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The best Ad/Ap runes -League of Legends

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Link to my runes: http://microify.com/EOt Beter version: http://vializer.com/Bten CHECK MY NEW VIDEO ABOUT RUNES !! Which ad/ap runes should I chooses ? Watch this video and you now. Ad: Mark- 9x (0,95 ad) Seal- 3x (1 armor) and 6x (0,43 ad) Glyphs- 1x (0,28 ad) and 8x (1,34 Magic Resist) Quintessence- 3x (2,25 ad) Ap: Mark- 9x ( 0,59 ap) Seal- 9x (1 armor) Glyphs- 3x (1,34 Magic Resist) and 6x (1,19 ap) Quintessence- 3x (4,95 ap)
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Text Comments (16)
Drawon (1 year ago)
ty x)
Vulisha (1 year ago)
ty :D
Simon (1 year ago)
Price for all runes?
Marvonius (1 year ago)
Theres a new video about that in make, so tomorrow its public
Plz bro It is better : Darius or ziggs 😢
Ah OK bro and ty for information
Marvonius (1 year ago)
I use It for top and Mid and Jungle. And I tried it on Darius, and It worked great. And Ziggs I didnt tried.
Marvonius for top or mid
Marvonius (1 year ago)
Which lane ?
SkriWall (2 years ago)
I got 2 page runes how i can get more plz help
Fabian (1 year ago)
To bought it in the shop
Marvonius (2 years ago)
Go to store->Gameplay-> and then buy a Additional Rune Page for 590RP or 6300Ip
keksic (2 years ago)
How you get yellow and blue runes for attack damage wtf
Marvonius (2 years ago)
Twister Search It by Runes. Its there somewhere
MysteryFade (2 years ago)
Awesome vid
MysteryFade (2 years ago)
Thanks for helping me

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