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Text Comments (2709)
DarkMoon (7 hours ago)
It THOR my heart..!! I cried as fckn hell daymnnn
Ti'Mbrya Morales (9 hours ago)
i cried..... alot...... for a long time..... help
Savanna McCook (15 hours ago)
I cried alot
Yan Yin Chan-bu (16 hours ago)
April 18?.. ;[
Braxton Halona (16 hours ago)
It's all good, pump only does 7 damage😂😂😂
Jaide Hurd (16 hours ago)
I cried😭😭😭
Anisa Ali (20 hours ago)
I'm not sad, I'm rather angry.
Fatima Khorsheed (1 day ago)
OMG 😭😭😭
I cried...... veryyyy loud.
Bryn Fantazia (1 day ago)
"I really dont want to mentoin what it is because um.." *zooms in on the youtube pillow*
The emerald Shield (1 day ago)
Me at 3:21 laughing my head off I’m evil
HARDHIK Sundriyal (2 days ago)
These animations were so dark
I’m actual crying
Ivan Funes (2 days ago)
I cried on the second one
Elisa Urena (2 days ago)
The first one got me and I started crying pls tell me this is fake
Izabella Ramirez (3 days ago)
So sad please make another part
Jonatan Vermeersch (3 days ago)
I almost cried, that polar bear though
At 3:04 lol😂
Elisabeth (3 days ago)
Jesus the polar bear one is so messed up
Moonlight girl (3 days ago)
My dad has an Alcohol problem. Luckily not an aggressive drinker. Still the second one got me the most.
My dad too. What happens to your dad when he's drunk?
PANDA (3 days ago)
Video ends at 6:50 Thank me later Plz like this CUTE LIKE
BlueBerry Soda (3 days ago)
i have no clue why i didn't cry, oh wait, its because of how funny you are distracted me from crying my LIFE out
The Riversong Show ;3 (3 days ago)
Watching sad things make me feel like i'm going to puke...... Let's just say... This was the closest time...
Audrey chan (4 days ago)
the polar bear got me.......aahhh good thing that hunter got uhm fall hahaha
VidNAH (4 days ago)
I started crying in the first one
Night Cat (4 days ago)
I relate to the second one its really bad
vanessa mccullers (4 days ago)
The polar bear is straight up sad... I swear I WAS ALMOST THERE. ALMOST.
Midnight ShadowGamerz (4 days ago)
Omg...I feel so bad...for..the..baby...polar..bear.....
Tiffani Kay (4 days ago)
3:04 LOL!!!!
noodles kill me (5 days ago)
Aqielsword (5 days ago)
Emely lopez vlogs (5 days ago)
My eyes are watering so much thanks tAl it’s 2:16am rn
Achilleswarcry Zavala (5 days ago)
Watch changing batteries
the fox of bite morty (5 days ago)
i didn't cry so i won
the fox of bite morty same
I didint cry but I got tears
panda lover (5 days ago)
That poor boy
panda lover (5 days ago)
He should have got on that thing and rode it
panda lover (5 days ago)
That polar bear is so cute
the first one is the same animation azzy reacted to
Christopher Jack (5 days ago)
0:06 so epic
First one made me cry😭😢
dominic figueroa (5 days ago)
I did not cry
Ruined Abper (5 days ago)
2:33 That line is so true.
Gia- (5 days ago)
I'm still crying
Emma Enchanted (5 days ago)
I relate to the last one....
Tiffany Hood (5 days ago)
Katelyn Marc (5 days ago)
OMGGG the last one I was so scared and like at the beginning of it it was like the pirate was his day and all he wanted was someone to save him
Justin Phillips (6 days ago)
The polar bear got me but the thing is is that I’ve seen that so many times and it still gets me
Gold knight (6 days ago)
Just two !
Gold knight (6 days ago)
Do not Use (6 days ago)
The only reason why i didn’t cry on these is because I saw them already
Junaid Sharif (6 days ago)
Stop making me laugh 😂!!!!!!!
Miss Disney (6 days ago)
Do more
Skylar Brinkmoeller (6 days ago)
I can definitely relate to the second one
Jacoby Davis (5 days ago)
me too
Random Vids (6 days ago)
“Maybe the second one got you guys” —How bout both?! Anyone relate?
Nikki Koyl (6 days ago)
The second animation the kid looks like the kid off of monster house
Coke Mazing (6 days ago)
You should do more of these types of videos!
Coke Mazing (6 days ago)
I almost cried at the end of the polar bear one.
JJ 27 JJ (6 days ago)
That Trend and did a long time ago tall
Covers By Kels (6 days ago)
Dude the polar bear got me😭 but 3:04 though 💀
INGRID Q (6 days ago)
Jakira Long (6 days ago)
No I did not cry
._. i have no heart... i just kinda laugh at the part where the hunter had a hard time killing the cub and realized he literally is bad at shooting
H D (6 days ago)
Do a part 2
Joseph Trujillo (6 days ago)
Hailey Evans (6 days ago)
the first one made me Brist in to tears
Selena Flores (6 days ago)
Both of them got me but the polar bear got me really good 😰😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😢
tanzeela khan (6 days ago)
Someone is cutting onions ,i swear Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna cucumber
Paul Ludington (6 days ago)
ok whos cutting the onions ALAN!!!
Fuzzykitty xox (6 days ago)
my life should be in there
Fuzzykitty xox (6 days ago)
wat i do everyday of my life
If I found this dude killing baby bears I would kick there balls and kill them
Alynn Banks (7 days ago)
Liam Cabrieto (7 days ago)
P Pl Ple Plea Pleas Please Please m Please ma Please mak Please make Please make m Please make mo Please make mor Please make more Please make more t Please make more ta Please make more tal Please make more ta Please make more t Please make more Please make mor Please make mo Please make m Please make Please mak Please ma Please m Please Pleas Plea Ple Pl P Pls like this took so long
fireflake (7 days ago)
these vids got to me
Demi Duncan Gomez (7 days ago)
I’m watching this in a mall. Hope I don’t cry, lmao... :’)
Psycho Path (7 days ago)
Y'all that polar bear... Made me cry at the end
Fay Louise Lange (7 days ago)
Ok after the polar bear story i desided that I am now turning vegan
Rebecca Ribaya (7 days ago)
i did not cry easy im not emotional
Cat Burritoh :3 (7 days ago)
I couldn’t stop crying at the polar bear one I just want a happy ending
Where's "Don't let the dream go extinct"?
Neveje Buys (7 days ago)
I cried at the polar bear
Trey Pohe (7 days ago)
Damn it!!! Who's cutting the onions???😭
Nessa Begaye (7 days ago)
Im literally crying on the polar bear one
Amelia Shapiro (7 days ago)
For me, the second one was sadder. I'm just glad that was just an animation and not real life.
Alexis Colton (7 days ago)
that polar bear one almost got me because it was sooooo sad the second was pretty messed up but i didnt cry
Liam Bhatia (7 days ago)
Anthony Kindred (7 days ago)
How has it bean 14 minuts and every one has commented
Anthony Kindred (7 days ago)
Jim salad ears (7 days ago)
Yeah I didn't cry... 😐
Anthogenius Films (7 days ago)
I have seen all of these
Ink stone UNIVERSE (7 days ago)
the second one is my life ):
Shoime loves to vlog (7 days ago)
You know the last one where some of ur friends experienced this it was probably anthony thats why he is messed up. Like if u agree or comment- actually reply- cause i want to see if we can reach 50 likes.❤❤😊
millie _fxirs (8 days ago)
His hair looks like a weird brush 😂😂😂
Aqielsword (8 days ago)
I cry😣😣😢
I was literally a second to crying if the first and the second video didn't end time that I did😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ariana 66 (8 days ago)
Didn’t cry at all.
xtian zone (8 days ago)
You should try it with captain sparklez
MR BASS BOOSTER (8 days ago)
My life

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