDruid https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTpbrR_B-0bqj4c-n8Bvv_w (music)
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Text Comments (13395)
fuck you pay me (41 minutes ago)
Since we got a boyfriend for juwon *could we perhaps get ab angel gf for this babe?*
Doazzyn (42 minutes ago)
Make a warrior cat (maybe Fireheart or something) btw I'm Subbed!
kkkittycat painter (1 hour ago)
Can u make a female robot
This is magic You are awesome
SILAS HASHBROWNS (2 hours ago)
Wwwhhhheeeennnns ur next doll
Offically Cringey (2 hours ago)
No? Just me? Ok...
Offically Cringey (2 hours ago)
Whoever has seen the film “Hellboy” you will think this: OH MY PAKAWK ITS .IKE HELL GIRL OML
Guilherme Palacio (2 hours ago)
Man, I've watched this video at least a hundred times. Your halloween skits are my favorites 💜💜
potatopie70 Aj (3 hours ago)
Don't forget again you're not supposed to be planning the stock box series is about going free hand and not having any clue on what you're going to do XD
Puppyslovegirl 1 (4 hours ago)
Its so cool and amazing!! I 💖it
Angelina Dolphorse (4 hours ago)
HAHAHAHHAHA OKAY the ending got me, too good
Cookie Cat (4 hours ago)
21:26 I SHIP IT!!!
Cai Orange (4 hours ago)
I really love your videos, you do such a magical job.
Angelina Dolphorse (5 hours ago)
((Spooky halp))
Zenx Life (5 hours ago)
is it just me or dose the doll look like the hormone monster in BIG MOUTH
Sylvia Moes (7 hours ago)
MAKE A FOX-GIRL DOLL!!!!!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Twins Swenson (8 hours ago)
You should make a Goth fairy it would look cool
Muffin Tea0971 (8 hours ago)
Omg that demon is so cool Allso... You ar gonna make a crismas dall... right? what abaut a little elf Or Rudolf😄 LOVE your vidios
Paradox Spade (11 hours ago)
I hope she gets the good apoxie again it was torture seeing you suffer /^\
ThatRandom Dude (12 hours ago)
Hiii :) I happened to find an old video from you and now I'm just wondering.. I can't find a face up or anything from you for the Verna (BJD) doll? Am i just not able to find it or haven't you done anything to it yet? I would really like to see what you'll do with the doll and it's beautiful face. :)
Divine Flames (13 hours ago)
You could call her della
Em (14 hours ago)
holy shitt. this s my favorite by far. She’s gorgeous
Kayla Playz c: (15 hours ago)
Put the audio on 0.5x And it kinda sounds like she's drunk or crazy .-.
Raspberry Mint (16 hours ago)
I'm really hype for your bjd edits now that I went back and watched your reviews of them omg
Richelle Tong (16 hours ago)
Runixwolf (17 hours ago)
Dead Meмe (18 hours ago)
Screw the apoxie use flex seal
Hayley Rodgers (18 hours ago)
Absolutely GORGEOUS!
jojo v (21 hours ago)
This may be a odd wish can you make a doll of stan lee since he die
Wolfgamerpor12 (21 hours ago)
Oi can I make a suggestion for doll?
Pink Lemonade (23 hours ago)
Your voice sounds like ItsFunny
Preston Williams (23 hours ago)
I really like your channel
glitter blossom (23 hours ago)
Hey can you please make 2-D from gorillaz if you know it please and thanks btw i love the end of the video haha😄😄😍😍
Kitten Girl (1 day ago)
Dollightful! You can paint the body with acrylic/ airbrush then use appoxy glue to seal it then spray with m.s.c then, BOOM! Sealed paint that won't scratch!
Fleecy Pluto (1 day ago)
You know how back when you made macaroon you said that you wanted to add the eye water marble thing on a 17 inch doll? That would make a perfect custom for your next video!
IceGirl (1 day ago)
Can you make a Freddie Mercury doll?
lιl lιαя (1 day ago)
Lol the animation when you spin around the ceiling
Salem Witch (1 day ago)
*Thicken her up* I love you
Howdy (1 day ago)
Hi my name is kyra and I would like for you to do a weeping woman from Mexican stories Story: Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman and she one day saw this handsome man, she had tricks of her own so she would refuse his gifts until he proposed, they had 2 children and the mom one day saw hin with a younger and much more beautiful woman, so to get back she drowned her kids in a river and when she realized what she had done she was running and she slipped and hit her head and died near the river, now at night she goes by rivers or any body of water and cries for her children and if any children are by the stream she will drown them and make their spirit hers. Looks: she was buried in a white dress and she had black hair, white skin, and she had crack on her head from the impact, and also she has bags under her eyes from crying for centuries. And also she has wet like fingers because she drowns kids and she ALSO puts her hand in the water. THANKS!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! I'm a recent subscriber!! Saw the demon and had to ask you to do the weeping woman. Thanks so much!!
Fire_ Foxena (1 day ago)
I know I might be a little late for suggestions but I’ll comment anyway. So here’s my suggestion you should do a K-POP theme doll!
Musk Rat (1 day ago)
The party at the end was amazing
Siren's Mercy (1 day ago)
Hey! I was wondering if there is a way you know of to take a barbies arms off and replace them with another arm?
Parakeet rlover (1 day ago)
Am I the only one thinking where's the dolls ears butt then I don't care once I see the end because I blinded by 0-0 amazement
Natalie Keeler (1 day ago)
Thank God for the windigo that just came to the rescue
Crazy drama Queens (1 day ago)
Wow so cool I love your transformations with dolls
Mari Campos (1 day ago)
amazing work!!!!!! in love with your videos!! you should try an avatar doll someday! one from the james cameron movie :) sure you0d make a beautiful one out of it
Try to do a doll inspired in Junko Enoshima from the anime danganronpa and Cardia from the anime Code Realize this anime is in a Stempunk style and i love her style ( 😆)❤ and 02 from the anime darling in the franXX she is cute and i love her too❤❤😆 Sorry for my bad english😘
Satan has left the chat
I have a suggestion, I think you should make two dolls based on the sun and the moon!
Marryleee (1 day ago)
she°s beautifull
Kawaii Potato (1 day ago)
And hubby just stood there watching his wife circle around the ceiling😂
Can u please do a bjd custom!!!!!!!
Redde Shadowhorse (1 day ago)
oOf she for sure a koreaboo
Ariel Bradon-Randel (1 day ago)
I’m sorry dollightful, I usually don’t skip through ads cause youtubers usually get paid if I watch the entire ad but I will NOT watch a 5 minuet ad about a unicorn toy that poops slime
kylie wardrop (1 day ago)
AMAZING!!! Like if you agree *^*
Alien_ Queen (1 day ago)
This doll is absolutely gorgeous and i love her honesty even though its not October i would make her a monster girlfriend xD
BatKitty Plays (1 day ago)
22:32 mood
Grier Ingalls (1 day ago)
Awesome! I keep trying soon I'll be on the collab too!
She turned out soooooo pretty🤣❤️
you should make her an angle boyfriend
Brandon Halliday (1 day ago)
U should make a series were fans send u fan mail in ur po box then they send u a letter saying what they think it can turn into
Linzey Koch (1 day ago)
I like how one of the only dolls not helping her while she was getting pulled away was her husband's doll.
Lisomo (1 day ago)
Thats freaking awesome
Emma Backlund (1 day ago)
Can't you do Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley next? Or some other time ❤️❤️
Brattony (1 day ago)
how many hanks would it take to do one MH doll that come from the doll planet? I want to buy or ask for some for christmas but I don't know how much to ask for....
EA C (1 day ago)
Sometime can you do a Christmas nutcracker doll?
kenz (1 day ago)
damn she thicc
Frankie Galipeau (1 day ago)
I love this devil girl!!! You should do an enderman doll (minecraft enderman but it has a human body type
Thegamingcupcake10 (1 day ago)
Dollightful needs to be in YT rewind 2018. You are a dollmaking god and I LOVE YOU! #DollightfulSquad
Mini Ballers (1 day ago)
lol please
Mini Ballers (1 day ago)
LOL toy please
Michelle Hooker (1 day ago)
I am such a goober for this. I wish I had your skills to customize my now blood elf warlock and my lovely succubus or demon or both !! Ha ha. Im gonna give it a try!!
Rabbit lullaby (1 day ago)
hey Dollightful i found out that you can pull out the left over hair with some strong wire and blunt scissors its works but it may take a lot of time... i...i don't own any pliers...
ThatCat HAT! (1 day ago)
I’m new to this so I was wondering cause I’m not accessible to apoxie and so I was wondering if I could Use Clay?
HeyItzCAF 7 (1 day ago)
D Do Dol Doll Dolli Dollig Dolligh Dollight Dollightf Dollightfu Dollightful Dollightful i Dollightful is Dollightful is t Dollightful is th Dollightful is the Dollightful is the b Dollightful is the be Dollightful is the bes Dollightful is the best Dollightful is the best!
omg! you are an amazing doll creator person! (do not know how to explain how amazed I am so...OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Bianca Bensen (1 day ago)
12:52 OMG!!! I LOVE that pumupkin Pikachu! I think it's SSOOOO CUTE!!!
Tori (1 day ago)
Banshee looks like someone spilled some serious tea about someone. Love your channel btw!
BeMoreBroadway (1 day ago)
Bah Kurodai (1 day ago)
Kkkkkkkkkk, i love it
Jazmine Munoz (1 day ago)
Can you please customize a shibajuku girls doll?
moss pawz (1 day ago)
I had an idea, your favorite shiny Pokemon.
dani m (1 day ago)
You shoud do mantis from gardians of the galaxy
The Sisters (2 days ago)
You should do a series of zodiac sign dolls, I would love to see your creative creations
EmeliesClub (2 days ago)
Amazing doll and amazing stop motion
Linda Cubbison (2 days ago)
I wish you could make me a doll! I can't afford to make one myself. ~Hopes & Dreams ~
OMG you have a cat!!! Plus I love your doll! She looks amazing!
Hotel.Hideaway Fun (2 days ago)
21:22 21:36 23:32 This girl 😂 I love her!
Haina (2 days ago)
Please make dolls in every zodiac sign
Cadence Campbell (2 days ago)
I want to know what adress I'm sending to I have fan mail but I dont know you address
Eaden Jensen (2 days ago)
I low key ship her and the big sister pixir doll.
THE LOCALS (2 days ago)
Could you please do a lesbian pride doll?! It would be super cool!
Michael Davila (2 days ago)
Why is this in my recommend???
Li L (2 days ago)
in the skit i love how ty and irene are hitting it off! *cough cough* i ship it *cough cough*
DENTED AVOCADO (2 days ago)
Imagine... if you used a large doll, and then made her into the Kraken. It would be badass.
karebear727 (2 days ago)
This was my favorite one
13:35 if you left her with just white eyes she'll look cooler in my opinion
If you know what dokie dokie literature club is then you should do a series on that
Start with sayori or natsuki
Mia Loke (2 days ago)
Other mom I mean
Mia Loke (2 days ago)
I have an idea what you should do next..... Coralline's mom

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