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The Try Guys Crash Cars Into Each Other // Presented by The Grand Tour

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The Try Guys design and destroy cars and crash them into one another in their first demolition derby! Presented by Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour. Now Streaming on Amazon Prime. Stream new episodes Friday. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!
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Text Comments (6654)
Roselyn Policina (6 hours ago)
I think eugenes gonna cry when he finds out that he lose.
Peanut Lucero (8 hours ago)
Eugene my horse is named black magic
a l e x a n d r a (18 hours ago)
In love with Zach's car 😂
GayBae (20 hours ago)
Eugene loses Me: what
milkypea (23 hours ago)
eugene handles his failure in a cool way thats why he doesnt quite lose ksksjsjsj
Kkukku And Chims (1 day ago)
Hm...I actually hoped Eugene wins...but. You deserve it :).
Ivy Martin (1 day ago)
Somehow Keith manages to put his face on everything in every single video.
Derill Troy Tacang (1 day ago)
Rank of best designs. 1. Keith2 2. Black Magic 3. Meow 4. Ariel Atleast for me
Frog doog (2 days ago)
"Eh he still lost" Video ends.
Snowy Collar (2 days ago)
Annabelle Min (2 days ago)
I was laughing so hard that I teared up when Ned came out of his car and slapped zack at the end 🤣
Izzy Pacson (2 days ago)
Chlidish Zack😂😂😂
Isabelle Whitaker (3 days ago)
Keith's form of defense is always to put his face on everything😂😂😂
Erin Rose (3 days ago)
When Keith yells around 6:00 ... kinda hot.
Mr Potatoe (3 days ago)
Eugene wore his coo outfit at the beginning
Melissa F. (3 days ago)
Im totally eugene😂😂
Melissa F. (3 days ago)
Ned looked mad when the guys teamed on him
akt animations (3 days ago)
Now after knowing aboit zachs condition i feel so bad for him when he said "that *really* hurt" :(
Kim ChhayKH (4 days ago)
I love Keith car😂😂😅😅
Sheena Shroder (4 days ago)
Party Squad (4 days ago)
The funny thing is that one of my nicknames is Mad Dog, and I’m really.... violent sometimes.
Yutika MSP (5 days ago)
Kayla Cervantes (5 days ago)
Rebecca Gibbons (5 days ago)
I loved the kitty cat car
_MaqbeSkylar (6 days ago)
"So demolition derby is basically backing that A** up?" HEHEHE xD (Face palm) Oml :P
Smiley Riley (6 days ago)
11:14 (runs over Keith’s face) oh wow 😂
Hidden Light (6 days ago)
wait does that mean eugene was the best driver
Hidden Light (6 days ago)
"white people came up with this right" -Eugene im dying of accuracy
lilypowder1 (8 days ago)
I hope my future husband loves me as much as Ned loves Ariel 😂
Ada Playz D: (8 days ago)
I got in an school bus accident.... The Most scariest thing that happen me
Alexander5 (9 days ago)
Ned sucks
bee bee (9 days ago)
Eugene losing? Parallel universe???
Elsie The Equestrian (10 days ago)
*M Y W I F E*
brayden89898 (10 days ago)
So glad they decided to keep the battery and gas tank in the stock locations where the could explode
MuRpLe MiLk CaRtOn (10 days ago)
I want zacks car xD
Playdough Zombie (11 days ago)
cats get their balance from their wiskers
Michael Goliat (12 days ago)
Zach is like Kyle's cousin from south park
Ilycea DoesStuff (14 days ago)
Bowser Jr. (14 days ago)
Keith: *has never gotten in a car accident* Keith: *wins mad dog award*
Cheyenne Goh (15 days ago)
eugene is my spirit animal. i mean, the only foreign one, the one who (almost) always wins, and the one who tries to kill everyone very happily.
Rainbow Leprechaun (15 days ago)
Zack is the Eddie to the Try Guys.
Eden Roach (16 days ago)
I love Eugene so much.
Ali Tegantvoort (17 days ago)
Ugh Zach is soooo cuteeeeeeee he has a kitty on his uniform even lol
Ali Tegantvoort (17 days ago)
I’d so let them all smash me at the same time
Sunny Alvarado (17 days ago)
Personally i liked Zach's car most, but i also liked Eugene's...
Elle (17 days ago)
"What up, I'm zack, this is my whip, meow meow, she's called Donna" I'm-
rgffgte g fggffg f (18 days ago)
Zach is too adorable to be human
Nicole Monraga (18 days ago)
Luh Eugene's Dr. MARTENS
SATRYA AHMAD ISYA (19 days ago)
when will ned stop talking about Ariel for at least one episode
Jumaane-Kalif (20 days ago)
"WE'RE GONNA TRIPLE TEAM ARIEL" NED: "Can we please stop this line of joking?"
The cats Life (20 days ago)
Ugene win best dance award !!!!
Noel Cay (21 days ago)
Mariah LeighAnne (21 days ago)
I love metrosexual men
Miyi (22 days ago)
Zach is my spirit animal 100%
Aura (22 days ago)
we gonna talk about Eugene wearing what looked like a romper...
Joanie Cox (22 days ago)
I LOVE EUGENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe JONES (23 days ago)
I loved Ned car
I didn't like neds car but I'm german and stuff so yeah
Princess - (24 days ago)
Abby Smith (27 days ago)
I think that I would have the most fun hanging out with zach
cute pupppy (27 days ago)
When he said I didn't know that had that much thurst that got me thinking
L Norton (28 days ago)
love the try guys
Ashley A (29 days ago)
I laugh so hard at all of these videos!..lol love them
Elxsha. Xo (1 month ago)
“I think white people came up with this” i think thats always his line..😂😂
Haileyy Elizabeth (1 month ago)
The Korean ALWAYS wins a dance battle 😂
Alex Sotomayor (1 month ago)
Vanessa Potato (1 month ago)
Baby Blue (1 month ago)
DONT BE MEAN TO ZACH 🤬 hello I love u zach
astrøid (1 month ago)
*real life dodgems*
Nelli Tang (1 month ago)
2:11 omg me
Fernando Torres (1 month ago)
Eugene + Black 90’s Honda Accord = GOD DAMN
Zach: cn I have one of ur faces Keith*like an old grandma* yea sure have one of my faces 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jon Won (1 month ago)
Ne really is the whitest
Chris Russo (1 month ago)
Eugene: White people came up with this, right? Goodness gracious boy I love you XDXDXDXDXD
Alter Paps (1 month ago)
That is GTA 5
Waddup I'm zach and dis ma whiP
tomato boi (1 month ago)
Anna Banana (1 month ago)
Anna F. (1 month ago)
YeS oF cOuRsE gEt a KeiTh In YoUr CaR 4:08 (p.s if you can't read that it says "yes of course get a Keith in your car")
LJC (1 month ago)
I quite like the simplistic design
Rośe Chae-Young (1 month ago)
Eugene: It’s Called “Black Magic” Little Mix: 🎵And It’s Called Black Magic🎵
nazla amanda (1 month ago)
"dark, mysterious, but still very sparkly" exactly eugene, 100% you
Tessa Bishell (1 month ago)
We need more of these exact same videos
Abby C (1 month ago)
Lol Eugene won the only competition that mattered— the dance-off
Adam Is insane (1 month ago)
Keith is you, Eugene is the guy who she tells you not to worry about
Spacey Skeleton (1 month ago)
Ned is very very clingy
F1 Boi (1 month ago)
We are gonna triple team Ariel😂😂😂
Bruna Oliveira (1 month ago)
"if you hate my car you hate america" hell yeah I do
Audrey Hom (1 month ago)
Morgan Duda (1 month ago)
oh Eugene lost at something
Maddie M (1 month ago)
absolutely wild to me that ned was the one who won best decorated
Parker282828 (1 month ago)
Eugene is me when I'm older
Infinity Me (1 month ago)
If you wanna see heaven.... Click here—>12:50
2021juliannar (1 month ago)
eugene clearly won the decoration part of this competition
Norell Leung (1 month ago)
"My true hope is I'm just too adorable for someone to want to hurt." ~Zach Aw.... The other three guys are playing offensively and Zach's playing defensively.... always the way it goes. Keith started out decorating defensively but he was starting to get into attack mode... I really feel for Zach. He's small, he's had immune disorder issues that preclude certain athletic/physical activities..(at least enjoying them the way a person that doesn't experience bone/joint pain). the body we are in really really does seem to shape who we are in personality...
Norell Leung (1 month ago)
"Oh man, I've been playing it cool, but I'm not keeping it cool." ~Eugene
Norell Leung (1 month ago)
"Every time we do a video that involves competition, Ned turns into a monster."
Ryan Rusa (1 month ago)
why is eigien waring a dress?
Hailey Alice (1 month ago)
unbiased view that eugene won decoration
Amazing Hessie (1 month ago)
11:12 rip

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