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How to unjam a 3ds r and l button

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I had a jammed 3ds button. I used my black guy instinct and i unjammed my 3ds l and r button.like and favorite this video to pay me respect for helping you thats all i ask
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MrDoge memes (22 days ago)
Don't work on my xl and im mad I can't afford a new one
It still won't work :(
lordvegetables (11 months ago)
thanks m8, I was coming back from Chicago and I my R button wasn't working which sucked ass since I was shiny hunting in pokemon. Anyway I tried this because I don't give a shit anymore and it actually worked. Autistically punching something like a barbarian worked for once
Hexo Helium (11 months ago)
ScrubSwarm lol
Jean Schwambach (1 year ago)
Believe me, that shit *worked*!
Silent VG (1 year ago)
Thank you sooo much! I haven't played my 3ds for 3 years cause the r button didn't work but now i could play it again.
Gabe V. (1 year ago)
I'll try this on my old 3ds and see if it works.
Revayne Sieg (1 year ago)
Holy shit dude !! Creepy but it work !! Black guy instinct is the best !! lol
A blue penguin (1 year ago)
no thanks im just going to take it to gamestop or something
Daniel Franco (1 year ago)
If it's not an original 3ds, then you can send it to Nintendo. You should check your warrant status
Hexo Helium (1 year ago)
A blue penguin 😂ok bud... can you hear me trying to sound like a caucasion
the 2kgod (2 years ago)
im dead
Zeka (2 years ago)
Wow. I've tried so many things. But this worked! I guess violence is the solution this one time!
Hexo Helium (2 years ago)
Zekamon Now its time for you to fix your spouse with this method
cj fry (2 years ago)
fuck you beach
Derrick Reyes (3 years ago)
It actually worked
Ender the best (3 years ago)
+ 1 sub
treman1 (3 years ago)
Thank u so much
woofy woo (4 years ago)
My hand hurts from doing this and I'm still trying
woofy woo (3 years ago)
+Just a Friendly Bullet yeah, a few days after this I got grounded from my 3ds then when I got it back it was back to normal...a couple months later it stopped working and I got a new one
Friendly Bullet (3 years ago)
I'm sure you've resolved the issue, but I just ended up tapping it against my desk's edge.
Hexo Helium (4 years ago)
Lool,welp 3ds's have different problems depending on;how did you fuck em up XP
Juan 701 (4 years ago)
Wow this actually helped. Thanks!
Hexo Helium (5 years ago)
shreck is love ...shreck is life.
AquaIt (2 years ago)
Hexo Helium ik I'm late, but it's "Shrek"

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