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Ekko - Did You Know? - Ep #92 - League of Legends

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→PreSeason Zed OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXUw9wGO30w →More Did You Know Episodes: http://full.sc/1bCtY0m →Subscribe Here: http://full.sc/1gukNqq Follow me here! →Twitter: http://twitter.com/RedmercyLoL →Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedmercyLoL →My Instagram: http://instagram.com/redmercylol →2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/redmercygaming Redmercy Merchandising Now Available! →Redmercy Store: http://tinyurl.com/qb3zjdc Cool Facts, Lore, Tips and Tricks about Ekko in League of Legends! Music Provided and Released by Monstercat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSw7K4RpTHo →FREE 30 Day Trial for Crunchyroll, great place to watch anime: http://bit.ly/1L2LvVP Hope you enjoy and please sub rate and comment!!! :)
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Philip Penkov (8 months ago)
The Main Reason i started watching you Red was because of this VIDEOS. You better BRING THEM BACK! STOP COPYING PANTS WITH THE IDIOTIC CHALLENGER VIDEOS YOU ARENT' PANTS! I hope that ill be heard...
Mid Knight (1 year ago)
In Germany we can Buy Beer at the age of 16
The Shiny Chandelure (2 years ago)
This was was a really good episode. Something I think is also a fun fact about Ekko is he has or had a crush on Jinx. Y"know, before she went crazy.
FleXy (2 years ago)
ekko has a quote when he is buying rabadons
John Rec Abuan (3 years ago)
Is jinx and ekko couples? and who ekko refers when he says she walks away? sorry for bad english :)
Reverse Ouba (2 years ago)
VI when she left the gang and jinx didnt walk away she was getting crazy
Ahmed Ibrahim (3 years ago)
Jinx: rules are made to be broken Ekko: every rule needs to break yaaay i noticed something
An0nSaiKo (3 years ago)
Ekko -> S-Ekko-nd -> Second I noticed it by myself.. hope you find it intresting
Junao (3 years ago)
wasn't there a fun fact that Ekko has a crush on jinx >.> or was that just a joke i heard
+Redmercy , There seems to be a rumor about Ekko and Gnar being the same. What do you think about it? They have a lot of similar abilities. Most have similar effects but the gnar ones seems more rustic, like he is trying to do what he can with the things he has available. Also de visual effect on gnar ult and and Ekkos abilties involving the Z-Drive seems the same. (the blue glow). That could suggest that they are related. I know in english he doesnt say anything when he dies, but I play the game on portuguese and he got a dying quote like: "If someone sees my paradox, ask him where I am." Maybe it's just a quote to give a different flavor on another language, but that could suggest that there is another of him around. Idk, I saw a video in portuguese about this theory, and since you seem to know a lot about the lore, and also have ways to discover that kind of thing, I thought I could share with you. I don't have a formed opinion about this myself, maybe people are just too creative to comeup with conspirancy theories, but all those coincidences got me at least thinking if there is a relation about them somehow. Not to mention they were designed by the same person AND he also designed Jinx & Vi, making them related to Ekko, so why would Gnar be an exception?
Metallix37 (3 years ago)
I've noticed you often talking about ekko and Zed not actually dying in their death animations and was wondering why Vel'Koz was never included. His carapace falls to the ground and stops functioning but his largest Sentient eye detaches itself and flies away and lives on
He sounds like pit
Jack Li (3 years ago)
NIce video! Very interesting, Keep up the good work, Your voice works good with your videos
Callum Chisholm (3 years ago)
people under 18 cant buy alcohol??
Ano Nymous (3 years ago)
Does any1 else feel like ekko just has so much personality?
TheMystic666 (3 years ago)
When Zilean ults Ekko, he says something like "Nice trick Zil, thanks for that"
This is pretty cool. Suscribed
ShadesSMH (3 years ago)
Wait... ekko is Pit? HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS?!
Rage Madd (3 years ago)
If Rito make an item that give invisibility for 5 sec..that could be interesting to be use on ekko W skill.., just a suggestion, Invisibility is underrated in League, only Twitch and Evelyn, Rengar and Khazik that have that Mechanic applied on them.Maybe there were the other that i did not say in this..ahh, Talon also.
BOI (3 years ago)
Ekko, the boy who shat on league of legends.
Ahrima (3 years ago)
wait ekko said "bones" and not "ive seen your future and ist got broken balls"? my life was a lie
celestialknight777 (3 years ago)
"And jinx went crazy... " lmao exactly how I feel about Jinx
For The Horde (3 years ago)
did you know, ekko is black don't judge me. :D
Dustinbrink (3 years ago)
How did Jinx translate over to "X" I'm a bit confused by that
Starchfish (3 years ago)
+EpicDudeNxt2U Jinx left an X in spray paint all over the place, so people gave her the name Jinx, because it has an X
abashedclover (3 years ago)
Ok ive been seeing this a lot, can someone please tell me why Sivir exploded into a Pillar of fire at 3:40 ish?
Ekim (3 years ago)
do you think ekko will show up at vi`s funeral?
BLACK (3 years ago)
am i the only one who liked the background music ?
cccbbbaaa110 (3 years ago)
ekko's SONG NAME?
Kevin (3 years ago)
I thought his weapon is referencing the monado of shulk in xenoblade...
Roxaile (3 years ago)
Rahhhh, Now that I know his academy skin has something to do with Korea's school uniforms, i just might buy that over sandstorm ekko Q-Q But particles... hmm, decsions.
Milos Simic (3 years ago)
Hey Red, can you do Did you know-Rift Herald? :)
gremlit banunon (3 years ago)
Make a new Baron Did Tou Know.
Ante Čerkez (3 years ago)
i main ekko lol, good video, very informative ;)
Philip Cickovski (3 years ago)
next for illaoi plssss
Cejon Db (3 years ago)
do did you know ashe plz
Zed and Zilean had sex to make Ekko.. Get it cause zilean is time shut and zed have shadow while Ekko have a past shadow or hologram while zilean is time thingy. BOOOM
Bronze VI (3 years ago)
Did you khow- kindred
Rafael Magadia (3 years ago)
do warwick
Circle of Slow (3 years ago)
Please make a 'Did You Know' for Quinn! =)
DT (3 years ago)
redmercy if you read this look at champions on the league of legends website and look at the garen icon its got roses
Joseph Storey-stamp (3 years ago)
I did not know this - wiki 2015
Ryan Ng (3 years ago)
Thumbs up for Ashe!
All Might (3 years ago)
Do did you know Kog maw please
Speedy Craft11 (3 years ago)
This is my main because he has. every third attack gains additional damage, slow, stun, barrier, dash, teleport, heal, +movement speed, go through walls and specially his ult damage is so enormous..
Earl Henry Valloyas (3 years ago)
tahm kench - Did you know? - Ep #92 - League of Legends
Litul Uky Buky (3 years ago)
I love the effort and detail put into all of your videos
tudy5 (3 years ago)
Summoner´s Rift-Did you know?- ep 93- league of legends
LordEtha (3 years ago)
did you know episode 93 garen
melvin_r _a (3 years ago)
please do a karthus episode
BOI (3 years ago)
Whoever plays Karthus is dead on the inside... Fuck Karthus.....
Sebastian Adam (3 years ago)
Make one with the new Gangplank!
PyroAlBlaze (3 years ago)
About the fact that Ekko and Zed are not dead when they die, Draven looks too because he dies, fell on the ground, and mimics a gun with his hand before dying
Jens DH (3 years ago)
That leak tho: GP visual update is next
MrKangorilla (3 years ago)
8:45 So bascially he'll experience way less "life" than a normal person if he doesnt try to fix that problem. He'll just look good all the time to other people
Fermoux (3 years ago)
+Redmercy can you please do a did you know miss fortune?
Jonathan Yan (3 years ago)
No mention of how dodging Caitlyin's ult with Ekko's ult has a special interaction, and the interactions between him, Jinx and Vi?
Andreas Eliasson (3 years ago)
Joey C (3 years ago)
I laughed at Zilean's voice @9:37
stefan filipovic (3 years ago)
666K SUBSCRIBERS!!!!1!!!
ardekakka (3 years ago)
vel koz doesnt die either
Junglebro (3 years ago)
Why didn't you say anything about echo the time traveling dolphin?
Olen Harper (3 years ago)
fauxshizzle is pronounced fo shizzle. faux is pronounced Fo, and means false, or fake by definition, ie FauxHawk - which is a hairstyle made to resemble a mohawk, but without shaving the head, making it a fake mohawk
Anthony Truong (3 years ago)
Wheres my urgod story?
Just Moody (3 years ago)
can you do DID you know Yorick
Just Moody (3 years ago)
Do Did you know Yorick
Stolas (3 years ago)
pls do shen :)
Jabzyt (3 years ago)
Academy Ekko is the teacher in the anime Assassination Classroom
Dave (3 years ago)
at least!!!! thanks redmercy!!!
Speedran (3 years ago)
Can anyone give me some advice for my montage? it's the first one i've ever made so check it out please
Jachu Węgiel (3 years ago)
Ekko's whole concept, especially his weapon, seems to be reference to Transistor, game created by the same people who made Bastion... and my personal favourite game.
Omar bongg (3 years ago)
do more often did u know i sub it for these vidoes
CillAlice (3 years ago)
Ekko is so black that he can steal time
Kerron Hicks (3 years ago)
+Redmercy Velkoz doesn't actually die either.
Zael・ᴥ・ (3 years ago)
+Redmercy Make a new Did you Know Video please!!!! About Illaoi please REDMERCY!!!
Bogy Bogdan (3 years ago)
please make did u know nidalee!!!
ArcadeXoxo (3 years ago)
Am i the only one who inagine black people shouting : OHHHHHHHHH!! After Ekko said "I've seen your future, and its got broken bones.."
Natan Vovk (3 years ago)
I was just thinking how the new poppy rework kindda looks like the kid from bastion, but with blue skin and purple eyes
wolfer2222 (3 years ago)
Do trundle :(
Ryan Martin (3 years ago)
you butcher English in general, along with stonewall. its why I just can't sub.
ChimneyX11 (3 years ago)
9:42 Ekko gets rekt
Salvador Dolby (3 years ago)
I'm sad that you didn't mention how Kindred is really interested in ending his life.
Avada Kedavra (3 years ago)
8:54 ... So, Ekko stole his weapon.... GG Rito
Daimy van Dijk (3 years ago)
Do: Did you Know: Sona episode #93
BitKn1ght (3 years ago)
This has been cool ty. Sadly the only thing i learned though, concerning his game play, is leaving the bush with the W gank before it actually goes off reveals his casting shadow. Its a slight fraction before it lands so it is not all that useful to me unfortunately. But still, its a cool video. Good coverage and nice to hear more about his lore.
MajPeaches (3 years ago)
Hey uhh... the word faux is not pronounced "fox" but "foe"
SumRandomDood (3 years ago)
I thought Sandstorm skins were reffrence to Darude - Sandstorm
Distortion (3 years ago)
@Redmercy can u do a ekko gameplay for season 6 ?
Ghast Crying (3 years ago)
As a main ekko I dint know the combo about the 2nd then ult so thx
Emman Cardano (3 years ago)
I've been waiting for this! Thanks Redmercy!
Lusean Encri (3 years ago)
Where can I vote for Nidalee to be the champion for next episode??
Ali Same (3 years ago)
can u make a did u know illaoi?
Lasmastecken (LoL) (3 years ago)
Hey red, do you think zed is viable with smite mid again, because of the changes to warrior ?
Jhin The Virtuoso (3 years ago)
ekko is my fav
CDXX Ýasúo (3 years ago)
There should be a " Time Assassin " skin doe
Patric Steiger (3 years ago)
great content red. keep it up!
Keith Knox (3 years ago)
That was great.
Negan (3 years ago)
Turn Back time, El Psy Congroo
God Of Scrubs (3 years ago)
I've done research on the wall in ekkos lore, there are two blue haired girls hinting one is jinx and one is her sister who passed away (maybe)
Dylan Helvetios (3 years ago)
for me Ekko is not realy an assassin but more an AP version of Riven.
Ralph Malic (3 years ago)
01:24 - I thought you were gonna attempt to block ekko's W with your own W
Jc Alavazo (3 years ago)
Kon. M (3 years ago)
"faux" "leapt" "schizophrenia". redmercy pls

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