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FUNNIEST ACCIDENTAL TEXTS FROM PARENTS! Have you ever gotten funny text messages from your parents? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! MOST EMBARRASSING TEXTS EVER https://youtu.be/VQP4PbBBNgE Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (1 year ago)
Veemo Chan (1 month ago)
Stasha Mendivil (2 months ago)
I am :-)
ocean drive (2 months ago)
LoneDaPotato - YT (3 months ago)
10 months late but yes I am xD
Sharon Tsz-Yu CHEUNG (3 months ago)
Hello I luv u
Bea Rose (1 hour ago)
If my parents sent me a text like that I'd just pretend I didn't see it
Trisha Belle (2 hours ago)
Ha! That dad is the worrssstttt!!!
Alanys Santiago (7 hours ago)
I like u r video
N Collins (7 hours ago)
I wish I was your sister
Jay Smith (8 hours ago)
Rejected on so many levels OMG
EPICMaddieSniper Playz (8 hours ago)
my mom sent me the worst thing she says I have school
Hi my name is Maya
hi, my name is MYa
Gasp Maya is my name but different mya
MIAH CAMP (10 hours ago)
MY NAME IS MIAH but it sounds like maya
Brianna Joseph-yela (10 hours ago)
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Indranie Arjune (12 hours ago)
Hi Lia
Kìţțęn_ Løvëŕ (12 hours ago)
Almost everynight my mom and dad wake me up bc i here banging on the wall on the wall and moaning....yep...thats how i desoverd sex
Zoi Fletcher (14 hours ago)
My rabbit died at 6 months old
My names Maya
Emma Henderson (14 hours ago)
I see Chica in the background!
Jazmine ' s hamster (15 hours ago)
Jakub Moryto (16 hours ago)
Felipe Strahm (17 hours ago)
Dude the watermelons thing happened with my mom we didn't talk for a week
mark lindsay (18 hours ago)
Can you guess who the best person in the world is Read the secOnd word like if this made UR day xxx
Jaelyn Lineberry (18 hours ago)
Did I trick you Read More
Vanessa K (19 hours ago)
You should react to more jerry springer.
Lori Woloshyn (20 hours ago)
jenna saad (23 hours ago)
lol u burped in the video
she ponie (1 day ago)
Why do u look so good???
michal guliamov (1 day ago)
poor kids
Priscilla Gutierrez (1 day ago)
I am Priscilla
_TT_Gang_ Niyah (1 day ago)
Lord Tiny Terrance (1 day ago)
Donna (1 day ago)
Wanna know a secret 😏 Read more
Alina Toribio (1 day ago)
2:51 my uncle is name uncle mark🥺
LivBig Diy (1 day ago)
I love all your necklaces/chokers
Queen Gamer (1 day ago)
Wtf im weirded out priscylla is my name also😂😂4:01
Leonard Deep (1 day ago)
just issues engage
Vanessa Rose (1 day ago)
Hey that's our uncle name mark
Kiera Callahan (1 day ago)
The boloany pony?
Sssniperwolf phrases Damnnnn It's just a prank bro Mah dude Ummm.. Yeah okay.
Hi Can I tell you somethin My profile pic is brighter than my future;)
Jenah McNeely (1 day ago)
my step dad texted me something yeah
Bhrianna Skillen (1 day ago)
Hahaha hahaha Sniper:let me pop a titty out real quick Me: (dieing of laughter)
yt Jiřího (1 day ago)
How u know that the drugz r in smal bagz
ItzOnly Alex (1 day ago)
Elizabeth Snell (2 days ago)
...my nickname is Liz
Brittany Collins (2 days ago)
Who’s here in 2019?!?!
DylanTheFortnitePro x (2 days ago)
i mean no hero
For some reason i can text my friend's mom, and she shared something that i didnt want to know. Then i told my friend
PuPgames 212334 (2 days ago)
Lemmmmme smash
These videos are so funny 😂😂
Blackheart Ontario (2 days ago)
My mom accidentally emailed some real SHIT SHADE to her boss ABOUT him, and she got fired. I lived on a street corner for 3 months until she found a higher paying job. I really wish she did that in spring, not winter. Froze my cheeks, man.
Jayden Wade (2 days ago)
My mom did but it was only about my Neighbors leveing the basment door open
Sadia Siva (2 days ago)
Mental images ....BOI..and 8:52 boi that just gave me a laughter to death but also i felt sad for that person bruh
Twin Wars Goldsmith (2 days ago)
My dad once texted me what he wanted for his birthday, from my MOM. My mom did not get the text but I did and man my dad was surprised when I gave him his give.
Kit Kat Vlogs (2 days ago)
5:00 wth is that sound
Ken Varner (2 days ago)
I was I was watching ur vids last weekend
Keanu_ Hatsu (2 days ago)
*B O L O G N A P O N Y*
Baylea Bug2001 (2 days ago)
What's moving around outside the door by the stairs at 1:41?
NushiMonster 2.0 (2 days ago)
9:04 “I don’t wanna smell it” 🤣
Arascain (2 days ago)
Baloney pony* wink* *wink*
Alex Lowndes (2 days ago)
Hi sssniperwolf
Santwain Roseborough (2 days ago)
I what to ride that bologna pony tonight 😏😂
Emma Narcisso (2 days ago)
I came home from the beach to find my parents...doing it....now I can't look at them..
Ruby Kerry (2 days ago)
What did the librarian say?•••• read more
Kira The Gamer (2 days ago)
Wanna know the SCARIEST story? I have school tomorrow!
Luciano Uribe (13 hours ago)
Sorry let's make it better It a friday😁😀
Luciano Uribe (13 hours ago)
Wanna make it worse It a monday😣😣
Amaya Hall (1 day ago)
Since there are fires nearby I don’t have school on Friday
Omg me too
Elleana Moody (1 day ago)
Late squad sup.....
Rupen Gurung (3 days ago)
Good one ☝️
Santosh Singh (3 days ago)
You so awesome
christy melikidse (3 days ago)
JuSt CuZ iTs A pRaNk DoSeNt MeAn ItS oK 😂😂
Lottie O'Hare (3 days ago)
*i thought they used the mini baggies for drugs* Not that I would know
Lottie O'Hare (2 days ago)
Scott Frame (2 days ago)
Lottie O'Hare I read this right when she said that lol
Sabrina Chae (3 days ago)
“Don’t tell ma ok,”
Heather McFarland (3 days ago)
I was obsessed with the movie drop dead Fred when I was a kid. I used to name everything Fred. And like 10 years ago after my parents divorced my mom accidentally texted me instead of my dad. She said I guess no more inside jokes about how awkward it was when Heather would call everything Fred considering that’s what I named your 🍆. I was like mom this is Heather and you have scarred me for life telling me your nicknames for my fathers body part.
Elleana Moody (1 day ago)
Thats horrible......I hope your ok....
I have heard my parents having sex...and I wanna kill myself😂😂😭
Isabella Brown (3 days ago)
Heyyyyyyyyyy. My uncle’s name is mark.
Lillian Martin (3 days ago)
The door being open creeped me out
Shauna K (3 days ago)
The one vid I haven’t watched
The Rainbow Angel (3 days ago)
I honestly feel so bad for Maya bc that really is the worst thing ever like that’s the biggest surprise ever
Roselin Ramirez (3 days ago)
nothing but darkness (3 days ago)
My rabbit died like two years ago and I still remember him :'(
Porter Kerttula (3 days ago)
The biggest surprise of someone's life is when the find out that your going to be a father or mother
Vs eachother (3 days ago)
We r gonna engoy the fucking summer !!!!!!!! Yeah babyyyyyyyyy🌈☀️🌞
Zoe Pennies (3 days ago)
These parents tho... 🙄 So rare to find...
Huda alomani (3 days ago)
Did anybody notice the dolls head from fnaf it’s so scary 😱
Tic_tok Lover (3 days ago)
T Nailz (3 days ago)
Hello Lia...I would like to penetrate all of your holes and empty my ball sack over your face😂😂
Sky Read (3 days ago)
Yes my mum was texting my dad and my grandad was in a coma in america and i wasnt supposed to know and I was so sad and now I don't trust my parents
Epikku -Kun (3 days ago)
I like her glasses
Joyce Jarman (3 days ago)
Inside joke
SL SPIDY Anju (4 days ago)
Hey im gayanthe
Pamela renee Nolasco (4 days ago)
: ) :( @omg_tonfo/!!!!!!!!!!??????
Salgal Brah (4 days ago)
I was txting my mum on my dads phone and I saw the most disgusting thing
Alicia Alvarez (4 days ago)
My tooth fell out during this video
Black Bunny SoS (4 days ago)
My mom heats stuff up Does that count 🙃
•Sora• (4 days ago)
6:58 *Burps*
Star _Reacts (4 days ago)
I probably would have played along just to see what would happen.
JONATHAN Villegas (4 days ago)
Were do you find these🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Isaac Torres (4 days ago)
you now a lot about drugs
Lisa Pappas (4 days ago)
2:53 i have an u mmm cle mark
Ashlee Stewart (4 days ago)
Don't forget that the kids drop their snack and eat it off the backseat too.
qwe10111 MSP (4 days ago)
Text to my mom Me:Mom, i have my report card! Mom:good! -mom textes wrong person- Mom:I am gonna tell my daughter that i am going out with friends and she can look after her siblings since her dad out of town! See you tonight! Me:Mom WHAT THE- MOM....MOM....MOM.... I AM SPEACHLESS OUT OF MY GOD DAMN RIGHT MIND! Mom:Sweetie what do you want im texting your teacher *BLOCKED*
Dannicka (4 days ago)
Bruh Din Din is the Fortnite account of Denis
Chelsie Tea (4 days ago)
Who else saw the dog in the background 1:04

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