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Shit Lolitas Say 2

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Part 2, with special guest star Basil, boyfriend to one of the local girls, who is as comfortable with his sexuality as I am with mine. Watch Part 1 here: http://youtu.be/-omzT7bqiWo?hd=1 Subscribe for more Loli-related goodness!
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U.S.Aliciana (4 days ago)
Beautiful brolita
Pink Clouds (2 months ago)
I have Tiara Rose in black to!😁❤️
Epi Endless (1 year ago)
Love the blouse you wear with the red dress. The sleeves are gorgeous. :-)
Onii chan (1 year ago)
How do I order from Taobao?
theChilly2k (1 year ago)
Really impressive ideas =)))))
Grease (1 year ago)
Omg is that a dress replica? :( I mostly own replicas.
ILostTheGame (1 year ago)
"diet starts tomorrow!" replaces cake with lollipops. Brillaint.
i hate see people try to be cute but they not come one western ascent is not perfect for lolita but when it come to asia 17 year old like 160cm tall when it 160cm tall it from south east
Milena Karla (1 year ago)
... what?
Xethmaw (2 years ago)
Allow me to answer that last question with another question. Do you run?
KenKen Taylor (3 years ago)
Omg the part where he's eating a lot is basically me in a nut shell x'D
FaZe Cat (3 years ago)
Lol you make lolitas sound mean, now am confused
FaZe Cat (3 years ago)
@KenKen Taylor oh ok, good :D
KenKen Taylor (3 years ago)
+FaZe Cat Nooo not all of them are mean! Don' worry c;
MilfHunterKakyoin (4 years ago)
Omg, I'm a lolita and I ask people to tie my ribbons basically every day... ("=-=")
Clouded Dreams (4 years ago)
Yay so it IS ok to wear tiara rose in black with white shoes XD
佐助うちは (4 years ago)
I feel ya bro. Still too fat for my Moitie OPs so I have to wear cardigans over them. Because it hides the fact that they won't zip up...
Butterfly Angelic (4 years ago)
diet starts tomorrow **tomorrow come** o.o **eats chips** aah f*ck >.<
Mr. Tachibana (3 years ago)
+FaZe Cat dresses are usually smaller but there is no size to match lolita
FaZe Cat (3 years ago)
Is there really a weight size to pull off the lolita look? ;-;
Minibyte! (4 years ago)
thekpopb2utifly (4 years ago)
will there be a Shit lolitas say 3?
Gravity382 (4 years ago)
omg, once again, the last one is dead on!
BlueKid (4 years ago)
Chilled Salad (3 years ago)
though we are supposed to act with a good amount of manners and have basic etticuit
Sarah Stevens (4 years ago)
Beginner's Question: Are Scarves allowed in lolita if they match the coordinate? Can themes outside of the well known substyles like techno, egyptian, pin up, or others be used in Lolita while still following the shape and modesty rules or does that make it to Costume-ish? If we choose to wear wigs, what are some great stores that specialize in higher quality realistic looking wigs that are a little more expensive bot not overpriced? Any other advice? I'm a new wanna be lolita who is working 2 jobs to save up for her first coordinate. Thanks for reading this if you've gotten this far!
Chieko Katsune (6 months ago)
1. If you feel good in it you've done it right 2. I have a blast making my own stuff
SweetSailor (4 years ago)
1. Yes, sometimes. I wear scarves with my winter coordinates, as well as casual coordinates. Fur scarves and collars also look very elegant and princessy! Here's a really pretty example: http://raventh.tumblr.com/post/9464602096/love-the-style and here are some more: http://lolita-tips.tumblr.com/tagged/scarf 2. Of course! Do whatever you want, as long as it follows the basic aesthetic of lolita :) for 'techno' lolita, check out cyber lolita. It's not done often, but it can look awesome when it is done well. For egyptian, I know of this beautiful example: http://ameblo.jp/tamie-love/entry-11565553202.html which I adore. And for pin-up, look up retro lolita. http://lolita-tips.tumblr.com/tagged/retro 3. I get all of my wigs from bodyline. I know they aren't famous for their quality, but I have been very, very happy with my wig purchases from them. I've had one for more than 3 years and it's still surviving! Most of their wigs have various color options, so you can find ones in naturally-occuring colors. Also, check out lockshop. I cannot attest to their quality myself, but I've always heard great things about them.  Other: In regards to you working two jobs to pay your first coordinate - keep in mind that lolita doesn't have to be expensive! Check out bodyline, reliable taobao shops, and even second hand brand stores. And - if you really know what you're doing, try some thrift stores! Dresses aren't easy to come by, but you can pick up jewelry, cardigans/jackets, blouses, shoes, etc. Also, you can try "normal" stores like forever 21 for blouses, socks, and shoes as well. Depending on the style you're wearing, claires and icing may carry hair accessories that would suit a coordinate. Anyway, good luck, and all my best wishes! xx
shaymin cutie (4 years ago)
55 seconds is that Sydney or Brisbane?
Natalie Jewett (4 years ago)
"Rose toilet" I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard!!!!
milk boy (4 years ago)
The Iron Lolita (5 years ago)
The JSK does have shirring.... lawl X3
Nonie Fuss (5 years ago)
"Diet starts tomorrow...(noms lollipop)" rofl
Ren Kōtei (5 years ago)
"Sure sweetie" AHAHAHAHAHAHA 
Sierra Johnson (5 years ago)
Sierra Johnson (5 years ago)
Sierra Johnson (5 years ago)
chesiregirl (4 years ago)
@Little Wolf Taima I got them from Bonjour Honey, myself. I think a lot of indie brands sell them.
Little Wolf Taima (4 years ago)
I think they're Chocomint; everyone's got them now and I feel I might need one to fit in...
Heloise B (5 years ago)
Ha ha ha I feel so privileged to be French with all those silly meaningless French names, they got to be so confusing for non-French speakers! 
Goth Oregon (5 years ago)
Regina George's phrases re the bestest ever and ever 
Sue O (5 years ago)
You were in South Bank! Ugh!! Next time let me know! :D
Moi Dix Mois XD
Japanlover32 (5 years ago)
Moi Dix Mois  The hardest band name to pronounce ever and nobody knows why Y U Do Dis Mana-sama???
celeste cc. (5 years ago)
lolita LOL  jajjaja
Arielle B (5 years ago)
Holly Hart (5 years ago)
Tsuki570 (5 years ago)
Does this print run?!!!! lmfao!
Alex Jack (2 years ago)
"Does this print run" No but YOU better start
Ella George (5 years ago)
Moi muuuhh...... xD 
Tanya Jones (5 years ago)
(to read like how Hikaru and Kaoru say mass production in the English version of Ouran) Make a third one! Make a third one!
Ashleigh King (5 years ago)
Ashleigh King (5 years ago)
They are all definitely Australian. The video is in Brisbane.
Kara Canis (5 years ago)
I dont think I know any guys who like lolita...cool
Snow (5 years ago)
im from Poland and understood everything at 1st time lol X...X
Jessica Bombonato (5 years ago)
*eye twitches*.....*feeling the need to make him hold the goddamn fork properly*
Michaela Cornelius (5 years ago)
I speak English just fine, it's his enunciation that makes it difficult for me to understand. He does non-rhotic dialect r fronting, and the punchlines where flying. I loved the video, but had to watch it several times before I got it all.
Niwa Awayuki (5 years ago)
Really? I thought it was pretty easy to understand~ Maybe practice english a lil more if you arent?
Sophia Kovaleva (6 years ago)
Is it a joke or do people really pronounce "moy-me-moy-tea" instead of "mua-mam-mua-tiye"?
CherryPieTVXD (6 years ago)
i hope this is a man
José MV (6 years ago)
Michaela Cornelius (6 years ago)
you should put english caps up. I sincerely can't understand 80% of the dialogue. :-/
stephie h (6 years ago)
Me too. had a bit of a shock to say the least.
Rampachs (6 years ago)
Casually watching videos when... is that the arches at south bank? Small world indeed.
Soft Clouds (6 years ago)
It might be,we do have some different sounding accents down here.But I doubt it too haha.Btw you are soo cute! And your dresses are simply amazing! ^-^
Aki Uchiha (6 years ago)
nephi alice (6 years ago)
He's freaking adorable and hilarious XD
Ashleigh King (6 years ago)
Ashleigh King (6 years ago)
Rachel Holgate (6 years ago)
LMAO! These are the best vids I've seen xD The mispronunciation of the brands is soo true (then again, who can blame ppl getting the names wrong, right?) And the diet thing is me...all over...I love food...*cries*
Solid Asian Gold (6 years ago)
He looks awesome no matter what he does or how he's dressed.
Chelsea Glover (6 years ago)
Snowbunny (6 years ago)
True XD
Max Webster (6 years ago)
Rose toilet??? XD hahaha I did that! I was like how do u say it!!?!!?
Max Webster (6 years ago)
Hahaha nom nom!!! Dont worry as a lolita I say I only eat cute things which means calories!! ^_^ anyway so funny
Christine Robyn Lane (6 years ago)
That was good. Cute brolita.
Maglugbel (6 years ago)
Sam Jackson (6 years ago)
Lol He's like the Borat of Lolita culture. :P
Momo Domo (6 years ago)
Still, the point of Lolita fashion is to dress modestly meaning showing no cleavage and all that other stuff. So... it's more conservative, in a way x'D So I guess it's one of those "giving off a first impression" kind of thing? x'D
probablyajedi (6 years ago)
IT'S SO TRUE!!!!!!
AMHC (6 years ago)
Yees Mean Girls quote!!! xDDDD
Momo Domo (6 years ago)
What /is/ CGL? x'DDD
NeonSunset (6 years ago)
moi meme moite! :D <4
͡ (6 years ago)
Unsure if intentionally transphobic or what.
Momo Domo (6 years ago)
LMAO I love these videos so much x'DDD Please tell me you're planning to make more x'DDDD
anahb (6 years ago)
Many people would consider lolita 'slutty' "strange' and "asking for it" despite not showing any skin. It's not nice to slut shame other women because of what they are dressing.
donghoforevermine (6 years ago)
yep rocken those side burns
PilsburyBane (6 years ago)
did i alsee an adams apple?
Ninon P. (6 years ago)
The way you say all the brands with a French name is adorable. (and I'm French) lovely video !
Tricia Campos (6 years ago)
OH MY GAAWWWD that was south bank parklands! how did we not become friends when i lived in brisbane?! now im in stupid america :( this was awesome btw!! haha
Garfunklmibladder (6 years ago)
LOOOOL I can't omfg dying dying DEAD AND GONE~ Buried and sent to the GROUND!
Dat Ashe Cosplay (6 years ago)
Innocent World is a nice brand. I like Metamorphose Tempes De Fille, Baby The stars Shine Bright, and Moi-Meme-Moitie
Deerstalker Pictures (6 years ago)
The only time a girl is asking for it is when she is actually consenting to sex, not when she is wearing Lolita or any other fashion no matter how strange/revealing/covered up it is.
Deerstalker Pictures (6 years ago)
Our dear director/star of this piece is an aristocrat so naturally his favourites are Atelier Boz, Alice and the Pirates and Moi-Meme-Moitie. But he's wearing my wardrobe in this film, though tbh my favourite brand is Innocent World.
Deerstalker Pictures (6 years ago)
Australian English is derived from British English, but due to the high percentage of American content/culture/globalisation, we take on American accents pretty often too..
Deerstalker Pictures (6 years ago)
There definitely are lolitas in Wales, they have a community online somewhere too.
K. Boggs (6 years ago)
...people like you shouldn't be in the Lolita culture. Lolita girls shouldn't knock what fashions other people like, call people sluts, and ESPECIALLY think that people dress in a way that's deserving of sexual assault. That's being a fucking crummy human being and not very loli of you. That aside, I can relate to this video a little too much XD
Michaela Rose (6 years ago)
"Oh my gawd I love your dress!" .... "That was the ugliest dress I've ever seen". Lolita Mean Girls moment :D
blueberrybell (6 years ago)
this is the best thing ever
SuperLoli101 (6 years ago)
Aha they're all just really fancy-looking pastries and what not xDD If you're going to dress and look fancy, might as well eat something fancy too? xDDD
King (6 years ago)
Why are you hating on a fashion? GTFO.
Nina LaPres (6 years ago)
why do loli desserts look so fucking irresistable? 0_0
Naku Kono (6 years ago)
I'm French so sorry if my english sucks but I love your videos, they are too funny. X ')
Aiwendil (6 years ago)
Lol, the arm ties I'm always asking people to help me with.
inkyGame (6 years ago)
Nom nom nom
sidse vang laumann (6 years ago)
lol.. im lolita i dont eat that much cake at all.. i live on tea and carrots mostly.. these days..
SpawnOfCheese (6 years ago)
'I got posted to /cgl again!' BAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA xD <3
Vinnie Kohler (6 years ago)
lol, I love it when people try to pronounce Moi Meme Moitie XD Of course, I can't do any better...
Cynthia E (6 years ago)
gah so confused, sometimes you sound british and sometimes you sound american!
AudeGift (6 years ago)
These are actually really cute and funny. XD I love the cake and waist measuring pieces.
BioticGalaxy (6 years ago)
Love it because an a Lolita it's true haha

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