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Mood & Immune Boosting Homemade Chai Tea Masala + Fragrant Spiced Herby Chai Tea Video Recipe

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Mood and immune boosting Chai Tea Enjoyed by millions in India, masala chai, a spiced, sweetened black tea mixed with milk, is now popular around the world. And in this video, I am so excited to share my store of my Morning Dew Chai moments. Spiced and herby chia not just boost my mood but also help to fight against common sicknesses like cold, coughing. Subscribe : http://bit.ly/2BZjdc3 Kitchen products at https://www.amazon.com/shop/bhavnas_kitchen More recipes at http://www.bhavnaskitchen.com Topics @ http://www.desiviva.com Download Bhavna's Kitchen apps for Android, iPhone and iPad FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/superveggiedelight TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/bhavnaskitchen INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/bhavnaskitchen/ PINTEREST https://www.pinterest.com/bhavnaskitchen Dry roast and grind the following ingredients to prepare fragrant Chai tea masala at home. 1/2 cup cardamom(Elaichi), green whole 1 nutmeg(Jayphal), broken into few rough pieces or few strands of Javantri 1 1/2 tsp cloves 1 1/2 tsp black pepper 4" cinnamon Couple of Star Anise (Chakra Phool) 1/4 tsp saffron Store in a air tight container and use within 15-20 days or refrigerate for long freshness. To prepare the Spiced and Herby Chai tea for 2 people Take following ingredients into the medium size of pot and simmer for about 8 minutes on a low to medium heat 2+1/4 cup Water 2 tsp Black Tea sugar as per taste or liquid sweetener like honey or maple syrup can be added before drinking. 1/2" grated ginger Few leaves of Tulsi(Holly Basil) few Leaves of Pudina(Mint) 1 stalk of Lemon Grass (Hari Chai Patti) 1/4 tsp Homemade Chai Masala When all these has simmered for about 8 minutes, add a cup of milk (dairy or non dairy) and again let the tea come to the boil. When the chai start rolling to top, turn the flame off and strain the chai. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (72)
Rashmi Patel (8 days ago)
Thank you so much
Rashmi Patel (8 days ago)
Thank you so much to upload tee masala I am waiting so long . & in between my wife make by self Exactly like you make only she dent put nutmeg
Bhavna's Kitchen (8 days ago)
My pleasure
Anil Farande (9 days ago)
Hi Bhavna, I can see OTG in your kitchen, May I know which brand OTG you are using ?
Bhavna's Kitchen (9 days ago)
Mona Singh (13 days ago)
Thanks dear.....just great
Bhavna's Kitchen (13 days ago)
My pleasure
Vidya Pitroda (14 days ago)
Thats a nice combination of condiments. Your videos has inspired me for MY OWN VIDEOS AND CHANNEL. I have also subsumed your video editing style on to my channel.
Priyank Makwana (14 days ago)
Nice and healthy 👌👍
Renu Chaddah (15 days ago)
Superb 👍👍 chai masala
Bhavna's Kitchen (15 days ago)
Thanks Renu
Saanvi Rane (16 days ago)
Can you please share name of chai Patti in English ??
Saanvi Rane (15 days ago)
Thanks xx
Bhavna's Kitchen (15 days ago)
Lemon Grass
JuztMeMe (16 days ago)
Yum!💐What is the name of the Sitar music earlier in the video?
JuztMeMe (15 days ago)
Bhavna's Kitchen, where did you get it — do you have a link to it? Thanks!
Bhavna's Kitchen (15 days ago)
Morning something.
Sarojini (16 days ago)
Hi dear Bavana can you tell me where did you get javantry please. Your hai looks so delicious. Thank you. Please reply
Sarojini (13 days ago)
Bhavna's Kitchen thank you Bavana for replying. I saw your kids playing video Druv&Akash. Bless all your family
Bhavna's Kitchen (16 days ago)
Hello Sarojini I bought Javantri from Indian grocery here in Florida
Rida Ka Kitchen (16 days ago)
Super nice my Favorit i am your new frd
Bhavna's Kitchen (16 days ago)
Thanks and welcome
Subashini Senthilkumar (17 days ago)
I like this tea😄
Bhavna's Kitchen (16 days ago)
Parul Jinwala (17 days ago)
Nice video 👍👍
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Thanks Parul
drusha sugur (17 days ago)
Hai bhavan ,good video ,I'll try,u r garden is sooooo nice
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Thanks Drusha
Feel Your Meal (17 days ago)
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Sabrina Mascarenhas (17 days ago)
Excellent recipe for chai masala, love my spices...and am a big fan of cardamom too. Loved the intro to the video
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Thanks Sabrina
Alekya Ravuri (17 days ago)
Nice chai sis
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
ranji muthu (17 days ago)
How to make masala milk.? Is this chai masala powder perfect for that? But Surely I will try this chai masala..sister.
ranji muthu (17 days ago)
+Bhavna's Kitchen thank you...
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Yes, the same masala can be used for making milk. You can also add grated ginger or powder, Tulsi in milk 🥛
shortstuff (17 days ago)
thanks so much for this recipe ...I bought some expensive chai masala to try for health and couldn't figure out how I was supposed to make it!!! someone had premade it when I tasted it so I didn't see the preparation method!! thx again!!!
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
👍 my pleasure
vpriya79ify (17 days ago)
Thank u for the video. I Love ur recipes. Big fan of ur cooking. Do post more videos on healthy weight loss
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Will sure. Thanks
vpriya79ify (17 days ago)
Thank u for the video. I Love ur recipes. Big fan of ur cooking. Do post more videos on healthy weight loss
Charan Ingole (17 days ago)
Wow very nice video
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Thanks 👍👍👌👌
MariannD (17 days ago)
Excellent! Thank you so much. I’m going to make this.
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
My pleasure
👍 👍 My homemade chai masala is quite similar to yours, except for star anise & saffron. I sometimes sprinkle a little of this masala while having doodh-poha & it tastes great 😄
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Ameertha Shetty (17 days ago)
Hai, yur hair is very thick and nice now . Apply flaxseeds gel very night ? Kindly advise
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Hi Amritha Honestly, I don’t get any time these days to take care of myself but the only thing I am able to manage so far is eating right food and yoga/exercise
Ameertha Shetty (17 days ago)
Hai,i tried the limu achar turns out very super thks for sharing
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
So great to hear that
Loving THE LIFE (17 days ago)
Love it
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Buysome Bitcoin (17 days ago)
I always forget to add the ginger. Love chai, now it’s cooler so time to brew some up!
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Yes, chai ☕️ is must for winter
Omkaar (17 days ago)
Great video, however, I hate tea. And coffee too. Even indian tea. I prefer it over cofee bu tea gives me a worse headache than coffee. last time i drank it was 3.9 years ago, when i was 11
crow girl (17 days ago)
Nutmeg and mace! Must smell wonderful :-)
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Yes, it does
Geeta Malu (17 days ago)
Enjoyed your video 👌👌🙏
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Thanks Geeta
A Goerdin (17 days ago)
khanjan zala (17 days ago)
Wow so flavourful ingredients
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
PkLoves Cooking (17 days ago)
Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to more recipes from you :)
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Dr (17 days ago)
drusha sugur (17 days ago)
Hai Bhavana,good video,ill try today,n u r garden is sooooo nice .u r very lucky
zayan ibrahim Seedat (17 days ago)
Put garam masala instead
abhaysinh zala (17 days ago)
Hii kem cho?
Ami's Cooking (17 days ago)
Great video Bhavna 😊👍👌🤗
Bhavna's Kitchen (17 days ago)
Thanks Ami

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