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K/DA Kai'Sa Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends

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This is a teaser spotlight of K/DA Kai'Sa with ingame gameplay! Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv Price: 1350RP Skin name is CONFIRMED as KDA KaiSa, particles & SFX may not be final. Check out the other skins in this cycle. Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth. For League of Legends Related News Check Out [email protected]: http://www.surrenderat20.net/ Feel Free to Follow me on Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/SkinSpotlights Facebook for all you FB Users who want to keep upto date: https://www.facebook.com/Skinspotlights Wish to ask me anything? Ask away here: http://ask.fm/SkinSpotlightsYT Please feel free to subscribe for more Skin Spotlights to stay upto date with new skins about to be released!
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Text Comments (962)
Murat Baran (7 days ago)
sonic game 8500 (22 days ago)
cambie 3 skin y me sale kaisa kda
Ethan Kim (1 month ago)
Dark Milk (2 months ago)
O wont this skin
SarpZilla (2 months ago)
How much is cost?
Xanh Khủng Long (3 months ago)
kai'sa and Kat who looks hotter???
Match Kai'Sa (4 months ago)
Đẹp quá
Spiro Cat (4 months ago)
Give me this skin :(
Ali Rashedi (4 months ago)
Could anyone please gift me K/DA Kai'Sa ? IGN: PersianX EUNE
Abyssus94 (4 months ago)
should i get this or bullet angel ?
Fragger7 (4 months ago)
same I can't decide
Blobfish Productions (5 months ago)
Whos here after Imaqtpies video?
Spiro Cat (5 months ago)
Quien me la regala (? :(
Osore96 (5 months ago)
this is not a nice skin
Whiterun Guard (5 months ago)
Kassadin has to be proud
Cameron Muna (5 months ago)
they changed her E particles. it used to leave afterimages
Galaxy Queen (5 months ago)
Prestige Kai'Sa is better !
felodp10 (5 months ago)
She looks hot as hell tbh
Nicho Gaming (5 months ago)
How much the skin is?
SKT T1 Oswald (5 months ago)
Wait is that your old mouse?
Luca Caruso (5 months ago)
Why are her hair pink while in the video they are blue
Aldous Paule (5 months ago)
Gosu is shaking
Stardew Chicken (5 months ago)
wheres CJ?!
Hakki Türk (5 months ago)
두번Sana (5 months ago)
The most underated KDA skin. TBH
SmartiesAreMine (5 months ago)
the only thing i dont like is that the mv shows her purple hair, same as the picture and in game she is pink haired.. i would really pref her with purple hair :/ makes her more serious than pink
hynz sanchez (5 months ago)
Bullet angel kaisa is better but if in the prestage kaisa and k/da kaisa ithink prestage is better
Carlos Armenta (5 months ago)
The taunt with the frog? D: you forget the frog D:
The Truth (5 months ago)
harry chen (5 months ago)
what the heal of this pink hair? The color is totally different with the one in MV
Johilimi Jokishichi (5 months ago)
this or prestige kai sa...
Tiw (5 months ago)
nic specjalnego ... Riot to ma fantazije
Guilherme Monteiro (5 months ago)
Better than prestige '-'
Saint Wonka (5 months ago)
Tf the helmet at?
Nejla Mulic (5 months ago)
If someone is on eune then give me this skinn AHHHHHH xD
Eternal Lunar (5 months ago)
I think she is The Brand New Waifu
hvvoee (5 months ago)
When is it coming?
Agneska Aguiar (5 months ago)
Fck... Kda akali Or kaisa?? Need help ;-;
Levente Eren (5 months ago)
Is this 1350?
nikki naval (5 months ago)
doesnt ahri already have a popstar skin?
Vault-Tec Rep (5 months ago)
I only have 1200 tokens, and I need 2500.. feelsbadman
กฤติกร (5 months ago)
kai'sa splash art like a plastic face but in the real game... The Sim Girl
Marie Martins (6 months ago)
when is it coming out?
Victor Digne (6 months ago)
We need some eurobeat skins in this game
Eiji Shinjo (6 months ago)
Why Xayah can't have a skin like this as Solo Skin without Rahkan
Willy Han (6 months ago)
is kda akali going to be epic or legendary?
totalishnc (6 months ago)
I actually prefer this one compared to the overly-gaudy prestige version
Rafael Philip (6 months ago)
That is one tanky Katarina.
MilasLittleLife (6 months ago)
Imo this looks way better than the prestige edition
Anxiety is best girl (6 months ago)
the q sound tho
DiMeHawkz (6 months ago)
When does it release ????
Scarex PlayZ (6 months ago)
when does the skin come out?
muhammed terzi (6 months ago)
Which one is better? Bullet angel or this skin what do u think guys?
Berg (6 months ago)
Buying this then going to afk recall all game.
zamipalachinku (6 months ago)
windbelle (6 months ago)
Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous...oops no sorry wrong champ...
MadMandy (6 months ago)
Do you know this will be in bundle and how much ?
Todesangst LoL (6 months ago)
what the fucking fuck fuck does this fucking K/DA mean i fucking dont fucking get fucking it xd..
GAME TUTO (6 months ago)
TheNetrdor (6 months ago)
What "K/DA" mean?
留学的Tom君 (6 months ago)
2500 tokens, I`ll go suck myself...
frixed00 (6 months ago)
Where the different between that Skin and the Prestige one , beside that obvious fact that she is golden ?
Kizara (6 months ago)
this is the gayest shit i've ever seen
Frostlock Zhou (6 months ago)
Okay, do you know G.E.M.
Feeluck (6 months ago)
love that Q sounds
Xenonist (6 months ago)
Riot these days now puts a lot of efforts with their skins... Love the work Rito keep it up
Crescendobro (6 months ago)
Love everything about this skin except ONE thing: why do her AAs when outside of E have that weird mechanical clicking? If anything the sound effects should be more similar to her default skin with the energy bolts since thats more what she’s doing. Her release skin fits with the technological noises cuz its basically an Iron Man suit but this Skin should have the more magical-organic-laser kinda sounds of her default imo
Queenie of Queens (6 months ago)
Who knew a bitch could become more basic
An Nguyễn Xuân (6 months ago)
Now I know that K/DA Ahri and K/DA Kai'sa Q has sound
s kurczesyn (6 months ago)
epic or legendary?
Xayah roasted me (6 months ago)
0:22 Pause it at the right time... you see it?
XenoZ (6 months ago)
The perfect ass doesn’t exis-
Ayamekoo Official (6 months ago)
Where is K/DA taric?
Maxime Raimond (6 months ago)
It is a Winx ?
Esdeath Blue (6 months ago)
There's no helmet? Or headdress?
Captain Teemo (6 months ago)
And taric ?
Firefox Gaming (6 months ago)
ajisai (6 months ago)
0:53 is there a roblox oof in that move after hitting someone--
Faith A. (6 months ago)
John Wed (6 months ago)
The Sound Effects are pretty awesome
Rayan Hussein (6 months ago)
Is there a way to get the sound files of this skin?
이윤재 (6 months ago)
Actually i think their appearances looks not rlly satisfying but the abilities does look good :D
이윤재 (6 months ago)
Which is a good thing :3
L anzen 001 (6 months ago)
Kill/Death Assist Kaisa???¿
FRiPciuch (6 months ago)
So to beat the record Pyke must receive his second skin by the start of new season
Nasty Plot (6 months ago)
What does k/da stands for?
jba80144 (6 months ago)
Rockport MostWanted (6 months ago)
this is gonna make some good beats
Arthur Morgan (6 months ago)
she looks hoe..
Death Thingy (6 months ago)
cool but have you heard of elementalist lux?
JellieBeanie (6 months ago)
i don't like how the wings are white and gold when shes wearing black and gold.... it annoying me! its literally my only complaint with it
Patrick Patawaran (6 months ago)
The recall sold this out to me.
Grày Gód Îndrà (6 months ago)
15/10 Would bang
Cutedu (6 months ago)
amazing skin
PACK BLINK Rosé (6 months ago)
Kai sa = Lisa Thats nc!
Mauky (6 months ago)
I hope they nerf this champ out of existance
Majo Santisteban (6 months ago)
When is going to be available?
KiitsuCosplay (6 months ago)
why she doesnt have her living armor ?? she die without it ?!!
Jan Daniel Alcantara (6 months ago)
Why must she have blades when she shoots?
Gamal Elkordy (6 months ago)
“Let’s make the sound team design a skin”
Ngo Cong Duy (6 months ago)
She a THOT
Alastor (6 months ago)
Ulti sound is so god damn good i love it

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