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Frozen Pizzas Ranked From Worst To Best

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They say baseball is the ultimate American pastime but we're pretty sure it's actually frozen pizza. We decided it's about time there is a ranking acknowledging the gold stars and the no stars among all the infamous freezer section cheese pies. Honestly, Celeste is so bad, it's almost painful to talk about. The cheese, which the brand claims is 100 percent real, doesn’t taste real at all. It’s gooey, gross, and beyond strange. Their pizza is like a giant Bagel Bite that really lost its way. Imagine what you would have in front of you if you sent your 7-year-old into the kitchen to try and whip up a pizza from scratch with the ingredients you have on hand. That's exactly what Celeste tastes like. Actually, your kid's pizza would probably taste much better. We'd only recommend it if you're under duress and have absolutely no other food options readily available. It’s just that bad. No offense to Mama Celeste, who we're sure was a very nice lady, but these pizzas definitely need an overhaul. Our expert samplers actually agreed that although they would never eat this disastrous pizza again, they wouldn’t mind hurling it at their opponent during a food fight. Watch the video to see the rest of the frozen pizzas ranked from worst to best! #FrozenPizza #Pizza #Pizzas 14. Celeste | 0:14 13. Totino's Party Pizza | 1:07 12. Home Run Inn | 1:44 11. Trader Joe's | 2:20 10. California Pizza Kitchen | 2:47 9. DiGiorno | 3:49 8. Stouffer's | 4:30 7. Screamin' Sicilian | 5:26 6. Red Baron | 6:02 5. Amy's Kitchen | 6:48 4. Signature Select at Safeway | 7:20 3. Tombstone | 7:51 2. Freschetta | 8:37 1. Newman's Own | 9:17
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Text Comments (2181)
Mashed (1 month ago)
What's YOUR pick for the best frozen pizza ever?
Jeremy Diesel (1 day ago)
Great Value
Mark Zoobkoff (4 days ago)
@John Mal well maybe I'm not finished there's more of that where it came from
seattwa (6 days ago)
@Trenton Pritchett Oh yeah! I forgot about that one!
hxncho _vante (8 hours ago)
This channel is ass
Kat Luna (8 hours ago)
I tried sal’s frozen pepperoni pizza and it was perfect better than the pizzas mentioned here
Hayderade Gaming (9 hours ago)
What about Tony's and schwan's
Concerned Citizen (12 hours ago)
My FAVORITE is DiGorno Rising Crust Pizza. Whether it's the Four Cheese or Supreme, I never HAVE TO bulk it up by adding more cheese, veggies, etc. It's perfect right out of the box. I'll only add more veggies if it's my dinner. Amy's Pizza is a total rip-off. Their large pizza is actually tiny and extremely skimpy. I literally have to build my own pizza because there's hardly anything on there. Not sure why it got a good review. "To Each His Own", I guess.
Marzel parcel (14 hours ago)
The way these pizzas were described all of them sound like shit..
KizdaShiz (14 hours ago)
home run inn pizza is bomb....this is stupid.
James0mckenna (1 day ago)
Can you stop making your videos with random media cut scenes(from movies and TV shows) that say the thing you want to say but let the clip say? It just feel a little redundant, predictable, and doesn't add much additional glory to the content.
William Olson (1 day ago)
It's the Olive Garden of frozen pizza? Like that's a good thing?
Lucky Me (1 day ago)
There's no such thing as bad pizza.
Concerned Citizen (13 hours ago)
I agree! I believe there's "fixable" pizza, but not "bad" pizza. LOL
Donnoha (1 day ago)
Wife cooked up a Totino's Cheese pizza a few nights back and it WAS truly awful. This is coming from a fat guy who loves frozen pizza. I didn't even eat it all...what's that tell ya?
Patrick Larry (2 days ago)
Stouffers french bread are the best. It's a shame they are so small :/
Mr. Reality (2 days ago)
Brew Pub pizza in Wisconsin. Sausage and pepperoni. THE best frozen pizza around.
rhet420 (2 days ago)
Yep, Tombstone is now my new favorite frozen pizza! Followed by Totino’s Party pizza...
Aaron Rumack (2 days ago)
But Celeste is the best.
peterpalmer13 (2 days ago)
Deliccisio and Ristorante anyone?
dnnyshdy (2 days ago)
Digiorno has too much sauce?No such thing.
ned kelly (2 days ago)
Personally, I have never found a frozen pizza that was much good. Seems to be a product that is only acceptable when fresh made.
Concerned Citizen (13 hours ago)
Have you tried a frozen pizza with a rising crust, like Digorno? I think it's the next best thing to fresh pizzeria pizza. : )
Cosmo11 (2 days ago)
Ahhh recommending the pizza that gives the profits to charity. I'll go with your second best as #1
k bron (3 days ago)
Frozen Home Run Inn pizza, hands down, is number 1. Next I would have to give it to Jack's.
Keith Gifford (3 days ago)
Trader Joe's Wood Fire Pepperoni Pizza!! It's $5 dollars, with simple ingredients!! Please try it, you won't be disappointed. I sprinkle fresh parmesan cheese and oregano, before placing in the oven. It's an option that makes it even better. But even without, it's still excellent!
Darius Mark (3 days ago)
Mama Celeste is truly bad, you nailed that.
Ed Remeika (3 days ago)
I grew up in Connecticut. Great pizza. Now in Florida. Pizza sucks.
Breaking in Vain (3 days ago)
1. Freschetta 2. Newman's 3. Screaming 4. Amy's 5. Digorno 6. CPK 7. Red Baron 8. Tombstone 9. Tony's 10. Totino's
Breaking in Vain (3 days ago)
The best frozen pizza I've ever had was Freschetta's Pizza Amorè 10-Topping that came with its own baking tray
mulerider43 (3 days ago)
Ok waaaait a min. Sure everyone has different taste but are you serious? Home Run Inn is awesome and Red Baron is crap.. I can't trust this list whatsoever.
Joey Splats (3 days ago)
Looking at those commercial clips I realize how much BS I've avoided since dumping my TV 30 years ago.
Troy Robinson (4 days ago)
What do you want on your Tombstone
Dis Band (4 days ago)
I love totinos party pizza the crust is not flimsy she is full it love the crust
gil wood (4 days ago)
If you are from the east coast and move west ...might as well give up pizza and cheese steaks ...lol
gil wood (4 days ago)
UDI makes a gluten free cheese pizza ... I was surprised , NOT bad and lotsa cheese
JARFINAZ (4 days ago)
I agree with some of this. I was excited to try Screamin Sicilian, It looked really good as far as toppings go. The whole family agreed the crust was mediocre at best and we won't try it again since it is more expensive than other choices. I cannot cook a DiGiorno pizza in my oven with out using a tray or pizza stone which adds time to get a crisp crust, The center always falls thru the rack if I don't, so I tend to avoid them. Freshectta is our favorite. Red baron runs second. I think Jack's, which is not reviewed is better than Tombstone but these are a bit down the list. Never tried Newman's. I like other products of theirs, very good quality so I might try a pizza now. We recently tried a brand called Wild Mikes. I tried to cook two pizzas at once and these are very large so I stacked them on the racks and I think that caused problems. I'm going to try again with just one nd see. I think this could be a winner.
Kevin Lovdahl (4 days ago)
I LOVE Torino's! Maybe it's not pizza, so what.
Mike Jano (4 days ago)
The fact that Jacks isn't on this list is asinine
Joe Alvardo (4 days ago)
This could have been a 2 minute video
marchatesyou1 (4 days ago)
I'm team Red Baron for life
Ryan Wessell (4 days ago)
Palmero’s Thin Crust in the box
Ben Shapiro (4 days ago)
Red Baron is disgusting
zyxw vut (5 days ago)
The best my store ever carried was called Leonardo's. These deep dish pies really looked hand made. There was a separate sauce pack you had to defrost and pour on top. You were supposed to wrap it in a double layer of aluminum, cook for 25 minutes, remove the foil, and cook for 15 min. more. It was delicious! The problem is it cost $13. There website seems to be down, so I think they've been discontinued.
Red Barron is my least favorite because in my opinion they are way too greasy and i had a bad experience with one where when i bought one of their pizza's it was crawling with mold and it was opened immediately once i got home so it was moldy when bought
electrictroy2010 (4 days ago)
THAT WAS THE STORE’S FAULT since they left the pizza in the hot sun (where it thawed) and then refroze it .
Wild mikes is my favorite frozen pizza
Mio Vukomanovic (5 days ago)
Jerry Miers (5 days ago)
The absolute best Pizza comes partially frozen from Aldi's sausage, veggie,pepperoni or meat lovers. Not a single brand compares...trust me...I’m a professional! Take it home, pop it in your pizza oven or regular and enjoy. It freezes well too.
Patty Nielsen (5 days ago)
Newman's pizza has an almost non existent crust. I agree about Tombstone and Red Baron.
hut sails (5 days ago)
Making your own at home is best. No kneading recipes are great Just little effort and you need two hours. Otherwise buy the frozen one that is on sale.
Kenneth Campbell (5 days ago)
How can anyone say their frozen pizza choice is the best if they have to add a bunch of ingredients to it before they eat it? That wasn't the frozen pizza they bought.
Todd's Tropicals (5 days ago)
Schmeg on toast is most box pizza... Homemade is best and easy.
Troy F (5 days ago)
Mccain rising crust is pretty good
xd JoshFN (5 days ago)
Where is lottza Mottza?
steven boltz (5 days ago)
Toastinos pizza or sam’s choice is my favorite . Always cook in a pizza oven or house oven to get the best experience out of frozen pizza all you get out of microwave pizza is a soggy hot mess.😎🥃
chris devereaux (6 days ago)
I agree with everything on this list except where they ranked home run inn....these pizzas are awesome any other list ranks then right up near the top if not #1
William Pomerico (6 days ago)
Red baron is good pizza
Waskel E. Wabbit (6 days ago)
I've never had a frozen pizza that had an adequate amount of cheese and hey it would be interesting if you did a video on how DiGiorno makes their new hand tossed Pizza that ends up Square
MrMadmike777 (6 days ago)
You fucktards think red boring baron is better than digorino stuffed crust!! Fuck you
NerdimusPrime (6 days ago)
totinos is fine for a dollar...
doctorsmoothlove (7 days ago)
Red Baron is ranked a little high here. I have always thought it was generic. Home Run Inn tastes better to me.
riomar9 (7 days ago)
As I said, DiGiorno PIZZA SUPREME, MY FAVORITE, and it's mainly because of the DELICIOUS, RISING CRUST bread and its flavor, but before cooking I always remove the sausage — which ANY kind I really don't like! I do leave the Joseroni and the rest of the stuff on it, but then I also pile it up even more with black olive-slices and LOTS of skillet-browned mushrooms, and a bit of onion for extra flavor...mmm hmmm...yum yum..."DiGiorno"!!!
TRAVIS FAUST (7 days ago)
lol screw red baron and momma Celeste gross and totinoes don't get the hype besides it's cheap as shit ...and tombstone is shit as well...freshetta is a great pizza for real 5 years ago they were 2 dollers cheaper now there one of the most expensive cuz they caught on... really folks the Wal-Mart brand is one of the best fresh ingredients and real cut mozz... I hate Wal-Mart for it's ways but they got good frozen pizza..lol and if your in the north east ellios is the shit...
TRAVIS FAUST (7 days ago)
I like fresshetta and ellios up north...down south the best is honestly Wal-Mart's brand it has real circles of mozzarella... don't have screaming sicilian or Chicago down south ....but ellios is one frozen pizza I bring back with me to the south ..
circe801 (7 days ago)
hmmm. celeste pizza. though highly touted online, i have yet to see one that says, "100% real cheese". i can attest, though, that the ones with the "fake cheese blend" were pretty bad--and never entertained buying them except when i was too broke to afford anything else. now i make cauliflower/almond flour crust pizza myself, and will never use frozen pizza again, as i have adopted a keto lifestyle. worst part is that i am from NYC (though no longer living there) and have therefore grown up with the best pizza in the world, but haven't felt too cheated since moving down south, because the pizza here SUCKS--even the "non-chain" kind. hence, i wouldn't be missing "regular" pizza here--at all...
Ryan Dominiack (7 days ago)
The cheese is "blah" you dumb cunt? It's $1.49.
GTLbart 362 (8 days ago)
My dad sometimes buys frozen pizzas, but the dear pizzas which supposed to be really nice, AND THEY ARE
Donald Leslie (8 days ago)
Homerun Inn is the best 🍕.
BFKC (8 days ago)
Show the actual fucking thing, not just clips, you idiots.
Jeremy Braccini (8 days ago)
Whoever made this is a lame fucking vegan. I can see the bias.
Jeremy Braccini (8 days ago)
I fucking hate these narrators. Just get on with the list, already.
levi ridge (8 days ago)
Cryptonymicus (9 days ago)
DiGiorno is an offense against humanity simply because they're trying to say that frozen pizza is better than pizzeria pizza, which is ridiculous. The frozen pizza they make at 7-11 is pretty good, but it's still frozen pizza.
Cryptonymicus (9 days ago)
Oh and Sabatasso's.
Robin18us (9 days ago)
Why bother with frozen. Make your dough the night before and bake your pizza the next day. It is soooo easy and the dough is way better than any frozen pizza
rhonda90402 (9 days ago)
I bet they get paid to give good reviews to some pizzas! Freschetta is the worst! I love that Newman's donates all their money to charity but I have never tasted one of their products that I like.
rhonda90402 (9 days ago)
Does anyone over 50 remember Jenos pizza snack trays? I still miss those! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ac/ac/63/acac6385dc8b5d878c459d0192445452.jpg
rhonda90402 (9 days ago)
Screamin' Sicilian brand is my favorite! frozen pizza! I usually buy the strombolis though more than the pizza. I want to try the new one that has "Detroit" in the name I think. Mostly I buy fresh dough and add my own toppings or use those Boboli crusts which are really pretty good. I like lots of Mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, mushrooms, olives and sometimes pepperoni on my pizzas.
The Hidden (9 days ago)
Chicago Home Run and Screamin Sicilian are my favorites.
The Hidden (5 days ago)
chris devereaux My boy at work who’s from Chicago introduces me to it. Frozen from Harris Teeter in NC. Good pizza and I’m from NY haha
chris devereaux (6 days ago)
Yes home run inn pizzas are awesome....I don't know what's wrong with these people...was it a mistake lol
{// WTF! //} (9 days ago)
What !!!! You didn't mention my favorite imitation cardboard and simulated cheese product called Jack's Pizza... You know the ones on sale for 5/$10 in the corner of the freezer. Hell, great value. You eat them all day long and if you happen to be low on oil in the car, just wring out the couple left over pieces you just can't seem to get the gumption to finish over the filler tube to solve the problem.
{// WTF! //} (9 days ago)
"Real Cheese' is a HUGE scam. It's a copyrighted trademark of Real Foods that now belongs to Kraft Foods, I believe. It has NOTHING to do with being "real"... Look for the little "c" and circle by the name.
Rosalina Posh (9 days ago)
if your gonna bullshit me at least be smart about it. at 7:07 what drunk hungry you would give a damn about calories? this is sponsored!
H Hernandez (10 days ago)
I'm really liking the new dominoes frozen pizzas I was skeptical but it's my new favorite! :)
billyman (10 days ago)
How did Tombstone make #3?
Maria Callous (10 days ago)
Tombstone is only 2.99...it's the best.
lamont lovett (10 days ago)
I like that frozen pizza they sell at Wal-Mart that be by the bakery.
lamont lovett (10 days ago)
vBDKv (10 days ago)
If you want to make an easy home made pizza (which doesn't come from the freezer), they do sell fresh dough which is arguably the hardest part of making a pizza, unless of course you want to make your own cheese as well ... Sometimes the dough also comes with a jar of tomato sauce, so all you have to do is add toppings and bake it.
Francisco Velazquez (10 days ago)
Saw celeste last place, immediately thumbs down video.
Carlos Hathcock (10 days ago)
Reggio's Butter crust pizzas are pretty good.
brian kelly (11 days ago)
just make your own pizza from scratch. it is not very difficult people! use only quality ingredients...
Peace Always (11 days ago)
We like Newmans Own.
Kevin Beck (11 days ago)
All frozen pizza stinks not one of them are any good
Blu Rox22 Js5 (11 days ago)
Tombstone yuck
John London (11 days ago)
You forgot about Walmart brand pizza
terry green (11 days ago)
I totally disagree with this list. I'd buy Digiorno or Homerun Inn over the garbage that you picked as #1 2 & 3
envman67 (11 days ago)
Celeste pizza is my favorite frozen pizza. I always got the deluxe. This video is a completel sham
Donald D Lucker II (12 days ago)
Well at least now after spending time watching this ridiculous list I know I won't have to bother with any of their other lists.
movieman175 (12 days ago)
I don't know what it is but DiGiorno always seems to cut the roof of my mouth.
Jetsonic (13 days ago)
All of these pizzas suck badly and equally.
Sam Harper (13 days ago)
Amy's is my favorite frozen pizza.
Nish Patel (13 days ago)
The best is Red Baron
Don't Blink! (14 days ago)
I think making frozen pizza in the oven is the best way to prepare them, rather than in a microwave.
Don't Blink! (14 days ago)
I know taste is a matter of opinion, but ...can anyone recommend a frozen supreme pizza, that has good-tasting sausage? I usually end up picking them off. Maybe I will try a Newman's.... I have not purchased it before.
Charlotte A. (14 days ago)
You're introduction is way too long ...yawn

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