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I'm Dying

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I explain the sorry fact that due to bad choices I am dying.
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Nate (1 year ago)
I hope it all goes well :)
WillOfMyD (6 years ago)
I'm sorry to hear this. I'm sorry for your loss. v.v
PaintedRavensong (6 years ago)
(cont'd)...therapy that they offer in Thailand and also in the Dominican Republic. It's so unbelievably expensive but if you were ever able to do something like that, they are experiencing great results with it. I'm so sorry. You can only do what you can do. Sending loving and healing energies your way. You aren't that old...is there anyway to try and do anything healthwise to make the rest of your life as good as it can be?
PaintedRavensong (6 years ago)
Your video touches me greatly. I just lost my father less than 9 months ago due to heart disease and it was very difficult. He was doing all the right things...never even drank coffee because he was so health-conscious. He had a heart attack on the golf course...he was in premium condition. So, I'm only telling you this because you shouldn't beat yourself up too much...sometimes there is no getting around a heart that might have not been great all along. I wish you could do the stem cell...
timido66 (6 years ago)
I have no word to express how sad I am at this news. I wish there was something I could do. I hope they can get Cobra to work for you. You are in my prayers.

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