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You'll make a good wife someday! πŸ˜‹

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Anime: Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou Episode 4 . Have a nice day! . Subsscribe - It's Free! Subscribe to my channel: ➀ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtqwCp90ZbZ8In6Oq2Kdig
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Text Comments (120)
Enzo Vechetini (18 days ago)
thumbnails........ i hate thumbnails..........
핑핑ꡬ (21 days ago)
The Exotic (24 days ago)
i shouldn't watch this, but i did.
malac348 (27 days ago)
its not called wife in the anime world its called waifu
XxTeamwolfRulesxX (29 days ago)
0:39 *BE GONE THOT!*
Fee son (30 days ago)
Caretaker wanna marry Shina lmao Thats why she said " Im not intrested on marrying Someone Right now..."
Polish Filipino (1 month ago)
I wish I could marry her ( Ν‘o ΝœΚ– Ν‘o)
Mr.SubSub (3 months ago)
Whats the anime in your intro and where can i watch it
Scarecrowdesu (3 months ago)
Himouto! Umaru-chan
ItzMePOTAT o (3 months ago)
1:54 he was looking at her breasts!
Animation. Exe studios (3 months ago)
Flares Daddy (4 months ago)
Ur my fav youtuber
BashXIII Lancer of Light (4 months ago)
SlyNos (4 months ago)
What anime is the beginning intro theme and scene from?
ThΓ‘i TrαΊ§n (4 months ago)
Switch Guy (4 months ago)
I love this show
Jherome Cruz (4 months ago)
What anime is ur intro??
Kyle Risby (4 months ago)
Noice m8
Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan (4 months ago)
The innuendos are strong with this one.
Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan (4 months ago)
First: The hat and outfit are way too over the top for the job in question. Second: He's dressed like a Chef-PΓ’tissier, not a cook. Third: Only Chefs are allowed to wear those hats.
HARBRINGERZERO (4 months ago)
The thumbnail come through! πŸ‘πŸ˜
BnGlon (4 months ago)
Akkun, you go to jail now
Grant Mathieson (4 months ago)
Can't jail a minor. If anything he's the victim of the thot squads harassment .
Yukihira_Chinn _ (4 months ago)
Wubzy (4 months ago)
I honestly just like how nice the caretaker is. Plus she's pretty so that's nice.
protoluigi (4 months ago)
Hijikata: You're under arrest for indecent exposure. You're too flashy.
HUMAN BEING (4 months ago)
You cant get mad about being clickbaited if you have low expectations
何とは言わγͺγ„γ‘γ©ε€§γγ™γŽγ‚‹δΊΊγ‚γ‚“γΎγ‚Šε₯½γγ˜γ‚ƒγͺγ„γ‚“γ γ‚ˆγͺぁー、、、何とは言わγͺいけど、、うん Cγγ‚‰γ„γŒγ„γ„γ‚ˆγ­οΌ
Juan Manuel Penaloza (4 months ago)
Akkun: Why am I fantasizing about that?! Me: Good question. You haven't even hit puberty.
Buckminster Villanueva (4 months ago)
FBI open up!!!!!!
witchdoctor. (4 months ago)
Where can I watch this anime 4 free?
jonathan Willis (4 months ago)
MyNameisNohbody (4 months ago)
I'm sorry....but..... *MILF*πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ IM SORRY!!!!!
Efehan Demir (4 months ago)
please change intro
Agnipushp Singh (4 months ago)
Agnipushp Singh (4 months ago)
Squeeze it from the bottom
BlueTrooper (4 months ago)
What about me? I can make a Great HusbandπŸ˜“
HDGaming305 (4 months ago)
She can squeeze me any time 😏😏
Phani Gollamudi (4 months ago)
That's the best intro I've seen in a while.
savag3 kid (4 months ago)
Fap fap squeezes breast yep I'm in heaven
F.B.I Agent (4 months ago)
*breaches in* No you wont
The Machinx (4 months ago)
Am I the only who came for the intro?
F.B.I Agent (4 months ago)
Too bad she's like the age of his own mom lul
Off-brand FBI (4 months ago)
You'll make a "well liked" prisoner. Especially in the shower. If you know what I mean.
FBI you are under arrest πŸ˜‚
Pine Cone (4 months ago)
πŸ˜‹? πŸ˜‹?! πŸ˜‹?!!?! With the title and the thumbnail way it is it seems you aren't referring to the food
wow oppai XD
Greenpoint Patriot (5 months ago)
So uhh Is this gay Or is this gay Or both Cause shit hell if I know
Jada Love (5 months ago)
Akkun is cute but he’s actually kinda more lewd than I thought from ep 1
Hank Hill (5 months ago)
Wait is this food hentai
Boi N (4 months ago)
Ladies and gentlemen we got him
Hank Hill (5 months ago)
Chris Emmanuel yes very classified research
Chris Emmanuel (5 months ago)
For research right?
MarxGaming101 (5 months ago)
Marx omg I have heard that before
Mari Lewis (5 months ago)
Name of intro
Joaquin Montes (5 months ago)
This kid is learning so fast!
Coach (5 months ago)
Giovanni (5 months ago)
2:14 was this a sex joke?
Redstorm V (5 months ago)
u earned a sub
Dat Boi (5 months ago)
If you find a thicc waifu making potato salad lewd *You're goddamn right*
iwen kam (5 months ago)
a random comment
Zodyrus Sevaron (5 months ago)
A random reply to a random comment
Jayden Alexander (5 months ago)
Jayson Torrino (5 months ago)
Gintoki Sakata (5 months ago)
I should start squishing
Renz Daryle (5 months ago)
XYZ_ Acid (5 months ago)
Excuse my lack of knowledge but what it the opening anime called and his van I watch it?
Hazman Hadi Hashim (5 months ago)
himouto umaru chan
Kvnxero Crzgem (5 months ago)
Justin Farrell (5 months ago)
love this channelπŸ‘€πŸ˜
0:40 here is a poster
voltex (5 months ago)
Didn't you already do this And what kind of magazine was that kid holding
3rdMonocle 78 (5 months ago)
She says that as a joke but he won't be a good wife. He will be a GREAT Husband.
LORD ALPHA (5 months ago)
And one day when you will be a young man and she will be an old hag then things will be different. This anime doesn't really fit well but since its just an anime. Who cares right
LORD ALPHA Better to have good thoughts than doubts
LORD ALPHA (5 months ago)
+Zodyrus Sevaron you trying to be optimistic.bπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
LORD ALPHA (5 months ago)
+edjae david wow must've been pretty awkward situation when they realised the truth. 😁
Zodyrus Sevaron (5 months ago)
I reckon the caretaker isn't much older than 28, and Akkun is about 13 considering he's in his first year of high school. So even jumping ten years in the future she won't even be 40 yet, so it could still work lol
edjae david (5 months ago)
But, if we're talking about Japanese, many girls look young even though they are already quite old.. I have a friend who is almost 30 already but was stopped from entering a bar in Canada because she looks so damn young.. ahahaha..
Raymond Reyes (5 months ago)
Squeeze. 😏😏😏
Squeeze,Squeeze ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)
Thot Patrol (20 days ago)
Doggo (4 months ago)
KaT aNa (4 months ago)
( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)
My god!
william stelmar (5 months ago)
What I want to know is where the heck did he get that chef outfit? And more importantly where did he get one that fit him?
Animation. Exe studios (3 months ago)
It’s anime it’s weird
Malik Roman (4 months ago)
+Ozinsky oh I thought you were asking what this is my bad I see a lot of comments going anime?, anime, or what is anime
Ozinsky (4 months ago)
Malik Roman no I meant anime logic
Chymistry (4 months ago)
if you had a chance to cook with that big titty monster you'd find an outfit too
Malik Roman (5 months ago)
+Ozinsky miss caretaker of sunohara
N1ght-Kunζ‚ͺε€’ (5 months ago)
I hate big oppai=(
N1ght-Kunζ‚ͺε€’ (5 months ago)
B and C it OK for me
N1ght-Kunζ‚ͺε€’ (5 months ago)
flat it justice normal it good that my opinion
Zodyrus Sevaron (5 months ago)
My preference is between Bs to DDs. But what matters more than size is proportion and shape.
calliberjoe (5 months ago)
i also think that but i just hate like super big titties, irl but in anime they dont look super gross cause the veins and that shit arent popping out. i just prefer b cups or c cups
rizune (5 months ago)
I stay neutral. If she's hot, she's hot.
i think it’s cute how akkun is trying to impress her by trying to learn how to cook
Thot Patrol (20 days ago)
And she ain’t a thot
FIRE LORD (4 months ago)
But the girl is fucking hot though
ethan maloney (5 months ago)
I approve of the kids taste
Isaiah Holmes (1 month ago)
I approve of this as well
Ahric Johnson (4 months ago)
I also approve
Very much hell even the FBI agress with us
Jack Noir :3 DwD (5 months ago)
Yes, indeed
Imadebape (5 months ago)
How many episode are they?
NeoAnime (5 months ago)
Currently there are 7 episodes! Next episode will release in 2-3 days!
Zero Shineyo (6 months ago)
Hahaha i love this what anime is this?
DeadMemes NeedToStayDead (5 months ago)
+N1ght-Kunζ‚ͺε€’ what tf
N1ght-Kunζ‚ͺε€’ (5 months ago)
It the hentai
NeoAnime (6 months ago)
See description
DAVID SMITH (6 months ago)
I like it but you should get some rest

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