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How to Pack for Basic Training | Boot Camp

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Watch more Boot Camp: Learn about Basic Training videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/498696-How-to-Pack-for-Basic-Training-Boot-Camp "A lot of recruits ask me what to pack for basic training, so let's make that packing checklist right now. First, you're going to want a plane and a bus ticket. You're going to want several copies of your orders. You're also going to want form 1199, which is your direct deposit form. You're also going to want meal tickets and MEPS, which is your military entrance processing station; all those documents. You're going to want a copy of your birth certificate - not the original. You're also going to want 6 pair of underwear, white only, no crazy colors. You're going to want comfortable running shoes. Two locks, make sure they're combination - no padlocks, you're not going to want to carry keys around with you. Eyeglass band, but only if you wear eyeglasses of course. You're also going to want to pack 6 pair of calf-length white socks. A black marker, Sharpie medium point works best. Toiletries and a small black bag to hold all your toiletries in. Toothbrush with a case. Shaving cream. Disposable razors - not your electric razors, you can't use electric razors at basic training. Two washcloths and a towel. Don't forget that deodorant, please don't forget that deodorant. Shower shoes, all black again, no colors and no logos on those shower shoes. Shampoo and conditioner - one bottle to save space. Soap with case, please don't forget that soap. For women, you're going to want your undergarments; cotton panties and bras. And don't forget, one full slip in case you're ever in a military suit, which you will be. Flesh-tone nylon pantyhose. And quarter inch or less in diameter earrings - they can be gold, silver, pearl, or spherical diamond; which can also be worn with what they call your Class A military suit. Let's go over some miscellaneous items as well. You're going to want a long-distance calling card to call home, because you won't have access to a cell phone most likely. Small box of laundry detergent in a zip lock bag. Stamps, which will be your best friend at basic training, they're like currency. Insect repellent. Cough drops. Small notebook to take notes of course - when your drill sergeant yells at you, you want to write that down so you don't make the same mistake again. And that's pretty much your entire list. I wouldn't recommend bringing anything else because it's probably going to get confiscated for contraband.
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Billy Russo (28 days ago)
Thats the reason why I joined Marines and not Army . . . . . But also, I betrayed my best friend and massacred his whole family so don't listen to me.
Hello World (1 month ago)
-Travel size conditioner and shampoo -only the clothes that you are wearing -personal documents -Maybe a little bit of cash -Phone and phone charger -you might want a small and cheap watch -deodorant Pretty much all the other stuff is bs because you are only wearing your clothes to reception.
The Hollows Eve (2 months ago)
Back-pack. 2 days worth of clothes. Phone charger. Phone. Yourself. Dont go if you can help it.
ThreeBears Sandoval (3 months ago)
So the females don't need deordorant or pads ect.lol
Andrew Merkes (5 months ago)
Just bring a tiny bag for toothbrush and deodorant. That’s it you will buy everything at the PX
Rizoh (5 months ago)
I didn’t even watch the video, should I bring shower shoes and running shoes?
Dimes Gaming (5 months ago)
No don’t bring any of this only bring your personal stuff they give you soap and everything else.
Mr Smiley (6 months ago)
And here we have a commonly referred to *buddy fucker*
twoeightythreez (7 months ago)
Dont bring anything that wont fit in a folder, and your wallet. Wear as few clothes as you can get away with, depending on weather. I recommend wearing sweat pants and sweat shirt with a t shirt underneath. You will be buying everything you need at the NEX/PX and any clothes you came in wearing will be placed in a vacuum sealed bag.
Bryguy Flyguy (8 months ago)
I did all this and ended up not being able to use any (Ft Leonard Wood)
Don’t bring anything but a binder
bill m (10 months ago)
Rubbers, weed, KY,
This guy straight bullshittin 😂
The Slavic American (1 year ago)
From what I have heard, you don't need any of this anymore, especially the birth cert, shoes, and underwear. They give you everything and they make you buy the shoes with your own money for PT.
Angel Marin (1 year ago)
How needs to make an up date video now
Sergeant Doc (1 year ago)
Why the Hell is there a 1st Marines patch on his right arm?
Sergeant Doc (1 year ago)
Leo Casi (1 year ago)
guys who were previously in the marines and deployed with them ,they can wear that marine unit patch (under the flag)
Reaper106 (1 year ago)
Your suppose to get all issue this when you go in. For the USMC
BOOTY eater (1 year ago)
Don't bring any of this
David M. (1 year ago)
I am only bringing my travel hygiene kit and my social security card and my wallet and paperwork on the first day I went to meps. I ship out this Monday for the army
Stanley (1 year ago)
all of this is just to troll you when you get in the shark attack to carry around (except the documents of course)
Daniel Price (1 year ago)
Thankfully I will never need to know this, even if there is conscription unless laws change dramatically. Still nice to know.
first name (1 year ago)
Why should I buy all this stuff if they're just going to take it from me at the beginning of basic??
A A (1 year ago)
This recruiters troll lvl: over 9000
Douglas Kirby L (1 year ago)
This Sergeant is a recruiter. The Drill Sergeants will make you throw most of your stuff in a can. Just enough for 2-3 days.
Douglas Kirby L (1 year ago)
Uncle Sam will give you initial pay to buy exactly what's on his list. The socks is where the don't bring list starts. Don't bring any of it.
Douglas Kirby L (1 year ago)
Leave the cough drops in the medicine cabinet.
Douglas Kirby L (1 year ago)
You'll be throwing a lot of this in a can.
Douglas Kirby L (1 year ago)
Bring your person. Anything after the paper...don't bring.
U.S. Marine Corps05 (1 year ago)
Can you wear contacts
Cummins Tech (1 year ago)
juan sanchez (1 year ago)
This boy a dummy
Me_Me (1 year ago)
Im a girl with superrr curly hair hb hair gel? I use the juglike one with the twist cap
Bardo Rubio (1 year ago)
Someone help me what do I really need to bring to basic I don't want to spend a lot and then when I get there I'm gonna buy everything so Just tell me what is the best to bring with me to basic leaving exactly in a month thank you
bravo685 (1 year ago)
Bardo Rubio where you headed to?
Hunter Miller (1 year ago)
USMC gives you mostly everything, ask your recruiter what few things to bring
Ariel Parada (2 years ago)
I have to pay to get to BMT? I thought the bus takes you
Crabber (7 months ago)
Johnny mahsrow, So I dont have to buy a plane ticket or bus ticket before hand? I ship out to fort Benning in two months.
Johnny mahsrow (1 year ago)
Andrew Ryan No you don't have to pay to get to BMT and the bus will take you to the airport.
Sam Warren (2 years ago)
If he's in the Army, why is he wearing the 1st Marine Division as his combat patch?
blaine Osmon (1 year ago)
No Name maybe he was attached with the first Marines on a combat deployment I'm not sure but I think I herd somewhere once that if you were deployed with them your allowed to wear it like I said not sure.
samslammer2001 (2 years ago)
What about a Military Bible?
Chris Stroh (2 years ago)
Are you kidding me ! Your to supply soldiers with most of this equipment . Only thing I would bring is laxatives those Army meals can send ur body through a huge change . Pair of great running shoes . Nothing expensive , but the Army Px (Post exchange ) shoes are average at best. Black, blue or gray best. white shoes will get destroyed . Feet are going to get a lot of miles on them . Bobby pins for women that don't want to cut there hair . Sure there are better choices for keeping hair above shoulders . Shower shoes yes grab 2 or 3 pairs . Men grab women's secret roll on. I don't care if all the dumbies in boot camp tell you that's for women . Secret really works . Men's speed stick sucks. You need 3 bars to equal one secret deodorant. I'm ex US Army 13 foxtrot forward observer . All we do is run and sit ups and push ups . Socks you can't bring those Army issues you there socks . anything white tube socks maybe 6 pairs. Your there product and they will make you wear there brand of clothing , because they have a order they have to fill with there suppliers of clothing . Every piece of clothing has meet military specs. Don't think ur cute by buying clothing that exceeds the standard . They want every soldier on even playing field so they can measure physical fitness on same standards . After boot camp and A school . Buy real equipment .
Deki Booker (2 years ago)
What if I don't have my Birth Certificate?
JJ Inirio (2 years ago)
Dave Marcum (2 years ago)
Get ready to be a serious order follower....
grand m'boi (2 years ago)
can i have bubble gum?
Tyler Smith (2 years ago)
What does he mean "Long-distance calling card?"
jeremyapps (2 years ago)
so you can call home because you are not probably not going to be getting a hold of your cell phone.
Milton T. Watson (2 years ago)
What should I do if I have very sensitive skin and can't use a regular razor? I can only use an electronic razor because it doesn't irritate my skin and cause it to swell and bleed.
Phyz (2 years ago)
consider a different career path
TRIPPY VISIONS (2 years ago)
15R cant wait
Jared Brown (2 years ago)
lol Army. My Marine recruiters told us to only take our ID, $20, birth cert, and social security card lmao. i may be missing a little bit more but doubt it. Army having you pack for a vacation😂
Deion Smith (6 months ago)
Jared Brown forgot ya box of crayons
Frank Denardo (9 months ago)
@LuffWaffle I am glad I got dropped. Failed both the physical and pschyatrist interview.
Frank Denardo (9 months ago)
@Daniel Price I did that but I gone after two weeks. Did not pass the physical and the pschyatrist interview.
John De Luna (10 months ago)
Actually, before shipping, I was told to carry what you mentioned above.
Daniel Price (11 months ago)
Now, the Marines only have you bring your ID, $20, and your recruiter's business card haha
A Flying Meme (2 years ago)
Don't you get a $250 smart card to buy all these materials at the PX?
Deion Smith (6 months ago)
first name (1 year ago)
Yep, and the stuff you do bring they are going to take and you won't see it till you are out of basic. If at all.
JJ Inirio (2 years ago)
halofandude123Studio exactly
Random Person (2 years ago)
Are women required to wear earrings?
Crazy Hawk2828 (2 years ago)
No, you can't even use make up
Alex Escalante (2 years ago)
11 bang bang here I come
shounen2k (2 years ago)
Can you bring mechanix wear gloves?
joshua golden (2 years ago)
Lolololol no
shounen2k (2 years ago)
@joshua golden Because Tacticool.
Emrys Lemon (2 years ago)
I got more info from the comments. Thanks. I am ready for Monday.
mrJMAN17 (2 years ago)
when it comes to underwear can i wear briefs?
Gio J (2 years ago)
Does anyone know if I can bring my iPad and black and gray underwear, and Nike running shoes
ScoobyDui (2 years ago)
Gio J (2 years ago)
@Loaf Bloke I am illegal Mexican
Mop (2 years ago)
Yes you can also bring an illegal Mexican that will do basic training in your place.
Pepper :3 (2 years ago)
why the heck do you need a full body slip?! or panty hose?! last time i even owned a slip was six years ago.
Chad James (3 years ago)
19D here scouts out
Erwin Prado (2 years ago)
I ship* tomorrow Autocorrect
Erwin Prado (2 years ago)
I shipbuilding tomorrow. 19D
Roger Lane (3 years ago)
Why can't you have an electric razor?
Roger Lane (3 years ago)
+Menthol Ace yeah that's a good reason not to have one. Thank you.
Menthol Ace (3 years ago)
+Roger Lane Most likely so you dont have to deal with charging it. Like some people would forget to plug it in and it would just screw over the rest of the platoon because that one person didnt shave or something
Garrett Duke (3 years ago)
what kind of towels
Robert Keaney (3 years ago)
I hear that they Just authorized black socks.
Ximena Miralles (3 years ago)
how do u get the bus and plane tickets
Ximena Miralles (3 years ago)
@Doomtrigger lol I found out all ready but thank you
Doomtrigger (3 years ago)
its given to you at MEPS after you get your orders
LL LiuKang (3 years ago)
Bring it all pack heavy its gonna benefit BIG TIME
Tanner (3 years ago)
+11 Bang lol.
LL LiuKang (3 years ago)
Bring it all Pack Very Heavy it will pay off big time at the end especially the locks nd soap bring a heavy plain shirt , sweater, and jogging pants and shoes to run in no name brand kind they will brand your clothing must have white socks a gray or black heavy hoodie and sweat pants so they can brand it for you.
LL LiuKang (3 years ago)
Bring it all Pack Very Heavy it will pay off big time at the end especially the locks nd soap bring a heavy plain shirt , sweater, and jogging pants and shoes to run in no name brand kind they will brand your clothing must have white socks a gray or black heavy hoodie and sweat pants so they can brand it for you.
Exploit Academy (2 years ago)
11 Bang lol
LL LiuKang (3 years ago)
Bring it all Pack Very Heavy it will pay off big time at the end especially the locks nd soap bring a heavy plain shirt , sweater, and jogging pants and shoes to run in no name brand kind they will brand your clothing must have white socks a gray or black heavy hoodie and sweat pants so they can brand it for you GoodLuck
LL LiuKang (3 years ago)
Bring it all Pack Very Heavy it will pay off big time at the end especially the locks nd soap bring a heavy plain shirt , sweater, and jogging pants and shoes to run in no name brand kind they will brand your clothing must have white socks a gray or black heavy hoodie and sweat pants so they can brand it for you #GoodLuck
LL LiuKang (3 years ago)
Bring it all Pack Very Heavy it will pay off big time at the end especially the locks nd soap bring a heavy plain shirt , sweater, and jogging pants and shoes to run in no name brand kind they will brand your clothing must have white socks a gray or black heavy hoodie and sweat pants so they can brand it for you 😎#GoodLuck
noelani loeak (3 years ago)
I ship out Jan 5th
The Warren Family (3 years ago)
I leave Dec. 28th to Fort Sill
AFTRHR.EA (3 years ago)
I ship out to Fort Sill sometime in July :D
The Warren Family (3 years ago)
+Javier Robles Fort Sill is definitely an easy place to go. Just keep a positive mindset, work as a team, and know why you signed up. I graduated back in March and I miss it sometimes. Alpha 1-19🇺🇸💯
JAM 16 (3 years ago)
How was sill 😂 I ship out tomorrow to Fort Sill
Johnny Frost (3 years ago)
OPSEC you maggots!
Jackson Paul (1 year ago)
AmericanSheepdog Ship dates and locations for basic dont fall under OPSEC as the latter is public info and you’re pretty much expected to tell people your ship date
Dnario (3 years ago)
AmericanSheepdog (3 years ago)
I was about to say the same thing. All these retards providing ship dates/destinations.
Ash Lo (3 years ago)
ship out January 11th Fort. Sill... can we bring over the calf full white compression socks? can we bring shower gel instead of soap? Is a baby G shock watch OK to bring?
Shady Mohamed (3 years ago)
+Ashley Lopez no kidding also shipping to fort sil jan 11th 63 whiskey
Brian Zuber (3 years ago)
I ship January 11th to Fort Sill also, MOS 31 Echo
noelani loeak (3 years ago)
I'll be in ft sill on January 5th
noelani loeak (3 years ago)
I'll be in ft sill on January 5th
Adrian Lyttle (3 years ago)
Ship out November 10th! Anyone else??
Javon Minott (3 years ago)
Monday lol
Joe Valle (3 years ago)
+Adrian Lyttle nov 23
fluffy chuchu (3 years ago)
@Tristan Mcdonald no you cant i can assure you of that
Drake Rusk (3 years ago)
don't take towels to bmt, I know the Air Force is current, but this lost was way off. & please bring a decent razor and an extra pack of razor heads!
PFC Lyles (3 years ago)
Wow! I was told to bring the clothes on your back............ That's it! Besides the payperwork.
PFC Lyles (3 years ago)
+348frank348 hilarious!
348frank348 (3 years ago)
+asseater5000 what kind of truck you gonna be driving?
348frank348 (3 years ago)
+Margie beaty i bet he had to take an extra $0.17 to ship back that $20 lol
PFC Lyles (3 years ago)
+Margie beaty yeah that the best bet.
Margie beaty (3 years ago)
+Quil Lyles yea my bro did that he's marines all he took was paperwork $20 and his clothes.
Richtellj (3 years ago)
You don't need any of this, you get everything you need in reception when you get there. When I left for basic in 2012, I brought stuff with me and it all got stuffed in a bag and locked up in a closet along with everyone else's stuff. I got it all back when I finished basic.
BloodCraze (3 years ago)
What if I don't have any money? Do I have to pay for the plane and bus ticket out of my own pocket?? That's pretty messed up.
Donald Pump (3 years ago)
+BloodCraze no. that's all paid for by the Army.
Xantho Poulos (3 years ago)
Get a job! It's not that hard to save a couple hundred bucks to buy a plane ticket...
Quinones (3 years ago)
a bottle of shampoo-conditioner so you can wash all that hair you're gonna have xD
Shiela O (4 months ago)
@Dimes Gaming and the packing list is for basic training as well, so yeah. Unless you're a female, you really don't need hair products.
Dimes Gaming (5 months ago)
You grow your hair back you idiot it’s only for basic and training.
It's Kam (1 year ago)
thinking that was directed more towards females who plan on keeping their hair, lmao
348frank348 (3 years ago)
Wes Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Is this for BCT or is it for Reception?
Richtellj (3 years ago)
Neither, when I joined the army I brought stuff with me and it all got locked up in a closet and I didn't see any of it until I left basic. You'll get pretty much everything listed in the video during reception.
Tyler Doran (3 years ago)
What's your MOS
Jessie S (3 years ago)
Im female and plan on joining the marines. My ears are stretched, not very big but i doubt id be able to wear earings again. Also, can you wear contacts in basic training.
sb destiny (3 years ago)
You can always get surgery . It's any easy fix.
DEATHDEALER (3 years ago)
@Jessie S no you cant wear contacts you will be issued glasses and eye pro inserts, but that's only in boot camp once your done you can wear them. As for your ears i would look up the regs just to be safe, i did see an nco who looked like he stretched his ears, they did not look too big tho.
Kyrie James (3 years ago)
What branch does this refer to?
Jose Concepcion-Diaz (3 years ago)
I'm so excited man I ship out on July 7th to fort benning for basic then to the defense language institute in California for language training. After all of that to goodfellow air force base for more training! Im so excited. Any shippers on the 7th in the east side?
Dakota Collison (3 years ago)
I ship out in July also not sure the exact date, to the Great Lakes (navy)
Tristan McDonald (4 years ago)
Can you have snuff I'm the army
wolfVital (2 years ago)
not at BCT and you may or may not get it in AIT. please for the sake of your platoon do not get caught with tobacco
pt crush (4 years ago)
Don't bring any of this
BOOTY eater (1 year ago)
Leia Organa Why is this video a thing. The literally give you a shippings briefing.
first name (1 year ago)
Isaac Michael Regardless of what branch of the military they're going to take your stuff and lock it up until you get out of boot camp. They'll make you buy everything again at the PX.
Boot camp is a way to become a US citizen.. im late but.
Isaac Michael (3 years ago)
+One Pepsi Each branch is different for what to bring. Navy and Marines will make you ship everything back home, so only go with the clothes on your back. This video applies primarily to Army and National Guard, though most of this is optional (shower shoes, towels, etc.)
John Doe (3 years ago)
@fluffy chuchu just went through navy bootcamp and brought a bunch of clothes and stuff and had to ship it home. Beleive me they supply you with everything you need and your recruiter will tell ypu what you need to take closer to your ship date
RKFCGSBGK (4 years ago)
hi im going to boot camp next year just wondering can i bring my xbox and like also do they have wifi at boot camp?? i am pretty popular on facebook so i kinda need the internet lol
Army truth (5 months ago)
RKFCGSBGK no you can't
Filthy Gerudo (1 year ago)
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't have the heart to tell him
asseater5000 (3 years ago)
JReza17LSRK (4 years ago)
Is this for marines corps too?????????
J S (4 years ago)
"Please dont forget that deodorant" I almost died
bangifyable (4 years ago)
AT FORT BENNING< THEY WILL MAKE YOU BUY YOUR OWN RUNNING SHOES!!!! so you dont have to bring your own :) Army Infantry since 2013 lolol #e4mafia
Stephon Brown (2 years ago)
Do we have to pay out of our own pockets for the shoes? I go to Fort Benning July of 2017
TheUnshippedcorpse (4 years ago)
does this apply to navy as well?
Edgardo Rivera (4 years ago)
Not just army, my brother went to marine BCT and he had his cellphone. My brother told me that it depends on how your unit performs, if up to standards, you'll be awarded with cell time. I think it depends on where you go. I'm headed to jackson in a week and I'm hoping they will allow us to keep our phones.
MidNight DarkChocolate (4 years ago)
(sorry for the late response )Well I find your local requiter, talk to your carer counselor if you don't know there should be one assign to your school. and sit there and work it out with him he should be able to help you the most in fact you cant enlist with him or another requiter. be reminder that not every job is available at the time that you want it and you will have to go for additionally C school after A school. P.S keep in great shape fpr the same and make sure you meat all the requirements I.E height weight, etc. and if you don't start working on it. and hope you like the cold because you will most likely ship out in winter 
TheUnshippedcorpse (4 years ago)
@Emmanuel Nwancha I'm going to MEPS next week for my medical, then I should be good to sign on for the navy nuclear power program. but i'm expecting to leave sometime probably like late June early July but I wot know for sure until I actually sign up. (don't finish High school till June
MidNight DarkChocolate (4 years ago)
Pretty much ever branch goes through the same basic so yes. There is a very good detail video by the Navy on youtube called A school. Which is one of the basic you go through and then there is C school. When do you plan of going?
Neil Corbin (4 years ago)
So is that a no on a watch?
wolfVital (2 years ago)
regs on watches aren't strict. All it has to be is a tactical looking watch. black/army green, etc
Neil Corbin (3 years ago)
And as long as it's in regs you can wear it in basic they won't take it from you or anything.
Neil Corbin (3 years ago)
I highly recommend it. So much. There's all this talk of people will steal your watch but you have to be really careless for that to happen. Plus most of those people will become your brothers. I remember my first night of EC duty was so stressful because I didn't have a watch. Get a cheap digital watch with a back light that can display military time. If you don't bring one, don't sweat just buy one asap from the BX.
Never Forget (3 years ago)
+Msoptimistic Is it recommended?
Msoptimistic (4 years ago)
Yea you can bring a watch
Luis Rosa (4 years ago)
Why does he have a Marine corps First battalion patch on?
Josh Gray (4 years ago)
bring clothes and small bottles of hygiene things all else will be bought at a PX
fooddudebob (4 years ago)
Is he wearing a marine division combat patch?
Autumn Maynard (4 years ago)
Wait, do we need to have pierced ears for women? Mine got infected a while back when I was around 8, and I have cleft ears(My lobes aren't connected to my jaw line like everyone else) and I need Plastic before I redo it. Just wondering...
Autumn Maynard (4 years ago)
Oh okay, thanks. Just hate needles.. o3o
Vexx Isa Versailles (4 years ago)
No, earrings are optional.
Enrique Rosas (4 years ago)
can i take a watch?
A Mysterious potato (1 year ago)
Enrique Rosas As long as youre not seen. Im not sure what kind of word play in going for? There are a few different options.
wolfVital (2 years ago)
Yes. Their watch regs aren't very strict. as long as its black/beige/army green and tactical it won't be an issue.
Msoptimistic (4 years ago)
@x20tactics yes you can take a watch
x20Dankshots (4 years ago)
Sam Bay (4 years ago)
Just kind of an FYI if you're planning on joining the Navy, the Navy will provide everything down to the undergarments! Bring as little as you can because everything except for important documents, files and photos, will be sent back home!! 
Shaco Clone (4 years ago)
Aren't they just gonna lock it all up until you graduate (or something) anyways?
Frank Denardo (9 months ago)
@Oki_ Fit unless you wash out. They give your stuff back to you.
Ron Tucci (10 months ago)
Don't know what they do now but a few years back all of your civilian clothes were sent home
Oki_ Fit (4 years ago)
Not if you need it
Chris Ramsey (4 years ago)
My brother enlisted about a year ago and he said all he brought was the clothes on his back and earphones
Brandon Rios (4 years ago)
this is b.s , do not take anything to boot camp....all you need is your personal documents(birth certificate,etc.) unless you want to get your bag and stuff dumped all over.
Fhorn5114 (4 years ago)
Yeah, don't buy any of that. All you'll need is one or two days worth of clothes (for your hotel stays before your travels to basic training) and your toiletries. You'll probably have to carry around whatever you pack, so pack lightly. You WILL need all of the above things at basic, but they'll send you to a PX with a pre-paid government credit card with about $300 to buy all of that stuff. They send you all to the same place so you all have the same shit. Don't arrive at basic with anything you don't need. You'll end up regretting it.
first name (1 year ago)
Fhorn5114 Well surly you can't buy a copy of your birth certificate at the PX...
Constance Ochsenbein (4 years ago)
^ I am going with this method if I can just buy it when I get there. Also, I have no desire to have earrings lol
James Schabel (4 years ago)
i have 1 question.can i bring photos of my family?
Fhorn5114 (4 years ago)
I don't know about anyone else, but when I went through basic training, we were allowed to have phones, but they were all locked up in the drill sergeant's office. We got to pull them out twice to call our families. 
killbodies34 (4 years ago)
Damn you guys get phones? Lol Army
x20Dankshots (4 years ago)
Of course
lena13146 (4 years ago)
I think I'm not sure but I think you can, they will give you an ID you must have at all time if you can find a place to put a small picture (one pic) that's the size of a drivers license you should be fine any more questions just ask your drill sergeant or a recruiter
Tommy Wike (4 years ago)
There is a lot less stuff on the list of what to bring to fort Jackson. My sergeant told me the less amount of stuff you have, the better.
Geovany Veleta (4 years ago)
They give you a small box to send things like phones or outside objects to send back home

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