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Today we're gonna show you the versus between an Assassin and a Fighter. Builds are same and Full AD Leave a like if you enjoyed! Send Me Your Plays ► [email protected] mp4 format, plays.tv link or youtube link (don't send .webm format upload it on yt then send its link) show more for songs and other things ↓ NEFFEX - Best of Me [Copyright Free] Prismo - Stronger [NCS Release] Notification Squad Music: https://youtu.be/f3IgwLT_mYc Outro: Thomas Vent - Berta Berta ( #FullBuildFights LoL Slow Motions).. Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions
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Text Comments (1884)
Melih Köroğlu (31 minutes ago)
kayn is winner
ZertY CZ (2 days ago)
Wtf was tahat build :D
Little Pussy (6 days ago)
Wait i thought yasou was a burst?
Saudin Ibrahim (7 days ago)
q5007 c (8 days ago)
Whats the battle music? When they do the full build fight.
yasuo winner
Adriel Lopez Leon (8 days ago)
Leona vs diane
King (12 days ago)
33zkxm12 (12 days ago)
케인 스펠쓸줄 모르네 ㅂㅅ
Shieda Kayn (13 days ago)
Kayn is best
Yassuo (14 days ago)
epic music name?
christopher wolf (16 days ago)
A fight between 2 balanced champs
tin phan (19 days ago)
Teemo full ap vs teemo dps pls
dragon gamer (19 days ago)
super man (20 days ago)
Arda Elatas (20 days ago)
Kayn mal aq
TradGaming (20 days ago)
Bachir Boughadda (21 days ago)
yasyo ap vs yasuo ad
Marc Philipp (21 days ago)
Both builds arent the normql builds On kayn youmus drakthar night of clory this red crossbow and then ga
Vankata BG (22 days ago)
Title must be Yasuo vs Kayn W
TriForce Gaming (22 days ago)
Shadow assassin is for adc's you must choose darkin
Ramtin H (22 days ago)
Imma say kayn becuase he can suprise yasuo from walls also he get heal from e
Musa ve Ali Çimen (22 days ago)
Techno Bear Gamer (22 days ago)
Me yas
Dab Top (22 days ago)
What about darkin form
Wade Wilson (23 days ago)
Ferplayer br (24 days ago)
yasuo wins Brothers
Phong Trần (26 days ago)
Kayn win
Kayn The Cosmic shadow (26 days ago)
i win
Gilbert Amador (26 days ago)
I think kayn
Gian Regis (26 days ago)
yeheya tarek (26 days ago)
sure yasuo win cuz of attack speed lol
Koláč 33 (27 days ago)
Yasuo won
Johnapaul Yasuo (28 days ago)
Exhaust is the real reason why yasuo won
MrDarkness (28 days ago)
Kaynnnnnn yas suck xD
Nelly Vilugrón (1 month ago)
kayn r ???
az yaklaş kameraya (1 month ago)
Yapacağınız buildi sikeyim aq
Smaty Bachir (1 month ago)
What about darklin kayn
{nader lol} (1 month ago)
I think kayn Leave a like
KarosTV (1 month ago)
yasuo won cuz he won 2 rounds
Mr ViDz (1 month ago)
Kayn is the better champ of league of legends
martin rodrigo arenas (1 month ago)
darkin kayn vs assasin shadow kayn
Gece Avcısı (1 month ago)
Kayn Gets
Aji Al Fajar (1 month ago)
kayn is won
League Of BendollYT (1 month ago)
Yasuo fought with out ultimate and still winning you should have made Yasuo starts with I'll and see what happens to poor kayn and Yasuo wins
Ggbg Nurullah (1 month ago)
Always kayn won
Jonasz Łagodzki (1 month ago)
kayn win
HyImRaul _Ro (1 month ago)
Yasuo win and kayn win for dmg
talon main (1 month ago)
Bence yasou
3:27 qual a musica?
Edwin Labor (1 month ago)
my mom
Kien ho (1 month ago)
yasuo win
Yasuo is better...
Abdulkadir Dagdelen (1 month ago)
yasuo win
Yasuo win
kayn is the best
Sergio Berkayv8 (1 month ago)
Yasuo win
John Iliakis (1 month ago)
For me yas
Kayn won
Florence Monzales (1 month ago)
Yasuo win
YAOI E TUDO. (1 month ago)
Parece que a sombra vence do ar kkkkk.wp😂😂😂
転Emre (1 month ago)
Kayn is won
KarosTV (25 days ago)
+Javi Nava but i played it for 4 years
KarosTV (25 days ago)
+Javi Nava im not playing it now cuz i think the game is trash thats why
Javi Nava (25 days ago)
ok tell me ur account then boi, and u just said ur fiend play and not u lol
KarosTV (25 days ago)
+Javi Nava i played for 4 years so yeah i can
Javi Nava (25 days ago)
well then u can't say anything, u cant comment shitt cause u don't know how the game works
kkrk TV (1 month ago)
2:50 ?
Stefan vlogs (1 month ago)
Kayn is verry good
jedan i jedini (1 month ago)
Yasuo is better than kayn when yasuo have minions around he can kill kayn easily
Swlaind (1 month ago)
Stephen Julian Primer (1 month ago)
Yasuo isn't specting how powerfull kayn is.
Luka Faxuridze (1 month ago)
Its about hiw yasuo playng if he is good player he easyle can fuck kayn
ANDRI HD (1 month ago)
I think yas
No One Know Me (1 month ago)
use duskblade bro and dark harvest YOU FVCKING NOOB
Katherine Norico (1 month ago)
Yasuo wins
Yasin Renan (1 month ago)
kayn won
Yasin Renan (1 month ago)
kaynın düz vuruşu daha çok vuruyor ama yasuonun pasifi engelliyor 2 vuruşunu
hứa phú (1 month ago)
Đã solo ngay trước mặt chấp Kayn cả unti thế nếu có unti Yasuo Thắng 100% không dùng umti vẫn có cơ hội là 50% thế ae đã tim ra câu trả lời chưa tui đã có rồi
Paweł Szafarczyk (1 month ago)
Yasuo win
Hoàng Joking (1 month ago)
2:44 Rengar chết dảnh bánh 😂😂🤣🤣
아니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 앰살자한테 탈진걸고 이기면서 맞탈진걸고 그래 탈진걸고도 wrq로 가봐라 케인이 지나
JhorosDave Fernandez (1 month ago)
Zed vs kayn vs yasuo zed wins lifesteel
Sławomir Bukowski (1 month ago)
Yasuo win
millovan el puto amo (1 month ago)
For more kills, win yasuo 😃😃
Luke GetOnMyLevel (1 month ago)
Who the fuck builds crit kayn
Kujeqq Kujeqq (1 month ago)
Nice build yasuo ./
Gold Hawk (1 month ago)
yasuo kazandı işte boş yapmayın
Arlyn Del Rosario (1 month ago)
yasuo won
Rj manuel Declaro (1 month ago)
Hmm i prefer darkin kayn vs yasuo
Yasuo Wins
babu martin (1 month ago)
ANIME IZ LIFE (1 month ago)
yasou WON!!!
Two Leaps (1 month ago)
Would it be Yasuo?...probably not...
Numan Eşkili (1 month ago)
ys w . ?
Artur Boce (1 month ago)
So sad this with zed when he died
Lamacorn689 (1 month ago)
David James Thouless (1 month ago)
Kevin Shanil (1 month ago)
oh wait u have I mean u have to give him a duskablade

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