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Furious World Tour | Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eats in NYC, Vegas and LA | Furious Pete

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Biggest, Best and Most Famous Eating Food Tour of NYC, Vegas & LA! Including the Worlds Biggest Pizza, Shake Shack & 120oz steak! ➢Merch: http://FuriousApparel.com | GOKU GAINS Pre: http://FuriousFormulations.com ➢Click HERE To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete  ➢Watch More World Tour Episodes Here: http://bit.ly/FuriousWorldTour In this Furious World Tour episode we go across America to NYC, Vegas and LA. We eat the biggest pizza in the world, a 120oz steak, some fantastic burgers, lobster from a food truck and much more! MY CAMERA GEAR & MORE: http://www.amazon.com/shop/furiouspete ➢My Camera Gear: http://bit.ly/WhatIShootWith ➢Subscribe to my second channel: http://bit.ly/MyDailyVlogs Click that 'Like' button if you enjoyed this video More World Tour Videos Here: Hawaii ► https://youtu.be/yEVo7erhIUU Seoul/Korea ►https://youtu.be/ixAePROGiFc Vienna/Austria ►https://youtu.be/fBb-BNX7xY0 Germany ►https://youtu.be/w7UDGVo6Glg My Supplements ► http://furiousformulations.com My Social Media: Facebook! ► http://www.facebook.com/Furiouspete123 Google+ http://gplus.to/furiouspete YouNow - http://www.younow.com/users/furiouspete Tumblr - http://furiouspete.tumblr.com/ Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/furiouspete Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/furiouspete MY PO BOX: Furious Pete 1801 Lakeshore Rd W Unit 6 PO Box 52559 Turtle Creek Mississauga, ON, L5J 4S6 Canada INTERESTED IN BITCOIN? Get $10 For Free To Start! Find out more on my blog at http://www.furiouspete.com/blogs/news/bitcoin Check out my other Channels: Vlogs - http://www.youtube.com/furioustalks Supplement Reviews - http://www.youtube.com/suppsreviews The Furious Dog - http://www.youtube.com/thefuriousdog Furious Eats - http://www.youtube.com/furiouspete Furious GamePlay - http://www.youtube.com/FuriousGamePlay Thanks for subscribing! For Business and Bookings Inquires - events [at] furiouspete.com
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Tracy Ann Jalique (4 hours ago)
Dude, you are sick!(in a good way!!) How does one man gorge himself with all that food, and still be alive and breathing! You are a champ Pete!! Enjoy every moment!! Stay hungry and be well!! SMH!
Bist du Deutscher
SharkPuppetJR YEAH (6 hours ago)
He broke his toilet
Alias Mohammadi (10 hours ago)
Gönn dir
Usama Farooq (13 hours ago)
I got fat watching this😂
thegodofwars01 (13 hours ago)
Catagory Gaming
Mickaeldu13 (20 hours ago)
Ptdr les sous-titres fr
Who’s idea was it to do the steak for 6 med-well??? Wtf????
Jordxn7 (1 day ago)
Watched this when it first came out, and I’ve found myself coming back to it like once every few months. I’ve watched it at least 30 times over the years lol
Who thought this guy is going to be such a fat boy when he’s older?
Prison Mike (2 days ago)
Pete:”Lets go see the rest of LA *Points to lady liberty
Fresh Kreeze (2 days ago)
I witnessed a horrible crime Pete was charged $16.26 for a lobster roll😂?!?!!? (Same size of a regular hot dog)
Zangy Boo (2 days ago)
Who here watched this many times and then be hungry
Pee pee Gang (2 days ago)
This made me want lobster rolls, steak and Mac n cheese, shake shack, pizza with all my favorite toppings, some bacon wrapped with some fries, beer, Katz deli, waffle and wings all in 1 meal and tbh I would eat it all
Manuel Talonia (3 days ago)
do they really sell a very big pizza at that place
IsYaBoiJacksonWade (2 days ago)
no, they just happened to make it for him
Aaaa Bbbb (3 days ago)
I want a big PIZZAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Seahawks_ 12 (4 days ago)
Must be embarrassing driving around with that car
Nathaniel Neal (4 days ago)
But like.... how much did that pizza cost 💵???
Chris S (4 days ago)
What's her @ 17:16 anyone pls😭😭😭
Jasmine Johnson (3 days ago)
Chris S It’s @ssabmudarouy on ig
trippleAkilla 24 (4 days ago)
*plays west coast music in ny *
Cats 3 (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice that the lobster role had a metal tho in it when he takes the last bite
Lucas santos (4 days ago)
Que delícia
Attilio Zheng (4 days ago)
0:00 da notare che quel tizio parte dal centro! 😡
Quratul Aain (5 days ago)
When you are finally not a virgin 6:14
JOJO جوجو (5 days ago)
Who watched this more then 5 times? Bc I did
عرررررب ✋✋🌚 2019 رمضان😹👊
Cold Blitzz (6 days ago)
How do you eat so much
jian wen Li (6 days ago)
You forgot to eat the cheese fries to show to us
Enmanuel Barrientos (6 days ago)
abia una cucaracha cuando estavan epacanndo
The crispy Gamer (6 days ago)
12:54 Anyone else hear micheal Jackson or just me
*Pizza has left the server*
Cevoe gaming 69 (7 days ago)
How does he keep eating bruh
Go you hardak gril
Kyle Graybill (7 days ago)
Pete: Hi can i get ONE lobster roll Cashier: Yeah that will be 16.26 Wow it must be pretty good for me to pay that much for ONE lobster roll!
Ya boy Allan (7 days ago)
Does anyone else wonder what his actual daily meals are lol
What do they do with the bacon? If they throw it away I will be triggered
Fedel ledef (8 days ago)
It must be awesome when he shits! It must smell like a cowshed! He must shit for at least half an hour!!
iRifle87 (9 days ago)
Omg I just renovated that shake shack in NYC
iRifle87 (9 days ago)
Omg 😮
David Lundmark (9 days ago)
عذراء تيفي (10 days ago)
اني عراقيه عشت في أمريكا 9 سنوات بس كل المطاعم جربته بس انصح كل واحد يروح إلهه وتعلمت اللغه الانجليزيه كلهه انصح كل واحد يروح وتحياتي الى اهل أمريكا
Theo Schmit (10 days ago)
Pot quoi le titre il est frances
David U (10 days ago)
Wer kann auch deutsch und könnte den einen verstehen?
Lily_A59 (10 days ago)
Is the lobster roll so expensive only because it’s New York?
Hernist Kukkun (10 days ago)
He's eating too much
Kyle Summers (10 days ago)
Pete: time to experience the rest of la Pete again: works out in nyc
Ну и в чем прикол. Он же все это не сам съел. Люди тоже ели. Дахуя. И все видео обрезано. Пошли вы нахуй.
Kristof Llamas (10 days ago)
Wow pete too much food💪
Rafa Fahrezi (10 days ago)
Gg bang
jim big (11 days ago)
This came out on Halloween loo
King God (11 days ago)
Eat with your mouth closed
Amil (11 days ago)
hey everyone, im in the year 2345
Tyler Fisher (11 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Sly Boussaha (11 days ago)
Le traducteur français wallah il est énorme 😂
contos da vida (12 days ago)
corbucci eats
Jyllian Woodruff (12 days ago)
your so amazing
Jyllian Woodruff (12 days ago)
i love your channel so very much
Unknown unknown (12 days ago)
Watching this during Ramadan is suicide
Muhammad Bhayat (12 days ago)
Whos fasting in ramadan and watching this😂😂
rek3dge (9 days ago)
Hell ye
Fahima Khojasta (12 days ago)
me bro
Azam Khan (12 days ago)
Me 😂
Karl Kildevæld (12 days ago)
I dunno why i come back here. I get hungry everytime..
themagicdudeGAMING (13 days ago)
Bryan Kong (13 days ago)
does Pete realize that every time he eats he's not getting timed😂
Song (14 days ago)
Me Fuck
vikol ! (14 days ago)
Ho is from poland
winedineand 69 (14 days ago)
ultimate bulking diet 😂 damn making me hungry now
RJ dryden (14 days ago)
16 dollars for a small ass lobster roll? wow.
Aaaa Bbbb (14 days ago)
Pizza is ♡♡♡♡
tryhard 007 (14 days ago)
*Brings Pizza* *Falls*
iiHøłÿÿ - (14 days ago)
_Diabetes Has Entered The Chat And Toilet Has Left The Chat._
Boyajyan Gang (15 days ago)
I love this cvidoe
Boyajyan Gang (15 days ago)
Tep The Executioner (15 days ago)
my mouth is watering
Robin Lee (15 days ago)
OMG he went from California to New York
Ma namejeff (16 days ago)
You can really tell if a guy is attractive if they wear cargo shorts
Ahmstrock (16 days ago)
Possessed_ Dreams (17 days ago)
Vegetarians just watching him eat all of that steak.
StickFiguresMaster (17 days ago)
17:17 - 17:24 I'LL TAKE HER, TO GO! (I saw the ring finger btw, get me a meeting with the husband, ima need to see him in the ring) :P
Rajen Ballij (17 days ago)
I wachd this like 1milion Times
nikko maningo (18 days ago)
Welcome To Daily Bugle Pete!
IDK Studios (18 days ago)
Wish more places served drinks with a single giant ice cube. Sometimes having small pieces is too much
florian ukiq (18 days ago)
16 dollars for that hot dog idk what was that
Liru (19 days ago)
Putain le mec qui a fait les sous-titres en français c’est un dieu
Assassin. Szk (19 days ago)
The shake shack dude always trips me up Take a little bit of this cut, a little bit of that cut had me trippin
Twitch ttvossa (19 days ago)
he says time to experience the rest of la and showcases himself in nyc
[xChaos* (19 days ago)
wtf are this french subtitles lmao
Killah John (22 days ago)
Looks like he gone get diabetes 😂😂😂😂
Prorewiel (22 days ago)
i watched this because i only was hungry
Miki Cromwell (22 days ago)
Pete suh
Tlyer2 (22 days ago)
Mans eating pizza while watching dis
Nathan Evans (23 days ago)
When I found you channel I was in awe that I hadn’t yet found it. Really really great content! Keep up the wonderful videos!!!
Choco 123 (23 days ago)
The french subtitles are killing me 😂
Ruby Gacha (23 days ago)
Rip his wallet XDD
ImpaledBerry (20 days ago)
with 9ads on this video he'll be just fine.
Yosef Belal (23 days ago)
ليش العنوان عربي 😂😂
لحلوح (13 days ago)
Yosef Belal لان لغله البرنامج حقك عربي
Dom4life (24 days ago)
Am I the only Mexican who can eat lays without tapatio
Mathias Estrada (25 days ago)
At 14:27 the chef hypes up every other chef to cook the steak but he is the only one to cook the steak by himself
Andrei Castroverde (25 days ago)
Im not sharing my food with this guy
HAQx . org (26 days ago)
I feel like he would enjoy the non-competitive dishes a lot more if he chewed a little and had more bites to get the flavour from.
Watch this if your hungry
Delia Flores (26 days ago)
Diarrhea has entered the chat
Jewpac Shakur (27 days ago)
I'm not usually a violent person but sumn about that Shake Shack manager made me really want to punch him in the face!
sponge bob (27 days ago)
??????????? (27 days ago)
Furious pete is a ufc fighter before

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