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JHIN MONTAGE Full AD - 700 AD and 100% Crit!

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Jhin Montage: Full AD and Crit Jihn ADC/MID...balance at its finest! Check out my friend's channels too :) https://www.youtube.com/user/TheScien... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-C2... https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLeagu... Peace, links are below! ♦ Twitch Stream http://www.twitch.tv/olroy1234 ♦ Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/OLROY1234 ♦ Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/LeagueOfOlroy https://www.g2a.com/r/user-55a158674d38f ♦ JOIN CURSE :) (My referral link, I get money from curse ;) http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?r... Some Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com ♦ Music Used (In Order) ♦ YMCA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7GmD... Dancing Tonight - Nightcored
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Text Comments (508)
ya boi Fox (8 months ago)
Make them beautiful?
Froggo Lævis (9 months ago)
I am a jhin main and holy shit is this aesthetic
Oleg Grigorita (2 years ago)
this enemy team is so bad xd
OLROY (2 years ago)
multiple enemy teams?
best song ever
Gonçalo Luz (2 years ago)
Where did you take that 0:06-0:11 part (that short speech). Cause I'm pretty sure I've heard that before I just don't remember where ahah xD
Gonçalo Luz (2 years ago)
OLROY thanks! ^^
OLROY (2 years ago)
Mako -S (2 years ago)
i love this video whit this song jajaja
sm420ke (2 years ago)
Why att speed,and why so many W misses tf
OLROY (2 years ago)
+sm420ke cause it was my first time playing him lol look at the upload date
Chara is my waifu (2 years ago)
full trolll
OLROY (2 years ago)
;D you know me
Stephen Stephanov (2 years ago)
The sub rate compared to the views D: , ima try help u buddy
OLROY (2 years ago)
ikr? Q.Q
Elayra (2 years ago)
Music ? can i have link
RuthlessPredator (2 years ago)
Not really a 100% crit :P
RuthlessPredator (2 years ago)
@OLROY hehe.
OLROY (2 years ago)
yeah I know but fuck it, its such an old video im not gonna go back and remake the thumbnail lol
PluffPenguin (2 years ago)
this was so edited holy. ymca music got rly repetitive, and it wasnt 100% crit
PluffPenguin (2 years ago)
@OLROY its ok, if you didnt have enough video for the 100% crit. not really blaming you, its hard to get full builds on league unless you're fed af
OLROY (2 years ago)
I'm ashamed to admit it looks like you're right about the 100% crit chance, odd that no one has pointed that out to me yet
PluffPenguin (2 years ago)
@OLROY and like where did the 100% crit? just giving a little criticism sorry if you're offended
PluffPenguin (2 years ago)
@OLROY it's good. don't get me wrong it's a good video. but it's a little over the top
OLROY (2 years ago)
+Robo Person um, well, you see I edit all my video, it's kinda what you do as a video editor?
Zic Zac (2 years ago)
video so stupid
no it aint. its cleverly designed and really funny at parts. 10/10 on my part.
OLROY (2 years ago)
Mjm Tnn (3 years ago)
OLROY (3 years ago)
+Mjm Tnn om nom nom
Dennis Grammenos (3 years ago)
Jhin top homies
Dennis Grammenos (3 years ago)
+OLROY fuck your chenese or whatever this shit is
OLROY (3 years ago)
+Dennis Grammenos 佐田屋たさあ ^_^
Dennis Grammenos (3 years ago)
Or yes
OLROY (3 years ago)
+Dennis Grammenos or not
This shows up in my recommended but it's not even available?
OLROY (3 years ago)
Andu G (3 years ago)
3.38 song?
OLROY (3 years ago)
+Andu G why don't people ever look at the description?
Andu G (3 years ago)
Song name is..
OLROY (3 years ago)
+Andu G what
MrWhole12Inches (3 years ago)
lol how did you not get a copyright strike for using this song?
Mel (2 years ago)
And how can you do this? :o
MrWhole12Inches (3 years ago)
@OLROY ahhh, I understand.
OLROY (3 years ago)
+MrWhole12Inches I got a claim
Mike Grimes (3 years ago)
Hey can you tell me what build you did?
OLROY (3 years ago)
Phantom dancer?
Mike Grimes (3 years ago)
+OLROY the one item that looks like hooks crossing, what's it called?
OLROY (3 years ago)
just look in the video
ZexyWalrus (3 years ago)
i got 850ad 100% crit i think that champ its busted
OLROY (3 years ago)
Alexander (3 years ago)
The name of song in the last min..?
OLROY (3 years ago)
Blakee (3 years ago)
2:35 its ok because mundo needs a counter
OLROY (3 years ago)
lol hes pretty weak tho right now
Susana Salud (3 years ago)
Build Pls?
OLROY (3 years ago)
watch the video
EDG SWAT SWAT (3 years ago)
song name?
EDG SWAT SWAT (3 years ago)
@OLROY darude fuck you
Jorrit van Leiden (3 years ago)
music synergizes so well with his walking animation lmao
Buraun (3 years ago)
I really loved how this guy edited JohnTron in this video XD
Connor Impastato (2 years ago)
+OLROY who is it
Mario López Vila (3 years ago)
This champ... Hahahahah, omg...
Jinhunter Slay (3 years ago)
Great...now I'm going to be playing this song every time I play Jhin now -_-
Noah Beeri (3 years ago)
this music is just perfect. one of the best LoL videos I've seen!
SexyDeedeedee2 (3 years ago)
Nidalee build.. jungle.. u get stalkers runic, rabbadons, roa, zhonyas magic pen boots, and i.e and u crit for 1.5k almost, i had no runes either since it was a level 26 account i had a spirit visage so imagine i had like a rylais or something
SexyDeedeedee2 (3 years ago)
It's a crit lol http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2138944122/223015846?tab=overview
SexyDeedeedee2 (3 years ago)
highest crit higher than jhins
Simisor (3 years ago)
his damage is very balanced :) I FUKING HATE HIM
Simisor (3 years ago)
+OLROY OMG you actualy replied :3
DestrucSky (3 years ago)
DestrucSky (3 years ago)
+OLROY yeah XD
DestrucSky (3 years ago)
BTH Channel (3 years ago)
link music ?
kim kim (3 years ago)
can jhin destroy a tower using his ult
i have a problem how jhin fore his R ability???
Blue Night (3 years ago)
i like the music <3 I want it
Taric (3 years ago)
this song xD
Taric (3 years ago)
+HAMADAH1991 it suits ezreal not Jhin xD
this azir is fucking joke
Manuel Luis (3 years ago)
nice montage man! i love this champ
IsameaAdamario (3 years ago)
Who was the guy playing video games saying "JOHNS GETTIN UPSET"
Daractive (3 years ago)
+forditable I'm not sure if I understood the question, but it was JonTron.
ツtogiツ (3 years ago)
ow my good
Drakth (3 years ago)
How you change the colors?
Country Gold (3 years ago)
Music fits perfect for Jihn, just sayin'
I feel so old (3 years ago)
I main join and if they ever nerd him I'm quitting league
I feel so old (3 years ago)
Jhin* and nerf*
Jakob Eliasson (3 years ago)
Hi what programs do you use to Record??? and what Settings?? @OLROY
Zomoke (3 years ago)
3 like give
Moonlight Karma (3 years ago)
Jakob Eliasson (3 years ago)
+OLROY Hi what programs do you use to Record??? and what Settings??
PeeCahChoo (3 years ago)
He lied, he didnt even have 700 AD.
Cashburner (3 years ago)
1:27 that ult
Cashburner (3 years ago)
hahahah lolz
Don Dunfiato (3 years ago)
first time watching this channel, was not disappointed.
marcos fontes (3 years ago)
yunusemreözbek (3 years ago)
very good
little big boye (3 years ago)
how do you only have 4,850 subs
Jakob Eliasson (3 years ago)
+OLROY Hi what programs do you use to Record??? and what Settings??
ibeastin (3 years ago)
tht damage to mundo doe lol
Wait, is BOR any good on Jhin?
EnglandIsMyCity (3 years ago)
*Song name?*
TazerFace (3 years ago)
why the bar is purple and not yellow and red
TazerFace (3 years ago)
@AVe really ? XD
AVe (3 years ago)
+KinzixHD i think its related to colorblind mode
Random Guy (3 years ago)
song name at the last?
Casey Brown (3 years ago)
Feaking loved the vid bruhh keep em comin!!
Keith Knox (3 years ago)
The cone shape of his ult from now on will make me yell YYYYYYYMCA.
Keith Knox (3 years ago)
+OLROY Jhin is just amazing XD
Keith Knox (3 years ago)
Jhin is my life now. This montage was perfect.
Nenad Jovanovic (3 years ago)
#OLROY can you tell me the name of the song in the end of video,it's on 3,39? :)
Nenad Jovanovic (3 years ago)
Thank you bro!
Esseker (3 years ago)
you are fat retarded fck
Raymond Lee (3 years ago)
YMCA YMCA... brain washed
Ryan Easley (3 years ago)
I got 829 ad with an elixir. nasty.
Canal Do JoeGamer (3 years ago)
Quoc Phuc Tran (3 years ago)
link music
Quoc Phuc Tran (3 years ago)
X13Blackwing (3 years ago)
i'll wait for the eternal NERF HAMMER on this guy
- WrenhaveN - (3 years ago)
that crit on mundo rofl
- WrenhaveN - (3 years ago)
+OLROY Yeah but i didn't noticed you were fed like a fat pig haha Miss Fortune dodge was fun too :D
Nguyen Quoc Anh (3 years ago)
what is music ? i want to know :)
MarvelliOG (3 years ago)
Idk if it was just some version OLROY made but I could not find the version of the song he used, so I tried recreating it for anyone trying to find this version of the song. Drove me crazy https://youtu.be/J7GmDNKNR8A
MarvelliOG (3 years ago)
@OLROY Yeah I figured that out so I just found the tempo and sped it up in Audacity, but the snare hit wasn't quite the same at the beginning so I made a new one. Its different but the effect is the same. Glad you like it, I found the perfect tempo on my second attempt lol.
Eren Duzgun (3 years ago)
music ?
ligita vaiciulyte (3 years ago)
i want Jhin. :)
黑夜星空 (3 years ago)
黑夜星空 (3 years ago)
Minh Nguyễn (3 years ago)
Auto ban
Hưng Quý (3 years ago)
oh ly shit !!!
vân Nguyễn (3 years ago)
cho hỏi nhạc nền video nay là bài j thế
dai tranvan (3 years ago)
+vân Nguyễn The Village People
Sale Brale (3 years ago)
I was like "Where did I hear this song?!" then I remembered.... Dispecable Me.
what the track in end video?
Thank you
Camilo LM (3 years ago)
2:42...yasuo xD
Phát Phạm (3 years ago)
Wtf ? His KDA 25/4 . Does he play in Bronze ?
Loc Thai (3 years ago)
Kresnik's key (3 years ago)
2:33-2:40 So what you are telling me here is to build a thornmail while playing rammus and see what happens? GOT IT
Preston Babbitt (3 years ago)
Your humor is good. I like you.
Coach Dorn (3 years ago)
Hồ Huy (3 years ago)
The name of the music, please ? Anyone know it ?
Hồ Huy (3 years ago)
Thank you ! :D 
FritzTheMost (3 years ago)
+Hồ Huy YMCA - village people
GuardianTV (3 years ago)
This would seem legitimately disgusting, except for the fact that he has about as much mobility as Jinx, and less CC and Range. On a more positive note, the music fits perfectly...fucking christ, you almost forget that this champ is a serial killer with that music.
stew (3 years ago)
This is good film !!!! <3
Tuan Bui (3 years ago)
haha, music make bad ass champion so funny :)) love ur video
182grey (3 years ago)
what is the last song 3:38?
Sir Matti TM (3 years ago)
Video starts, hears music. I thought : This is something JonTron would pla- OH MY GOD. Absolute perfection. This is an ART. Good Job Sir.
Lore Lovers (3 years ago)
I'm so gonna play this song when jhin comes out :3
Lore Lovers (3 years ago)
+OLROY the time has come, Quebec the music, get jiggly with it :D
Alfa Leonhart (3 years ago)
Song 3:38 please
plopcha (3 years ago)
2:35 "how that is possible ?" Juste 15/2 at 20 minutes ... so yes, obviously you do hard damage when you are ultra feed ....
jhin is a gay ?
look at him walk 
DerSmieper (3 years ago)
Kingwo Kan (3 years ago)
omg that's so much fun dude. nice video!
F5 Gaming (3 years ago)
link music PLs

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