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How to Do Different Breaks | Bachata Dance

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Like these Bachata Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1hu3IPy Addicted to Bachata? Sexy Urban Bachata: http://amzn.to/1G0A3Zg How to Dance BACHATA: The Hottest Club Style Latin Dance: http://amzn.to/1NqL1dh Very Fine Men's Women's Salsa Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes Style: http://amzn.to/1P1qgVM Co-shoes Girls Leather Single Strap Ballroom Dancing Shoes: http://amzn.to/1jRGHY4 Learn To Dance Bachata, Bachata Dance Mastery System: http://amzn.to/1OodbWq Watch more How to Dance Bachata videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510099-How-to-Do-Different-Breaks-Bachata-Dance Edwin: Different breaks in bachata, so in bachata we had the tap, but there's a lot of other breaks that you can explore. We're going to teach you a couple of them. The first one we're going to talk about is the bachata heel break. So we're going to put out our heels, on the fours and the eights. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. The idea behind the heel is to make sure that your heel is nice and sharp on that break, just as if you were doing a tap. Daniela: And ladies, make sure when you do your heel tap forward, you have your legs closed. We don't want to do one, two, three, heel, okay? It's right in front of you. Edwin: Now for the next break, this one is a tap in the back. We're going to use the toe to either tap across or behind. We're going to show you different ways, so make sure you that you explore however you feel more comfortable. Five, six, seven and one, two, three, tap, five, six, seven, tap. One, two, three, tap, five, six, seven, tap. One, two, three, tap. Five, six, seven, tap. That's going to be the tap behind. Remember you can put it right behind you or you can send it across, depending on how you feel. Make sure you do it with confidence and smooth. The next break is going to be the scoop. The scoop is going to be picking up your foot. Gentlemen, what we're going to do is just lift it up, like this. Daniela: And ladies, we're going to scoop up, so as soon as your toe hits the floor that's when you bring it up. Make sure you don't kick it out. Edwin: Let's try it. Five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, up, five, six, seven, up. One, two, three, up. Five, six, seven, up and one, two, three, up. Five, six, seven, up. Now for those of you who are interested in getting better as performers, make sure that you always point your feet down. If you keep your feet like this, of course it's an option, but make sure that if you want to develop good habits, always point your feet down. Now we're going to do the last one, which is the shuffle behind. This one is a little bit more complicated, so I want you to pay attention slowly. Five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three shuffle, five, six, seven, shuffle one, two, three, shuffle five, six, seven and shuffle. So what's happening here is we're going to take three steps one, two and three. On the fourth step we're going to quickly alternate our feet, right/left, and then continue to the right for five, six, seven. And do the same thing on the other side, left/right. Let's try it a little bit faster. Five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three shuffle. Five, six, seven, one, two, three shuffle, five, six, seven shuffle one. Now let's demonstrate all these breaks with music, so here we have the heel, then we have the tap behind and remember, you can cross it behind or send it straight back, depending on your choice. The next one is the scoop and gentlemen, of course you can scoop as well, gentlemen. But for us it's more natural to just bring the knee up. And the last one is the shuffle behind. Shuffle, one and those are your bachata breaks.
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Ina Zamorano (3 months ago)
Im laikiing good mouth🇵🇦
Julianna Sequoyah (6 months ago)
How do you know which one to do???
Natalia Zindrou (8 months ago)
The subtitles hide their feet and legs :P
David Palacios (9 months ago)
Howcast music kills me
Tik Tok Tik Tok (9 months ago)
Simone Iorio (1 year ago)
nice video, thanks for the tips. Music name?
Jose Lu (1 year ago)
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Coxik Hovhannisyan (1 year ago)
Jesse Alexander (1 year ago)
Thank you papa!!!
ElLobo18 (1 year ago)
I'm learning and this is good.
Lucy W. McMellan (1 year ago)
Very nice, thank you.
Stefan W (1 year ago)
Breaks? I thought this was about the breaks in the music, and would call that steps
Kate Moor (1 year ago)
Very simple and lovely 😊!! Thank you very very much!!!
orestesleonardo (1 year ago)
Awesome video, thank you guys!
Miguel olivares (1 year ago)
You're are good! Thanks for shearing...
Pat Mosh (2 years ago)
I like the dance moves but your terminology is not correct. It is not called a scoop but a hitch and it is not called a shuffle but a mambo step. If you correct your terminology then that would make your videos easier for those of us who get confused when the terminology is not correct.
Luis Wanderlinder (2 years ago)
lthx guys i love u i try this with my girl and she beleve i have year dancing in an academy ur guy are the best
Alejandro Estrada (1 year ago)
El colombiano
Chelle (2 years ago)
Great instructional video! I loved your energy and the fact that you were easy to follow along with.
France Clermont (3 years ago)
You guys are so nice to look at, many thanks for the tips, cant wait to get back on the dance floor, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2reasons (3 years ago)
One break looks like Irish Dancing. What they call the water moccasin or something?
TyrionDies (3 years ago)
you call the shuffle complicated? Try the pentozali lad
NonyaBusiness! (9 months ago)
Listen carefully. He didn't say it was complicated. He said it's a little bit more complicated. As in, compared to what he was showing before, the shuffle is more complicated.
Maria R. (3 years ago)
Those shoes look like they don't fit her. but she's gorgeous!
canadian powerwash (1 year ago)
Maribel Reyes (3 years ago)
I love Bachata I make my own steps with the ones you teach me on your videos Thank you very much I will like to learn new steps . until I write you again.
Maribel Reyes (3 years ago)
I love Bachata I make my own steps with the ones you teach me on your videos Thank you very much I will like to learn new steps . until I write you again.
Jennifer Lopez (3 years ago)
me gusto GRASIAS
Paola Gomez (2 years ago)
Jennifer Lopez d46g63455h
Nicole Anderzon (3 years ago)
very helpful omgggggg-taylor
Aztec989 (3 years ago)
thanks helped me out a lot . wasn't so hard to catch on because it's similar to the cumbia
Terbie36 (4 years ago)
Five, six, say-win, eight :)
boogyman489 (4 years ago)
She looks like Mia khalifa idk if I spelled it right but you should know what I mean.😂😂
Grace Sáenz (3 years ago)
Joseph Kruger (4 years ago)
Na Mia looks better! 😭😂
Kimberly Palacios (4 years ago)
What about the hip?
Adonis Mateo (4 years ago)
These guys must be Dominicans
Angela Santos (4 years ago)
just found your videos tonight and you guys are fantastic!  Looking to advance my bachata and I think I've found the place!
Aaa Mmm (4 years ago)
for a dance instruction video, slim or straight jeans would go a long ways. Remember the whole world is looking at your legs..... #EastCoastProblems....
Learn to dance Bachata.   :D
Alunamai (4 years ago)
I'm a horrible dancer, and this is the only dance I can actually do.
elvismendoza150 (4 years ago)
Never give up ;)
Alunamai (4 years ago)
It is, cause I'd love to be able to do others! I'm just not well coordinated.
elvismendoza150 (4 years ago)
Sad lol
Luz Nino (4 years ago)
I love you guy, you are the best dance instructors ever!!
xomiggy (4 years ago)
Always wanted to learn bachata :D you guys are awesome nd great instructors👍
Cristian Amaya (4 years ago)
sonnislav (4 years ago)
you didn't mention - 'please don't scoop into your partner's groin!'
Jorge Delgado (4 years ago)
Question, would it matter if you switch up the stepping in the same song you're dancing?
Adorejessyx (4 years ago)
Im hispanic and I've never heard the scoop ._.
Effybear (4 years ago)
love it! Good job guys! 
Kristy Padilla (5 years ago)
Papyrus (5 years ago)
I'm 13.. i've been dancing for a few years now, and Bachata is one of my favorites. The "Shuffle" Is the one I've always done.. no training or anything, just.. What we all do around here...
Juvie Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Nice work Thanks for sharing
Ana Men (5 years ago)
I have a silly question but.... Do the breaks have to match (man & woman)?
Ruth DeJesus (5 years ago)
jovanny guzman (5 years ago)
I am Dominican and this is just ridiculous.  there is no feeling no passion, just dam numbers. oh well..... thats going to have to do 
consuelo carrillo (4 years ago)
you should google their names or their lfx dancers channel. they do traditional Dominican bachata. they have a toooon of passion. this video is just for newbies, what's wrong with that?
Artur Grossmann (4 years ago)
the numbers are for staying on beat which is always the most important thing in dance, some people dont need it some people do theres absolutley no problem with that
J Boxer (5 years ago)
I think the passion comes with comfortability, at least for me it did
axelle paris (5 years ago)
gracias por estes videos amigos it really really helps hace mucho tiempo que busco clase asi sus videos son perfectas para aprender bien! you re the best!!!!! sigue asi!
38cinderella (5 years ago)
The camel called and he wants his toe back..
Mo-S 7 (11 months ago)
Well it is in use atm 👌🏼👈🏼
Annette Liu (1 year ago)
Grace Sáenz (3 years ago)
omfg 😂
Sharonda Wright (5 years ago)
The lady has a cammel toe 😂😂😂😂✌
NonyaBusiness! (9 months ago)
You can barely see anything. I went back and looked at it again. Maybe it's a slight amount of camel toe, but it kinda just looks like the seam from the shorts. Not a big deal either way.
Shwetha (5 years ago)
Thank u Thank u Thank u !!!!!! so so easy ! :) :)
hihi182 (5 years ago)
Great video!! So useful !!
godeater98 (5 years ago)
This is the best dancing I ever saw!!!!!
TacoBell Is my name (2 years ago)
And this is not the best spelling I've ever seen
Rosie the Riveter (5 years ago)
You have seen nothing then.
Santana Machette (5 years ago)
LOL!!! Oye Heavy Duty !! hahah
Diana Wójcik (5 years ago)
please, don't put the subtitles exactly where your feet are shown next time :p especially that it's a video specifically about footwork ;]
Grace Sáenz (3 years ago)
@dianananaw Yeah, I get it, I'm sorry. ...It's still one of them though haha :P
dianananaw (3 years ago)
@Grace Sáenz ok, calm down there;p my bad; it was a year ago i don't even remember what happened exactly but i couldn't switch them off for some reason so i thought they put them in the video or sth
Grace Sáenz (3 years ago)
Wow. This has to be one of the dumbest YouTube comments I've ever seen.
LFX Network (5 years ago)
you know the subtitle is an option you can control itclick on the "CC" icon
Krucial Bjj (5 years ago)
Joseph Carvajal (5 years ago)
Great!!!!! it helps me a lot.......thanks guys! :D 
RAZACHATI09 (5 years ago)
i like it
Nicolette Mckenzie (5 years ago)
Nice, I'm gonna try it
javier vanegas (5 years ago)
no entendi lo que dijiste pero los movimientos son comprendibles
Ingrid Gutiérrez (5 years ago)
great i love it, you make it so easy :D thanks a lot!!
tucusito25 (5 years ago)
i love it thanks :)
lucero castro (5 years ago)
Everydayim shuffling !
Wendy G (5 years ago)
Me being bored took me here. Im actually enjoying these vids lol. Such a nice dance :)
Vivian Rodriguez (5 years ago)
I always do the shuffle
Erick Flores (5 years ago)
lala (5 years ago)
Love u guys thank s for putting up videos..
Mark Steven (6 years ago)
jruiz7767 (6 years ago)
Ladies we want your legs closed lol XD
abcdwert (6 years ago)
Hot chic ! Awesome Cameltoe :)

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