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Dominique Swain - compilation of cute & hot scenes in 'Lolita'

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Lolita (1997)
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Angel Maria (5 days ago)
jonny jonjon (10 days ago)
Blow my load everytime I think of her feet
jean bosco (16 days ago)
it non good
//Les Realist\\ (18 days ago)
Low-key she kinda looks like Milly Bobby Brown
MuloSings (18 days ago)
What demeans one doesnt another. I dont tell a porn star that what they do is wrong simply because i would personally feel demeaned in that position (which i wouldnt). Its not sexist, but offends that person alone, jf they decide it does. Age gaps arent morally wrong, the only consequence is the ridicule and regret brought on by societies rules. Incest isnt morally wrong, maybe gross to most people ever since we found out about birth defects, but without a victim. With no consequence, theres no victim, but society victimises and slut shames people l, just like they do for homo/bisexual people (me)
cool talk (1 month ago)
This was filmed mid 90s and she was 14 or 15. She confirms this but I always thought there were legal issues to be considered. Now in late 70s Brooke shields appeared nude at 12 and kissed a man in Pretty Baby. Disgusting. She later had a double in Endless Love and Blue Lagoon. When Pretty Baby, the discussion was that many young girls did it, that mom was on the set, etc but no matter. I think film makers should have a level of responsibility. Lolita could have remained a disturbing book and not been filmed
flowers in my hair (1 month ago)
i felt so wrong watching this wtf
Kate Michelle (2 months ago)
i just cant help but find these “cute hot” scenes ABUSIVE and plain pedophilia like i cant look at this and think its right
Fadil Palimbu (2 months ago)
Yg sama sama telanjang biulatseksualnya sampai puasp
StrawberryNinja Nibbles (2 months ago)
Was the actress supposed to be a horrible kisser?
RottenDoctorGonzo (2 months ago)
If you ask me, Linda Blair's role was far worse. That involved Jesus.
Flora Cipullo (2 months ago)
Sinceramente questo film mi mette ansia
Gatuno (2 months ago)
Essa atriz e uma delicia pqp
Alan Dawkins (2 months ago)
I'm turned on in 10s.
Ranoos A magic ! (2 months ago)
She just wanted old man to rape her daily iron is cold
Monkumar Doley (3 months ago)
Beautyfull cute girl sex videos
Monkumar Doley (3 months ago)
Nice sex
TheBleacher (3 months ago)
So she is a 14 year old who likes to fuck older men, like she didn't only sleep with Hambret, she slept with Claire and ran away with him as well, she even said "That's the only man she was crazy about." Soooo, instead of blaming Hambret, we need to blame Charlotte because she failed to raise this disgrace.
Nugget (3 months ago)
She looks like Millie Bobby Brown
Josh Nickel (3 months ago)
Does she have any movies she is naked in
ADRIAN Arencibia (3 months ago)
Can anybody tell me please?
ADRIAN Arencibia (3 months ago)
What Kind of bed is that?
the muscle Santos (3 months ago)
Is very bad scene
ana (3 months ago)
This is disgusting bleh
Zaga (3 months ago)
Didn't know Alfred was a pedophile before he met Bruce Wayne
Samara Santos (3 months ago)
I love this movie
Nazmus Aqeeb (3 months ago)
Nazmus Aqeeb (3 months ago)
Kelly peep lazer wolf (4 months ago)
1year priosin 😂
Buitifuel direction and dop
Taz smart (4 months ago)
Nice video
Abby B (5 months ago)
There's nothing "hot" about this story. It's about a pedophile who grooms and rapes a 14 year old girl. However, it is an excellent portrayal of the novel.
Lily De La Rosa (5 months ago)
wow pedophiles gather round
Rishav Kundu (5 months ago)
Hasibur Tech (5 months ago)
Oh my god 👌👌👄👄💋
Lauren (5 months ago)
Shadrack Bulambo (5 months ago)
A dad that has sex with his daughter that's messed up shit
Mohammad Sufiyan (5 months ago)
You are beautiful
صلاح الشريف (5 months ago)
عندي زب حديد حطي اعجاب اعطيكي الرقم
Aericcriss Lee Abison (5 months ago)
Lol, Scar and Nala in real life.
Eve Melisa (5 months ago)
4:33 😂😂😂
Eve Melisa (5 months ago)
todo un daddy 7w7 ahre
Amit Sharma (5 months ago)
i never understand this movi because i see this movi in mute
fidan089 Hfidan89 (6 months ago)
Cavana geden yumruq Qocaya geden quyruq meselesi.Lolita menim idealim.
X barchieandjeronica X (6 months ago)
Dominique is so beautiful
Israel Mokusei (6 months ago)
The best 7:00
muhammad ali Khan (6 months ago)
Movie name?
moon star (5 months ago)
Kale Webb (6 months ago)
I wish I was the boy who fucked her
Dev Dev Dev Dev (6 months ago)
Lily Hersch (6 months ago)
Okay, nothing is wrong with dating younger woman or men if they are 18 AND OLDER. The author was against the relationship, not with it. This man is a pedophile, she is underage. This book was supposed to show how wrong this relationship is supposed to be, but everyone thinks it’s supposed to be cute and hot.
Owen The Boy (6 months ago)
Okay does anybody else find it crazy cute when she smiles with her retainer in at the beginning?😂
Addie Xx (6 months ago)
Well obviously not 20 if he was actually 49, I just meant a younger actor
Addie Xx (6 months ago)
It wouldn't of been as strange if Jeremy irons was atleast 19 or 20 while filming this with her but not freaking 49
Ashanti (6 months ago)
I wish there was a version of Lolita from Lolita's perspective.
Mary Conazo (26 days ago)
It a book
Mary Conazo (26 days ago)
Yes, there is one. I dont remember the name.
Farhat Farhat Mekan (1 month ago)
Naitik Pandya (6 months ago)
how many years is it old
INCREDIBLE HULK (4 months ago)
Naitik Pandya 21 Years
Dakota Flores (6 months ago)
I still can’t believe she was actually naked in that scene
Dakota Flores (4 months ago)
INCREDIBLE HULK (4 months ago)
Dakota Flores She Was Not,She Had A Body Double.
Yegane Suleymanova (7 months ago)
ay love you
**Instant Regret**
Wtf this isnt hot its just messed up man.
Evelyn Anyetta (7 months ago)
This is not a love story, he sees her as seducing him, not as an innocent child he was ruined
Sunny Samuel (7 months ago)
Is he fucking his daughter?
INCREDIBLE HULK (4 months ago)
Sunny Samuel Yes,Step Daughter.
eron syrus s cruz (7 months ago)
Shes a teen sex with a old man 0_0
Thaissa Neves (7 months ago)
lifes. tinks (7 months ago)
Повезло чуваку.... Жаль, что история придуманная. И папа, и супруг,
Marina Bianchi (7 months ago)
I need all those outfits NOW
Fatima Rehman (7 months ago)
She 15 and he is 25 or something
INCREDIBLE HULK (4 months ago)
Fatima Rehman She is 15,And He Is 45.Her Stepfather.In The Book She Was 12.
Fulchandra Sah (7 months ago)
Absman Salah (7 months ago)
im flagging, this should be illegal
Nooxh17 (7 months ago)
Daddy issues
Auds (7 months ago)
Her outfits tho
Ngọc Quý ARMY (8 months ago)
I thought he is her father??
Bridget Bonner (6 months ago)
Ngọc Quý ARMY technically stepfather...still really disgusting either way
elverdaderosol (8 months ago)
Y pensar que a éste buey encima le pagaron...
REME 2060 (8 months ago)
What the hell it's the same guy from (damage)
Michaela Caleb (8 months ago)
Her outfits are so adorable 😩
michael Preston (9 months ago)
I've always wished it was my groin she was rubbing her sexy big red toe in
Arina Nam Jin Kim (9 months ago)
in the name of Christ, wtf is this movie and book? Where is the priest? I am disgusted
Dustin Mcphetridge (9 months ago)
Technically its not pedophilia. Shes been through puberty. Before you get your panties in a twist, I'm not saying its right.
NeoN Atary (9 months ago)
Youd say it's hot if you , frist,didn't read the book. Second, didn't see the film. Third, don't understand the meaning of all this.
Samuel Runt (9 months ago)
The cringe is too real.
Comedy fever (9 months ago)
The ending was awesome
Comedy fever (9 months ago)
Thé girl seems likes shes abusing him
patricia howlter (9 months ago)
Class 2024 yeah cause he emotionally and mentally abused her and raped her
Afroz Alam (10 months ago)
My num call me 03492591425
Se divirta com a ysa (10 months ago)
tem gostosa pra mim
Se divirta com a ysa (10 months ago)
tem gostosa pra mim
aniimeallure (10 months ago)
how tf did they let a 14 year old kiss a 49 year old man??
aniimeallure (9 months ago)
Dustin Mcphetridge I didn’t know their exact ages, and with the way she was physically on him, it looked very inappropriate. Along with the other lewd scenes in the movie. I was just asking.
Dustin Mcphetridge (9 months ago)
Parents approved? I didn't know kissing was illegal.
patricia howlter (9 months ago)
aniimeallure she was 16 when this is filmed so it was legal for them to kiss
Donovan Clifford (10 months ago)
She was 15-16 when this was filmed🤐
Liam Dickson (10 months ago)
Is that her dad
Ashruba Navale (10 months ago)
fabioyou3 (11 months ago)
bella fica chissa se la scopata veramente l attore
T laner (11 months ago)
Roy moore's favorite flick
MEHLA HR08 (11 months ago)
thaari maaaa ki bhossssiiiiii
a__Manda (1 year ago)
Bitch 💕
Mukesh Singh (1 year ago)
So lovely
Louli pop (1 year ago)
desgusting ugh
rafaHDS (1 year ago)
Sharven Siva (1 year ago)
Better she .naked
ImTooHungry (1 year ago)
.... how old is she..?
ImTooHungry she is 14-15 and he is 49
Dehbeejah Robinson (1 year ago)
This man is a perv only the imagination of the sickest person with such desires could think of this stuff
Julia. (1 year ago)
mmm yummy stuff mmmmmm oohh yes
Ranvijay Singh (7 months ago)
Julia. Sweet Nice
Melody Anderson (8 months ago)
Julia. Mmmmmmhmmmm
dewi perez (1 year ago)

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