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Everything you need to know about Runes in 10 minutes

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Yes they're broken. It's preseason everything is broken. Will be streaming on youtube this week Follow for updates https://twitter.com/DonghuapLol?lang=en Thumbnail ryze art https://zippo514.deviantart.com/art/Ryze-609471489
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DigitalThe //MoeGamer (1 month ago)
1 year later Electricute:BOOOOM Dark harvesr: Fuck you Predator:DEJA VU COMET:no backing Aery:HEROES NEVER DIE phase rush:Every Kassadin main All Green Runes:I AM INVINCIBLE!!!! Glacial aug.:Y i cant move. Spellbook:Double Flash trick kleptomancy:Every adc mains
Charles G. (3 months ago)
This is fucking garbage. All these updates nobody asks for. Thanks for making a video because as a returning player I was about to uninstall.
AyyFMLmao (4 months ago)
Annoying af
Jamie Knox (5 months ago)
How do you turn them on?
Aether Solz (5 months ago)
now i finally know what adaptive means
Simon Jones (5 months ago)
preferred the old runes/masteries. If you're not a nerd these new ones are hard to understand.
Rick Wierenga (7 months ago)
Really a bad video. Always referring to older items. But if u dont know that item its hard to follow up and the video is useless
Jean Pierre (7 months ago)
Dammit riot. Just say "Meant for supports, AP, AD, Tanks, Jungle".
someonewhoexist (8 months ago)
How many videos of these do you make to put off getting gud at dota 2.....or getting laid.
Ellie Johnson (9 months ago)
Video is already out of date lmao
Dv1sion (10 months ago)
Ayush Shah (10 months ago)
im lost wtf
its a paradox (10 months ago)
1:34 Kassawin
Coca Cola (11 months ago)
Can you make a video how to play Zoe?
Michael Pitts (11 months ago)
Season 8... jesus christ. Hard to believe
lefreris lefteris (11 months ago)
do you think that a keyston for bruisers will be added in the future?
Slwop Klapyer (11 months ago)
I Subscribe Because Of This Video
Mehul Vagh (11 months ago)
Man really good work on this !!!! I just wanted to know about runes instead people talking bullshit half the time - this helped a lot. Thanks man :)
Florro (11 months ago)
adaptive stats
ArchSight (1 year ago)
You deleted my comment because you were triggered by me correcting your bullshit. I hope you do your research now like I told you too. I'm so proud of myself now. :P
Lo0nex (1 year ago)
nice vid dude but you might wnna lay off the adderall
randomdude69 lol (1 year ago)
Am i the only one kinda getting bored by lol? Thx to all these un needed updates
Poponade (1 year ago)
Dong, could you maybe do some league streams? I would very appreciate it : )
Thiago R. Silva (1 year ago)
Well. Goodbye to you too. Rude
Mailbox (1 year ago)
Nice Ryze rework
Wolf Tribius (1 year ago)
Oh this was about league, of course. Runes are definatly only used in league >.>
Code: Zwei (1 year ago)
I just got a League of Legends Ad and holy shit the Teemo AHAHAHAHHA
10:19 but!?!
EC CRISTIAN (1 year ago)
I thought the one key word was mobalytics.
erald deadrix (1 year ago)
List of kelptomancy item drop: -weak hp potion (1/3 of the original hp ption) -mana potion -gold bag -wards (normal, blue ward and controll ward) -3 mini power potion (mini wrath, sorcery and iron) - adaptive potion -revealing potion -biscuit (not inspiration biscuit) -skill point potion (super rare) Rarity order (from highest to lowest) -Skill point potion -revealing potion -Biscuit -wards -power potion -Mana potion -hp potion -gold bag The higher your level is the higher the chance of item drop. When there is no item slot left, consumeables are used immidietly (wards are place on the location of enemy champ that you proc klepto mancy) Champ that can use Klepto easily -ezreal -sona -gp -swain -ziggs -vayne (supprisingly, tho lethal tempo or press the attack is better on her) -viktor -jayce -udyr (toplane only) -corki -kennen (I havent tried any other champ but these champ is what i have found really comfortable with klepto)
thanks for good video
Do how aatrox mini rework was retarded
Lexo Production (1 year ago)
kleptomancy has higher cahnce of dropping item if ur not spammin its effect. i was playring with 2 kleptomancers on my team and the ezreal had 900 bonus gold at one point and looted 50 items, while the udyr had only 300 bonus gold (lot less procs) but had 40 bonus items
j marine (1 year ago)
Now if someone would it have show this to my retarded adc. That moron didn't understand I was getting free wards and nag me all game to buy a sight stone.
Thomas Pierce (1 year ago)
I like how riot tried to make it more interesting by adding more customization but all they did was subtract customization. I basically had these new runes already in the form of masteries, except I could also try to do something different with my stats. I loved running full lethality runes and having like 30 at level 1. I also thought full crit damage tryndamere was fun. I also liked the meta rune differences (ie. maybe choosing to go for risky AD vs a ranged top laner). All riot did was remove the customization part of runes by just giving you ad or ap (not pen, which is important distinction) and changing masteries like they do every year. IN SHORT, Riot is making the game easier for noobs ever since s4 which is slowly killing the game.
CoolGuy 124 (1 year ago)
wait so you can have 55% cdr?
YvOx (1 year ago)
Holy shit finally somebody that said Coup De Grace the right way FeelsGoodMan
Akasha fofo (1 year ago)
Why there are ironcell (armor), mirrorskin ( magic resistance ) when conditioning is both boosted after 10 minutes?
oniuserjh (1 year ago)
Well that ending was...abrupt
Ramiel Lilith (1 year ago)
So now we gotta worry about 2 people switching to TP late game and backdoor my Bronze team, lets get it.
Saokkuno (1 year ago)
Thank you for this kind sir 😃
Boosted Bonobo (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention new thunderlords doesn't pop until you hit them with either 3 DIFFERENT spells or 3 autos... Example of what I mean is Anivia ult no longer will proc thunderlords unless mixed with her q and e. Also both tics of her Q do NOT count toward thunder lords. If it hits at all it's one ability lander rather than two ie. Impact and stun. So there's that...
Naruto Uchiha (1 year ago)
You didn’t even say Bye
xYuushax (1 year ago)
Dong Huap, what about zoe?
Ray Manley (1 year ago)
First of all: Video is 10:30. Clickbait. #Triggered
Jerry Lin (1 year ago)
So far klep is way too op on people like gp. I got 1000 gold from kleptomancy by 12 minutes, which is ridiculous. The gold bag drop is absolutely broken, as I managed to get 2 gold bags in 2 gp q shots and both gave me 100 gold. 5 seconds for 200 gold is pretty op.
Dong.. thank you dong ha
Just Another (1 year ago)
I honestly want the runes to stay broken, I haven't had this much fun in League literally ever
Rhuel Smith (1 year ago)
Didn't understand the new runes....got dick stuck inside motherboard again.
Knight Brolaire (1 year ago)
10:29 > 10 minutes I've been lied to Kappa
Albert Grande (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot.. sub
Sir Vere (1 year ago)
kelpto gives consumables and elixirs when inv is full also
DanBlue (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmPu_jS6tQIudEeMRsVbmfA this whole channel has your videos and gets a lot A LOT of views from it
DanBlue (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_-vjN0t2e4&feature= what do you think he stole your video and got almost 90k views
Ike Lim (1 year ago)
you're right, perfect timing only gives a 300g discount, thought there was something odd about the price of zhonya's, with the rune, price goes up to 3200 from 2900.
Christian Payne (1 year ago)
Weird way to end the video lol
Ron Weasley (1 year ago)
LordPhoenix (1 year ago)
Thank you. Wasn't sure about any of this even though I've read through them all. I did theory craft a Garen Build where I Ulted every minute.
Chad Davis (1 year ago)
is it his mic or my headphones this shit is tinny af
Insane Hatem (1 year ago)
My brain exploded, last week I just understood the old masteries
Rasheed Matt (1 year ago)
This is all I need. I literally watch a 50 min video about this same subject and understood nothing.
The Olde Man (1 year ago)
Gra not grahce
Kővári Dániel (1 year ago)
The Guardian work with healing or shield abilities too, read the description. They mark the ally for 2,5 second or you can just walk close.
Joshua Balmores (1 year ago)
New runes got me like So when i plus pie to 7 divide 4 subtract all find the base fvck i don't get it i quit
Yuki (1 year ago)
fuck you riot you made this game even more confusing than it is
Seraffim (1 year ago)
They are shit. Shortcut.
SelectorOfSouls (1 year ago)
Everyone in the comments better go check out LS's video on which runes to use for which champion. (check description on LS's video too)
WatuMeister (1 year ago)
do i lose the stacks on Dark Harvest? or are they there for every hit after cooldown goes away? or something like that?
Corey C (1 year ago)
U can't lose stacks. When u gain a stack ur next auto is against champs is empowered for 20s which will deal damage that increase the more stacks u have. Once u gain 150 stacks, the empowered auto lasts for 300 seconds instead of 20. It had no cooldown, so if an enemy champion dies and u collected their soul, ur next auto will be empowered immediately
Rycka Ma (1 year ago)
wtf is adaptive damage?
Arrarrah (1 year ago)
what the fuck is league anymore? like literally, Zoe? new runes? this sucks ass.
Pureu (1 year ago)
Dong Huap helped me to get to Diamond. Not lying
Leek San (1 year ago)
Great tutorial although If you can edit an intro and outro, and buy a better mike you would make great videos :D keep up your great work.
Hirotrum (1 year ago)
Id4n (1 year ago)
Sorcery can also be used for assassins
Milk Candy (1 year ago)
does dematerializer work on jungle minions
twitchybean (1 year ago)
what is best for gnar including secondary
cvpilku (1 year ago)
but if everything is broken, is it really broken?
Las reviews de Camilo (1 year ago)
why do you sound angry the whole time
Johansson (1 year ago)
This vdeo was good but way 2 long so it started to get boring at one point. I think you could maybe do like a 5 min or 6 idk either way nice video and good content :D
YeeDS (1 year ago)
u are screaming
LittleDelp (1 year ago)
Ok on the ultimate hat rune does it allow your ult to exceed the cdr cap. Example I have 40 cdr thru items and UHat as a rune would my ult have 55% cdr after fully stacked?
animegx45 (1 year ago)
I've been using the phase shift for a top lane Tahm Kench lately. It's my Kidnapping Tahm build.
Dogedash (1 year ago)
just always take kleptomancy
BanKai 12 (1 year ago)
Oh my god new runes is so confusing. Thanks for explaining!
Taz (1 year ago)
holy shit dude, you put a lot of effort into this! I couldn't even bother reading them in game... thanks!
ironbixby (1 year ago)
As a bard main, l'm lookin right at that cheap shot :3
Decoto Raider (1 year ago)
Mylai champions
CynicalPixel (1 year ago)
The fucking soul reeving thresh builds are coming
der baus (1 year ago)
*A D A P T I V E*
Justin Chin (1 year ago)
If you do the summoner spell change one, what if you start with smite, buy a smite item, then switch away from smite?
WigglingWaffles (1 year ago)
I......am so fucking confused my singed cheese strats are dead....ish
nst (1 year ago)
wadu hek
Catalin Popa (1 year ago)
Great video! (Comment for algorithm)
Tony Kirigaya (1 year ago)
GREAT GUIDE. Finally someone who's taking these seriously. Love it!
420th Legioner (1 year ago)
Nice video m8
Furqan Liaqat (1 year ago)
This is a bit difficult but very good as well because now i will not have to buy runes because i never bought them in the first place. Relief
deadlypandaghost (1 year ago)
All you did was read the runes and state the obvious -___-
Icebat (1 year ago)
For some reason I read this as everything you need to know about ryze
Pedo InSpeedo (1 year ago)
5x2 isn't 15 dong
Killine Rogue (1 year ago)
5:26 You say "Clarity". It's "Celerity". :p

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