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Miraculous Ladybug AMV - Beast І LoliRock

135 ratings | 5613 views
Collab w/Iris Lolirock, Bloom21 winx, Auriana LoliRock, kimary nuyu, Wonderful LoliRock, lolirock iris, World of Talia, World of LoliRock
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Text Comments (14)
Edna Narag (1 month ago)
Marenitte peak adrien pls
Danny Fenton/Phantom (5 months ago)
Omgoshhh I love both shipsssss eeeeeeeee.😸😹😻
Ilayda Turan (4 months ago)
Luka love you
LanahLlama 101 (5 months ago)
Luka Couffaine I love youuuuuu🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
MEOW MEOW (1 year ago)
Kimary Nuyu (1 year ago)
Thanks bff for participation
Iris Lolirock (1 year ago)
Amazing bff😍
Kwami PonyRock (1 year ago)
Auriana Lolirock (1 year ago)
Cool Bff, thanks for Collab
Jessica Marçal (1 year ago)
Eu adorei esse vidio mas agosto mais de comica
감태린 (1 year ago)
Amazing and thanks! ❤❤

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