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A little extra video for you folks at home who have been leaving us comments about building full AP on Kai'Sa. Let's end this debate once and for all. Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos! ►Come chat with me! - https://discordapp.com/invite/imaqtpie Follow me! ►TWITCH - http://www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie ►TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/Imaqtpielol ►FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/imaqtpielol ►INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/imaqtpielol Edited By: ► TWITTER - https://twitter.com/2ndSequence ► CONTACT - [email protected] Artwork By: ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/lilyloo ► CONTACT - [email protected] MUSIC: ►OUTRO: Project 46 & Felicity - Falling http://bit.ly/2by2CSh
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Text Comments (605)
MidgetTiger (9 months ago)
My roommate is throwing up in the bathroom
Connor Kingsley (2 months ago)
Connor Kingsley (2 months ago)
MidgetTiger lol!
Zerende (9 months ago)
My roommate is throwing up bathrooms inside of me
Bonk A Donk (9 months ago)
Im Gay
K Ay (9 months ago)
Disruption (19 days ago)
with wits end, you should replace phantom dancer not the rageblade synergy
AcademyCambridge (22 days ago)
He gets master and challenger only for his non stop playing . He doesnt understand champ. AP+AD build all time was better then full AD lul . And its challenger. Play 1k hours as one champ and deal with it.
Peter Kirk (29 days ago)
I love the golden sun noises :o
nintendhoe (1 month ago)
If you’re ap kaisa and you 1v1 someone just Q and W and they’ll get deleted
Gameloser 1 (1 month ago)
Here's the trick.... You need to mix AD and AP
D4MN (2 months ago)
full ap kaisa's 4th shot deals 2000 damage ? cool rito
Pongze Lor (2 months ago)
Here 7 months later and the comments sound ridiculous lol
Kalenz (3 months ago)
screw magic pen boots and get attack speed boots on ap kaisa (or ruunan). with stacked rageblade her passive just goes bonkers
Cyrekt (4 months ago)
"they wouldn't give her AP ratios for nothing" Miss Fortune disagrees
PandzioR (4 months ago)
the way he speaks wtf XDDDDDDDDDD
Blazenator (4 months ago)
ludens morelos death cap gunblade rageblade boots
Adrian Songco (4 months ago)
Why does he always sound high or drunk when he strams
xantyleonhart (5 months ago)
with the recent changes in crit items and ap scalings on kai'sa, i think they're pretty much balanced now. (AP does ridiculous damage tho). I tried her with Nashor > rageblade. With nashor's tooth, crossbow and amplifying tome its enough to get the W and E upgrades. Then gunblade for ridiculous lifesteal. Seemed alright to me.
Kyrex (6 months ago)
he didnt even use his w, shit does deeps and free stacks
Artby johnedward (6 months ago)
It sucked before, now it's the op thing even though the AP ratios were halved.. lol
Jonas Winter (6 months ago)
But on dummy ur ap passive is stronger then normal...
Jeremiah Quimpo (6 months ago)
No no the build is Roa Nashors wits end and rabadon
Daniel Vasquez (7 months ago)
Habla bien la cdtm qlo
Tuan Nguyen (7 months ago)
CSBENJA AWP (7 months ago)
The best dps is hibrid kaisa
Klaw Eyrus (7 months ago)
brk is the most broken shit against the dummy, the thing has 10k hp max hello ?
im jon (8 months ago)
Bogdan Marincic (8 months ago)
7:35 not stacked and stacked rageblade still same damage lol
Skyvan (8 months ago)
Death's dance rageblade nashors evolves all 3 and makes you strong af
Nik Kern (8 months ago)
OMG BOII... in testing ...u never poked w... ap build is based on poking with w and than finishing that is why ap kaisa is op
Bomen En Lucht (8 months ago)
he says fuking so often...
Dank Videos (8 months ago)
You gotta use ur W with ap. Even if close range. The AP scaling on her W is insane. Fool.
Ace Tzu Zurui (8 months ago)
So far my fave build is rush Bork into Rageblade with a berserkers boots thrown in between them, this with attack speed on takedowns let you upgrade your E when you hit lvl 11. After these 3 I usually buy a BF for instant Q upgrade, and then build it into a reaver for some crit, cdr, dmg, and mostly mana. Next item should be an IE, with last item depending on their team, tho a gunblade will let you upgrade your w aswell as giving you better burst with the active.
Me a SW fan (8 months ago)
They dont give her ap for no reason, me looking at shyvana🤔
Wanseu - (8 months ago)
Dunno why he didnt use runaan's. Passive stacks with runaans
Bob is Love (8 months ago)
Too bad he never used the W on the training, it's the ap core
NorthMan Martin (8 months ago)
i balance the item build when in bottom line carrying team .. but Full ap when jungling
TMFlesh (8 months ago)
Isn't AP Kai'sa basically just old Nidalee?
Jimmy Mai (8 months ago)
i like you imaqtpie but i hate tyler1 i wished he would be permabanned forever
Joshua Hoffman (8 months ago)
Veryl Cuevo (8 months ago)
If you are going to built ap kai'sa then go with the comet ....
Mumei no Baka (8 months ago)
i play hybrid
Justin Perez (8 months ago)
How come he does build a essence reaver
Lucas T (9 months ago)
I build gunblade and spirit visage and her heal is fckin crazy when you Q in minion wave.
Keegan McCorry (9 months ago)
The Sims music op
Sarcastic Gamer (9 months ago)
Gray (9 months ago)
DD, 2 longswords to get q upgrade into bilgewater cutlas and gunblade, blasting wand to get w upgrade then finish guinsoos, PD to upgrade e assuming you have greaves by this time. press the attack and ultimate hat.
Gray (9 months ago)
you become deceptively super tanky and heal off all your damage. your q heals you for 30% damage done. you can add a visage if you're being ap bursted or a ga.
Luna Gryn (9 months ago)
The dummies have 10k fucking health and she does max health damage of course the AP build is gonna look like it does more damage since ap increases the max health damage lmfao
tyler hill (9 months ago)
Neither ap or ad.... hybrid
Apple feat. Birne (9 months ago)
Isnt the new ap item (100 ap, movementspeed etc) perfect for her? She can make use of the movement speed because of her short range and you just need one item for w upgrade
Huỳnh Trí (9 months ago)
zrušit (9 months ago)
Kaisa is overall shit
Kevin Prinz (9 months ago)
Tho Lord Dominiks and Bork deal more dmg to the dummys cause hp scaling
Vedran Spasevski (9 months ago)
Am i the only one that noticed that he didnt use her W when checking for ap?
Peter Pan (9 months ago)
What is he talking about? Bronze games last 60+ min. Of course we can build AP ...
Guntar LeBatar (9 months ago)
im pretty sure hybrid can be the best With guinsoo gunblade and trinity you
antonio rodriguez (9 months ago)
Empecé viendo buenos youtubers, como acabe viendo a la hermanastra mas fea :v
Marten Pretorius (9 months ago)
The ap build was stronger than the ad build because lord domenik only reduces bonus armor and your targets didn't had any bonus armor
I see Prospatura (9 months ago)
Levi Wright (9 months ago)
Ap kaisa doesn't work according to QT's annoying perma stoned voice.. Vandiril playing an actual game builds as a full veigar/lux type mage... One shots all day. Hmm
hydrodead (9 months ago)
switch the nashor with crit item the the blade of ruined king with the manumnu and death cap with 1 more crit item and you have upgrade all your ablitys and have tons of dmg
Dyzinel (9 months ago)
"Full AP" proceed to not be full ap at all.
jack legends (9 months ago)
I wish he used lethal tempo. The Guinsoos and Lethal tempo build up would be monstrous......on dummies.
G.O.D 7 (9 months ago)
have you tried full assasin build? for her q oneshot potential ?
QuantalAlphan (9 months ago)
Build the ap build as a burst mage instead and run meteor.
David Li (9 months ago)
TBH you can include void staff and spellbound orb in your build instead of nashor's and lich bane, it will cut down the price of AP build a lot.
A Wandering Gourmet (9 months ago)
Ap Kai'sa can actually be pretty nuts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibBT0BTEQI4
Shinobi no Kami (9 months ago)
v3n0m1nf3ct _ (9 months ago)
What is this Mythbusters in league
Dameleon (9 months ago)
Tyler Smith (9 months ago)
Go klepto so you can afford the ap build? o.o E -> AA easy procs
Phantom (9 months ago)
why the hell did not use W on AP tries?
Jay Pham (9 months ago)
Jayden Rico (9 months ago)
you sound like you're talking in slow motion lol i had to make sure my video wasnt playing at a slower speed
Hullo I have a question (9 months ago)
it's my birthday tomorrow can i get some death wishes in the chat thanks guys
AFlockofWakas (9 months ago)
imaqtpie u build ap kaisai wrong i play allot mid and sup as ap kai u build her wrong
Uncle Kayn (9 months ago)
When he could’ve just reset the game hahaha
nicola762 (9 months ago)
It takes him 2 minutes to say one complete sentence
nicola762 (9 months ago)
I’m waiting for the day this fool stops mumbling and speaks normal
chuckles de clown (9 months ago)
look, you don't half to go full ap and if you do your probably going way cheaper.
Now Riot needs to get their shit down cause Training Dummies should have 50 mr to be atleast kinda realistic.
Justin Woo (9 months ago)
Kai'sa , pshhh, give me some of that kaizer
josh arias (9 months ago)
thats fuckkinnnn
sur-taka (9 months ago)
these training dummies are bad to test actual ingame damage. especially on kai sa. they have 10k hp, so current/missing health will do a lot of damage. and the ap build has way more %hp damage than the ad build. and the armor pen literally doesnt do anything against these things.
KolbSite (9 months ago)
Does evolve W scale harder with AP, maybe that's the benefit of AP, not the on hit.
musse pigg (9 months ago)
guinsoos + 2 attacks/sec is roughly 1 passive proc/sec on the dummies that is 3k dmg. If it was vs squishys or a normal tank it would be around 800 for tank or like 400 vs squishys.
Mark Daren Villanueva (9 months ago)
Gay talking sound
drtitkid (9 months ago)
Check Bunny FuFuu guys, he built full AP Kai'sa
Chatur Prakash69a (9 months ago)
Ad can do lifesteal that's why i'll pick ad
DrZirza (9 months ago)
The damage on the dummy gets inflated compared to champions though due to the dummy having 2-5 Times’ the health of champions (depending on the Champion and build) and Kai’Sa dealing missing health % damage.
Jacob Nguyen (9 months ago)
Wait, how often does Elixer of Sorcery proc on q?
Bernabe De La Cruz (9 months ago)
Would put nashors tooth and void staff on her then everything else ad
Issaiah Starr (9 months ago)
That sims music threw me back
AqworldsMew11 (9 months ago)
Don't midlaners build most of that stuff? how do they get it?
Vengeance YT (9 months ago)
This video proves how ap kai'sa is legitimately good. https://youtu.be/Uhnzqvt4fUc
Woody Dubbie (9 months ago)
Why does this ape compare those two builds (price and dps) when their purpose is completely different. The full AP build is a poke build/ The hybrid and AD builds are meant for all-in and teamfighting. He even switches thoughts in a time span of like 3 minutes. Yeah, definitely an ape.
MaestrO Frags (9 months ago)
Buff adc IGN sucks btw
Exiled Shadows (9 months ago)
What's the point of this? I wanna see a 20 kill pop off not some trash build stats in a practice tool game.
J Thompson (9 months ago)
Yeah her valuable build path is REALLY EXPENSIVE !!!! it's not full ad or ap its a mix of both....gun-blade , phantom dancer, then BORK, berserkers, rage blade, then GA or dusk blade. and because of the active items run Glacial augment is really nice help you stick to a target. and she is in no way an adc imo its either mid or jungle . I prefer mid, jungle build is a little different then mid but not much. THIS IS ENTIRELY MY OPINION BASED ON WHAT I HAVE TRIED AND WHAT I FEEL WORKS BEST FOR HER AS A CHAMP AND KIT.
RageKid (9 months ago)
Crazy Guy (9 months ago)
Waaaait what do u mean by ull never get that build i mean midlaners build it really easy
Ban Greed (9 months ago)
Imaqtpie: You can't build AP in a normal game. BunnyFuffu be like: say whuut?
Adam Sutherland (9 months ago)
How to build her: Long Sword+Potion. First item = Hextech revolver. into Gunblade. Guinsoos. Hurricane. You go Gunblade+Guinsoos because it evolves all of her abilities.
Kevin Flehmig (9 months ago)
What's about trinity or a statiks builds

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