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Today we're gonna show you the versus between an Assassin and a Fighter. Builds are same and Full AD Leave a like if you enjoyed! Send Me Your Plays ► [email protected] mp4 format, plays.tv link or youtube link (don't send .webm format upload it on yt then send its link) show more for songs and other things ↓ NEFFEX - Best of Me [Copyright Free] Prismo - Stronger [NCS Release] Notification Squad Music: https://youtu.be/f3IgwLT_mYc Outro: Thomas Vent - Berta Berta ( #FullBuildFights LoL Slow Motions).. Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions
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Text Comments (1985)
BaconPlayz 3D (23 hours ago)
Yasuo Won
Jeynell Labjata (2 days ago)
The win is yasuo
Both and wtf is that damage?!?!
AguStiN YT (2 days ago)
Yasuo tank win
Yusuf Demir (2 days ago)
Rhaast will win ??? :D Almost all tank killed by rhasst
anhthanh chinh (4 days ago)
Kayn won
Letty Dato-on (4 days ago)
The doesn't use ult
Mihalis krimitzas (4 days ago)
Yasuo is the winner
QuaYzeR (4 days ago)
Kayn winn
Felipe fiorenzano (4 days ago)
Kayn mt ruim pqp!
Buster Memez (5 days ago)
kayn won
Burektør 86 (5 days ago)
Man if that fight is on a lane and yas had a minions yas would win...
DaddyGhoulPvP (6 days ago)
Kayn é um personagem chato vs yasuo como eu sou main yasuo eu sei o qual complicado é lutar vs um kay
Thug Life Doge (9 days ago)
Kayn won
Shazia Luqman (9 days ago)
kayn won
Greek Gamer (11 days ago)
Aeron Barnuevo (12 days ago)
ventura rochelle (13 days ago)
yas won
Good Game (13 days ago)
Kayn obviusly
Doran Pierst (15 days ago)
bilerek berabere bittirmişler kayn tokatladı geçti
Guitar is my life. !!! (15 days ago)
It's Depend to player! Idiot videos...
Guitar is my life. !!! (15 days ago)
It's Depend to player! Idiot videos...
BassGamer (17 days ago)
i am yasuo main and i akways won to kayn
bez clickbajtu elo (18 days ago)
Yas won
Rob G (19 days ago)
Does anybody know the name of the first song used?
Thiện 9C Đập Chai (21 days ago)
Cứ pick yasuo cho bố
MLGuy (21 days ago)
mai bai (22 days ago)
Isa Analizim (22 days ago)
Yasuo is vinner
Polat Baran (22 days ago)
Kayn winner
李冠賢 (22 days ago)
Milos Popovic (23 days ago)
Kayn wonn
Quang Linh Nguyen Pham (23 days ago)
every fking assassin kayn alway use q right after w, why the fk u have to hit him by a normal attack for? kayn is exhausted, normal attack make nearly no damage, and ys can hit 2 or 3 hit when u try to do that shit
Funky Dragon (24 days ago)
Yasuo wins early game, but if we go for a full build both can outplay eachother. For example, if Yasuo has his knock-up prepared, he can get an early ulti on Kayn and get a lot of damage off, cuz he's squishy (shadow assasin). But Kayn can outplay Yasuo by dodging his tornado with ultimate (smiting or using W to get the damage).
Kayn win
이프로젝트 (24 days ago)
0:44 wtf?
Josue Calderón (24 days ago)
yasuo won
Dream Cennet (24 days ago)
Yasuoya can bicenmi olur aq
Montajcı (25 days ago)
Muhammad Ahmad (25 days ago)
kyan win
Arda Yunusoğlu (26 days ago)
Mały Lokaj (29 days ago)
Jec Samson (29 days ago)
Yasuo Wins cause im yasuo main
Yasuo won
Thanos K (1 month ago)
HideMe (1 month ago)
Kayn win
Report Riot (1 month ago)
Zed ❤ kayn
paode aroz (1 month ago)
Kayn because Yasuo don't having passive do nothing
Sggs Shhs (1 month ago)
AOT-Yiğit NADAR (1 month ago)
Kaan Kocaer (1 month ago)
Kayn won
Wat Züp boi (1 month ago)
Matija Blagojevic (1 month ago)
Kayn is the better Kayn is the best
Niko Papa (1 month ago)
Infect Gaming (1 month ago)
H-AnimeForEver (1 month ago)
Yasuo cuz kayn could use ulti and still it was a tie, if yasuo had ulti he could one shot kayn so......
Kuczyn (1 month ago)
Kayn winner
wewe wewe (1 month ago)
Kayn Win,
NJSZaj Cryz (1 month ago)
3:54 - 3:57 Kayn : You killed my master. And now.. YOU. WILL. PAY!!
NJSZaj Cryz (1 month ago)
Kayn wins.. Yasuo doesn't stand a chance to Kayn...
NJSZaj Cryz (1 month ago)
At "No limitations" why Kayn didn't just use E to heal?
NJSZaj Cryz (1 month ago)
Why Shadow Assassin Kayn vs. Yasuo? Why not Darkin Rhaast Kayn vs. Yasuo? I'm sure Yasuo doesn't stand a chance.
Selim zeo TR (1 month ago)
Kristian Pilev (1 month ago)
yasuo wons becouse he get 2 rounds
I think yasuo won
SHİEDA KAYN (1 month ago)
Kayn op
HGE Omoqloo (1 month ago)
Doguhan Yılmaz (1 month ago)
Kayn is stronger than yasuo
Black Crow (1 month ago)
The Diifferent (1 month ago)
yasuo won
Kian Abraham (1 month ago)
Dionmarcus Climaco (1 month ago)
Kayn haahha 1shot
Fabián TM (1 month ago)
Kayn Win?
ELLIOT ALDERSON (1 month ago)
Ralph Agullo (1 month ago)
Wian Jake (1 month ago)
My opinion is Fighters are more stronger than assassins
XII Tachibana (1 month ago)
Music pls?
Isoroku Yamamoto (1 month ago)
Their is no link in the description :(
Joshua Manawat (1 month ago)
Hahahahahhahahahhhaha kayn
ege uzunel kpop Bts (1 month ago)
Kayn wins
Melih Köroğlu (1 month ago)
kayn is winner
ZertY CZ (1 month ago)
Wtf was tahat build :D
Little Pussy (1 month ago)
Wait i thought yasou was a burst?
SP GAMING (1 month ago)
q5007 c (1 month ago)
Whats the battle music? When they do the full build fight.
AcademyKing Urso polar (2 months ago)
yasuo winner
Adriel Lopez Leon (2 months ago)
Leona vs diane
King (2 months ago)
zkxm12 33 (2 months ago)
케인 스펠쓸줄 모르네 ㅂㅅ
Shieda Kayn (2 months ago)
Kayn is best
Yassuo (2 months ago)
epic music name?
christopher wolf (2 months ago)
A fight between 2 balanced champs
tin phan (2 months ago)
Teemo full ap vs teemo dps pls
dragon gamer (2 months ago)
super man (2 months ago)
Arda Elatas (2 months ago)
Kayn mal aq
TradGaming (2 months ago)
Bachir Boughadda (2 months ago)
yasyo ap vs yasuo ad
Marc Philipp (2 months ago)
Both builds arent the normql builds On kayn youmus drakthar night of clory this red crossbow and then ga

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