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LEARN FROM THE BEST. BE THE BEST. ► https://morelegends.com/en?utm_source=ytb&utm_medium=en&utm_content=gen2&utm_campaign=lolslowmo&utm_term=170619 Chogath has an incredible health pool and a strong ultimate to kill squishy targets but is it really enough to fight a tank-killer Vayne? Leave a like if you enjoyed! Musics here; ÉWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire [NCS Release] Mitte - Via Lactea VIP LoL Slow Motions). Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/gammastarlol/
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LoL Slow Motions (1 month ago)
LEARN FROM THE BEST. BE THE BEST. ► https://bit.ly/2WOJzNs
Moras Zxbill9007 (23 days ago)
Hocturne vs Yasuo
AxewTV (29 days ago)
-Spirit- -Visage- -> Warmog's
Bill Hiến (1 month ago)
How about Titanic Hydra for Cho instead of MR item for him when vs Vayne.
Mr Luffy 4K (2 days ago)
vayne vs kayle
Spiral Felix59 (6 days ago)
-CHO'GATH vs VAYNE FULL BUILD FIGHTS & Best Moments!- Gosu vs Iron Cho'gath
Todo en desventaja para cho gath
Hunter XXL (9 days ago)
that cho build tho bitchh plz stop puting on builds like this instead of building magic rezist vs vayne lol take a titanic hydra idc how unskiled is ur cho that wouldv change the winer i mean cho would win
Hunter XXL (9 days ago)
i would chose a full 5 warmogs then a i dont remember the name ;) item that dobles that and then just r vayne :P
Th3jkb Legend (14 days ago)
Las vaynes que me tocan en ranked se quedan quietas lpm :v
BOMD-Mustafa Yılmaz (14 days ago)
Boz ayı.ddd
G T (18 days ago)
Spirit visage and stoneplate instead of frozeh heart and randuin xddd damn, i like this game. Putting some ap rises the chances of the dino so many times... But yes, vayne is better as range is a big thing in this game.
shin_ gamer1231 (18 days ago)
Pls stop cho'gath abuse
BabylonDkHa (19 days ago)
What i see here is: How much we need oracles back to SR, specially for late game when you lack of space in your inventory
FLuffyxKittyCat (22 days ago)
why the fuck are there fiora highlights?
FLuffyxKittyCat (22 days ago)
not even close but for real cho gath is getting OP when he gets that execute marker on his ult
Zahăr (22 days ago)
Why am i watching silvers 1v1
Hyeonsik Li (23 days ago)
What does cho need spirit visage for when 1v1ing vayne?
Christian Bolea (23 days ago)
Fuck this cho goth come on man you're better than that
Rafael Andone (23 days ago)
Fizz vs Yasou
Anıl Boşnak (24 days ago)
Cho 5000 healt? And no flash ? Ap cho can win
Game SAH S86V (19 days ago)
If you cant close vay, you lose, even flash, real fight can you know how vayne is? Chogath ap lose q e = lose
Farox (24 days ago)
My Cho'gath M7 does not approve this
NB/ Top 10 (24 days ago)
I support vayne in this match but cho gath have no any ap dmg !!!!!
ProjectAlpha (25 days ago)
Pls do a kled full dmg fast combo with a crit lethality build
cho building magic resistente
Bolha De Rivotril (25 days ago)
Janna X Soraka or Janna x Sona or Soraka x Sona
enes kızılkaya (25 days ago)
lol slow motians türksen kalp at diğer türklerde 1 like atar bence dime
Eren erdoğan (25 days ago)
boz ayı extreme ne aq
nicnetnoc replays (25 days ago)
ad illaoi vs ap illaoi
Qwirty Zxc (25 days ago)
Lol you're kiting idiot.
The OlympicGD (25 days ago)
Vayne Q with R = Gay af ability
GunnersGuns (26 days ago)
nasus vs vayne xD
Ansatsu (26 days ago)
intro music please?
Maycon Evander (26 days ago)
I love this Channel
Song Bùi (26 days ago)
Cho'gath ap could win
John Salvacion (26 days ago)
Warwick vs olaf lifesteel match
Oppai God (26 days ago)
Silence vayne q and r ez
thuan ngo (26 days ago)
i need music 0:30 --> 3:00
Mehdi Ziazi (26 days ago)
why do you give cho an ignite where's the flash?
DDEEZZ DDOOGG (26 days ago)
Me:Press W and 2 and Q and R and then win 👍 Cho:💩💩
Bruno Henrique (26 days ago)
Faltoum coração congelado no lugar dessa gargola do cho
Facundo Molina (26 days ago)
Pongan un chogat con manos y gg vayne.
Elī Chān (26 days ago)
Vayne is fucking cancerous.
Chris Iori (27 days ago)
Are you retards? Nobody like Vayne
Guxtavo C (27 days ago)
Why building tank against a true dmg champ. If cho was full AP, he would kill vayne just by pressing R.
Union Sovietica (26 days ago)
Guxtavo C actually deal more damage with r building health
Fang (27 days ago)
Cade o chogath ap
Fatih AVCI (27 days ago)
Yorick vs yasuo
Real Bats (27 days ago)
No way with that build. With some ap it's possible/protobelt fast combo for example.
Mohammed Mersi (27 days ago)
Ban Vayn or be that Vayn
Chloe Lysithea (27 days ago)
why he dodges chogath skills ?
DrMr Yasuo (27 days ago)
Make rammus vs vayne video, rammus mby has some chances😊
Halil Mert (25 days ago)
Jokes aside rammus has no chance hes a armor champion, vayne deals True damage
Halil Mert (25 days ago)
Lmao 6 thormails and vayne kills herself xd
The Scarecrow (27 days ago)
maybe riot will understand why that passive is ridiculous now?
mqnu darius (27 days ago)
full build gamma star vs boyz an extreme if u agree like
Gustavo Avendaño (27 days ago)
Why Fiora? And Cho?
ButterBot C-137 (27 days ago)
Türksun glb
Duy Nhất Trần (27 days ago)
Nautilus full AP vs Nautilus full critical . Who win ?
purpleMurasaki (27 days ago)
Phantom dancer op
Lali Chanqseliani (27 days ago)
Kayn The Shadow Reaper (28 days ago)
vayne is fucking op
Rampiz SFM (28 days ago)
Cho had 10 stacks
Abyss Gaming (28 days ago)
Vayne with no armor penetration how smart
Ahmed Faraz (28 days ago)
So does true damage penetrate shields or not??
Super Andrew (25 days ago)
No, true damage just ignores armor, shields count as an additional hp
Kasai Shin (28 days ago)
cho'gath build noob
Satou :D (28 days ago)
Max percent hp true dmg LOL
Little Tiny (28 days ago)
The most retard champion disguissed as an skilled champ in league is not yasuo ladys and gentlemen, is vayne
De ezreal tb
Hüsnü Çoban 155 (28 days ago)
boz ayı wtf DDd:D
Hidra Gaming (28 days ago)
Aq salagi ulti atamassa nasil almasini bekliyosun ya senin aklini sikeyim mal orospu cocugu
XioX Pro (28 days ago)
If Cho had a titanic Hydra...
ShinyDuck (28 days ago)
How to beat vayne 1.) Somehow end the game before 20 minutes 2.) Hope that the vayne is braindamaged and that she goes in jungle alone 1v5 Well that's about it.
Piotr Jabłoński (24 days ago)
I had vayne in enemy team that was braindead and my support taric killed her solo..lol
Mr Schmidt (28 days ago)
Wow why no ap cho
Melee Vayne xd
Anh Tuan Le (28 days ago)
music for 1vs1 please
Simon Vidmar (28 days ago)
What is this music called?
Kadir GÜLERYÜZ (28 days ago)
Mordekaiser vs Trundle
Carl Casey Vicencio (28 days ago)
Target Dummy: I'm the best dummy in LoL Cho gath: hold my stacks
Matik (28 days ago)
This wouldve been way more onesided if vayne didnt Q into melee range each time
HALFBL00D (28 days ago)
if cho stacked hp items and just flahed garg ult he could win
Timur Kılıc (27 days ago)
Actually, if cho stacked AP burst items, it was easy win. W, Q, a few Es, R at %50 ish
Fatih AVCI (28 days ago)
Pantheon vs jax please try it
蒼白闇影 (28 days ago)
ap on hit Nautilus vs tank Nautilus
rematch ap chou gat
Hanna Popovich (29 days ago)
Riot please look at this. Nerf vayne! this is not ok for the love of God
Xhycte (29 days ago)
*Jax be like:That e and r is the only thing that can save you from my e*
69 Kk (29 days ago)
Sắp xếp kèo ngu học vl Đứa tàng hình, đứa ko tàng hình
David Gallego (29 days ago)
No frozen heart, no randuim, no hydra, even sterakk would be a good option on cho...something is odd in this clip :$
abdussamed turabi (29 days ago)
Sen türksün niye ingilizce yazıyon beynim yanıyor
Kacper Konopka (29 days ago)
Good caiting vayne
The anh Le (29 days ago)
Kèo đấu vô lý
D Ball (29 days ago)
Yikes, only vayne won because that cho'gath wasnt good at all
Lapis Lapis (29 days ago)
What? But Cho'gaths Ult is true damage and get go through Barrier. Im confusion!
anh quan dao tran (27 days ago)
Through amor, my friend :))))
Manuel Betancurt (29 days ago)
why buy magic resist?xD
Pablo Sánchez (29 days ago)
Rework visual chogath pls
Emil Madsen (29 days ago)
I donr need to watch. rest in peperonies chogath 😭
Fule Kips (29 days ago)
que vídeo más educativo 11/10
Nihat Nihat (29 days ago)
bi lux çek be reis
matheus matheuscraa (29 days ago)
Vayne versus mordekaiser
Abdullah Qadeer (29 days ago)
Is this a bug? How can phandom dancer block true damage cho'gath ult?
alpha (29 days ago)
Full build ekko vs full build morde
Halil Bozkurt (29 days ago)
Ap chogat will win against vayne
ByK3entro (29 days ago)
Hitler Stalin (29 days ago)
BozAyı ne aq
Majkus (29 days ago)
Full ap cho can

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