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What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest - Men's Style Tips

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Men, if you're attending a wedding, you want to do so in style. In this episode of Style Tips for the Everyday Guy by Cladwell.com, we tell you what to wear to a wedding to look great as a wedding guest. Whether it's a fall, winter, spring or summer wedding, we've got you covered. We even tell you what's best for a day vs. a night wedding and how to coordinate with your +1 and not clash with the wedding party. What to wear to a wedding for men? It's better to be overdressed than underdressed. You can always scale back. Go for a suit and then be sure to match the color and fabric to the season and time of day for the wedding. And the most important thing to put on for a wedding? The right attitude. One of honor, respect, celebration and servanthood. GET YOUR CUSTOM WARDROBE. UPDATE: As of December 8th 2015, Cladwell is now a paid subscription service. http://bit.ly/cladwell_wedding READ MORE https://blog.cladwell.com/what-to-wear-to-a-wedding-for-men/ SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Cladwell LET'S BE FRIENDS! https://plus.google.com/+Cladwell/ https://www.facebook.com/Cladwellapp https://twitter.com/Cladwellapp http://instagram.com/cladwellapp
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Text Comments (23)
Cole Nolan (8 months ago)
Don’t talk to me about a well fitting suit with that big ass jacket on 😂😂😂
Matthew Overbay (11 months ago)
Where can I find the blue shirt Eric is wearing? That is a perfect pattern!
Adeyemi Adebisi (1 year ago)
Please is light grey suit ,white shirt and wine colour tie and brown suede shoe good for wedding outing in the evening during spring summer time thanks
Nitish kumar (2 years ago)
You guys yourself wearing +size 😰
Dexter C (2 years ago)
The video was quite superficial, I didn't find there was enough detail unfortunately, a bit more waffle than useful advice :/ Sorry
oakstwentyfive (4 years ago)
hmmm..a summer wedding in July - any chance you guys would say a matching vest-trouser combo in place of a full suit/blazer?  ..would you EVER recommend a vest without a suit/blazer? thanks.
KamoGaming (4 years ago)
Got to go to a wedding in a few days these tips will certainly help me to dress better than what i would have initially 
Cladwell (4 years ago)
@Kamo7293Gaming Sweet!
Zhe Wei Khor (4 years ago)
Hello, please make a video on how to dress accordingly to your plus one as a guy please! like for different occasions, formality, colour, everything :p great vid as always, keep it up!
Cladwell (4 years ago)
@Zhe wei khor Great idea! Will add it to our list.
Bryant da Silva (4 years ago)
Awesome stuff!
Cladwell (4 years ago)
@SilvaForest Music Thank you!
Lemon Dope (4 years ago)
Eric, that blazer is far too big for you. Was that intentional? I cannot believe nobody pointed that out.
Tyler Davis (2 months ago)
First thing I thought. That jacket looks horrible.
Wilfredo Chavarria (4 years ago)
Sorin markov mtg
Roël Konings (4 years ago)
Thank you guys for given me some really cool tips! I am a 21 year old student and I need to dress more classy a lot of times, finally I have a clue now on how I need to do that! :)
Jacek Neumann (4 years ago)
How about a vest under the blazer? Are they still trendy?
Cladwell (4 years ago)
@Jacek Neumann A matching vest under a blazer looks great - and is definitely a more modern look.
Smerf94PL (4 years ago)
What color suits you propose for the wedding which begins on the day and ends late at night?
Cladwell (4 years ago)
@Smerf94PL Go by season at that point. So,lighter grey, tan, or blue for warmer weather / dark grey or dark navy for fall/winter.
avis koomz (4 years ago)
@avis koomz if ur outdoors and its day ditch the jacket wear a waistcoat
avis koomz (4 years ago)
a navy or midgrey suit 
Cladwell (4 years ago)
Men, check out how to look great and be great when attending a wedding. 

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