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How I Quit Smoking (and why it matters to you)

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I quit smoking, after 15 years of smoking over a pack a day. And I did it in just a couple of hours. I didn’t even have to go cold turkey. I just dropped it like a rock. And what I’m going to share with you is how this quitting smoking story applies to quitting any bad habit… or any life program… really really easily! Here's the link to check out the 21 Day Master Your Fate Course: http://powerofquiet.com/mastering-your-fate-course Kris Dillard Power of Quiet
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Terrie Cardone (1 day ago)
Ammonia added to tobacco means you are free-basing nicotine. These commercials are testament to how crazy addictive ammonia makes the tobacco's nicotine. Too bad they weren't informed that they'd been punked! Free-basing nicotine and you didn't even know it!!! It's a crime against humanity to let the tobacco companies continue adding ammonia and not telling people about free-basing nicotine. The best hope is the nicotine nasal spray. It's effective and no hidden/secret ingredients. No carcinogens at all. Nicotine nasal spray hits the brain in the same way that free-basing nicotine does, FAST. The Nicotine Nasal spray is much easier to quit using than cigarettes. Because it has NO additives to make it more addictive. It works and will save lives. Hey CDC--->change the wording of the Surgeon General's warning on cigarettes. INCLUDE the words "ammonia added for you to free-base the nicotine." Showing us more commercials of people who died and couldn't figure out why they couldn't stop smoking does not help. Explaining to smokers they've been unknowingly free-basing nicotine is the only thing to do. Tell doctors and treatment providers about the added ammonia and free-basing nicotine, so they may adjust their perspective and treatment of patients.
TheBhede (3 days ago)
Wanna get high?
Chris Justice (3 days ago)
Quit smoking challenge #Boyinaband https://youtu.be/TAc3bCnPKgs
aziz .bhindarwala (4 days ago)
Someone give this man a ted talk.
Lori1324 (5 days ago)
I failed 14 times, but finally turned it over to God, and did cold turkey. I am 4 years without smoking and working on the 5th year now.
Melissa Maltby (7 days ago)
No, No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No.
Melissa Maltby (7 days ago)
His guy is driving me out of my head, I am in so much pain, why is the accompianiments so harmfulful to me?
Isabel Adamson (7 days ago)
I’m pregnant and I’m trying so hard to quit 😭 I’m also trying really hard to understand fully what you’re talking about letting it out?
Jesse Sayne (8 days ago)
I'm attempting to quit nicotine this morning. I could use some support. A 10 year addiction and I just want to drop it. Stop it. Hop off it. I throw my vape in the trash last night and my roommate dug it out of the trash. So he has it and I used it this morning. I fell susceptible to the challenge. That was my mistake, I take responsibility for that. I would like to learn to say no to the challenge because it doesn't suit me. Some challenges are okay to say no to. Some challenges don't need to be taken on.
Mastermind (10 days ago)
I quitted 8 weeks ago after being a smoker for 15 years. I'm 34 now and would never replace this non smoker feeling with anything. This is how I quit : 1- I really wanted to quit but thought I could never do it (desire). 2- next time you get sick and struggle in bed for 2 days. Take this chance and quit. This is what happened to me. 3- Third day without a smoke is way way way easier than first and second day. 4th and 5th and so on is even easier. Trust me 4- Chew gum and you can go for nicotine gum as well. This helped me to get me busy. Nicotine gum doesn't make me not want to smoke but it helps replacing the habit of smoking with chewing. 7- Do not drink alcohol during this period, it makes you want to smoke. (I quitted alcohol too). 4- Don't let people smoke next to you. 5-after 56 days without a smoke I'm feeling over the moon. I used to smoke since I was 19. It worth it. 6- remember you can do it. And watch youtube quit smoking videos for as long as you can. I'm still watch them. Good luck
Mastermind (8 days ago)
@Jude Flynn good luck mate
Jude Flynn (9 days ago)
Thank you .. 2 day stopped.
Moneer Al alawi (14 days ago)
It’s your discussion of quitting and many people quite is because they have health issues and they think it’s all coming from smoking which is not in my opinion is because many people I know who smokes their fine with their health so it’s a matter of choice. Thanks for the video man 👍
Unique Corn (14 days ago)
Its my 3rd day for not smoking. Im hoping rhis would go well.
Xero Punt (14 days ago)
Anyone else not able to comprehend what is being said? I've been listening but I cannot grasp onto anything he saying...🤷🏻‍♂️
Laila Sqalli (11 days ago)
This video changed my life.
BabyNapoleon (14 days ago)
My dad was a HEAVY smoker for 55 years. Trust me, he was a chain smoking addict who rolled his own. He had a health scare of heart palpitations and stopped COLD TURKEY. Never touched another cigarette~ever. This proves it CAN be done! How bad do you want to quit!? It’s all in the mind 😊
C_ Farther (6 days ago)
Obviously never took a public speaking course, every syllable is in the hands, very annoying ; if you need your hands for every word, every syllable, that indicates a lack of original thought--scripted. Tried a second time to listen to this clown, sorry, but this man has nothing significant or relevant to say.
Verbal Data (21 days ago)
For people who want to quit try Allen Carr’s Easy Way. I heard good things.
T Pham (22 days ago)
I smoked for last 32 years and about 20 per day , and now I decide to stop it , any one help me here to start quit it ?
Silas The Cuber (22 days ago)
April fools? Or real
DARRYL SMITH (25 days ago)
All True, You Live for a Cigarette, To Kill You....
Mike McKay (26 days ago)
I wish I could give you a hug. This video hit home so hard that it made me tear up. Thank you.
Marie Bernard (26 days ago)
Thank you, sir !
Online Made Gamer (27 days ago)
Lol this guy really don't know how things actually work lol when he started talking about the brain and how it works I was done with this craap
romeo vukas (27 days ago)
Just like with my phelgm coming and leave coming and leave
Dhawals Room (1 month ago)
Yh mate . I was smoking 30 cigarettes a day for many years but quit suddenly when I ran out of packet at night after that never have had even a single puff. Felt same as you described great improvement.
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Nice! Thanks for sharing.
chong Seit Mooi (1 month ago)
Will stopping smoking cause fluidy running nose when rushing off
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
If it happens, you could apply the same method to let go of resisting the physical effects -- they'll eventually pass.
lil blessed (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who smoke 1 pack a week or all ya'll smoke 2 packs a day fr!?
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Yeah, it was a pack a day for me. :/
Ryan Hosein (1 month ago)
talking too much and not getting to the point
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I'll do better.
ennui blue (30 days ago)
Then bounce
Keisha Woodall (1 month ago)
This works! Thanks sooooooo much!
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Nice! Thanks for stopping by.
Ruth A (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. Your right on point as to what my triggers where to smoking. Finding a way to let go of emotions that surfaces that triggers in picking up a ciggerett was very helpful. Letting go of thoughts that does not serve me and achieving incredible peace within myself. Can't thank u enough
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Yeah, the emotions push up and we push back. We just need to stop pushing and everything is great!
Data None (1 month ago)
Wow this is a great video, it really even goes beyond just smoking, this is (dare i say) enlightenment in some ways.
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Yes :)
Jamie Barr (1 month ago)
For me it’s finally time I gotta quit. Can’t keep this up for the rest of my life it’ll be what kills me.
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
Love and support to you on your intention 👍
Sieg Hiel (1 month ago)
Just smoke weed all day and have a smoke after joint it’s the best
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
They seem to go together quite well
Fanny Cartagena (1 month ago)
Ohhh man you're awesome and thank you!! I had decided to quit smoking May 1st, 2019 because I know is bad for my health and I don't want to die by smoking cancer sticks. I will keep it up and live clean for my 3 children that need me to stay away from smoke.
Power of Quiet (21 days ago)
That's awesome! Thanks for being here.
jay d (1 month ago)
im smoking 15 years im gona quit today i bet by 9pm ill be out in the dumpster looking for butts
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Just keep letting go about smoking. When you feel at ease, imperturbable, and loving yourself, there's nothing wrong with that.
Supreme Bliss (1 month ago)
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
It's really simple to change how you feel, as well as change your whole picture.
Supreme Bliss (1 month ago)
Thank you!!!
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Thanks! :)
Gary Griffin (1 month ago)
I feel so incredibly blessed to have this video suggested to me this morning. You have changed me in so many ways with this one 20 minute video. Of course I am subscribing, but your logic and words ...it was so shocking to me that I actually started crying! I am almost speechless...almost lol Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your logic and soul with others. You led me to being a better person today.
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Welcome aboard. It's wonderful to see that everything we are looking for is right inside of us now.
Tanya Duvall (1 month ago)
Im tired of smoking..help me
Bonnie Epperson (1 day ago)
Tanya Duvall I lit one up this morning ,took one puff and then said to God " I don't want to do this any more. " I put it out and got a piece of gum and quit. Ask God and I praise His name.
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
You can definitely stop the habit.
Sarah Murray (1 month ago)
I've quit daily alcohol and nicotine habits. It's funny because I couldn't tell you how I did it, I just thought a lot about the person I wanted to be and then one day I was ready. My advice would be to just keep thinking about what your habits are really doing for you, and whether you want something better for yourself. Tell yourself you can and will do better!
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Yes, the mind is a creative instrument – and *everything* us ultimately a decision. That's exactly what you did, and that's exactly how powerful you are.
Fred Hoffman (1 month ago)
Power of quite I am 4 days in. Going okay so far tough at times. I have been trying to get my fiance to quit as well but she doesn't want too. Her problem is she says she enjoys it. I'm done smoking we have 2 small children I need to be a good role model. Your video has helped me thank you
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Great Fred! Use the same principles here to let go of disapproving of your fiance, and send her love. She'll come your way.
Fred Hoffman (1 month ago)
@Sarah Murray yes we can we've come to far to give in now
Sarah Murray (1 month ago)
I'm 4 days in too! We can do it! :)
User Unknown (1 month ago)
This is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!
IMREAL (1 month ago)
I’m on day 2 And I already feel better I still have cravings but you just got to go throw it my tips are to drink loads of fluids and exercise to get the nicotine out I feel so proud of myself ✌️😊😁
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
That's great! How are you keeping up?
IMREAL (1 month ago)
Day 3 now :) !!!
pcj67feb (1 month ago)
Wow .. made me realise that I have a few hang ups about myself ... not good enough ....of course I am!!  :)
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Yeah, those thoughts have no truth to them – at all.
ADDAM B (2 months ago)
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
They'll reap what they sow. For sure.
vimy 15 (2 months ago)
i quit jan 4 2019 using rhodiola and ashwaghanda .. they helped calm me .. then i quit .. but i vape like a bast*rd !! lol .. but that will go away ...
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
That's great, keep going for it until you're totally at ease with everything.
Gary Anderson (2 months ago)
Yep. Spiritual awakening. Had one the other day. Life is beautiful 😊
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
Beautiful :)
Kim Dobruck (2 months ago)
Came across this video when I needed it the most. Been trying to quit smoking all week.I got this.Smoking my last cigarettes now.Thank you Kris.And you have a new subscriber.
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
That's wonderful! Keep it up and let me know any way I can help.
la OmiPari' Salon (2 months ago)
The way that smoking left me was I said with every ciggerette, " thank you Jesus that you set me free from smoking" . I smoked a pack a day for twenty years , and just at thirty days, I woke up and felt a disgusting feeling toward ciggerettes, and I have not had one since, four years now.
Power of Quiet (1 month ago)
That's a great method... turning it over to God, and holding in mind that you have already been set free.
DevRa Lyn Rossi (2 months ago)
You remind me so much of a relative that I loved so much. You're the kind of personality and spirit of people I like to bring into my life. I watched this because I'm searching for videos for my brother to quit smoking. I'm on a journey of consciousness and enlightenment. I'm going to be starting a youtube channel seeking people of a high level of mind that are into meditation to start meditating at certain times during the week together. I'm trying to bring together the most powerful meditators to heal this planet. Strength in numbers. I would love for you to be part of it when it comes to be. Infinite 💓 DevRa
DevRa Lyn Rossi (2 months ago)
@Power of Quiet Oh I will! 🌞
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Sure thing, let me know :) Also, check out some of the longer videos on this channel. They are usually guided meditations from classes and retreats, and go even deeper.
Abhilash Gaikwad (2 months ago)
I quit cold turkey, i smoked for 9-10 years about 5-6 cigarettes but then started paying attention towards my health and how smoking reduced my stamina, physique and general health quality as it was becoming very obvious. So i quit one day and started eating carrots and beets also did a little cardio that's all, i cant say i have regained my full capacity of stamina as before but it is increasing steadily. I now keep watching motivating videos like this which help me stay focused, good video very inspirational.
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Great! Check out some of the other videos here, especially the longer 'meditations.' All of this stuff is connected, so as we keep letting go, everything gets better. Happy you're here.
Stephanie Wall (2 months ago)
Natural pure stevia is helping cure my cravings :)
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Nice! 😊
joe zambrano (2 months ago)
how was your recovery in cleaning the arteries and the body toxins
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
All I can say is that I instantly felt as though I had never smoked - that it never happened.
joe zambrano (2 months ago)
the cleansing of your body from the cigarette smoking is the most difficult ,
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
The body is the perfect doctor. All it needs is your positive attention (love) in order to do its job. Let go of any disapproval of it, so you can love it more easily, and it will fix itself fast.
Valerie Brockington (2 months ago)
I feel so much better already I quit smoking
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Great! 😊
fukufish (2 months ago)
i quit cold turkey 2 months ago and then started again for stupid reason, stress, people around me smoking, alkohol. A week ago i quit again, hope to never start again, been smoking for 25 years, 2 packs a day, feel terrible when smoking, choking short breath, stress, i feel free now, hope i can make it thi time
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Keep practicing what we do on this channel. You see, it's the feelings that pull you in. You can let those feelings go, which leaves you in complete effortless control over yourself.
Batzhor (2 months ago)
I did this method without even meaning to 😅. I just started meditation. Now I don't vape or smoke cigs. Why? Because I wanted to see if I could, not for anyone else. Just had something to prove.
Gary Anderson (2 months ago)
Thats what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm absolutely sick of having a crutch every 5 minutes whether it's coffee, cigs, pot, etc.... i want to master mindfulness
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Nice! 😃
Anna Morris (2 months ago)
I am a writer and researcher and someone close to me is part of some of my research right now. We watched your video and followed along till the ending and we don´t understand the system. My friend likes herself and enjoys smoking. Sometimes in her life she has wanted to quit for awhile for one reason or another but has never been able to do so because the supposed 10 minute cravings, for her, are unending. She--and I--are curious about this more than anything. She loves herself enough and she loves smoking......so.........the ending here seemed to equal, it is OK to keep smoking if you love yourself and you don´t hate the habit? What?!?
Laila Sqalli (11 days ago)
She doesnt understand the damage smokinh does. Because if she did and she loved herself she d let it go.
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Sure, from the sound of it we can handle that. I'd be happy to talk to you directly. You can reach out to me: kris (at) powerofquiet.com
DailyTricks 9M (3 months ago)
Really felt at ease watching this vid..thanks a lot
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Thanks! That ease is always inside of you.
Jason Wagner (3 months ago)
And even more
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Yeah, we usually find ourselves able to let go of bits at a time. And with each letting go, we can continue and let go even more.
Vincent Judah (3 months ago)
Thanks so much for making this video , thank you for being the person you are and sharing your lovely personality and spiritual wisdom with us
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Thanks Vincent :)
Maysa Ben yedder (3 months ago)
I am smoking while watching this video but deep inside after this video I know that I will go throw all of the packets I have and stop it from today ! Thank you
Sangam Budhathoki (11 days ago)
Same here 😢
kush sharma (1 month ago)
😂😂😂same pinch maysa im doing the same thing ryt now but hey have you quit smoking now ??
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Great! You see, deep inside of you speaks truth.
pliit (2 months ago)
@Maysa Ben yedder in that case I'm proud of you.
Daddy No (3 months ago)
I’m gonna pray about it. Jesus will help me quit ❤️ and thx for the video
Faith, Hope and Love (2 months ago)
I ended up praying in tears on the floor (never prayed in my life really). I am now 3 years quit being an alcoholic and heavy smoker. Never went to aa meetings, or the doctors. Just literally prayed in tears. I think realizing how weak I was actually helped. Like it was okay to just rest. It was okay to feel not perfect. It was okay to just let God take care of it in whatever way He wanted. All I know is I have stayed away from 2 things I was never able to stop since being 16 (I am now 33). Prayed when I was 30. 3 years quit. I had no willpower btw. Literally none. God took a weak person like me, and somehow I am here 3 years quit.
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Thanks so much. ❤️
Adventures In love (3 months ago)
Daddy No I’ll pray for you too.
CanadianLoxe (3 months ago)
Yeah I have 7 right in front of me... I promise these are my last one's
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
You can do it!
Maysa Ben yedder (3 months ago)
Good decision I hope I will to !
Baasit Hussain Hussain (3 months ago)
After breathing and sleeping weed for 10 years and drinking alcohol like a fish for 12 years. Just quit one day cold turkey and did not have a problem. Been clean for 8 years now. Dropped it like a boss😏. One week ago after smoking for 20 years went cold turkey. Wish me luck😏..feeling good thus far.
elena elena (1 month ago)
You will succeed ! Be strong!
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
That's awesome! :)
Kenneth Varnes (3 months ago)
I need more detailed instructions. I'm 5 or so hours in, and had to stop myself from throwing a 2x4 through my neighbors windshield for beeping the horn 10 times and 8:30pm
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Check out some of the other videos here. I keep it basic in most of them, and I might mention something in one that would click with you. You can also go to www.powerofquiet.com and put your email in. You'll get information about taking some easy steps beyond what I cover here.
Carol Gibson (3 months ago)
I smoke a half a pack a day. I don't want to quit. I have no breathing problems, and got a clean bill of health from my doctor
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Yeah, no problem. If you get all your feelings out of the way, you can do it or not do it. And it's the fear that pulls in problems in more than anything else.
Camille Hendricks (3 months ago)
You'll get to the point where you want to quit !
Dagan Haddad (3 months ago)
3:05...shooting star?
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Haha, yes :)
Abhishek Iyer (2 months ago)
franklin josiah (3 months ago)
I once quit smoking for 9 months. I was stupid to try it again and then I never stopped for past year and a half. I stopped smoking through fasting and prayer and trusting upon Jesus. I've done some shameful things unintentionally that made me smoke cigarettes. But I will give it up again and I don't want to smoke cigarettes ever again. It makes me feel guilty because I come from a godly Christian background and I love Jesus very much and I didn't mean to disappoint Him because He owns my life. Cigarettes is bad don't ever try it. I will give it up soon through Jesus Christ ✝️✝️🙏🙏❤️❤️🙏🙏✝️✝️
A Proud (13 days ago)
Any processed food is just as harmful and addictive as cigarettes. Driving cars as well, they are harming all living creatures, including yourself by polluting the environment. If God is the reason why you are going to quit smoking cigarettes because he owns your life than you should consider quiting these other ones that I've mentioned and some more that I haven't too. Quit because you want or need to make a change in your life. Just don't use God for that reason. Anyway, wish you the best!
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Love is the answer
Adventures In love (3 months ago)
franklin josiah I just prayed for you franklin. God forgives if you honestly ask so don’t worry about your past. God is good and with him all things are possible. :) I myself want to quit I haven’t “tried” yet. My problem is I smoke when I’m bored and I’m bored fairly often. I have been praying for God to put it in my heart to quit and when I do my first “try?” That will be my mindset.
1 week today cold turkey after seven years of smoking, it’s hard but do able, don’t give up people
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
@LethalMoonShine Game vids Congratulations, keep it up. The more you let go, and the more you get bigger than the habit, the more you scorch it away. And so what if you slip, love yourself anyway and take a step forward again and again until you win.
Camille Hendricks thank you for the support, I’m hoping I can beat this
Camille Hendricks (3 months ago)
You can do it! Don't stop until you've quit ! You've got this !
Camille Hendricks Unfortunately yesterday I slipped after nine days in (after a few drinks with friends) however I’m back at it again today and not had any, it’s all a learning curve
Camille Hendricks (3 months ago)
How are you doing???
StarCraftNoobTrainer (3 months ago)
As a long term meditater and ex smoker I can confirm that autosuggestions is a very powerful tool to get ahead in life in every way.
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
The mind works just like a computer, and you can certainly put some good programs into it. If you could quiet the mind, and have conscious free will, would you still need any programs anymore?
nessrin aweek (3 months ago)
What do you mean by autosuggestions?
XB LL (3 months ago)
I watch this video whenever I get a craving. Thank you
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Good! Keep practicing it and you'll see the cravings have less and less power.
bill Bloggs (3 months ago)
What stuff coming out ? How did you get stuff out, I had child that died how do I get that out ?
Debbie King Tampa (2 months ago)
I can't imagine. Xoxo
Keto or Bust (2 months ago)
bill Bloggs my child died last year. No parent should lose one. I try to use the fact that I should appreciate the life he lost and do better with it to motivate me. I’m so sorry for your loss. It isn’t fair.
bob smith (3 months ago)
By paying this scammer $$, pay attention, he actually says nothing.
My Planetary (3 months ago)
Thank you! Really helpful 🌹✌🏻
Power of Quiet (3 months ago)
Thanks so much!
L H (3 months ago)
This works for me. I will be visiting this video regularly. Thanks for putting it together and understanding the things I do to myself. I like what you do to me at 15:36. 0:00 Introduction 0:41 Personal Smoking/Addiction/Habits/Stress journey 3:27 Letting Go/Values/Gains/Acknowledging suppressiion of feelings 6:38 Being around others who smoke/Triggers/New Habits 7:44 Habits/Mind programs/Self sabotage/Patterns/Guilt/Negatives/Perfectionism/Decisions 11:02 Course: "Be Your Own Boss" 11:24 What's the answer? 13:47 Fighting, judging, self disapproval/Beating youself up/Taking charge/Being in the "now" positively or negatively 15:36 Letting go of self disapproval/Talk it down/Talk yourself up/Empowerment
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Thanks for the breakdown. :) Keep practicing letting go. You'll find some more videos on this channel that go deeper, bringing out this inner truth of happiness and freedom.
Tony Mootoo (3 months ago)
I wanna quit smoking real bad
Terrie Cardone (1 day ago)
Hey Tony!!! Here's what you need to know to quit smoking: Smokers have been unknowingly free-basing nicotine Ammonia added to tobacco means you are free-basing nicotine. These non-smoking commercials are testament to how crazy addictive ammonia makes the tobacco's nicotine. Too bad they weren't informed that they'd been punked! Free-basing nicotine and you didn't even know it!!! It's a crime against humanity to let the tobacco companies continue adding ammonia and not telling people about free-basing nicotine. The best hope is the nicotine nasal spray. It's effective and no hidden/secret ingredients. No carcinogens at all. Nicotine nasal spray hits the brain in the same way that free-basing nicotine does, FAST. The Nicotine Nasal spray is much easier to quit using than cigarettes. Because it has NO additives to make it more addictive. It works and will save lives. Hey CDC--->change the wording of the Surgeon General's warning on cigarettes. INCLUDE the words "ammonia added for you to free-base the nicotine." Showing us more commercials of people who died and couldn't figure out why they couldn't stop smoking does not help. Explaining to smokers they've been unknowingly free-basing nicotine is the only thing to do. Tell doctors and treatment providers about the added ammonia and free-basing nicotine, so they may adjust their perspective and treatment of patients.
Cool Girl (3 days ago)
Tony Mootoo me too I’ve quit few times for few months at times always gone back to it ☹️😞
Ahmad Kamel (13 days ago)
Gary Carman yes today my 202 day smoke free
Gary Carman (13 days ago)
Did you quit?
Ahmad Kamel (26 days ago)
Tony Mootoo chantix is the way the only way
Angie Spradling (3 months ago)
Ok it’s great to overcome smoking or any other addiction for this life but I find that people who do quit often pick up another compulsion and to them it may be a hobby or new career choice however regardless of what habits we master here on earth in this physical life we must then consider what happens to our soul when we die. Well we are three part being ( body, soul and spirit )so you have cleaned up the body but now what about the soul and spirit? The soul is your mind ,will and emotions which either yield to the flesh bodies desires or the spirit of the man. In order to be saved when you pass from this earthly existence ,you must receive Christ as your Savior and make Him the Lord of your life. Not just knowing He is Lord but knowing Him personally as your Lord. Then we can be reconciled back to our Heavenly Father and have eternal life with Him. We were separated from eternal life with our Heavenly Father because of sin that only leads to death and cigarette smoking is only one of those manifestations of sin and death . There are many. Unbelief on the Son of God is is far worse than even smoking although we do not want to defile the temple the living God so we do want to purge about all filthy, unholy choices in our lives including sexual lusts and perversions, thoughts and emotions such as un- forgiveness and having a wicked , deceitful heart and idol worship. Just to name a few. The Bible is the instruction manual of truth and life. Love self but do not worship self and not love God First and love others as you love yourself. Christ overcame sin and death on the cross and took our sin debt for us. You must be born again of water and the spirit and the only way to eternal salvation is Christ. Be Blessed and I pray for all who see this if you are not saved by our Lord Jesus Christ that you we call upon Him believe in Him for everything.
Ahkeeia Cisneros (3 months ago)
Yes Jesus!😁
Power of Quiet (3 months ago)
That’s true. We will just pick up another habit in order to cope with our feelings. However, if we welcome those feelings up and let them go, we no longer have to use these escapes to run from ourselves.
John Snow (3 months ago)
Wow! This method can work for anything! Especially diet change
Power of Quiet (2 months ago)
Yes! The source of all our problems are connected. When we practice these simple concepts, everything improves (and these concepts can be applied to anything).
Zach Mudd (3 months ago)
2 days deep. After 12 years
Zachary Arken (1 month ago)
You got this brother not sure where your at but 14 days in its really hard. Mine is just vape after chew. 60 mg nic salt. But cold turkey after. We have this. You can do this Zach!!!
Power of Quiet (3 months ago)
That’s awesome! Keep letting the feelings pass through, and it’s easy. And what you’re letting go of is going to uncover a lot of freedom for you.
💟Beautiful and ...
tesfaye negewo (3 months ago)
You amazing person thank you
Alexandre Gomes (3 months ago)
Subscribed just to be sub #1000. Congrats.
Power of Quiet (3 months ago)
Thanks!! Welcome... hope you like it and stick around.
Endless Production (4 months ago)
I’m 34 and I smoked for almost 20 years. I did quit but got back to because of alcohol. Anyway. I quit now, cold turkey, about 6 days ago. And I can see that Smoking wasn’t my only problem, but it was connected with a lot of other habits, like taking my time and being lazy. I had some health issues, but it’s nice to get rid of a certain lifestyle. I had a lot of associations with smoking, bit by bit they go away. To everyone who wants to quit: get through the first 3 days and then 5 It’s possible
Mastermind (10 days ago)
Alcohol makes you want to smoke. Read my comment hopefully it helps
Travis Pavey (20 days ago)
Verbal Data (21 days ago)
wahh Taoo get that checked out sharp pain is the body’s way of saying something needs attention
Endless Production (3 months ago)
wahh Taoo no
wahh Taoo (3 months ago)
@Endless Production even just moving or laying in bed did U have a sharp pain? Not just a deep breath
Madi and Ali R (5 months ago)
I can’t believe you guys actually believe this shit. Such nonsense. There’s no absolute possible way to quit smoking in one afternoon. This guy has to be high on some good shit mf
Endless Production (4 months ago)
What are you talking about? If he quit, than it did work right Decision was made in one afternoon It’s called cold turkey I think ha
Keisha Woodall (5 months ago)
I quit!
Keisha Woodall (3 months ago)
This works
Keisha Woodall (3 months ago)
Maysa Ben yedder i searched for quit smoking
Maysa Ben yedder (3 months ago)
Congrats how did you find it?
Jimmy D (5 months ago)
By the end of this video I was smiling......I'm going to do it!!!
Az Da Sinista (3 months ago)
Hendrik de Boer (5 months ago)
So did it work for you?
Bona Bona (5 months ago)
Jimmy D mee too.. im starting tomorrow.. Good luck
Tom Mustermann (6 months ago)
very good and exactly what i was looking for. thank you.
Barry Rodriguez (5 months ago)
I used to be addicted to smoking 6 months ago. Now I've been cigarette free for the past 3 months. Learn how I was able to treat my smoking addiction here: SmokingFix.xyz
Margo (6 months ago)
You are amazing! I just smoked my last cigarette and came across your video by accident! It’s a beautiful sign. Thank you ❤️
Mastermind (10 days ago)
6 months passed have you cracked?
C_ Farther (19 days ago)
Since you keep this posted, can I ask if you did quit and what method did you use? I did but the only successful quit was when I used the 4 mg nicotine gum. I was opposed to it initially, but it did the job.
Zoe K (4 months ago)
I hope you've been successfully I just quit and stumbled on this video and seeing your comment gave me hope, keep it up!
MrCookingdave (7 months ago)
Quit addiction to alcohol in a day. This is über power
Georgina Sandnes (7 months ago)
I did too Stopped drinking 8 years ago And stopped smoking a year ago Only way to go for addicts is to quit cold turkey
MrCookingdave (7 months ago)
And indeed, I feel unlimited. My wife does a therapy where she 'reunited' the broken pieces of my self (childhood, where I switched off... Adulthood with resulting addictions). Once I felt whole, I ran into you and this simple process has now allowed the "whole me" to progress with amazing results. I didn't mention that only two days after watching your first video, I was offered the dream job of my life. It was such a dream that I had never even imagined it. Thank you, my brother.. Spaisibo, muy malinke brat (Russian version). Know that you are deeply appreciated
MrCookingdave (7 months ago)
@Power of Quiet indeed. You are the first person I've met who has made it this simple. I've been on my journey for a few years now and this is another huge point along the way. I just wanted to let you know how much this means to me personally as well as the good you're doing for others. From my heart to yours: thank you for sharing this. I will certainly join one of your retreats in the future if,, for no other reason, than to thank you and give you a big Russian hug in person.
Power of Quiet (7 months ago)
Congratulations, that is fantastic! That goes to show just how powerful you are when you get the thoughts/feelings out of the way. You are unlimited.
ruffian713 (9 months ago)
I quit cold turkey after smoking for about 33 years. Last cig was 6 and a half months ago.
Christina Reynolds (1 month ago)
@chris p Cool! Thanks!
chris p (1 month ago)
@Christina Reynolds hello I just replied but can't see my response here so I'm replying a second time. After about 3 days the coughing in the morning stopped and breathing became a whole lot easier, as well as my energy levels. Simply amazing. We really don't realize the damage until we finally stop hurting ourselves.. I know you could do it for sure! All the best
chris p (1 month ago)
@Christina Reynolds hello and sorry for the late reply! Honestly not long at all! After about 3 days I was no longer coughing my lungs out first thing upon wakening. My breathing also started getting much better in the same time frame along with my energy levels. All the best to you
Ana Ruiz (1 month ago)
@JohnnyC Major lol
Gary Anderson (2 months ago)
@ruffian713 yeah bro!
Ken Mcaree (9 months ago)
He makes so much sense. We sometimes make everything so complicated
Power of Quiet (9 months ago)
Heck yeah. It's funny (and at the same time not so funny) how complicated we make things. Once we slow down and look at things clearly, these truths become obvious.
Saša Sviben (9 months ago)
Good site man! Ciao
Power of Quiet (9 months ago)
Wanda Fowlow (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video you're awesome
Power of Quiet (10 months ago)
Thanks Wanda 🙂
Malcolm McKenzie (10 months ago)
I'm on Day 2 of not smoking and I know I can get this shit done cause I'm a fuckin warrior and I shalt not be defeated!! 💪🏿💪🏿✊🏾👑
Power of Quiet (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for that feedback. It shows that any of us can achieve this state.
Malcolm McKenzie (10 months ago)
Power of Quiet Thanks for the advice it's greatly appreciated and I do understand where your coming from i was introduced to that knowledge initially from "The Power of Now" book 1 yr ago. I know you know what your talking about first hand keep going many more need to hear you.
Power of Quiet (10 months ago)
Stay in the moment. When you are aware that there is no past or future, you can easily stay with your decision without anything pulling you back.
Guru Dutt (10 months ago)
i quit cold turkey ..i smoked weed for 8 years and everything that could b smoked...and believe me it was very tough for me but somehow i accumulate power in myself to just get rid of it...and now m clean for about 3 months and m really enjoying myself now
C_ Farther (3 days ago)
@Kolslov You are absolutely right. They put this drug addiction on the backs of the consumer. The government, the pharmaceutical companies, the hospitals, the taxpayer funded state associations that tell you, you can do it, are all relying on the most heavily taxed product on the market and us failing. Otherwise, you should be able to get shots and counseling to get off the nicotine drug and cigs would be illegal.
Kolslov (3 days ago)
@C_ Farther hang in there man, I haven't gotten the ghost pack phenomenon you speak of, but I had a full body itchy as hell rash as my veins circulation got better. I think things like your experience and other extreme cases of physical or mental symptoms of withdrawal need to be discussed. I think the happy go lucky websites that tell you no major symptoms will occur after 5 to 8 days are misleading.
C_ Farther (6 days ago)
Not being nosy but you put this out there, how are you doing? Does your brain understand not to smoke anything? I went through all the withdrawal and my brain still tells me I have a pack in the kitchen drawer and I go there to get one but I don't smoke anymore. I wish my brain understood, it's over.
BabyNapoleon (14 days ago)
Martin Gorgievski I guess embrace it, it’s part of who you are.
Martin Gorgievski (30 days ago)
bruh... i quit weed and start smoking again a couple of times every year .. weed is completely different ... tobacco on the other hand .. i have been a daily smoker for over 7 years and i cant quit ... i've tried 3 times each time lasting a week, or untill the weekend .. and then i would get drunk again and i would start smoking again .. now i have been drug/alcohol free for about 6 months because i focused on school but i cant drop the ciggs ..
squeek toy (10 months ago)
Thank you so much ❤Deep video
Power of Quiet (10 months ago)
Thanks! This is just the beginning. The more you look into yourself, the more you see there are no limits.
TheRealM00 The Original (11 months ago)
can you let go of repeating so much :'D
Madi and Ali R (5 months ago)
Not even funny just down right annoying. This guy is definitely on some kinda drugs. He sounds like a crack head
Judy (6 months ago)
Jimmy Sandwiches (10 months ago)
and even more x
muhammad bahdree (11 months ago)
And even more :D
Power of Quiet (11 months ago)
Aleksandra Ferenc (11 months ago)
<3 thank you, you are amazing <3 finaly diferent perspective!
Power of Quiet (11 months ago)
Thanks Aleksandra, haha... who'd knew that it would be this simple! :))
I smoke 20-40 cigarettes per day😢😢😢
Power of Quiet (1 year ago)
You can definitely let it go. Absolutely. Practice what we do here and start proving it to yourself. I'd also recommend the 21 day online course - it'll guide you along and show you even faster. You can check it out by clicking the link in the description. Thanks for sharing ❤️
Lavinia Bucur (1 year ago)
This is super useful ! Thank you ! I resonate with what you said about smoking, I relate it to the habit of biting my nails :D Releasing has really helped me with letting go of the feelings that would get me to bite my nails. It was such a strong program, running for at least 20 years.
Power of Quiet (1 year ago)
Thank you! Yeah, when you remove the charge that's underlying the habit, the habit dissolves completely.
Robert Balkenhol (1 year ago)
I vaguely recall you had a personal story about releasing some serious dental pain. A pain releasing video might be useful.
Power of Quiet (1 year ago)
Oh yes! In fact I had a powerful experience with a tooth (verrry painful) a couple of months ago while I was traveling in Romania. I let it go and it completely disappeared. I'll definitely do a video on that.

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