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HOW TO PLAY SYNDRA | Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | Atlantean Syndra | League of Legends

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Season 8 Syndra Mid Guide Gameplay Commentary. Full Build & Runes at the start of the vid! ►Like & Subscribe for more Champion Guides! ►Follow me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/EternalHeroLoL ►Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/MYh4r2F ►Some info about me: -Diamond player since Season 4 (Peak Elo: Diamond I) -I have 56 champions at Mastery lvl 7 ( all ADCs lvl 7 ). I can play any Lane on Diamond level :) -My favorite champion is Katarina -My name is Adrian ( You can add me in-game: Eternal Hero ) -I'm from Poland ►Music used in this video was provided by: NCS: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Outro song (at the end of the video): Song: Uplink & Jason Gewalt - Euphoria [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/MqyOPyBPlns Download: http://ncs.io/Euphoria
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Text Comments (39)
Evtim Yankov (1 month ago)
did u sell ur boots @ 7:00
Eternal Hero (1 month ago)
Yes. I did that to finish Luden's.
Bubbly Popsicle (4 months ago)
Can u do some season 9 updates on some of these champions?
Eternal Hero (4 months ago)
Some had remade commentaries but I can do gameplays for the others
Rattoy (5 months ago)
How to fight against fizz I allways lose against him
Eternal Hero (5 months ago)
Don't use your E on lane unless his E is on cooldown. Play with barrier, you can take stopwatch. Play agressive at first 3 levels and once Fizz gets lvl 6 don't come too close.
Julius Napaa (5 months ago)
12:02 *Syndra And Her Mage Army*
WisdomGirl (5 months ago)
echo[Your team has destroyed an inhibitor]
WisdomGirl (5 months ago)
Eternal Hero Ok. I will watch it!!
Eternal Hero (5 months ago)
Hey I have Diana vid if you are interested :)
Doepe Loepe (6 months ago)
When do you take barrier? And when ignite?
Eternal Hero (6 months ago)
Barrier vs champions with killing potential on lane. Ignite to get fed early against something squishy :)
kary xu (6 months ago)
Is it okay to use inspiration instead of domination? I use glacier, footwear, perfect timing, and cosmic insight
Eternal Hero (6 months ago)
Yeah. My best rank was Diamond II
kary xu (6 months ago)
Eternal Hero Are you diamond?
kary xu (6 months ago)
Eternal Hero ok thx 👌👍
Eternal Hero (6 months ago)
Inspiration is okay on her on secondary. Primary you should be playing only Electrocute/Arcane Comet. Her job is to one shot. It's the same reason why you don't play Glacial on Ahri anymore. It works but you are losing some damage and both of them are burst champions.
BananaOfTehSky (8 months ago)
why do you go taste of blood over cheap shot? i feel like ravenous hunter gives enough healing imo
Eternal Hero (8 months ago)
Trust me It's good. Syndra already has great damage while the additional sustain helps, imagine single R burst healing mid/late game.
Niki Bonev (8 months ago)
i love how he says "W" like "dabliuu" xDDDd aahhh i love it ~ thanks for the guide tho !
Eternal Hero (8 months ago)
You're welcome ^^. I have more guides.
Sad Boy (10 months ago)
she's pretty good now Im a one trick Have over like a million mastery on all my accs.
lol (10 months ago)
Czyżby nowe najlepsze runy na Syndrę ? ;)
kaz (10 months ago)
where are you from?
Eternal Hero (10 months ago)
Nikola Pavlovic (11 months ago)
What do you think is the best syndra skin?
Eternal Hero (11 months ago)
Probably Justicar :)
Carol Leão (11 months ago)
I miss playing Syndra so badly. But unfortunately I got massively discouraged about playing with her after those patch changes. Besides, my elohell has a pretty "limited mind" over champions to play in midlane, basically resuming into Zed, Fizz and Yasuo. ;^;
Ko'Va Plays (5 months ago)
I can understand Zed, Fizz is not that hard but Yasuo is easy to punish. Just break his shield with AA and spam balls on him.
Carol Leão (11 months ago)
@Eternal Hero LOL agreed! XD
Eternal Hero (11 months ago)
These champions should be banned every game.
Norbi440 (11 months ago)
I love syndra :D
Norbi440 (11 months ago)
Oh thank you :D I'm begginer midlaner xD I havent got elo =/ My nick: YamaooRat [euw] When syndra was at rotation I play it :D And she is very fun and strong :D Now I collect blue essence for syndra :D
Eternal Hero (11 months ago)
Nice :). How many games do you have with her and what's your elo? Thank you for the sub and if you want more Syndra gameplay I have the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8VPI4Qb5Og
WdaseBg (11 months ago)
i was syndra main but when syndra got big nerf i stop playing her
Eternal Hero (11 months ago)
She's okay and fun to play atm :). Still not the best but playing her is definitely viable.
Szymon Jurek (11 months ago)
Nice dmg
Jason Reacher (11 months ago)
ellyes. sayadi (11 months ago)
Nice video keep up the good work.😍😍

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