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All 9 New Ranked Icons for Season 9!

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Text Comments (507)
league legend (3 hours ago)
Silver and platinum is so look alike
TheArt OfLolicon (5 hours ago)
So what will season 8 master tier players get in the next season?? grand master or master??
Austin A. (1 day ago)
Why can't armor upgrades be based on division instead of amount of games played per split?
AsadTrash (3 days ago)
I think mixing ranked with lore is a mistake. There shouldn't be "themed" helmet. defeats the purpose of being a kind of metal and causes some trouble when it comes to what is the "best" region of runeterra . That's just my opinion tho
Melvin Ulrich (3 days ago)
My ranking list : 1.Grandmaster 2.Challenger 3.Platinum (when symmetrical) 4.Master 5.Gold 6.Diamond 7.Silver 8.Bronze 9.Iron I think that Master just like you said is way too pink and should look more agressive. Diamond is just not that good cause its put way too much in the middle e. g. Platinum is more spread up on the outside; and like you said i dont really see a helmet there too. Platinum really fckes me up (like Master) cause its asymmetrical and i think it shouldn't be like symmentrical,assymetrical and then symmetrical again and just it gets symmetrical when you move up (even silver is symmetrical).
Caesar Incarnate (4 days ago)
The gold is fine
zeke griffin (9 days ago)
The masters one doesn't have much contrast, honestly if there were like a complementary color along with the purples/pinks it would look a lot better.
Primus (10 days ago)
I got masters this season, will i get the purple one?
MikoFinland (13 days ago)
grandmaster, iron???
MikoFinland (13 days ago)
wait is there iron rank wtf
Nick Wu (17 days ago)
i think the old one looks much cooler than these
Umbasa (18 days ago)
3:50 - 4:30 i'd actually report you
Mr Creedie (18 days ago)
Am i the only one who is really disappointed? They could have made them so much better, but nah. Rito, keep the old ones :I
Erothaur (18 days ago)
Obligatory runescape inspired comment about Iron being better than Bronze.
Nuke Em Chef (18 days ago)
Cool vid. The best part is the non caps lock title, lack of arrows and use of words like "INSANE, BROKEN, OP".
Utopia (19 days ago)
new icons are bad I like the s1-s8 icons
Falcon Shield (21 days ago)
Diamond looks freezy xd
Ponelis Gajus (22 days ago)
They all are so whack compared to the current ones XD
TDrewCook (24 days ago)
Reminds me of the prestige emblems from CoD
Adrian Hutt (24 days ago)
just add red instead of green in the gold one!
Adrian Hutt (24 days ago)
i want the void one so badly.. fk.
Cameron McCarle (25 days ago)
How did he stretch a simple picture out to 10 minutes...
imgamingnow? WTF!! (26 days ago)
So riot confirmed Demacia> Noxus?
daniel lee (26 days ago)
Are there gonna be any divisional differences or is it just gonna say 1,2 3, or 4 next to the emblem?
Willi Dirks (26 days ago)
You Look Like my Clone :D
Mauricio Martinez (27 days ago)
they should've used helmet bro for challenger
Leon Graves (27 days ago)
Like for this hot guy
Lyna Tealeaf (27 days ago)
I think my favorite out of all of them is how the master tier icon looks
Gert Oppermann (27 days ago)
This Video did nothing for me than show me the Icons. I would not recommend doing videos that long for something people can just look up within minutes.
WhatsInTheBarrel (28 days ago)
why is iron themed with bilgewater....:(
shaggysci 3 (28 days ago)
All of them look like they are made out of iron accept the challenger one. the need to include more than just one material, maybe adding different materials and making it look unique. All the designs look great but the way they are presented is not as great.
Generic Commenter (30 days ago)
The diamond one (ignoring the colour scheme and the gem) looks more shurima esc to me like it kinda looks like azir so maybe they should make that one gold and then adjust the gold one a bit and make it diamond
kHz Soundstream (30 days ago)
Diamond look like taric 🤣
micah bell (30 days ago)
i think u dont describe why u think they are "bad" good enough.
Scott Azrael (30 days ago)
I agree with most of what you said. I like the challenger one though.
Youssef Abbas (1 month ago)
Here’s what I think, iron bronze silver are good , they are the lowest ranks and still look very good considering what they represent , gold should be darker not so yellow-y and green, more like real gold and a tainted shine on it , platinum is the only one that kept its feel , as soon as you look at it it looks like platinum, maybe tweak it a bit add more shine , but diamond is just very underwhelming it’s a bit too blue, and the thing is I love he colour blue , it just doesn’t look like a said diamond ? It needs more sharp Edges and a crystaly feel, it feels tinier too compared to the other lower ranks which doesn’t make sense to me, masters is by far the worst one imo, completely switched its original look and colours, it looks Rushed and it’s as if they just looked for a different colour than the previous ranks and said okay here’s a colour we haven’t used yet and boom, and for grandmaster I think it doesn’t matter it’s a new rank theme so seeing as they gave a fierce look I have nothing to say for it it looks fine and not underwhelming, challenger is cool it kept its colours , if anything it needs more to it , overall kind of a sloppy job on almost half of them, then again that’s why they asked for feedback and that’s what we’re doing so I hope the tweak it up!
Omar Khan (1 month ago)
What are the name of the lights that are behind him on the wall?
Tiago Abreu (1 month ago)
Honestly ? Right now I dont feel that bad for being gold , but once those Icons comes out , I need to buy a skill capped subscription ..
Justin H. (1 month ago)
Will everyone get unranked again or do you stay at your Elo?
Rage Quake (1 month ago)
I think gold is good but maybe replacing the green with something else. However i think plat needs work i like gold muuuuchhh more than plat. I think plat right now is also super lackluster. I think maybe more shine on the plat one. Master seems odd with pink and i would maybe do some darker purples.
JayHog1992 (1 month ago)
And Bandle is norms because Bandle is all about fun, kindness and being social. Where wars don't happen except out of self defense.
Decoy Master (1 month ago)
so the silver one is like Boglin Slayer helmet , but change me that master tier ,, I M GAY
Boss Meep です (1 month ago)
grandmaster sword looks like Riven's sword
Vasharal Blackbow (1 month ago)
I honestly think they did a great job implementing this idea in the league lore. I wouldn't have thought they would explain it that way and I think they did an excellent job. Would be very curious of the animation of each, if they have any.
Michael Massari (1 month ago)
Elias Rauboti (1 month ago)
Silver=Rengar mask, Diamond=Thresh helmet, Master=Jax helmet, GM=Darius helmet, Challanger=Garen helmet. plat doesnt really look like any helmet i was debating to myself about it looking like maybe a Reksai helmet but idk, bronze, gold and silver who both looks like pantheon helmets blehh.
john smith (1 month ago)
master is definitely wayyy to purple for me and I do agree that the diamond is way to busy. love the challenger design though
ᴛɪɴɪ覚醒 (1 month ago)
Iron - Bilgewater Bronze - Zaun Silver - Piltover Gold - Shurima Platinum - Ionia Diamond - Targon Master - Void Grandmaster - Noxus Challenger - Demacia
Doran’s Shield (1 month ago)
Benny Aderaw (1 month ago)
Gold, Diamond, and Challenger should look really good and worth the effort to get there because I think those are the goals most people set for themselves in ranked. Goal one is get to Gold, goal 2 is get to Diamond, and finally goal Is get to Challenger (good luck with that lol). They need to make those 3 icons special and worth it.
Brambleback (1 month ago)
Can't wait for the bronze players to smurf in Iron
Maelstrum yes (1 month ago)
Added more Ranks for lore purposes I swear we're not making fun of people's ability to play -Riot
Susan Reyes (1 month ago)
What's good here is you don't lose LP
I can tell why they make every single emblem having low contrast since the League client itself is dark themed... But just they just don't look as premium as their corresponding rank. In my opinion, the helmet design of diamond rank should look more "sturdy", solid, or shiny. The design of soft lines is quite flawed. The master rank looks much less premium than diamond. I certainly understand the usage of magenta color in master and red color in grandmaster is for easier distinction that they are both belong to the "master group", but I have no feeling that master is better than diamond by just looking at the emblems. Also, I would recommend that they should add more varieties on the helmet. Even though these horns have minor changes as rank go up, they are still too repetitive. I think the challenger helmet can have a pair of small white wings near the position of where horns are.
when season 9 starts?
Personaly i like Bronze one the best, it looks like an Imperial Knight head from 40k. Love the design...
Nicolaj Pedersen (1 month ago)
Why a ugly ass helmet? Why not make a Shield?
Kermit Sudoku (1 month ago)
Bilgewater is iron ? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE As a professional Top Feeder on GP im offended
kevin calvert (1 month ago)
I honestly think it should go Master Challenger Grandmaster cause grand master is like litterally saying there is noone better and having challenger before them makes more sense cause its like they are challengers to the grand masters but what do i know im just one of the people paying you to make a game i like...
Miss Komi (1 month ago)
The Challenger icon reminds me of the God King skin line, which makes sense considering Challengers are far beyond us mortals.
Rai Zero (1 month ago)
I would rather be a challenger stuck in Grandmaster than in challenger tier cuz the icon IS DOPE
404 not Frost (1 month ago)
i think they could maybe put the Shadow isles theme on GM or Master and the Targon's one on Challenger
Venusstar29 (1 month ago)
The gold should be brighter.... D: ... I worked so hard ffor the current gold just for the color... This new one disappoints me
It's Jolle (1 month ago)
Diamond looks shit
John Gamer (1 month ago)
I like the idea of them putting the zones into the names rather then a champions as it is right now. But why a helmet? I would prefer a skull since everyone are so toxic haha and in challenger level it should be the most green one since people get more and more toxic the higher you climb.
ֆǟʟǟʍ 40 (1 month ago)
its cool and all but gold definetely needs to be more shiney and yellow-ish not so green Bronze also just looks like iron but with rust
Z1VE (1 month ago)
diamond looks so good
LordRydag (1 month ago)
They look tacky and shit, like the non stop ads of crappy mobile games where they fake having good graphics, but it still looks awful. Way to complex, if you didn’t already know you would have no idea which is which from diamond upward. Honestly I think they should completely scrap it and start again.
Kyra Cleary (1 month ago)
4:20 flash..
Qweebo (1 month ago)
I say challenger if it is suppose to be void theme be more void theme cause currently it doesn't. the only 2 that live up to their theme is noxus and demacia. the noxus one though to me needs a bit more work.
3ace9 (1 month ago)
Most people aim for diamond? Ahahahah
Azir (1 month ago)
Not bad but I don't think it's fair to base them off of different themes. A lot of people like to support their favorite champion and where they are from. Feels pretty bad when your favorite character and theme are the fucking mascot for Iron tier... Why not just stick to the namesake? Use the actual minerals for the tier. And for God's sake change Platinums image. That border is so fucking ugly I wouldn't be surprised if people demoted to Gold 1 just because it looks better.
Carbon (1 month ago)
They need to rework the gold badge, Gold and Ruby Red is a way more prestigious combination and I can't see why they would want to remove that sense of achievement, because like you say, that is what all "low elo" players aim for and it's where the victorious and ranked rewards kick in to play... please change gold badge riot!
MasterKrow (1 month ago)
i said it and i will say it again, iron should be lead. Cause them fuckers are heavy
Thomas Mackay (1 month ago)
The red in the gold icon how it is right now is really cool so remove the green and make it red and let the gold look better too.
Lil Kappachino (1 month ago)
These look as if they were designed for a mobile game especially the challenger one, disgusting. I like the old ones over these and I don’t know why they are changing at the first place
Pierre Dann Ampo (1 month ago)
League of Pantheon
Zaya .45 (1 month ago)
Diamond one looks like a birds face. Cant be the only one.
Dreadnought (1 month ago)
Add a little bit of an animations/sparkles/flow (if you know what I mean) on the Diamond+ ranks and *BOOM* you get a decent looking Icons
Julián Díaz (1 month ago)
I don't like them at all. Riot remakes everything just to have something fresh, ultimately… to make more money, we all know that. I think the classic rank's icons are something that defines league, they are distinctive and original, why change them to freakin' helmets? Adding animations to them… cool Adding some details… cool Adding two more ranks… cool, I guess… Changing the whole ranking system and even the logos... I understand that Riot needs to make new content to renew and keep their "consumers" but… I don't like changing the icons... I still like the "medal-like" icons.
OG Frausto (1 month ago)
still waiting for the phy and bellular collab, two most professional content providers in their genre
eaOn (1 month ago)
they need to add one for frjelord
dax connell (1 month ago)
why not make it look like a real helm from medieval times. have like a iron pot helm for low and then gradually up to a full helm with plumes and maybe a crest shield behind it
Johnson Smith (1 month ago)
Iron 4 scrubs
ChromaPhantom (1 month ago)
No matter how hard some people try, they will always be hard stuck
Jacob Dall (1 month ago)
I feel like all of the emblems are cool and all, like the design, would fit league. But they defiantly do not fit the current client that we have, this has made me wonder a lot that maybe they are gonna revisit the client all together, maybe not like a total rework like we got this season but maybe to make it fit more the theme and some of all the issues there is with it.
Virgilyagami (1 month ago)
I agree the gold does need to be brighter, and if they're going with green they should insert Emeralds where the green is at. To be honest since they're using gems they should do the same in most ranks to give it that shine. The "Bling" that gives each ranks even more of it's own signature. Leaving Iron, Bronze, and Silver the same 'basically", but spice up the tiers after. I already described gold, so for Plat I was thinking the mineral called rainbow moonstone and use that as accents like the Diamond concept. Diamond is good but just needs to shine the Diamond inserts in the design to give it more pop. The highlights on the diamond helmet kind of blur the 2 materials together giving it a slight flat look. Where all facets of the helmet are made of the same material. For master I would say some people's eyes cant see the contrast, or where you can/can't see where there is visible space or or overlapping for this I was thinking of adding the gem/mineral Amethyst to give it some Bling. Also they should increase the hilt its looks a little small. Grand Master is fine as well just make the red parts Rubies in my opinion, and Challenger is perfectly fine as well. Thank you for reading my thoughts hope I didn't bore you and good day.
E.P. Manne (1 month ago)
Gold needs to be more yellow and the eye-hole angle needs to be more horizontal like a spartan helm. Diamond needs less curves and more of a diamond-like structure (read: hard angles). Master can have the pink but needs to temper it with a silver/metallic blend and only use pink to highlight points, like the Grandmaster and Challenger do.
Stefan (1 month ago)
They all look like shit and the people that worked on this should be ashamed.
Quinnivia (1 month ago)
Master icon looks like a Tauren stole a chunk of crystal from the Exodar and made a helmet from it...
PhantomGrey (1 month ago)
It'd be cool if as you rank up, you can change the emblem but the color scheme is the same. Like let's say you're challnger but like the masters emblem better so it'd be a red/dark masters emblem
Clop Per (1 month ago)
2:08 "Being a bronze is not the worst thing anymore", giggles when saying it.
Noel Helsing Gonzalez (1 month ago)
yea why the fk would they use void? That's not even a country? Gold needs to have red instead of green, like it does right now
GlowingIcefire (1 month ago)
6:38 that perfect timing of sej passive
Ember Smoke (1 month ago)
I totally love the idea of adding the different parts of runeterra into the emblems <3 I also think that the gold one could maybe look a little more "shiney/ goldy" however you wanna discribe it :P But I love all the other emblems as they are. My favorite is actually the challenger emblem as it is so far.
Resurrect (1 month ago)
Bronze looks like Urgot's knee
jordi de waard (1 month ago)
Change gold emblem from gold green to gold red or gold blue
triplea657aaa (1 month ago)
I think maybe add some space where the eyes are for diamond. Liking where things are going though.
Key Ruin (1 month ago)
Cooler and bigger borders, theres so much space not used in the loading screen. Diamond has the most beautiful border in my opinion, the yellow on challenger is just a little ugly.
TheRagingOgre (1 month ago)
You're overthinking this. Nice clickbait.

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