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TOP 8 Awesome Shoes life hacks - Life Hacks for shoes

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TOP 8 Awesome Shoes life hacks - Life Hacks for shoes !! Please subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ozHO1FxFRKS2QTyZuXJXQ
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Life Hacks (1 month ago)
2 Awesome videos that YOU SHOULD KNOW :D 1. WOW! 10 AWESOME LIFE HACKS AND CREATIVE IDEAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjgyYXoUVVg 2. 9 Awesome Life Hacks and Creative Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIR4RfHYWsM&t=3s
Product For U (30 days ago)
amazon shoes 👉 https://amzn.to/2AGWLH5 that good
Ihsan Khan (1 month ago)
Bhai Kia price ha shose ki blue waly ki
ramon bass (23 hours ago)
Rebuild legal guidance depression yet researcher teenage read ie.
Slick Guy (3 days ago)
useless sht
Ameen Nazeer (3 days ago)
Abhishek Kaithvar (4 days ago)
Abhishek kaithvar
baye dame Sylla (4 days ago)
The name of the singer plede
Dilla Zenova (6 days ago)
Yeay.. Beautiful
Maria Gomez (6 days ago)
Oooooo muy aburrido
Maria Gomez (6 days ago)
Es verdad
Josefina Hernandez (7 days ago)
You know why that first one came off with an eraser because it was pencil markings
The405Show (8 days ago)
maybe it's just time for a new pair
Vikesa Keditsu (8 days ago)
Use a condom to polish your leather shoes or leather jackets. Not a joke.
Krishna Ray (10 days ago)
Ha ha ha last wala k liye
Kristian Lacasandile (10 days ago)
I gotta be honest. Number 5 was stupid
Chitransh Harshwal (12 days ago)
which song is this ???
Cordial Pariat (15 days ago)
Best deal for shoes don't miss https://westencoast.wooplr.com/collection/4547670847913984/trendy-sports-shoes
Amar Mahmic (16 days ago)
1 hack does not work
Juan Grijalva (18 days ago)
Seria mejor que los des-ate talegon de mierda
SHOES Collection (20 days ago)
Please collaboration my Chanel
SHOES Collection (20 days ago)
Nice video
End Furries (20 days ago)
The thumbnail made my Jordan’s scared
Kuldeep Mourya (21 days ago)
jatin mourya nice videos
good video👍👍
udinbaubau udin (22 days ago)
Berlebihan bau itu saja,,,,, ekting berlebihan gays
cute babe (22 days ago)
Using Spoon was the worst one
SeNDe KaZaN (22 days ago)
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MAHADI HASAN (23 days ago)
I like this shoes, Can you help me https://shopacquire.com/shop/shoes/men-shoes/mens-casual-shoes/men-flats-light-breathable-shoes-shallow/
Strawhat Luffy (24 days ago)
Music title ?
ZerØichi kun (26 days ago)
4:09 What's the name of this song?
Piyali Kar (26 days ago)
What happened to your thumb
الحمام عشق (28 days ago)
السلام عليكم
Din sya (1 month ago)
No 3 eat first before use
Daniel Rios (1 month ago)
El intro del @prankedy
我SKYGROUND (1 month ago)
Don’t do this please no 4 . You can just use a tissu plus hand sanitizer
Aman Wahid Sherwani (1 month ago)
Chatt kyu nahi leta abay ullu ke patthe pehno aur kharab ho jaye to daan kar do marne ke baad shoes ko kya kabar me sath rakhke le jayega gelchode😂😂😂
Myat Noe Myat Noe (1 month ago)
Durjoy _b (1 month ago)
#5 oh yeah I always keep an pair of spoon
عباس عباس (1 month ago)
اكو عرب بلطياره
Rohan Patel (1 month ago)
Nakli mal heeee. Yar
Rohan Patel (1 month ago)
Jutha jutha he saab
Киви в Цель (1 month ago)
крем кушать для темного))))
kAsi (1 month ago)
Use white eraser to prevent its color printed on white soul
Shyampal Singh (1 month ago)
jale hue sandals aur jute ko kese theek karte hii vo video please dale
Shohag Tv (1 month ago)
Turk (1 month ago)
How do you fix a pair of Nike Air Max with a busted air bubble that squeaks?
Turk (1 month ago)
music is rough....
Phani L (1 month ago)
Nice bro
R3TRO_MAFIA (1 month ago)
Or you can just clean them. Only takes like .2 of a fucking nuron
Lautii González (1 month ago)
Buen actuación chino jajajaj épica
Sebastian TWT (1 month ago)
La intro es de prak keddy
Stanley Davis (1 month ago)
Show a video on how you were able to get the toothpaste fully out of nylon
tipo saida (1 month ago)
I brush my teeths and my shoes 😏😏😏
Ashish Sahani (1 month ago)
Pagal samjha hai kya
hellzey (1 month ago)
1. Fr worked im suprised
Jamie Kelly (1 month ago)
Giày đẹp hiepshop. com l
黙秘権 (1 month ago)
duc ho (1 month ago)
da vo
md kaish (1 month ago)
SHEIKH Shani (1 month ago)
Seelam Sai Sandeep (1 month ago)
What if we got a hole in our shoe?!?!?!😢😢
Turk (1 month ago)
Go to Shoe Carnival
laly (1 month ago)
Buy new ones
Prix Moyen (1 month ago)
Cool !!! https://www.ebay.fr/usr/nzokfr4
Ananya Maji (1 month ago)
I applied Powder in the boots but my foots kept slipping I ended up with a sore foot
Moises Guzman (1 month ago)
Con que lo puedo limpia mis tenis amigo
Muhammad Sultan Mahmud (1 month ago)
good idea
Nayan Bangera (1 month ago)
Humanity is doomed
Amit Das (1 month ago)
Heungsig Park (1 month ago)
You can remove all the stains with a clean pen.
Nam bui (1 month ago)
JUMILO (1 month ago)
Check this out 5 shoes to help you rock the street Click link below to watch https://youtu.be/4xoinjzoP0I
Samveg Lohiya (1 month ago)
Which Song?
Elit3KD (1 month ago)
6 how to glue your shoes to the floor
diivyanshh (1 month ago)
NDX TV (1 month ago)
Χψγδημνηλ οπηψνγ
Joseph Stalin (2 months ago)
Yall know the stain on the eraser hack is pencil lead right?
gopal rawat jaat G (2 months ago)
Very bad
Mine Hiển (2 months ago)
Video quá hay luôn tôi biết là anh là người việt mà hahaha
Jose MN (2 months ago)
Prankedy :v
XX_COWBOY_XX (2 months ago)
Tennis ball for number one
Johan Chandra (2 months ago)
Why dont U just wash it, wkwkwk
Hengelbert Calma (2 months ago)
I will try this
Mrr kh (2 months ago)
Ayah Isyah (2 months ago)
‘ FBI (2 months ago)
Some of these are just flat out retarded
Kedir Yimer (2 months ago)
it is simple i well do it
Gamerglitch (2 months ago)
Top 10 awesome shoe hacks that will make you look like you live in. A cardboard box. I think that should be the tittle
iris pellenaars (2 months ago)
Just trow 'em in the washingmachine
Nabalok Polapainz (2 months ago)
Why horror sound effect at last? :/
Makele mkongwa (2 months ago)
Song please
Luis Montes de Oca (2 months ago)
New generation trying to make life hacks... You really looks stupid everything is wrong! That's the result of having the whole time a fucking phone in front of your faces!!
Ryan SR (2 months ago)
5 or you can untie your shoes instead 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
frankie guevara (2 months ago)
Soap and water would have worked better for the sneakers and wouldn't leave a stain like the toothpaste.
tanya gayvoronskaya (1 month ago)
Okay but... am I the only one that noticed he has paper taped on his nails?😂 he/she lmao
tanya gayvoronskaya (1 month ago)
+laly smh... he/she is an it. 😂
laly (1 month ago)
+King Khan youre both wrong its her*
tanya gayvoronskaya (1 month ago)
+King Khan okay his*
King Khan (1 month ago)
tanya gayvoronskaya his nails
Cleaning shoes using tootpaste may cause degradation on shoe's material
4.10 song name#
knightrider KNIGHT (2 months ago)
Why is This guy sporting a woman's fingernail painted white? The spoon trick goes good with Jordan 11s because it saves the 23 lettering from socks scrapping it off
Iki Channel (2 months ago)
mini militia gamer (2 months ago)
What the tape on your hand ??
Arwinder Gill (3 months ago)
song name???
u/user2 _ (2 months ago)
Sarude Dandstorm
Kaushan De Silva (2 months ago)
It's Different - Shadows
shakeel kasim (3 months ago)
Apni gaand me toothpaste laga let 1 hafta dho Na nahi parega
Entertainment Ka Dose (3 months ago)
Yu K (3 months ago)
This is number 1 bull shit

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