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The Try Guys Try Not To Die Alone

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Together we stand. Alone...we might die in the woods. Watch us try not to die, then watch the true survivalists on History's new series Alone, Thursdays at 10/9c! http://www.history.com/shows/alone/videos/and-so-it-begins?mai=0&fw_o=1 The Try Guys https://www.facebook.com/tryguys + Special Thanks: Thomas Coyne: Global Survival Expert & Guide http://www.thomascoynesurvival.com/
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Soh Rijin (1 hour ago)
Ned and Eugene are the cutest in the Try Guys without noticing. While Zach and Keith think they're the cutest, but tbh, I don't think they are. Again, that's my PERSONAL opinion. C'mon! Don't tell me that the run that Ned did and the tackle Eugene did wasn't cute!
XPixielil BunzieX (4 hours ago)
Thumbnail: everyone shocked Ned happy 😂😂😂
Midnight Gacha (16 hours ago)
To be honest- kazoos aren’t useless. You can get attention from someone. Lmao
Emma Tunnah (17 hours ago)
Zack still has a waxed triangle on his chest 😂
tuf nutjr (1 day ago)
roses are red violets are blue you didnt get clickbaited im happy just like you
Izaro Okazaki (1 day ago)
when eugene tackled zach i lost it. that was cute lmao
Laura Jeziorski (1 day ago)
Was this on tv?
Tracy Tyler (1 day ago)
Could watch these guys all day!😂💜😂
adrianne viray (1 day ago)
OTAKUGIRL55 (3 days ago)
7:13 Ned, did you just try to break a large log over your bad knee?
Colin Hopkins (3 days ago)
I lost it at 58 seconds
Ghianna Salzo (3 days ago)
Pooja Patel (3 days ago)
New idea: Hunger gamezzz try guys edition.
Will Snap72 (3 days ago)
10:59 who’s that guy in the background
Maghan Kirby (3 days ago)
The guy with The black hair is the cutest the guy that loves himself is the nicest the guy with a wife is so and so and the other well idk tbh....
luke hodge (3 days ago)
I’ll be surrounded by festive colors Look what daddy made. Gotcha acorns. I found a gun. Kieth’s survival quotes
Kirito k (3 days ago)
Eugene: u see in the background Zac: rambling Eugene: gets closer Zac still rambling Eugene: approaches Zac tackles him then runs of with his pack Zac: DONT STEP IN MY POOP! Eugene: . ........ what?
Rhonda H. (3 days ago)
10:59 Feral Eugene ambushes Zach in 3..2...1....
Lyk_ ee (4 days ago)
When ned said: keithhhhh!!! And when Eugene tackled zach omg that was soooooo cutteeee love you guyyysss
Lyk_ ee (4 days ago)
Awwww you guys are so cute
jcoolness 123 (4 days ago)
N: Keeeeeithhhhhhh!! K:I found a gun. I found a gun
Aisha Thara (5 days ago)
The sound Zach made while eating the beetle tho 😭😭😭
siara705 (5 days ago)
*Ned and eugene runs towards the forest* Zach: Keith: *Zach and keith stares at each other and hugged one last time*
Keith-That dude that wins cuz of luck. Ned-Used to be lonley,But know busier cuz it misses its baby. Eugene-The guy that survives by getting drunk. Zach-The guy thats scared of everything.
Ana Larez (5 days ago)
dude keith is marshall from how i met your mother
Zachary Tang (5 days ago)
NOname ._. (5 days ago)
Ok this was an okay... video but it’s clearly faked or well over exaggerated you tried to hard and over acted about everything
CosplayKinkInc (5 days ago)
3:46 me
Doggy Bobby (6 days ago)
You can’t see me that surviver dude looks like John cena
Boy Marvel (6 days ago)
Eugene didnt even use the flint to make the fire like all the others did or the fire starter kit
Maylani Avanna (6 days ago)
2:51 *spongebob*
Sam Warrior (6 days ago)
I so wanna be stuck in the woods with Eugene, he may kill and eat me but am ok with that
Lettie Messi (6 days ago)
Why not tie the knife to the stick to catch the fish. Lol
Jack Sims (6 days ago)
I was gonna make a joke about the name of the vid, but it sounded evil
“I’m exited to kill something” -Eugene
Emerald Cobra (7 days ago)
Do you still have stacy?
Clarinetgurl (7 days ago)
Omg I lost it when Eugene was like dancing around the fire
pizzalover 161 (7 days ago)
This is hunger games 2015
California Beaumont (7 days ago)
Keith eats a plant and says IT TASTES LIKE A PLANT!
Cora Anndelou (7 days ago)
Love this guys already 💙💜
Katie_Schrute _farms (7 days ago)
Zach: “Don’t want bears to eat me so imma make a pee perimeter”
Depressed & Stressed (8 days ago)
I want to roll onto the fire
Chels Vlogs (8 days ago)
At the beginning : Ned thinks he can camp for a few days At the end: he wants to quit
Chels Vlogs (8 days ago)
Every episode Ned talks about his wife, Eugene talks about being Asian , Zach talks about being cute and Keith makes a joke
Chels Vlogs (8 days ago)
Or Eugene takes of his clothes
Jason Zhang (8 days ago)
10:59 is that a person in the back? 11:07 that’s a guys leg in the back
Andie Montero (8 days ago)
zombie deer disease
Ariel Ruiz (6 days ago)
Keith: Pack cookies if nothing else pack cookies Me: LONG LIVE DA COOKIES
10:58 eugen in the back
Black Rose Wolf (9 days ago)
Is it just me or is Eugene rly cute.....👌
I relate to Eugene too much in this
D-jam 2006 (9 days ago)
I actually wanna do this
Who is your favorite try guy Leave comments below
galactic sea (10 days ago)
They should try the bird box challenge >:3
Sarah *Classified* (10 days ago)
A struggle we all face
CAITLYN L (10 days ago)
14 minutes of Eugene being a savage!!! lol!
Isabella Adelmann (10 days ago)
Kevin and Eugene are literally me the whole time lol 😂😂😂 But mostly Eugene I think he is my spirit animal lol 😂❤️
RiceTK (10 days ago)
10:59 in the background. Is that Eugene?!
Ta ra (10 days ago)
12:06 Keith: wearing a hoodie and a cap Ned: a jacket Zack: a shirt with stickers Eugene: caveman mode - looks like had survived in the woods for a month
Lilly Wightman (10 days ago)
10:59 their is 1 of the other try guys
Ta ra (10 days ago)
After all this Eugene’s hair: *is still perfect* ik it’s messy but it still looks awesome if i went through all these things my hair would be just the worst
Coco Wei (10 days ago)
In excited to kill something
YoloStrikes Again (11 days ago)
This is what me and 4 of my friends would do if we got lost in the woods and then find each other
Zoe Sylvester (11 days ago)
2019 anyone?😂👦❤️
Isabelle Wise (11 days ago)
I just realized all there videos have at least one sexual joke/statement
n3rdf1tn3ss (11 days ago)
10:57 there is a guy running in the grass on the left i just edited thos its his freind
Christine Czaszwicz (11 days ago)
10:59 is that Eugene
Kpop Trash (11 days ago)
I just love how Keith just played the kazoo in the middle of the woods
Jakiś Typek ll-// (11 days ago)
8:48 ok
hey it's sara (11 days ago)
I'm just imagining Keith shoving a bunch of cookies in his pockets right before he left..😂😂
trinity gerrans (12 days ago)
Can they redo this but like in pairs or as a group
trinity gerrans (12 days ago)
Eugene is me
*RIP Keith's Cookie* ✌🏻😔
nadia ibrahim (12 days ago)
*stab yall motherfuckers in the face im a motherfuckin owl* WHY ARE WE SLEEPING ON THIS LINE
Anna Horn (12 days ago)
ok i guess that i am the only one to notice at 10:59 Eugene running in the back round
Happy RonnyBoy (12 days ago)
Eugene looked like nigahiga in the thumbnail
Unicorn LIFE (12 days ago)
Are we just going to ignore the fact that Eugene tried to eat zack
adoring lilia (12 days ago)
nobody: keith: i have a gun
Mangobolt (12 days ago)
Good old times
Chelsea May (12 days ago)
Anyone know what the music was when they were trying to make fire?
Emma Kurtz (12 days ago)
Kieth: *eats leaf “This tastes like a plant!”
ENIIX Gewp (13 days ago)
12:47 is the funniest part
Oh Nah Nah (13 days ago)
11:06 top left corner who dat
Asian Girl (13 days ago)
It’s honestly so pure how they miss each other and it’s only been a day
Micky Sieu (13 days ago)
Zack: 'Who's the cutest?' Guy: *mE*
Audrey Williams (13 days ago)
Eugene is giving me serious Lord of the Flies flashbacks.
ft. myself (13 days ago)
im blessed that this was posted on my birthday
5ofi3 Ta (14 days ago)
Zach: Whos the cutest? Tommy: Uh- me.
Team Rex (14 days ago)
I have the same hat as zach
sugaa bugaa (14 days ago)
Eugene dancing is so funny
Bubble Gum Queen (14 days ago)
Rex Shettlesworth (14 days ago)
Please please try naked and afraid!!!!
Weirdo Club (15 days ago)
10:59 Eugene in the background😂😂
PEEP SQUAD (15 days ago)
"No that is really hard that is bad for butt"😂😂😂😂 5:37
Gianna Charest (15 days ago)
I watch this video too much
Mango Flight (15 days ago)
10:59 like uf u saw another person in the backround
Yanet Rojas (15 days ago)
My 5 year old cousin has the same hat as Zach
Nina Ylimaki (15 days ago)
"I'm a motherfucking owl" :D gets me every time
Aaliyah Hernandez (16 days ago)
10:59 LOOK IN THE BACKGROUND and 11:06 "moments before cuteness attacks"
They need to do a part two of this.

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