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Here they are, 4/20 Friendly products and gadgets you need in your life ASAP. The Top 7 Tech showcased in this video are as follows: 7. https://amzn.to/2jRIoXi - ConeArtist 6. https://amzn.to/2I8rORP - GeniusPipe (Stealth Edition) OR try https://amzn.to/2wyZ9A2 for our favorite color scheme; "Egyptian Treasure" 5. https://amzn.to/2IbLqo4 - PUFFiT-X 4. https://amzn.to/2rDwMuv - AC Greebs Smoking Steel 3. https://amzn.to/2rCSsa9 - Alpaca Grinder & Dispenser 2. https://amzn.to/2rC7rlP - 7pipe TWISTY GLASS BLUNT 1. https://bit.ly/2KecdMX - LEAF Which is your favorite?
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Text Comments (3050)
KodaXP (1 day ago)
1 bowl = 10 hits? 🤨
MR Mister (5 days ago)
7:02 my name Jeff
Serai3 (16 days ago)
Incredible how people will let themselves be talked into spending ridiculous amounts of money on stupid crap they don't need. All you need are WEED and either PAPERS or a PIPE. That's it. There is no need at all for all this techbro froufrou. I've used the same wooden pipe for over thirty years. (No, it's not the only one I have, just the one I use the most.) It has a hinged lid to stop the burning, fits in my pocket, never needs charging, and it just needs a cleaning every now and then. Anything more than that is just tossing my money in the trash, thanks.
Joseph Tepper (20 days ago)
Ya gotta love the fuckin music. ( carnival)
billy avery (25 days ago)
what was that first joint roller called
thomasthatsit (27 days ago)
Pretty sure all this stuff has been stolen and is available for $3 on Wish now.
Expert bloont Roller (27 days ago)
It’s sad how he can’t roll normally and is smoking straight mids 😑😂😂😂
Joni Quinn (29 days ago)
These are all super awesome inventions I'm impressed I wish I could buy some of these!!!!
Ford Fogleman (29 days ago)
Hayley bourgault (1 month ago)
The glass all in one pipe
Jackson Bonner (1 month ago)
my name is jeff @7:02
Piet Heyn (1 month ago)
6:15 beyblade beyblade let it rip
Will Smith (1 month ago)
7:02 the worlds first un ironic “my name jeff”
Ham Bone (1 month ago)
Omg just learn how to roll
💟Beautiful Cleanliness Cannabis!‼️☀️
Yahs Nshshhs (1 month ago)
Its discrete until you take 20 hits from an asthma pump
jolting games (1 month ago)
Who else notiticte how trash there weed is lol
Leacor (1 month ago)
Krieger des Lichts (1 month ago)
Yeah let's grind up some broccoli
CaRrIe 4TwIn E (1 month ago)
Awesome.. I own a 7pipe v-12 mini glass blunt. Love it..
Expert bloont Roller (27 days ago)
CaRrIe 4TwIn E I got the large rainbow one that holds 5 grams. You know the twisty one. Got it two years ago and btw you can scrape the ugly 7pipe logo off the glass blunt. Oh and I know they come with two caps can I have one of yours I lost both on mine😑😑 jk but I did lose them lmao
Gavo Spliff (2 months ago)
2:40 that scared the shit out of me
Mon Blue (2 months ago)
My name is Jeff 😂
KatheQ (2 months ago)
Just roll it wtf.
Kip Hood (2 months ago)
That is so stupid. Just role it joint.
XXX (2 months ago)
Kristian Petrano (2 months ago)
Puffit x sucked
eviltimes1 (2 months ago)
Let me tell you, growing short plants is an art form.
eviltimes1 (2 months ago)
You know, there is a simple, cheap rolling machine out there.
Joshua Garza (2 months ago)
Looks like smoking a crack pipe lol
BOXING_SKATE_ 763556 (2 months ago)
That’s some weird looking ganja
Zany Voodoo (2 months ago)
I wouldn't recommend the Alpaca grinder because it doesn't have anything for your kief!
matanuska high (1 month ago)
Grinder kief is junk anyway. Why not just smoke it with the weed.
Carbontech (2 months ago)
That's a valid point if you like collecting kief. Perhaps it's because I'm a lightweight daily user, but I can go months without collecting enough kief to make compression worthwhile. Eventually though, I end up compressing mine and then breaking off little chunks to salt the weed in my Arizer, but if one is just grinding weed for a vaporizer or pipe, wouldn't it be a step saved to just let it ride along with the weed? On a separate note, didn't the Alpaca ad remind you of those late night commercials where the people using the "old ways" are absolute fumble fingered idiots, spilling weed EVERYWHERE. Made me laugh. Cheers.
some snaily bois 19 (3 months ago)
Where can i get rolling papers?
N The One (3 months ago)
Genius Pipe was literally the only actually interesting thing there. The Alpaca grinder can be useful. The funnel roller thingy looks unreliable and the other two things I just cannot ever care about. The one with the cute asian dude with poor sound quality was just hella boring and looked super unreliable. I bet it makes all your weed taste worse and worse every puff you take.
N The One (2 months ago)
@Joseph Warner I'm very much not sold on Funksh. Like really not at all. Unconvinced as ever.
Joseph Warner (2 months ago)
I was a huge fan of the Genius Pipe, but the bowl is too shallow for my taste. I would recommend a Canadian made titanium Funksh pipe. It has an adjustable stem that allows the user to dial in just how hard you want the pipe pulls to hit you. Funksh is the last pipe that you'll ever have to buy. Videos are in one of my playlists. I love mine.
A Giant Rat (3 months ago)
The puffit x inhaler shit dead ass looks like that time slowing drug “jet” from fallout 😂
Jamaicanmeracist (3 months ago)
Why not just roll a joint?
Tom brick (3 months ago)
I love smacking my pipes with hammers.
adrian mendoza (3 months ago)
Puff it x pretty lit u can literally get away with smokin in scoo
Jay K (3 months ago)
It's 2019.. None of these things made it F 😞
jchris333 (21 days ago)
Most of these are still fairly popular. Depends on where you live
Angel Carlos (1 month ago)
U tripping the glass blunt was crazy all 2017-19
Eppy 0305 (1 month ago)
The pipe did bruh....
Milos Ostojic (3 months ago)
I need it in 2019
Cod3master143 Vlogs (3 months ago)
Tf man
Falcon (3 months ago)
"The pipe is virtually indistructable" give me that shit and let me smack it with a hammef i'll show you how a man hits you pussy
jackson Morley (3 months ago)
Why did the glass blunt vid go silent?
BROOKLYN ROOTZ (3 months ago)
Or you could just roll a joint😃 I was practicing how to roll a joint with my dad's stash he always kept his is in an old cigar box, back in 78'. He came home from work saw the mess I was making and the weed i was wasting and grabbed the big container of oregano from the kitchen cabinet, sets it down in front of me on the table and says, "here practice with this" 😃 yeah, dad was a stoner. I personally don't smoke.
Scurvy McGruff (3 months ago)
In what world is the genius pipe capable of 10 its in one load?
Jesse Colidge (3 months ago)
"No cough, guaranteed." ROFL
Tyler Pogones (3 months ago)
Learn how to roll that takes to long
Porkchop's Papi (3 months ago)
"1 bowl = 10 hits" On what planet?! Not here on Ozone.
Bob The Builder (1 month ago)
All bowls are one hit to 2 hits no matter what
Jewish Codface (3 months ago)
Normal grinders are better and grind much finer than alpaca.
Jewish Codface (3 months ago)
Eww tobacco in a vape? Fucking gay.
Shittttt you can grow weed now just like that I don’t need to hide it no more fuckkkkkkkkk someone buy it for me
Los Angeles way (3 months ago)
Your weed is black
wane lutterman (3 months ago)
Expensive shit for people to stupid to roll a joint.
Grass smokes (3 months ago)
If you cant roll a basic Zig Zag joint your not a true stoner
SkyyProductionsYT (3 months ago)
Splifs are fucking disgusting
Jess Jess (3 months ago)
Was so high i thought that was a spoon at first
Keri Remon (3 months ago)
this isnt just for weed lmfao, its for herbs n shit too. but i like the way your thinking.
yookie yookie (4 months ago)
I really liked how much that guy really liked glass blunts.
Mike Scarborough (4 months ago)
Too much combustion for me.
Bran The Broken (4 months ago)
What song is at the end
KnygnešyS (4 months ago)
7 pipe is so stupid just role 2 gram joint much faster than fillin that pipe no cleaning neaded after :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
gabriel hernandez (4 months ago)
The alpaca grinder is cool and all but.... what about the kief?!?
ANDRES FELIPE MISAT (4 months ago)
\/8 (4 months ago)
3:55 Idle Hands. Anyone? Lol
Rin Kokonoe (4 months ago)
Puffit x is the only good one, and only if you're in an illegal state or underage hahaha
Super J (4 months ago)
Swisher Sweet, Dank Nuggets, old CD case, Lighter........😐
Bran The Broken (4 months ago)
Tru but if you can get fancy with it do so
Daniel S (4 months ago)
Joaquin Ledesma (4 months ago)
my name jeff
e- man (4 months ago)
A normal pipe is smaller
5winder (4 months ago)
It's dangerous to smoke out of aluminum... "genius".
Direct Webstores (4 months ago)
Foil mate. Not thick anodized stuff. Google it you moron.
nemo vestrum (4 months ago)
i roll better with my hands
High Phi (4 months ago)
leaf is nice. but $3k and $80 for food and filter per plant (3-4 a year) it would take 10 years to pay for itself. if you could yield twice as much as $80 would buy at the dispensary.
jeff wolf (4 months ago)
I've got one of these and it works very well. It takes a little bit of patience but it does get the job done.
Smitty Jetson (4 months ago)
The only thing I liked was that cap that turns your water bottle into a bong. That’s sweet. Just chuck the bottle after. No stinky bong water to deal with. That being said, you would THINK that an infomercial for weed would use actual decent weed but...no. Let’s use absolute ditch weed to sell our product. I see it all the time. Redic.
DeathCarmine (4 months ago)
Anything that helps someone roll shouldn’t be used
David Bertelson (4 months ago)
I have never smoked one that did not run until joint half way burned. Today’s over rated weed is only good threw anything BUTT paper and it burns away really fast like putting cotton candy and is WAY over priced. Grow your own and save
InDroVidual (4 months ago)
These are all lame. From the future, ha. Get a dry herb vaporizer if you want something fancy, otherwise learn how to roll cause I'd laugh at a MF for busting this shit out.
Eddie (4 months ago)
Leaf !!!!! Mind officially blown.
Most Hated Gang Inc (4 months ago)
Wtf is they smoking? Tobacco?
pokeaman1 (4 months ago)
Just roll it, simples
Erick Martinez (4 months ago)
kukuh tama (4 months ago)
gue sii lebih suka ngelinting
Ted fugged About it (4 months ago)
Natalya Marie (4 months ago)
7:01 My name is jeff!!
Lawrence Bignell (4 months ago)
Your grow box waste 5months growing for an ounce crop
4eye (4 months ago)
We have those in 2019😂
Yuderkie Cruz (4 months ago)
En donde puedo comprar uno de esos?
TheLaughingMan0603 (4 months ago)
10:00 can someone tell me what music is that? Sounds dope
TheLaughingMan0603 (4 months ago)
Is the weed too strong up there? What happenee to old plain profesaional hand rolling.
3rik fresh generation (5 months ago)
I learned how to roll with 1 hand bcs the other one was broken and had a cast
3rik fresh generation (5 months ago)
All i need is weed i ran out 😞 every like is a donated gram
Kaesewicht (5 months ago)
All these people on their high horses who know how to roll, need to light one up and need to get a grip, who cares if someone can't roll.
Kaesewicht (3 months ago)
@Jake Walky what stupid question is that?
Jake Walky (3 months ago)
Kaesewicht if you can’t roll why are you smoking
oh yeah yeah (5 months ago)
2019 btw
Max Soleil (5 months ago)
bullshit i gues
hassan sougrati (5 months ago)
Very nice
jim ploetz (5 months ago)
I could have hand rolled 2 joints already. Does anyone know how to use their hands anymore? Geeze.
R Garcia (5 months ago)
Ewe was that Tobacco or dirt he put in there lol
Adam Volk (5 months ago)
Bro nobody is trying to buy your plastic ass china made pipes
Mosab Elsir (5 months ago)
#1 I have litterly been doing with a straw since I started smoking
Upstate_518 (5 months ago)
If i wanted to smoke out of some giant novelty bowl Id get a Gandalf
Ed Ward (5 months ago)
~~~#|||||||||||||||> or you could just roll a joint...

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