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How to Make Bread

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Learn how to make bread Rebecca Brand makes homemade bread for a dinner party. She shows how to make a loaf of bread for $0.30 in 30 seconds. Simple easy recipe using only 5 basic ingredients. Perfect every time. Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rebeccabrandrecipes Like Us On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/rebeccabrandrecipes Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/rebeccabrandrecipes Rebecca Brand at http://RecipeHouseTV.com
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Text Comments (30)
Jim Vincitore (27 days ago)
Great video! Very cool! Thank you!
Rebecca Brand (26 days ago)
Thank you!
Byron Chandler (7 months ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your bread looks beautiful, and you look so cute and adorable in that pink blouse. I am still waiting for your KFC mashed taters with turkey gravy. What do you love about bread flour? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. I love you, cutie pie. <3
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Thank you Byron Chandler and gosh I just love those KFC mashed potatoes and especially the gravy!! Yes, I owe you that recipe!!!! I hope you are having a great day too!
whomeplay (1 year ago)
Never hear of putting yeast in the fridge!! Have I been doing it wrong all these years? :-)
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Yes, it will die if you don't! It's heat sensitive!
Halsey R (1 year ago)
hey Rebecca my roommate bought a breadmaker and made cinnamon raisin bread I am so happy to have a breadmaker in the house I will try to make this someday.
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
This is such a super great easy recipe, if you keep your breadmaker on the counter, and the ingredients on my recipe near, you canmake this every day! super easy..just keep the yeast in the fridge. Print out the recipe and tape it on the machine -- soon you will know it by heart. If you buy flour in big quantities it's only $0.40 per loaf!!
Ashish Vasikaran (2 years ago)
Rebecca.. What is the brand of your bread maker? Where could I buy it? You are awesome!
Halsey R (2 years ago)
I'm going to a thrift store on Tuesday Value Village I will keep my eyes peeled for a breadmaker!
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Great!! That's where I always get them! Oster is a good brand.
Halsey R (2 years ago)
Would this work if you used plain white flour instead of bread flour?
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
yes, that's the best!! White flour and bread flour is equal in this recipe, I use either.
whomeplay (3 years ago)
Still bingeing, I wish I was the first. :-(
Halsey R (3 years ago)
Next time I'm at the thrift store I'm gonna keep my eyes open for a breadmaker. I got a juicer for Christmas and I am craving more kitchen appliances! Haha
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Halsey “B” R for sure! $6!!
Halsey R (3 years ago)
Throw back to your first video on this channel. Luv ya Rebecca! Do you still use your breadmaker?
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Halsey “B” R Oh yes, but you know, they die after a year, so the used ones are great! The recipe is ALWAYS the same!! And you just press a button, and most buttons are the same. You can also look up each model on the internet for directions. I'm a true believer and I wish I had more influence on this. Everyone should have one, make a loaf a day at $0.40 each, fresh, with a $6 maker. that is no joke I really mean it. I tried to get my sons to take one to their dorms. It's amazing to have that fresh bread with butter. If they read this, my sons would say I'm crazy, but they know this is so me.
idkwhattocallthis (3 years ago)
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+TrooperMine I believe you because this is one of my first videos!! you must have searched wide and far to find this one, that is so awesome, thank you!
Gary Taylor (4 years ago)
ok, I can't stop watching these videos! love em!
realdivabitch (5 years ago)
Imma use your bread recipe to make croutons! Maybe you should try this too and create a video of it. We can share recipes! :)
Bongwongbwong (5 years ago)
Where did you buy you bread maker
AY02Mr (5 years ago)
:lol 加油
cocozuchanel (6 years ago)
Dear Rebecca, your bread looks so delicious and I want to try it as well. The problem: we don't have that machine... Can you give me a tip how to bake the bread in an oven? What temperature, how long, special heat mode? Best wishes and thank you, Anja
sb23508 (6 years ago)
Check the thrift stores in about a month. Over half of the people who receive them at Christmas MAY try them once, and if the loaf doesn't turn out perfectly the machine goes to Goodwill.
miawinkful (6 years ago)
rebecca !!!!! u seem less like urself in this vid i hope u get ur bubbly enthusiastic spunky personality back again , love ur recipes !!!
Mike NJ (6 years ago)
I actually made bread from scratch and it wasn't that hard. But now after watching how easy it is with a breadmaker.......I'm going to buy one now!
azenchen (6 years ago)
I assume the bread maker does all that.
Norie92 (6 years ago)
So you don't have to mix it in there?

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