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TOP 8 Awesome Shoes life hacks - Life Hacks for shoes

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TOP 8 Awesome Shoes life hacks - Life Hacks for shoes !! Please subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ozHO1FxFRKS2QTyZuXJXQ
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Life Hacks (4 months ago)
2 Awesome videos that YOU SHOULD KNOW :D 1. WOW! 10 AWESOME LIFE HACKS AND CREATIVE IDEAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjgyYXoUVVg 2. 9 Awesome Life Hacks and Creative Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIR4RfHYWsM&t=3s
Pinki Rangra (6 days ago)
Wait r u a boy
سهيل احمد (1 month ago)
Top Clips (2 months ago)
Plzzz tell me what is name of the tone arround the 4 minutes of viedo plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz
Sharon Burnaiz (1 hour ago)
Music pls
Michael Gormsen (1 day ago)
Number one looked like he got a pencil and Drew on them then erase them with a eraser
Devonte Nicely (4 days ago)
Lachezar Chokoev (6 days ago)
I got these sneakers - www.fittysneakers.com and they're awesome but I'm afraid to spin them in the washing machine. Anyone suggest a cleaning method?
Faizan Khan (7 days ago)
Song is better than hacks
Narciso Dayrit (9 days ago)
Can someone explained to me the number 2? 😅😅😅
Himanshu Sharma (12 days ago)
Chutiyo ki kammi nahi hain
Habtamu Wondaferew (12 days ago)
3:04 What? XD
den2242 (13 days ago)
2:50 - yes dude, ofc I'm carrying a teaspoon everyday
Asim Chakma (13 days ago)
I tried the first one but didn't work
Frank Matthew (14 days ago)
Four ways to suicide fast 🌚 I don’t recommend this video
Nini Jones (15 days ago)
So how do you clean oil stains out of the material like the blue shoes tho
cracker jinks (15 days ago)
His way of walking tho😂
Oromoon wol jallaata (20 days ago)
Nice job
Sarthak (20 days ago)
3:33 what the fuck was that😒
arte rustico (22 days ago)
En la situaciòn numero 5 para que te complicas, si no puedes meter la patota en el tenis, no uses una cuchara, simplemente suelta las agujetas y te lo vas a poder calzar sin nungùn problema, a menos que tengas algùn problema neuronal y no entiendas como ponerte los zapatos.
Filip Ivan (23 days ago)
Number 6 makes no sense to me, whats the point in gluing a shoe to the floor ????
Arsh Razi (24 days ago)
Friend: how come you have got your shoes so white ? Me : I have salt in my toothpaste
Shawal Ahmad (24 days ago)
CashMA (25 days ago)
2:20 there is clearly still toothpaste on the shoe
GiàyNam 2h (26 days ago)
JACOB'S LADDER (27 days ago)
# 8.... use gold bond foot powder... takes th smell out.
Eau Rouge (29 days ago)
What an absolute rubbish video...
Deebee Ninja (1 month ago)
Hahaha the black shoe he cleaned with the banana look like daffy duck all out of shape hahaha then he hot glue the shoe to the floor 😅😅😅crazy ass.
XianyAo Mou (1 month ago)
I can feel the roughness when you're scrubbing it and it hurts my brain and skin like I am aching badly haha
Maniac _15 (1 month ago)
No. 2 does it really works permanently?
youtube channel (1 month ago)
Thắng Ngô (1 month ago)
Đôi xanh này là tên gì vậy ạ
Rizky Aditya (1 month ago)
sampa humeoli (1 month ago)
el calzador cuchara QUE RATA TENES QUE SER JAJAJA
Moe Cutz (1 month ago)
T J (1 month ago)
Why the fuck do fuckboys like yourself wear fingernail polish you fucking sissy little bitch
Тут с головой разносторонне...
kwstas kwsta (1 month ago)
Me:Moma dont eat the bananas, Her:Why nigga,u want them in your ass again,Me again:No i just need to clean ma shoes
علي العلي (1 month ago)
thank you fack
jm sanchez (1 month ago)
What exactly is going on in number 6?
James Croucher (25 days ago)
It's so you can glue your feet to the floor and let natural selection take care of the rest.
Janine Ponce (1 month ago)
Whats the number 6 for?
2019 anyone?
سمير كلبوسي (1 month ago)
برساي برسلي
fatima batool (1 month ago)
jens jensen (1 month ago)
dam im glad that im using ad block
s1mble vincere (1 month ago)
when u want sniff shoes.. ok otw to heaven
Imane MELLOUKI FILALI (1 month ago)
micheal desta (1 month ago)
i always exciting by this vidio
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mon key (1 month ago)
1:10 This idea is not good.
ahmed ali (1 month ago)
https://souq.link/2Hl2tTU ويكي خفيف اسود حذاء رائع
DJ BEATMASTER (1 month ago)
1 Awsome Shoe life hack - Washmachine
SonnY HamwI (1 month ago)
Ohhhhh shit, you better stay away from sneakerheads lol If you go chucking someones AJ1s or any of their shoes in a washing machine for that fact your gunna have to have some good running shoes 🤣
Kari Howard (1 month ago)
Why not untie your shoes then try putting them on. So simple☺
Jared Dixon. (1 month ago)
Yo para que mis tenis queden limpios y la suela blanca primero diluyó jabón de barra y le echo un chorro de pinol o fabuloso Oxy y quedan como nuevos
Justin M (1 month ago)
These are the worst hacks I’ve ever seen and they have Crep Protect for a reason
Scott & Aheadjoy (1 month ago)
>Scott< slaps this sproglet behind the head. How can common sense be life hacks? If you can't get your foot into your shoe untie the show laces.
amatrice band (1 month ago)
Why do I think this video is so lame ? Could be the music.
Omer Hussien (1 month ago)
best shoes for sport on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Brooks-Mens-Ghost-Ebony-Silver/dp/B078BR92XB/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=81719130325-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=31017f6aed9d3056fb63a2ca7196bac0&creativeASIN=B078BR92XB
Rajesh (1 month ago)
Which brand sneaker is that navy blue colour?????
Rajesh (1 month ago)
+Luke Johnson thank you😊
Luke Johnson (1 month ago)
evan smith (1 month ago)
Sorry I won't be using ur hacks They all damage ur shoes If they are cheap old shoes beyond help then maybe
Eva Silva (1 month ago)
+evan smith Watch everything or watch in 1:36 > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLfxrDCJ1FI
evan smith (1 month ago)
@UCkhyItSLM2M1WXrTc9A2iXg okay eraser aside lol
SonnY HamwI (1 month ago)
Actually just finished the video and I gotta ask 1. Using an eraser on your midsole 2. Rubbing A Banana Skin On Your Shoe 3. Using a spoon/shoehorn to assist with putting your shoe on 4. Washing your shoe laces How could any of these methods do damage to your shoe? The others I understand like maybe just maybe if you buy some cheap ass $15 wallmart shoes they might react badly to chemicals in Baby Powder or Candle wax (no idea how just giving you the benefit of the doubt) but please explain how these 4 could damage your shoe
Maddy Sojka (1 month ago)
Spray deodorant also works to get rid of the odor👍You’re welcome!
YouTube Evim (1 month ago)
Adidas Men's Legus Shoes Review in Hindi https://youtu.be/JwRduYzomfY
Health Solution (1 month ago)
Khairul Zaim (2 months ago)
Betul ke ni 🤔🤔🤔🤔🦍🦍🦍
İbrahim Halil Atak (2 months ago)
Deli mi siniz ne siniz ne saçmalıyor sunuz
Joshua Wylie (2 months ago)
rubbing out pencil off the sole xD
Raeleeann Penn (2 months ago)
Use me clean magic eraser instead of an eraser
Gleb Bunin (2 months ago)
Please refund me my 5.08 minutes of my life !!!
Carlos Murillo (2 months ago)
Los zapatos son para ensuciarce 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Khuyên KN (2 months ago)
đủ 4b.hóng b
Biplab Jena (2 months ago)
Which brand
The Niqqaman (2 months ago)
Number five is the worst one , but why
Lerma Nadonza (2 months ago)
Lol number 6 thats a fail hahahhahhaha
Bitch (2 months ago)
If someone did this to off white Jordan’s I’d murder them
ZOFY:SENPAI (2 months ago)
u can use a strong body mist to prevent the bad smells
Krishna kant yadav (2 months ago)
Adidas Hindi Review https://youtu.be/JwRduYzomfY
2k Craze (2 months ago)
Number 5. Use the bacl tab or just untie the damn shoes
Youngwoon CHOI (2 months ago)
first one, just like an eraser, your rubbing the grips off so not worth it.
Mazlum Kaya (2 months ago)
Elindeki ne
RK TITIREACH (2 months ago)
I would not do such horrible things to my shoes
ضوء القمر (2 months ago)
اكو عراقيين لو بس اني😂😂
بنتك يا حلب (1 month ago)
لاء اكو انا من سوريا كأني فاي عربي غير انا وانتي😺
ramon bass (3 months ago)
Rebuild legal guidance depression yet researcher teenage read ie.
Slick Guy (3 months ago)
useless sht
Ameen Nazeer (3 months ago)
Abhishek Kaithvar (3 months ago)
Abhishek kaithvar
baye dame Sylla (3 months ago)
The name of the singer plede
Dilla Zenova (3 months ago)
Yeay.. Beautiful
Maria Gomez (3 months ago)
Oooooo muy aburrido
Maria Gomez (3 months ago)
Es verdad
Josefina Hernandez (3 months ago)
You know why that first one came off with an eraser because it was pencil markings
The405Show (3 months ago)
maybe it's just time for a new pair
Vikesa Keditsu (3 months ago)
Use a condom to polish your leather shoes or leather jackets. Not a joke.
Krishna Ray (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha last wala k liye
Kristian Lacasandile (3 months ago)
I gotta be honest. Number 5 was stupid
Chitransh Harshwal (3 months ago)
which song is this ???
Cordial Pariat (3 months ago)
Best deal for shoes don't miss https://westencoast.wooplr.com/collection/4547670847913984/trendy-sports-shoes
Amar Mahmic (3 months ago)
1 hack does not work
Juan Grijalva (3 months ago)
Seria mejor que los des-ate talegon de mierda
SHOES Collection (3 months ago)
Please collaboration my Chanel
SHOES Collection (3 months ago)
Nice video
End Furries (3 months ago)
The thumbnail made my Jordan’s scared

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