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How Domino's Makes Its Pizza

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We visit the Connecticut center of Domino's to see how the popular pizza chain makes 125,000 pizzas a day. There are 5,500 Domino's in the US, which rely on their own manufacturing centers for fresh dough. In the Connecticut center alone, over 125,000 dough balls are sent to stores in the northeast each day! FOOD INSIDER believes life should be a delicious adventure. Subscribe to our channel: http://insder.co/Food and visit us at: https://thisisinsider.com FOOD INSIDER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodinsider FOOD INSIDER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisinsiderfood/ FOOD INSIDER on Twitter: https://twitter.com/insiderfood INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo Produced by: Amelia Kosciulek, Aly Weisman
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Text Comments (18613)
Ayushi Sharma (44 minutes ago)
Pizza in India aren't so good 🤔
Nicholas Bennett (2 hours ago)
Making me hungry, love dominos way better then papa John's
big earl (3 hours ago)
Dominos is the go to pizza when you are drunk
Bushytail 13 (3 hours ago)
I wish my little Caesar pizza looked like that.
SK Daily Entertainment (4 hours ago)
looks clean and neat , nice working environment
Connor Tucker (4 hours ago)
Is it me or does Domino's in the UK look better? No shots at the US you guys know how to cook a lot of food better than us but the pizza there looks too cheesy and undercooked.
saminsanity (4 hours ago)
I got a Domino's pizza ad just before this!
Kobey Heigns (5 hours ago)
In reality they dont look this good
i am PK (5 hours ago)
Am i the only one in the world who Don't like Pizza .
SIEON PARK (6 hours ago)
I have a little question... why are domino's workers are always Indians??
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
I suppose Indians ( and basically asians ) r the best at food. Jut my opinion tho.
Nidhi Dixit (4 hours ago)
Because the yummy taste of pizza is given only by the Indian's magical hands ..😍
One Two (6 hours ago)
josh (6 hours ago)
Grease, cheese and a little bit of toppings
TheOrangeCreeper (7 hours ago)
I wish Dominos had a box that you could actually close...
Emily K. (7 hours ago)
Y’all be saying your pizzas don’t look like that but mine do😂
Ian Malenfant (7 hours ago)
The dough is not fresh if it’s made in a distribution center, then transported across a couple states, that’s the opposite definition of fresh
scumbag benis (8 hours ago)
im sickened 🤢🤢🤢
WMD catalyst (8 hours ago)
Got dominos as in dominos video
Pranav Moghe (8 hours ago)
Oh I thought they just put leftover vegetables on a piece of cardboard
Mohamed Mowlid (8 hours ago)
Mine adds too much marinara and after a slice it makes u wanna barf
SenZei (8 hours ago)
i have to get extra cheese or else it's too saucy
play girl VCB (9 hours ago)
I on!y eat dominos They're quality is so much better
AM G (9 hours ago)
They could have added ordered extra cheese. Just saying
Bill A (9 hours ago)
At 0:29 this is now Domino's makes their dough, a driver just beats on the side of the truck. xD
Xeno Goku (10 hours ago)
the dominos wear I live is nasty
Sebastian Kovacevic (10 hours ago)
They make 22 pizzas a day?
king_cryptic (11 hours ago)
"We handmake our dough" sees a machine naking it in the video, ok man
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
Lol ikr like tf
ElAssoWipo (14 hours ago)
Pizza looks good and all but why arent they using gloves? = O
K J (14 hours ago)
What's the yellow cheese called? Amazing stuff
Nurmintdreamer (14 hours ago)
I like it because it has actually has flavor
Dominos pizza is shat
Pizza Dude (16 hours ago)
I've worked at the same dominos for three years and never has the dough or pizza looked anywhere close to that good
Stephen McAllister (16 hours ago)
1. Opening App 2. Your Orders 3. Reorder Now 4. bye Felicia.
Gabstra 678 (17 hours ago)
I’m from Italy. In particular, I’m from Naples, the city where pizza was invented. Can I cry?
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
It's ok. Cry. I'm Asian (pizza we dont care much bout) but I was... wow
mag917 (18 hours ago)
In Germany dominos is a piece of shit. Everywhere else its good
AA GAMING (18 hours ago)
Try eating pizza in Domino's India lmfao you would throw the pizza right after the first bite ...
It’s Sophia (18 hours ago)
I went to dominos once with my sister and aunt and guess what? they said the pizza would take, hmm, maybe 15-20 minutes. so basically long story short we were waiting in the car for a whole HOUR. and guess what they said to my aunt?? this dude said "well theres this thing called waiting" and i was like "WE WAITED FOR A WHOLE HOUR AND EVERY CUSTOMER IN FRONT OF US ALREADY GOT THEIR PIZZAS" but i said it in my head. sooooooo we ended up going to papa johns but it was just the location i guess. i will still go to dominos but not that other one
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
_Nice story_
manu soni (18 hours ago)
🇮🇳indian viewers like here
dr. merasmus (19 hours ago)
Worst pizza ever!
Gavin Harner (20 hours ago)
pffft papa murphys is better
bean (20 hours ago)
Use these clips in an expectations vs. reality video please...
I COPY (20 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommended btw that’s too much cheese
steph Auer (20 hours ago)
My cheese never does that!!!
Kranti Ajit (20 hours ago)
"There reality is often disappointing"-Thanos
Jodie Benevy (20 hours ago)
My pizza never looks that good from dominos
John Flanders (20 hours ago)
I ordered dominos last night Andi can tell you right now this is a fuckin lie
Dylan Stott (21 hours ago)
Am I the only one drooling 🤤 right now? God I love pizza
George ware (21 hours ago)
Still shity pizza
Dr. Evil (21 hours ago)
Gloves anyone?
ALL IS WELL (22 hours ago)
Hey you staff wash hands with germs protected soap every time before you touch any thing or i will kick off you permanently bdw eng ppl do wash theirs
Rodger_ Snake (22 hours ago)
Dude i pay 5$ extra to get extra cheese which is less than this
Abrakadaniel (22 hours ago)
Who eats at dominos? I mean, they dont even do the dough at the restaurant... there are so many better Pizzerias where you can eat.
Stefano Gomez (23 hours ago)
Yuck! I would never buy from Domino’s. Always go to local Pizzeria or if I can’t I’ll just go to Pizza Hut.
Stefano Gomez (23 hours ago)
ikram hey (23 hours ago)
The best pizza is in italy: napoli the best pizza omg yummy
Mr Nice (23 hours ago)
Over priced crap
Getting Past (1 day ago)
Seriously. Dominos pizza sucks. If you like Dominos you have never had a real pizza. This tastes only slightly better than a frozen pizza. This pizza tastes like salt and nothing else. It's popular only because it's CHEAP and it's cheap because it's a bunch of processed foods "assembled" before going into the oven.
Unays Sheikh (1 day ago)
I'm craving for some pizza now
Alpaca Emperor (1 day ago)
Mass produced soulless garbage
simon collis (1 day ago)
U.K. Did studies on random dominos around the uk and found traces of human seaman , sputum and feaces. Yum
Kalan Benson (1 day ago)
I work at Pizza Hut and our pizzas look so much better and taste even more better than dominos
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
@Nickymano8 _ We've all got opinions but in all honesty, Pizza Hut is better. It just is.
Nickymano8 _ (18 hours ago)
No they dont you liar
Emanuele Zarrella (1 day ago)
Non la sanno fare la pizza vera
Dark moon (1 day ago)
pizza video and ad is also from pizza
Nicksel Aw (1 day ago)
I'm eating Pizza Hut😁
jaylord lao (1 day ago)
lmao lies
igamingpublic (1 day ago)
domnio's in my city near home. worst service. these guys dont cook well and I have to use the bathroom 5 times because of that shit. i dont know what they added. i ordered once a month. i never had have a fresh pizza. they are lazy. i think they are dirty.
Spooky Boy (1 day ago)
Lots of this is pretty bull
Avishkar Sarang (1 day ago)
Domino's ad before video is pure marketing 😋😂
Lee Kinzel (1 day ago)
Do they really do that? I worked at Pizza Hut and their "hand tossed" dough comes pre formed in frozen discs, as do all of Pizza Huts crust varieties. All frozen!
Lee Kinzel (1 day ago)
The taste of Domino's pizza has changed since 1980, and NOT in a good way. Papa John's is my go to pie, always!!
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
@Nickymano8 _ Wow that *definitely* is related to this comment.
Nickymano8 _ (18 hours ago)
Ur gay
paisley world (1 day ago)
who is here that like little sesheres more
MA (1 day ago)
Where's the hand gloves when handling the food? 😲😱
Bahohey (4 hours ago)
MA they wash their hands
Tyrese x (19 hours ago)
Mmmmm hand made
Xanity Bizzle (1 day ago)
1:50 yea 5 stars....... Out of 100
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
@Xanity Bizzle I dont. Too much cheese. In all honesty I think Pizza Hut is better. Btw, why didnt u just edit the comment instead replying? No hate just saying wouldve made it easier.
Xanity Bizzle (1 day ago)
Don’t right hate comments it’s just a joke I love dominoes pizza!
BB Bruin (1 day ago)
Dominoes is ass...
Sahil Raghuwanshi (1 day ago)
Jonas Siahaan (1 day ago)
pizza hut or domino pizza.choose one?
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
Pizza Hut tbh dont come @ me
m a (1 day ago)
Only thing missing is a call to mountain mikes for a real pizza.
jeff james (1 day ago)
....and they recycle the carboard boxes to make the crust....
Diwaylon (1 day ago)
Boi that cheese lol someone variance is going to be off tonight 🤣 , if you ever worked at dominoes you'll understand
Obey Dayz (1 day ago)
They use no gloves😱
sonu singh (1 day ago)
I love domino's pizza 😍. However, we don't eat that much cheese in India if someone wants extra they have ask for it but still in is very cheesy.
pickel chin as boi (1 day ago)
Costco's pizza is better
zack 101 (1 day ago)
You need gloves? NOPE!
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
Ik that's so disgusting. Another reason why pizza hut is better.
Naveen Magapu (1 day ago)
I've not had a good domino's in years sadly.. I'm sure I've fallen sick a few times too. It's coming to the point where papa johns and even pizza hut in my area are better.
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
Yeah same with me.
PlayfulBeast (1 day ago)
The only video without a dominos ad at the beginning 😂
jesse verdida (1 day ago)
I wish i could taste even 1 dominos pizza because there aren't any dominos pizza on my country :(
Libby Lewis (1 day ago)
Who else gets white sauce and pineapple 👌
Kala Wada (1 day ago)
It's very unhealthy! Try natural cuisine of India!😋
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
Pizza is from Naples, Italy so I think they should try that but k
Nickymano8 _ (18 hours ago)
Emil Lang (1 day ago)
Best Pizza in this Universe.
aleck foulks (1 day ago)
That’s double cheese facts
Akashdeep Kumar (1 day ago)
Half of the Comments are that my pizza doesn't look like this
Yanique West (1 day ago)
Watching this whilst waiting for my good to be delivered 😂
Brandon Tran (1 day ago)
By handmade do they mean machine made?
Ton Bel (1 day ago)
Domino's is garbage
Epa Chowdhry (3 hours ago)
No I think its pizza (bad pizza)
Shashi Sukhai (1 day ago)
Looks unhealthy, and it is
CrayLuv (1 day ago)
What if someone is allergic to whats in the special goody bag? Shouldn't they have to tell what all the ingredients are?
Ui Gamer (1 day ago)
Is this co-incidence or what i just got a domino add on start of video .
MC Seed Guide (2 days ago)
This is funny because I got a dominos add before this vid started
Jitesh Sharma (2 days ago)
My mouth is literally watering right now!
Alexander Lacaden (2 days ago)
That's so much cheese I can already hear my manager yelling
Krish Bhatia (2 days ago)
Why don’t they use gloves to make

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