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How to Do Tanto Tori | Aikido Lessons

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foxesruler (1 month ago)
You started the statement correctly: to take a knife away from your partner. But: nobody in the world attacks like that with a knife in the street (except for a partner in the dojo). Why would anyone teach or try to learn this?
Nicksolojdba4 (8 months ago)
I like aikido, it’s some martial art that u add pressure to joints to stop an attacker like he goes down during wrist locks or he just flips out of control 👍🏻👍🏻
Gunny Akdo (9 months ago)
how to defend against slasher (diagonal) attacks?
General Mace Windu (9 months ago)
This don't going to work in some cases since you risk your back to the knife
Michael Sotomayor (11 months ago)
any revered online tutoring for aikido? I live in an area where they just don't teach improved aikido.
Midas Seinfeld (8 months ago)
I'm sorry, but there's really no substitute for actual training at the dojo... I could recommend reading Morihiro Saito's books, I do that, but it's only supplemental. At least try going to a seminar. Learn steps and turns before going, tho.
Paul Owens (1 year ago)
hello my name is Paul Owens I do self defense class that's in the Flint Burton area in Michigan here is a video of some of our techniques hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGDBJlhCrzM&t=4s
북호재 (1 year ago)
좋아요 굿굿
dino velvet (1 year ago)
merci il est doué
Johnson Freetac (1 year ago)
Where was the head of that guy from 2:28 until 2:42😂
GerikDT (1 year ago)
Man, if only we lived in a world where the attacker only used a single arm and always kept his feet planted in one spot.
James Carr (6 months ago)
Don't be that guy... Expand your mind
Vast Vision (1 year ago)
In real life the aggressor with the knife will slaughter you. The moment you block his attack (if you are able to at all), he will pull his arm back and stab you again. While there is no defense to guarantee a 100% success against the knife user, there are sure better ways to defend yourself.
Some Guy (8 months ago)
I used to train with Takeguchi Sensei at the Capital Aikikai, and one time when we were working on Tanto dori, I tried doing exactly that. The difference was that I ended up on my back with Sensei holding the tanto so quickly that I can't even recall how he did it.
Steve Juszczak (1 year ago)
carl reynolds (2 years ago)
which brand of aikido is that ??? it looks very good.
Rohan Davey (1 year ago)
carl reynolds Aikikai
Starlight Engram (2 years ago)
Is there a blend of shihonage to tanto tori?
Skip Mendler (2 years ago)
NY Aikikai, yes?
Emil (2 years ago)
Berke Huizenga (2 years ago)
Nice movie I think. However you can make it yourself. Just google 'woodprix' and learn how to do it very easy.
Starlight Engram (2 years ago)
I'm getting a dubbed in voice and flash images interrupting the view.
quite storm (2 years ago)
thank you for this great video👍
Seb 10 (2 years ago)
Awais Ahmed (2 years ago)
I have a question please will you help me . Before 2 week by mistake i kicked higher then my stretch so got pain in my leg when ever i start stretching it start paining
1220sz (2 years ago)
Aikido Journal had an interesting video on the limitation of kotegaeshi with a highly skilled knife attacker: http://aikidojournal.com/2016/09/06/knife-defenses-death-by-disarm/ Hypothetically, in the historical context of Daito-ryu/battle field scenarios, are these the kind of attacks that would pierce body armor? The above ukemi appears to be’ yes’ and are perhaps the roots of technique. However in a modern scenario, would ukemi need to extend so much ki in their attack when the benefits of a tanto are lethal speed? I’m guessing the Fililpino attacks in the link would be limited by Japanese armour if applied . I’m not a martial artist but simply an observer.
Citizen #839X (2 years ago)
It's fine but many people forgot that they must practice in a dojo. It's interesting to see how this training is all focused on disarming, in relation to the defensive rules and code of Aikido Iwama Ryu. To all the beginners: please, read "the heart of Aikido" by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, then shape the purposes through Shintoism which is the only way to defeat the skeptical demons of the western side ;)
Jerome Esplana (3 years ago)
at last .. a good teacher to watch . straight to the point, smooth and really easy to catch up
Not quite....there is an entire school of Aikido that studies defence against a knife. Lookup Kenji Tomiki, Aikido's first 8th dan.
Juan Aguilar (1 year ago)
Central London Shodokan Aikido
hello (3 years ago)
I really love your videos. I hope to see more weapon video like the basic steps for weapon.
Joos Wulfe (4 years ago)
@armin dino suljic   yes it does and the fact that the uke flips over is due to the fact he falls down in order not to break his wrist , that kind of fall is called '' ukemi'' and the ''uke'' ( the one who recieves the technique) has to perform ukemi  so that he doesn't break his limbs that's why the guy in the video falls like that , on someone who doesn't know how to do ukemi that technique will just break the wrist of the opponent.
padm3lotus (4 years ago)
Are you serious, Dojomania? You post a video for the public, but no one has the right to criticise it, or suggest a better way of doing things? If your techniques work, and if you really want to help people to protect themselves, then why would criticism bother you?
dojomania (4 years ago)
would also like to say that this is not an instructional video...ya can't watch this and all of a sudden neutralize a knife attack with kotegaeshi.There are so many myriad essential points to learn and put into practice in moving your body, knowing which muscles/joints to lock on Uke, how to tell uke's momentum, tension in the body, timing,feeling the flow of Ki, here nage has accomplished success by years of practice. Aikido is beautiful, seriously effective, and also requires a LOT more practice than most other martial arts. Go practice with NY Aikikai!
dojomania (4 years ago)
Beautifully executed, well filmed, right to the point, using traditional Japanese methods ...aikido and jujutsu used an excellent knowledge of human anatomy for their techniques. Well done, guys.
claudio santos (1 year ago)
very good..!!!
Dexter Paira (4 years ago)
For a realistic , more practical , and non exhibition centered art . search Kali or any Filipino techniques of knife defense
Chaos Omega (3 years ago)
Actually, he does have the right. It's called freedom of speech/expression.
dojomania (4 years ago)
@Dexter Paira Stop advertising your dojo. I don't want to get into the old "my martial art is better than yours" argument, but you have NO RIGHT to come here and criticize, and to suggest another martial art. These guys are good, Aikido is beautiful AND effective, this is real stuff. See how nage exerts the right amount of momentum at the right instant nage seems to be coming down on him. He also explains things like my 80 year old Japanese sensei.
IrNanda Adiva Idham (4 years ago)
tsuki kotegaishi? :o
Aikido Fujisan (4 years ago)
Good video!
Kevin Burgess (4 years ago)
Great aikido I wonder if Morihei Ueshiba had to practice it in reation
kruk135 (4 years ago)
Lego ciut
Armin Dino Suljic (4 years ago)
Do the first technique work against a heavyer,stronger and bigger enemy ? When i want to throw him down and run away then !
Sa'Kage (4 years ago)
I always wanted to know how to disarm a knife. I wonder how this would work against a "prison rush" method :/
Citizen #839X (2 years ago)
Well said! Skeptic questions comes from people that firstly don't practice then eventually thinks of Aikido like the ultimate martial art (that, in my opinion, doesn't exist at all, even combined with others) that must be demolished from something better or just don't (or won't) understand the religious roots where all was inspired from. We have just a total defensive code so, logically, who attacks always put him/herself in the worst position. Our mistakes comes when we provoke a fight (which is the end of our own sense). I'm even physically, not genetically designed to be like "the Hulk" so what we do in this case? Using the energy itself of who we are facing, deflecting the strength not clashing against. We can broke our wrists even if we try to block a punch so, against a knife is logically impossible to block (well, Iron Man suits not still available, though lol). The Ueshiba's philosophy says: being strong like a diamond (as endurance, stamina that comes from a good budo training); flexible like the willow (open minded and never negative shaped, adaptive as receiving hits); fluid like the water (it seems that all the Bruce Lee fans love that but it comes before him and everyone of us needs almost an entire life to understand this concept) and empty like the space (this aspect, again, needs time and is all about the technique, the footwork and overall experiences that doesn't end with a black belt anyway). Regards.
Shogun (4 years ago)
never heard of it. on today's streets it's just a knife attack. coming from various angles. but this sa'kage here wants to know about prison rush  attacks  . which you will only see in prison and hear of in there you don't hear of it anywhere else    this video doesn't say HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST A PRISON ATTACK DOES IT NO ? stop watching reruns of prison drama OZ to shaw shank redemption ( kids) and wake up if you  want to know what prison knife attacks would look like then get yourselves locked up this is called HOW TO DO TANTO DORI it's got nothing to do with prison attacks     ?
nobeltnium (4 years ago)
@Shogun prison rush is an attack method,not use only in prison but also out the street,you are mistaking
Shogun (4 years ago)
@Sa'Kage why would you want to know about prison shanking attacks for you aren't in prison stupid question ?
Punchline (5 years ago)
knife disarms are tough
dewi def (5 years ago)
Sempurna tekniknya
dewi def (5 years ago)
Sempurna tekniknya
philip maynard (5 years ago)
true batman
acanuck4life (5 years ago)
How the fuck did I get here...?
Der Bär (2 years ago)
acanuck4life Luck?
sean sullivan (5 years ago)
amazing stuff
Leo Rahme (5 years ago)
Hami Chahal (4 years ago)
@Leo Rahme Panties
Praveen Kumar Stanlee (5 years ago)
Simple yet very effective moves
Jay Kapoor (5 years ago)
These are only inspirational videos, and are not a substitute for actual training.
TEIXEIRANKB (5 years ago)
No meio urbano, vc não estará treinando em um Dojo. Sei de fatos, sobre pessoas com conhecimento do assunto, que foram cortadas quando por ocasião de um assalto. mesmo que vc seja um expert, poderá sair machucado em um situação real.
Jaka Bornik (5 years ago)
"To the point where your partner needs to drop the weapon *He drops the tanto*Then you can get rid of your partner throws him on the ground.
Mike Dolan Fliss (5 years ago)
Hey, it's Mike Jones! Fun to see all these NYA friends online. -Mike from NC
Shane W. (5 years ago)
I know you were just showing us these techniques but I think You hurt your partner in this 1.
Joska Persoon (5 years ago)
this. is. awesome! I want to do that in my aikido lessons 0_0
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
Yawn... do you live at your keyboard? Once again: Go back to your white belt class and enjoy it, but please spare us the nonsense you are posting. Anyway, I wont waste more time on this
lef ofbadanboojy (7 months ago)
@Steve Juszczak are u an aikidotard ?
Steve Juszczak (1 year ago)
are you an MMA FAN GIRL
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
Dude, how would you feel if you injured or killed your sensei in class? Of course you´d never do that. Now have your sense give a sword to a real and aggressive stranger and see how that works It is stupid show-off stuff like your sensei does that gives Aikido a bad name.
abdolwahed (6 years ago)
Dude , our sensei trains us in ways that we improve our Reflexes and he even sometimes gives us a real tanto or a sword to attack him with it , we end up on the ground every time .
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
Please stop embarrassing yourself and posting ridiculous comments about Aikido. Enjoy your white-belt class and spare us this nonsense. And again: Please read before commenting.
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
I am not trashing Aikido. I love it for what it is. It is people posting exaggerated hype who are trashing Aikido. And that you are a beginner does not exactly help. Again: Enjoy your white belt class, and spare us the hype. And read messages before attacking other posters. Thank you.
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
You should read messages before replying to them. I do not "hate" Aikido. As I said before, I like it. I just don´t like the hyped-up false claims made about it, like the one posted by you. Again: Why don´t you just enjoy your white-belt class, and spare us the hype? And read messages before replying to them. Thank you.
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
I know about Jo. But practising Kumi-jo, Jo-kata, and Jo-tori in an Aikido class (which I enjoy too) is a world away from "fighting knifes, sticks, bats and pool cues" in real life, as you claimed you do on a regular basis. Why don´t you just enjoy your Aikido white belt class and spare us the hype? Thank you.
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
I agree. But still, why no train this? It is good exercise, and good for body control. In real life of course, grabbing a chair if possible or running is a much better option than trying to play Aikido hero.
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
...and you are fighting knifes, sticks, bats and pool cues for real on a regular basis?? ........get real.
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
You don´t know what he can or can not, because for obvious reasons no-one can attack for real in a training situation. Please don´t make baseless claims.
abdolwahed (6 years ago)
He's just not applying the techniques at his fullest speed and power , I've seen an Aikido master in real life and they can do very well against white weapons(knifes , machetes and swords) and he can break the attackers arms in the process .
Gustavo Do Vabo (6 years ago)
Yuuta Fujimoto (6 years ago)
First thing taught on every martial art designed for self-defence, like Aikido, is to run if an enemy has a weapon. If you can't run, or you're protecting other people, then you use one of the learned techniques appropriate to the situation.
Wilhelm (6 years ago)
JEN x TAN煎蛋 (6 years ago)
sensei no let water down 1... scary
murad yusifov (6 years ago)
aikido full
Marcela Saravy (6 years ago)
ElSiNodaL (6 years ago)
What is the name of the second technique? ¿Cual es el nombre de la segunda técnica? Hiyikime?
Markus Schmidl (6 years ago)
i would say if somebody attacks you with a knife like this uke did (1 stab, middle speed) these techniques might work. if somebody attacks you with multiple stabs, cutting, flailing and with wild movements there is not much you can do. in either case i would rather run, because against a knife "might work" is not good enouth.
Nathan Stillings (6 years ago)
Modern usages of Martial Arts (exceptions being Krav Maga or similar military arts) are generally not for self-defense. They are trained for discipline, competition, or fitness. The fact that they are still Martial Arts (war arts) simply means that the techniques can be applied to self defense.
StarcraftOakley (6 years ago)
If you're looking for how to win fights realistically I can teach you how in just this message: 1. get a gun or some other concealed weapon, and use it. If it didn't work, move on to one of the next steps. 2. kick the opponent in the balls 3. stick your fingers in his eyes 4. throw sand, dirt or gravel at his face. 5. leg it (works 9 out of 10 times) You don't need martial arts for personal protection, seriously.
Matheus Silva (6 years ago)
666 views in this video n_n
SirSleezy (7 years ago)
I think this guy is the real deal
Dtrollmancan (7 years ago)
now this are fun not really realistic but you can make them work thanks
blademaster2040 (7 years ago)
he wasnt just BS'ing when he said that they were aggressive
Brad (7 years ago)

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