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I did a challenge where I had to change primary rune pages every single game until I went through all of them...ON MY DIAMOND ACCOUNT! This went surprisingly well mainly due to the fact that Teemo is so versatile!
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trmplays (7 months ago)
More every rune page challenge? More Teemo? Let me know what you want to see in the comments!
adam (6 months ago)
more teemo
MetalGear0987 (7 months ago)
Try it out with singed lmao. Or soraka top.
Azazel Mori (7 months ago)
Not sure if this is where you want us to write for more potential all runes champs, but maybe ez? (still no clue wt for green one except grasp but could work) otherwise this one is a bit more meme but urgot works well, anyway good content and commenting have a nice day tmr :D
Vinicius Souza (7 months ago)
What about kled bruh
Dä Bööni (7 months ago)
Tobias Westerveld (24 days ago)
Cho gath he only struggles picking a precision rune
Taha Shukur (26 days ago)
Your teemo is actually too clean. Better than Nubrac
Sarutahiko (27 days ago)
Ur crying to much
cookiedoodle02 (29 days ago)
15:28 you haven't met darkkmane our lord an saviour
TheGrapist Z (29 days ago)
Veliq (1 month ago)
I'd like to see a Pantheon every page video.
Hendrik T (1 month ago)
Dodging a ysuo is the best play you can make xD best Tipp EUW
Shroom God (1 month ago)
Do it with ekko
YasuoCentralMidArea (1 month ago)
0:10 to - 0:13 i wont spoil my win rate , Mean while in title 80% winrate
What we can learn: *If you have yasuo on your team, dodge the game*
Bryan Lutz (1 month ago)
Gets mad at people going certain champs and dodges every other que but then spams teemo top okay...
The anti knight (1 month ago)
Bryan Lutz teemo is better than all 4 of the champs he wanted to doge.
Nedeljko Jenjic (1 month ago)
Ap bot carry teemo is So op
Magin (1 month ago)
"im not going to spoil any win rates or anything"... *makes the title* Teemo on EVERY Rune Page CARRYING in DIAMOND! 80% WIN RATE!
Corrupt Sequence (1 month ago)
Irelia has dashes because her ult gives a mark on her q, her e gives a mark on her q, and she has a natural q, meaning 3 dashes. That's just her kit, relies on combos and skill rather than a nonskillshot blind with poison?
AlexDudeCrazy (1 month ago)
That Darius game *Better top wins*
Jason Schilbach (1 month ago)
Try it on a KogMaw
Zsombor Kánya (1 month ago)
tryndamere shoud do this too
Nikiciaq (1 month ago)
Akali is pretty much good on every rune
ķřåfţəŕîş (1 month ago)
Try this challenge with a support champ like thresh or blitz
Thijs Brundel (1 month ago)
I mean.... you can play udyr with every single rune?
Lukasboi (1 month ago)
Electrocute or eventual dark harvest is much better, electrocute+ignite and poison is so strong
Joshh (1 month ago)
I don't even notice the time watching ur vids
paolo capistrano (1 month ago)
vo bo ka mag tee mo weak
Hoppy The Ghost (2 months ago)
1:33 most league of legends YouTubers exposed lmao
Ryzen (3 months ago)
just out of curiosity, why did you max w before q in those games?
Lolicon Trần (5 months ago)
Wait how the heck he went 6 3 7 the first game? The video just shown that he was camped so hard
Davi Azevedo Melo (6 months ago)
I want see a Lissandra AD JUNGLE this is what i want, no one video of her being ad on You Tube lol
Cahrl Lööw (6 months ago)
I think you should test Dark Harvest :P
Jeroen Tjassing (6 months ago)
Wanna see some awesome teemo merch? https://www.redbubble.com/people/redcliptox/works/35857552-astronaut-teemo?asc=u&p=throw-pillow
That L0SER (6 months ago)
Poppy might be good
Ilposeidonll (6 months ago)
Hmmm suggestions for more champions to pick... Hrmmmm pick Katarina. Lol
Māūrīcīō (6 months ago)
Andrea dark harvest?
Ioan Filipov (6 months ago)
How you farm whit teemo that is soo hard for me
JadeRain Hans (6 months ago)
master yi
SunbroSolaireTV (6 months ago)
Liked and subscribed for "LETS GET RIIIIGHT, INTO THE SHROOM!" But really I used to watch your vids a looong time ago but never subbed.
Feed-_- Back (6 months ago)
Thanos (6 months ago)
Please make a gunblade video on Teemo plzzzzzz
val johnson (6 months ago)
nice games but 5 is not a valid sample size
Rafael Viramontes (6 months ago)
Hail blades is great on teemo its only just that you used it against a champ that has huge wave clear so having to constantly fight and push never lets your blade stack come back
Lumina zuito (6 months ago)
this with sona easy <3
Leviathenzz` (6 months ago)
i wont spoil my win rate, but its in the title, lul.
PatriciaSmitherson (7 months ago)
platoon mexx (7 months ago)
zxkredo (7 months ago)
Wait this guy said that diamond is low elo for him. Hmmmmmmmmm
TekAndHardStyle (7 months ago)
For the people complaining that "D4-D5 isnt high elo", only ~2,5% of all the players is Diamond 5 or higher, so I'd call it high elo.
Justin Eugene (7 months ago)
do shen or tf
Jann Jauernig (7 months ago)
as a yasuo otp i love when people say "i dont wanna have any yasuos in my teams again".
Kemne (6 months ago)
@Jann Jauernig Well, thats quite good. Better than at least 80% of yasuo players, to be precise
Jann Jauernig (7 months ago)
@Kemne y cause he is high risk, high reward kinda champ. I proudly can say I know what im doing with a 60%winrate after 180 games
Kemne (7 months ago)
Jann Jauernig because most yasuo players are ass. Level 7 or being an OTP doesn't mean you are good at him, if you don't have lane control and only rush kills. Most Yasuo players run him as a roaming champion, and never push. That's why people dodge when yas is in the game
Simon Is The Cool (7 months ago)
Juan Miguel B (7 months ago)
singed xD
Thepowerlies (7 months ago)
I think they should make jungle more punishable for ganks ... Its really hard to carry your team when enemy jungler is 24/7 top
Dylan Maurits (7 months ago)
14:00 doesn't flash/ignite for the kill then later flashes unnecessarily under tower to ignite irelia and almost die himself. Thumbs up
Patiro (7 months ago)
high elo, d5 na :D:D
BigHardJinx (7 months ago)
Grasp on TF has been used and abused for around 2-3 months now where the hell have you been?
BigHardJinx (7 months ago)
Also your accent reminds me of a chick from The Chainsmokers - #SElfie heheh ^_^
BigHardJinx (7 months ago)
So this is high elo?NA server?
Daniel123456789 (7 months ago)
TheCheeser (7 months ago)
I want to see this with poppy, she can go into a lot of different runes
Marco Antonio Tavares (7 months ago)
D4 n d5 aren’t high elo wtf
Aljosa Spika (7 months ago)
6:22 It's TANKMO u uncultured swine
SurgeTheUrge (7 months ago)
you gotta learn how to drop shrooms when you have liandries. You run around in teamfights with 2-3 shrooms stacked up. it's so cringy
SurgeTheUrge (7 months ago)
omg you are so bad at shrooming, it's so painful to watch, you know you can launch those things super easy and they almost dont stop your movement. Idk i think in your head you keep thinking you will dodge all the cc, or you keep thinking that your next q will get the kill, so you freeze up like a deer in headlights and stop playing your champion. you wasted so many shrooms, its so painful.
SurgeTheUrge (7 months ago)
0:14 : "80% WIN RATE!"
Theboredone (7 months ago)
wtf are these playz `? trmplays. wp
Theboredone (7 months ago)
high challenger?
Tim Sieber (7 months ago)
Wait but my "high elo "d5 account
David Prokopec (7 months ago)
Dodges games to not "spoil" the win rate.... You suck man
David Prokopec (7 months ago)
Easy to win, when u wait for the better team combo.... Seems like carrying the game is not on your list.
Cole 778 (7 months ago)
bullred1mc (7 months ago)
Fiddlesticks on every runepage
Eenyl. (7 months ago)
"High elo"
jonah shinkawa (7 months ago)
show me the hail of blade talm kench
Guy Hero (7 months ago)
I gotta say, this was pretty fun to watch. Nice work.
zim7787 (7 months ago)
Neeko builds plz lol
nemodruid (7 months ago)
good shit enjoyed this vid alot
Harvey Jones (7 months ago)
love the fact you dodge games that makes my day knowing that even the youtubers decide to not play the game as its intended with random teammates , may as well just let you pick n choose at this point scummy if u ask me
Glacial > Rylei's
Main Entertainment (7 months ago)
damn, your dodges are insane, like holy 16:55
Slayers Kable (7 months ago)
You are cancer that is league please uninstall...
The Man Himself (7 months ago)
Just advice, try to cut out the bits in between games where you talk about how the game went. We are not watching you to to learn how to play the game, no offense
Hakan (7 months ago)
Now try every Keystone rune ! thatll make it more interesting
darksoul 10 (7 months ago)
auto pick yasuo = auto lose
Bradyo (7 months ago)
Yasuo has a knock up
Petriell0 (7 months ago)
2:35 Dude, I do not have one more rune in the game. I have a notion that Lee was going to hit and instead of running crooked, I was going to run straight.
滅狗元首 (7 months ago)
You are a cunt
Udyr works with everything
TheNinjaGamingBear (7 months ago)
Love to see some every rune page Master Yi.
Hachi Reloaded (7 months ago)
"high elo account" *d4 & d5*
"My high elo d4-d5 account" XD
Karolis Šulcas (6 months ago)
@TekAndHardStyle pretty sure d5 is like 1% of all players
Mr_EpicTom _ (7 months ago)
People like you are tilting probably iron 6 and laughing at diamond 5... Even high plat is high elo and only a challenger player cam say something about diamond or masters so stfu to all the " fakers " in the comments
CryZZ Tal (7 months ago)
@Jacob Morris gurl pls. if less than 2% are in that elo it is high elo.
TekAndHardStyle (7 months ago)
I'm D4/D5 myself and I wouldnt call it high elo either, but if you put it in perspective it just is high elo
Jacob Morris (7 months ago)
@CryZZ Tal For someone that used to be a pro player, it's not high elo. It's pretty low ELO relative to expectation.
emanuel (7 months ago)
this is why i love teemo
FeelnGood (7 months ago)
This video was so high level
Phillip Rasmussen (7 months ago)
Well one Thing is for sure your defently not un-tiltable
Boris Tashev (7 months ago)
Jax maan
ツUwU Lord (7 months ago)
when u blind lee but he's already blind
XclusivePower (1 month ago)
@Friendmaker no it shouldnt, that would be fcking stupid, teemo would always get counter picked
Friendmaker (1 month ago)
this should be a thing where it doesnt a ffect him
Retr0 Blue (7 months ago)
Tahm kench works really well with this challenge. Lethal tempo, Glacial augment, Phase rush, Aftershock or Grasp, Dark harvest Hail of blades or Electrocute
Jesse Ramirez (7 months ago)
At 14:13 . You make it a point to count each dash, as if you weren't sure why she was allowed "so many" dashes right then. She ults you, which marks you and uses one dash, also resetting the CD. She then uses her stun, marking you again, using a dash and resetting the CD. She then uses a final dash, with no mark, and has to wait the full CD. Comon man
ivo ivica (7 months ago)
can you PLEASE stop doing your TITLES like THIS!! it is FUCKING annoying LOL!!!! professor akali isn't even this bad jesus
ivo ivica (7 months ago)
actually prof akali is probably worse lmao
FiFiFilth (7 months ago)
In the first video you completely skipped the part where your team started winning. Why you did that is beyond my understanding.
Mano csak (7 months ago)
Yasuo a no cc champion?! have 1 sec aoe knock up every 4 sec... why are you so butthurt?! Ih wait I know why you are playing teemo!
Luuk van den Heuvel (7 months ago)
do kennen
Monkofpo (7 months ago)
Toxic as fuk as always. 10/10
TeegerLB (7 months ago)
Dia 4, 5, "high elo". What a noob.
ejboy111 (7 months ago)
try riven !

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