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5 AWESOME Conversation Starters That DON'T Suck | Small Talk Tips

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10 Confident Body Language Tips: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/ten-body-language-tips-appear-more-confident/ Kickass First Impression: http://www.iamalpham.com/index.php/topics/kickass-first-impressions/ My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Best Grooming Tool: http://amzn.to/1ri4OTn Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Best Grooming Tool: http://amzn.to/1ri4OTn Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM My Businesses: Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com Squirrel Lab: http://www.squirrellab.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com StyleCon: http://www.mensstylecon.com Tiege Hanley: http://www.Tiege.com Small talk is a skill, that when mastered, allows you to converse with anyone, anytime. All small talk starts with conversation starters. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents five awesome conversation starters. Alpha is presently the 'Chuck Norris' of small talk. He discusses about how small talk and conversation starting became a defense mechanism for him when switching schools as a kid. He said that this skill paid off for his profession as a personal trainer, which he had to hold boring and monotonous conversations with all types of people. Small talk increases your confidence level by being able to engage people and make them feel like they've known you for years. Bottom line, the better you practice small talk, the better you get. Conversation Starters to Get the Party Poppin'! 1. The casual open - clear and friendly 2. The non what-do-you-do-for-a-living opening - gets people talking about their hobbies and passions 3. Event specific opening - every gathering is hosted which using this open, you can learn a bit about the people. 4. The highlight reel - simple and easy 5. So, what's your story? - it's fun, quirky, random, and playful for a casual environment
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Text Comments (2025)
akshay kumar (3 days ago)
You always get my thumbs up with the way you speak
scurtDA kerfun (5 days ago)
It kinda sucks when people just give a one word answer and im like 😒🤔
You should sell insurance!
MarinaYouTube (1 month ago)
You should create a separate channel for women! :)
Toms Ķīsis (14 days ago)
Ouss Shelby (1 month ago)
thanks alooot Dudde !!
Ouss Shelby (1 month ago)
Shiit It works !!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Wayne (1 month ago)
Girl comes to me today on a iatrical beaurocracy office and says "hey do we get any numbers for standing in line?" her body straight on my right and I look her briefly and just reply politely "no, there's none of that, you're next after me." What I shoulda said was "no but if you really want any numbers on paper you should have my phone number" another fail 😱
TheHvk (1 month ago)
Most of these seem like too much.
Shawn H007 (1 month ago)
Jedi master Aaron! Great video!
"Wanna fuck?"
Teyoncé Knowles (1 month ago)
I’m a female and watch your videos. They’ve really helped me. Men always say they find me intimidating/unapproachable. I’m really shy and insecure, it’s keeps me from so many guys bc I look like what I’m not lol... anyway Thanks
AlonePopTart (1 month ago)
Really appreciate the advice man, had a great first date after watching some of your videos. We had an awesome time and are going back out tonight. It takes more bravery to admit you need advise and to seek self help rather than think you got it all figured out. You the man.
Eric Sanchez (1 month ago)
There’s only 1 opener you’ll ever need to remember and use... thank me later “hey! how’s your day going?” simple, straight forward, about them, to the point, good conversation starter, and most people follow up with how about yours. then, you respond about your day and elaborate on yourself. the end. good luck. alpha E
Ulises R (1 month ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga to have small talk with his own reflection just about anywhere.
Unknown Species (2 months ago)
me on my crush : So umm tell me, more about yourself also my crush several days later : you know that guy? he's creepy
Perry Rose (2 months ago)
Ear rings, three-day beard growth, shirt buttoned halfway down . . . This guy is just another tool trying to be cool. Hey, that rhymed! :-) And all he is doing is repeating same ol' everyday info. What a joke, this guy is.
Mark WasHere (1 month ago)
Big Narstie (2 months ago)
Hey have you ever tried DMT?
Jizzy G (4 months ago)
"So...what's your story?" "Fuck off, weirdo!"
ros yt (4 months ago)
Chuck Norris invented water.
Soul Intent (4 months ago)
Aaron you're awesome!
JakeArino (4 months ago)
What do you think of alpha m?
Adrianss ss (4 months ago)
When I saw that DON'T suck I clicked instantly😎
Adrianss ss (4 months ago)
How many likes can we get on this comment people?
Stan Stevens (4 months ago)
I like your videos var helpful
el_chino_778 (5 months ago)
Aaron you are awesome
H Sunset (5 months ago)
May I watch this if I’m a gentlewoman?
Dib Gee (5 months ago)
Soo...do you like oxygen?
Chris L (5 months ago)
Love your work. You are very likeable and inspirational and know what you are talking about but please don't use the word "awesome". I've even seen on children's clothing in Moscow. I'm your age and it makes me cringe. Keep it for the feminised millennials who think they know it all
Austin Deleon (6 months ago)
I sometimes say "what I miss".
Ema Begum (6 months ago)
Hey, what's up man?? I like the way you talk.😀🙂
SHASHANK SRIJAN (6 months ago)
How to start with boys: Hey! Do you think that Ronaldo is better than Messi??
Gretz Gordo (6 months ago)
How to exit a conversation especially during small talks without being awkward? I usually say, "Ohh okay." Then smile a bit then turn away. Or "Ok I'll be going now." Then waves. But I still think that's awkward lol.
O VIRUS (7 months ago)
3/4 of the world is water.....
Damen Barbee (7 months ago)
I don’t know about you, but I think that pizza looks amazing... Maybe not the greatest but I’m sure it’s not the worst way to start small talk
Patricius Emmanuel (7 months ago)
"Heyy!! What's up? Have you ever heard the story of Darth Plagueis?
Fares Elgen (7 months ago)
Omg shut the fuck up and get into the video 1:45
ASHISH GULERIA (7 months ago)
Your tips are amazing
Joshua Broadwater (7 months ago)
You look like trash... can I take you out? :D
Kieran Emery (8 months ago)
"Does this look infected?"
Jacob Pegram (8 months ago)
Ur awesome!!!
Kevin Arrieta (9 months ago)
you are awesome, saludos desde argentina!!
J90JAM (9 months ago)
I feel like "What's your story?" is a bit cringey.
CherieShrimpzzz Wave (9 months ago)
The comments section is full of losers.
Carl Peeples (9 months ago)
Hey my name is your name!
AR Records (9 months ago)
They won't work if you're ugly.
dmok420 (10 months ago)
so whats your story. I would give a respond with my story with what ?
Eduardo Beauzick (10 months ago)
Hey how is life these days
Kumar Broadway (10 months ago)
I am groot!
Fastest Man Alive (10 months ago)
Great video dude! Keep it up!
Local Ghost (10 months ago)
great work Alpha appreciate it. I am from southern part of India TBH where most of your tips wont work. Can't even think of starting conversation to some random person on the street or the cute girl in the room as people find it abnormal and the person finds it too creepy and annoying. I wish you can help me on the case. thankyou
Life Basics (10 months ago)
These are awesome thankyou
wildside316 (10 months ago)
The first, and till now only, time I ever heard "so what's your story?" Was in T2☺
Ramzi Bekki (10 months ago)
"Kinda strange isn't it (Now the other person is curious to know what's strange)" Then follow it up with an observation. I was doing the question observation directly but this one seems more effective! Try it out and tell what do you think!
DEX EMRIT (10 months ago)
skip to 1.48 and then thank me later :) Good stuff..:)
i miss being cool (10 months ago)
Gandharv garg (11 months ago)
June 2018 !!!!
Bazic0797 (11 months ago)
My neighborhood conversation opener is “What’s up man where you from”
TigerClaw! (11 months ago)
most of these sounds in german kinda weird. So whats your story? - Also was ist deine Geschichte ... naw sounds not right
Iman-Felicia Toronga (11 months ago)
He starts with gentlemen every time so can women not watch this?
Miracle B (11 months ago)
Oh My GOD 😫THIS channel is 4 GUYS 👦💔n I don't think i should be watching👀 this BUT it was really good info.👏🔥🖒
Shred Dead Redemption II (11 months ago)
in a public/busy atmosphere .."so which one of these jigaboos would you Batista Bomb first? and why?"
RaphazardYT (11 months ago)
The Gamer Guys xd (11 months ago)
What's cooking good looking
Blue Box (11 months ago)
this seems like a bit too adult like considering am 13 and dont know anything trendy too talk about any good conversation starter for a all guys school
Honk Supremacist (11 months ago)
no offense but if you greeted me like that i'd run away scared xD
Omicron Alpha (11 months ago)
"word around the office is you've got a big...
MR.THINK PRACTICLE (11 months ago)
Who the hell disliked the video.
ThePuppyMaster123 (11 months ago)
The one that always works for me is "Hey, so, mindget porn! That shit is just great" 10/10 ign
TheRealConservative (11 months ago)
WTF is in his left eye
Luis Querol (11 months ago)
"So, Pizza or Tacos?"
agentcrossbow_80 (11 months ago)
When I meet someone I like to ask what type of music do you listen to
Dave I. (11 months ago)
Heeey, Alpha M (and whoever else reading this comment section too)... 😃 How about (If a girl/woman's wearing a Cladda Ring)- "Hey, I noticed your ring you've got, ☺ Nice ring. 🤔😃 Is that a Clauda ring? I heard about those before, their pretty neat. Is that the one where it's reversible? Where if you point it in one direction it means you're single, & pointing it the other direction means you're taken & already got somebody?". 🙂 Then she'll reply back with what she heard about those. & ☺ If she's wearing it in the Open Heart (or single/available) direction... 😏Then ya may have the chance to invite her (somewhere) to go out on a date with ya, & ask if she's interested in ya.
Francisco Sá (11 months ago)
When I want to start a conversation, I usually ask people's opinion about what I'm dressing, like " what do you think about my shoe? Does it looks good with this outfit?" Or the classic " hi, saw you and thought wow that girl is cute, I want to come to her and say hi, so hi", and both works fine.
A Kind Hobo (11 months ago)
I've gotten comfortable starting conversations and be able to keep it going but then I have problems when the person isn't talkative and then we come to an awkward hault and don't know where to go.
Sonia Abraham (11 months ago)
gentlemen? gentlemen? do u understand there are women in this world too!
Rice Balls (11 months ago)
Did you know that no one cares? It's not like he's segregating people by saying gentlemen.
Sohal Lateef (11 months ago)
Please make a video on sun tan
Barry B. Benson (1 year ago)
Me:"Hey what's happening?" Crush:"How I'd you get into my house?"
FaintMoey (1 year ago)
The videos all gentlemans needed
RITWICK HALDER (1 year ago)
Joey Tribbiani : How You Doin'?
Xoce (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, senpai.
Anthony Reid (1 year ago)
Tell her you like her shoes
Rajesh Agarwal (1 year ago)
Make a vedio on....How to start conversation with a strange girl in Text message
Justin McGrath (1 year ago)
I used the highlight of your weekend starter on my teacher and it lead to no notes and a 30 minute conversation about nutrition. You rock Alpha!
Penguins (1 year ago)
1:48 you welcome
Random Stalker (1 year ago)
All of this I tried but it didn't work, cuz it was too boring.
japezLFC (1 year ago)
Do you know of the most amazing skin care in the world. Yeah, that's Tiege Hanley
Stephen Wadsworth (1 year ago)
"Nice bum, where you from?" 😂
International Bag (1 year ago)
“I’ve found spongebob”
Kostadin Hadjidinev (1 year ago)
Make awesome conversation starters that DO suck now
Oliver La Du (1 year ago)
do u have to start with a question every time?
Casper Muziri (1 year ago)
I love this guy (no hommo)
ASAP-chase (1 year ago)
So me and my girlfriend had some really good conversations but than they started dying any tips?
Brylan Shaw (1 year ago)
"if Chuck Norris was here this would be alot more fun"
ELK (1 year ago)
"If you knew that both Democrats and Republicans were working together in a very bipartisan manner to bankrupt America with titanic debt and you had to pick a number between zero and ten, with zero being like Village Idiot Level and ten being Einstein Genius Level, as to how smart it is to waste your vote on either wing of the bankruptcy party what number would you say?" That works with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.
uriahedwardsmusic (1 year ago)
Number 7: “Hey, have you heard of Teige and Hanley?”
KnockoutPill (1 year ago)
This comment section was amazing
Supersonic Fab (1 year ago)
I have a feeling that using the word "sup" "watup" o "whats up" makes me sound weird.
Ankur Gupta (1 year ago)
i laughed so hard at no. 4
Elle Jones (1 year ago)
1) the causal open: So what are you up to today? 2) What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working? 3) How do you know the host ? 4) You having a good week? What’s been the highlight? 5) So, what’s your story ? My own: 6) Hey I’ve not met you yet, what’s your name ? I wanna ask: If anyone came up and asked you one of these would you find it weird ?
Reaper Royal11 (3 months ago)
Take out the I’ve not met you yet and boom... sex god😜😎
Elle Jones (1 year ago)
Okay but if someone did this to you would you find it weird !?
air horn (1 year ago)
"Hey, did we meet just now?"

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