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BaLoRi (7 months ago)
Here is our Season 9 Soraka gameplay -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4ITquHqRp0 With 11-1-19 TOP Lane as Soraka everything is possible!!! Enjoy!
KindaDisturbed (1 month ago)
No ... just Nope.
Siddhesh Khavshe (2 months ago)
Nuna (4 months ago)
who did you one shot
Jin Ryukaze (4 months ago)
As a soraka support main it burns my eyes Why u no use "w"???? XD GG
Tfue (4 months ago)
How dont to play Soraka gameplay
JKNews (4 months ago)
Rude person
squirrelbuddi (4 months ago)
You are always too far away to make meaningful impact on team fights and you don't e q right. But you have okay map awareness. Gj
ella manite (4 months ago)
What is a runes? Thanks if you answer
Edu Filho (5 months ago)
Everyone complaining about u don’t use W more often, u are not forced to use it just because u are a Soraka, Vi and Temmo become a huge bag to carry in this game, u are playing like a top lainer, but sadly temmo and vi just saw a sup, yes is a team game, so don’t feed the enemy by going under towers and run around him whitout poke (I talking about temmo and vi) and E is a good poke, plus the mind game is importante to, u can se they are afraid of the silence. Great job buddy.
Quí Trần (5 months ago)
Volibear player doesn't know his advantage :) I think this is just an acting clip :)
Booktalk Mongolia (5 months ago)
why dont u use ur heal?
Stephan Jones (5 months ago)
Between 24:40 and 25:08 is some hilarious stuff. Just some excellent work right there.
Nghĩa Lê (6 months ago)
Farm như shit
Paul Anderson (6 months ago)
This example how NOT to play soraka, this guy is so scared and selfish i never saw use W entire game, he play super super safe and never helped a teammate also very bad to hit enemy with spells he just farm all game, team almost finished game without him involved what boring player and more boring play style. If they didn’t have Vi they probably lose 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
wendy perez (6 months ago)
no me gusto porque dejo solo a teemo, tenia que ir con él no dejalo solo ya que son equipo
Paulo Delosreyes (7 months ago)
Why you are not using w for healing your team man your just using your ult for assist.
Noureddine EL IRAKI (7 months ago)
fck you noob you not help your team
Rafael Oliveira (7 months ago)
music ?
dbachmann18 (7 months ago)
Where the hack was the oneshot? Clickbait af... next time use a right title for videos
BaLoRi (7 months ago)
Here you go some of our Soraka One shots: 2:27 22:20 28:55 Enjoy!
Anibuff (7 months ago)
Когда команда тащит можно и идиотизмом позаниматься.....
J N (7 months ago)
It's painful to watch
Juju (7 months ago)
stupid video! why the hell did i click this shit!
Many (7 months ago)
damn i hate players like you... you talk too much in chat and you're too selfish..
Sharon Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Bad Soraka. You left your teamates without their tank and picked soraka instead to have fun which is not that bad(assuming this is a regular pvp). But I saw plenty of opportunities where your team trusted that you will help but you were just walking around and when they died you run :| I'm pretty sure that in some of the cases your team would win the fight If you helped(ofc keeping your distant). Your R is not only for assistant some teamfights had gone different if you used it for other purpose. And last but not least you've got 1tower earlier if you left vi help you but you were selfih for the xp and the gold of the last hit that you made her go away and as consecuence you didn't took the tower and almost die. You should remind that the important things on lol are teamwork and objectives your personal KDA is just a plus same as gold. I don't say you shouldn't farm bc hell no you should. But AFK farming is bronce and noobs thing.
SangoProductions213 (8 months ago)
31:40 "4 dead and open inhib tower? Time to take chickies!"
marios polyravas (8 months ago)
bal mporeis na kaneis ena updated video me thn soraka pls kai me to build ?
BaLoRi (8 months ago)
Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ayD3Sd2oxY its our newest TOP lane soraka video :D
Hyuri CRVG (8 months ago)
Idiot jungler! Report!
patricia dalangin (8 months ago)
proper kiting couldve gotten you more kills + use your heal and respond to help your team man
Iam Impossibru (8 months ago)
Clearly that voli is braindead. All he had to do was build early MR like merc treads, and you were toast.
Gemmalyn De Guzman (8 months ago)
Next time you play, soraka. Use your W omg! Know to protect your team mates. Selfish
Leandro Passe (8 months ago)
Марика CheRRu (8 months ago)
То эмоция когда тоже играешь соракой на топе
Flexintoes Plays (8 months ago)
Why u not healing your team man? You should try use ur W too often, ur team die bc you don’t use ur W
jonathan burris (8 months ago)
fuck W this is lit try not getting get hurt? ?? you wouldnt expect the top laner to heal you any other time lmfao
Ankuf (8 months ago)
i dont agree at all with sailordan. you had to ap carry. which requires gold. that is how you poke a bear. yeah vi might catch a trip kill every once in a while but its by diving through multiple turrets and always results in a death. no tact. following vi led to the 4v5 death. which lead to the next 4v5 death. id take a smart team fight over a convenient one.
Isabella (8 months ago)
Omg that Vi it’s stupid..
Wini Puh (8 months ago)
how many times he used w ? 1 time?
Mobi Game Channel (8 months ago)
You talk to much
BaLoRi (8 months ago)
Good for me :D
Carl Sherwin (8 months ago)
Soraka is more deadliest if you make her the adc
Carl Sherwin (8 months ago)
I think when you use soraks you should build what caitlyn builds
Carl Sherwin (8 months ago)
Yep btw im still watching it
BaLoRi (8 months ago)
:D Deadly Banana ADC?
Hieu Nguyen (8 months ago)
Ma ngu vc
Thành Đoàn (8 months ago)
If i play soraka , support or mid , i will always use w to heal my team . You are the bad players Sr i am not good English . I'm a vietnamese
Kevin (9 months ago)
macro is nice, but micro is bad
Edgar Müller (9 months ago)
help your team bro
joseph lorenzo (9 months ago)
hehe neither a support nor a top laner. selfish and bossy. thumbs down for me. nice skin though
basher khaled (9 months ago)
You miss 12378875544222 Q omg
bobby zhu (9 months ago)
I’m loving the hate comments from noobs haha. After all the only thing a noob can do is shit talk...
Sing Karaoke (9 months ago)
24:55 best part ur to good for this champ
Hector Jimenez (9 months ago)
Eres Malísimo man! No usas la W; Teniendo 1800 de Maná, 30%CDR y haya Blue Tenías, no apoyas en Nada, solo te fedeas con los regalados.. Podrías Tryhardear mucho más en esas Team Fight en las que nadie te ésta Haciendo Focus, nadie te llega, en el Min 32:50 vendiste a todo tu Team, no usaste la W en Nadie, Pudiste stunearlos a todos con E + Q, y esa E, Stuneaba mínimo a 3 ya que tu Q y tu Team Ralentizaban Muchísimo... Muy mala Soraka eres. Eres muy Lento, fallas cosas estúpidas como el Ward en el Minute 32...
leandro silva (9 months ago)
protobelt have active if you dont know...and you have W ...next time try master yi for only Q ...in brazil you is how we call "Bag"
jorzallan (9 months ago)
shitty music
Lucas Biermann (9 months ago)
when you said to leave the tower you should have let it with almost no hp so he would still Tp for it then destroy it fast so he loses his Tp. making the riven go alone and you and your jg get a free kill and even the top jg while putting some wards there. communicate better and you will get further.
Lucas Biermann (9 months ago)
i like that you play soraka top but that build path... so many other better choices and ways of getting better ahead. also you have a problem with vision. not about not warding but with map awareness and looking at it to try to think where their jg should be.
Space Pirate (9 months ago)
Uses sweeper still walks on mushroom
Marco de luca (9 months ago)
Report soraka please 0 help
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
REPORT SORAKA for TROLL! :D This is a second soraka TOP video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ayD3Sd2oxY
Shehas Aids (9 months ago)
i'm missing the oneshots and the deadly
LittleChino (9 months ago)
Range vs melee good match, try her up against a mage or a range champ then it worth putting in YouTube lol
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
Volibear is one of the tankiest champion in the game, got an insanely big movement speed bonus and knock up with Q and slow with E, also big damage with W and his ultimate. You should stop underestimating champions like him :)
Cow Goes Quack ! (9 months ago)
Why do you go same build same order every ap champion
Cow Goes Quack ! (9 months ago)
BaLoRi ok try nocturne then jk
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
Cause Im testing how powerful different champion can be with our insanely powerful Full Magic Penetration Cho'Gath's build!
Malaboi (9 months ago)
Why are off-meta youtubers so godly they dominate with some of the most unfathomable things like this
Pancho Panlilio (9 months ago)
I hate the way ur playing her. I hate the way u use ur E and Q, even tho ur not supp u should help ur team too u know.
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
Then you are going to hate me even more in my recent Soraka video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ayD3Sd2oxY
Falwen Valendur (9 months ago)
Resident sleeper. Edit more.
Sean Lee (9 months ago)
Shit content will never sub
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
Thanks for that, you doing us a favor for not being a sub here :)
VLanceV (9 months ago)
How is it your team never flames you for picking weird shit? But you turn out to play good.
Haise A. (9 months ago)
your builds are really interesting, but they only work because youre playing in an elo much lower than your own and can get early kills with it. you only ever build double starting items on certain champions like renekton/fiora/camille who need to dominate early
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
Lets go in full detail of why 3 doran's blades are worth, our first "+aw3s0me" already answered to that before, So will let you his answer: "Following explaination, you can read and hopefully better understand afterwards bc of the detailed explaining, about the WHY's and HOW's. Additional i will add, how much at lvl1 and lvl5, Yorick with 1x or 3x Doran's Blade does generate EHP and what the generated EHP is worth equal adding Armor instead the raw 80/240 hp !! You will be surprised buddy ;) Yorick lvl1, 0 items: HP:580, ADr:39, APr:32 -------------------------------- AgainsAD: 806 EHP <- True Health AgainsAP: 766 EHP <- True Health Yorick lvl1, +1x Dorans's Blade (+80hp): HP: 660, ADr:39, APr:32 -------------------------------- AgainsAD: 917 EHP <- True Health AgainsAP: 871 EHP <- True Health --------EHP Difference-------- 806-917 = +111 EHP, not 80 ! 766-871 = +105 EHP, not 80 ! -------------------------------- How much armor would we need to add, to generate the same amount of additonal EHP instead with 80 raw HP? -------------------------------- AgainsAD: +19,1 Armor to gain also +111 EHP AgainsAP: +18,1 Mress to gain also +105 EHP -------------------------------- Result: Doran's Blade generates: +111 EHP vs ADdmg , which is equal adding +19,1 Armor +105 EHP vs APdmg , which is equal adding +18,1 Mress -------------------------------- EndResult: +8 Damage +3% LifeSteal +80 HP which is equal adding: +19,1 Armor and +18,1 Mress. +More time, to farm before a need for a TownBreak, bc of statsREgain. -------------------------------- +Damage +LifeSteal +EHP +Sustain +Durability -------------------------------- For all those, who want to know what exactly are the numbers at a lvl5 Yorick, with 3x Doran's Blade and how much the additional +240hp generated EHP is equal worth in Armor adding here: 880 -------------------------------- HP: 880/1.120, ADr:54, APr:37 AgainsAD: 1.355 - 1.725 EHP = +370 EHP AgainsAP: 1.206 - 1.534 EHP = +328 EHP -------------------------------- 370 / 3 = +123 EHP per Item, not 111, not 80 328 / 3 = +109 EHP per Item, not 105, not 80 -------------------------------- Since BasicHealth and ArmorTyps increased natural by LvlUp x4, each item starts to generate MORE EHP as you can clearly see._ -------------------------------- How much armor would we need to add, to generate the same amount of additonal EHP instead with 240 raw HP? -------------------------------- AgainsAD: +42,0 Armor to gain also +370 EHP AgainsAP: +37,3 Mress to gain also +328 EHP -------------------------------- +24 Damage +9% LifeSteal +240 HP which is equal adding: +42 Armor and +37,3 Mress. And this all above at lvl5, for 3x 450= 1.350gold ?! worth each time" So lets go for the 3 doran's rings or 1 dark seal 2 doran's rings start: "At lvl5, Balori bought his 2nd Doran's ring and 1x Dark Seal at 1st back. What is a lvl 5 Annie getting from that? EHP calculation; lvl5 Annie, 0 items Health: 796, ADress: 32, APress: 32 Agains AD: 1.051 EHP <- True Health Agains AP: 1.051 EHP <- True Health EHP calculation; lvl5 Annie, 2x Doran's Ring, 1x Darkseal Health: 916, ADress: 32, APress: 32 Agains AD: 1209 EHP <-- True Health Agains AP: 1209 EHP <-- True Health Result: adding +120 raw HP, adds actualy +158 EHP !! 3x15 AP = +45 AP 2x50% MPregen = +100% MPregen Calculation lvl5 annie MPregen + item bonus: lvl1 6 MPregen +0.8/lvl = lvl5 = 9.2 MPregen +50% = 13.8 (14) MPregen, +100% = 18.4 MPregen +18.4 MPregen instead 9.2 MPregen. Scrap the MPregen Calc part !! After nerf patch. It's fix now 1mp per sec per Doran's Ring added +100 MP +25% healing power potions Result: Increased EHP, Sustain, Durability, Damage at lvl5. Q: So how much Armor and Mress do we need to add, to generate against both AD and AP additional withstanding worth 158 EHP ?? A: EHP calculation; lvl5 Annie Health: 796, ADress: 32 + 19,9 = 51,9 Armor APress: 32 + 19,9 = 51,9 Mress -------------------------------- Agains AD: 1209 EHP <-- True Health Agains AP: 1209 EHP <-- True Health _Result: Adding raw 120hp on a lvl 5 Annie, is equal adding 19,9 Armor and 19,9 Mress !! While added raw hp, can't be reduced by ArmorPen!! (at least not further then the added raw health number shows) Besides this, Doran's adds also 2 additional stats, Damage and MpRegen. How cheap and fantastic is this?! Q: Cheap ?? A: YES !! Look. Most make a thinking progress mistake. We don't buy those items actualy. We rent them. Those items are Temporary items . Items that serve for a while to support your char. While using every slot which would stay empty otherwise. Remember , the golden rule nr1 from dota1 already: never, leave a slot Empty. Even if you just add 1 stats point. This slot in use provide now substance for your char. Back to gold/cheap.... As said tempo item , We will sell it 100% as soon we got a item to switch with it for a core item. This means we invest shortly cash but get % of it back. So in reality 2x Doran's rings cost not 800 gold. But for each 160 gold back > 320. Reduces invested gold to: 480. Equal 240gold per item. For that stats gain for early to mid phase? Amazing Now lets add DarkSeal into it. 360 gold invested 245 gold regained. Actualy invested gold 115 only. Now count all 3 items: 2x Doran's + 1× DarkSeal = 1.160 after selling: Total invested gold: 595 gold Now this means ÷ 3 (per item) = 198 gold invested for the time using it as tempo supportive items to use all slots. That's why it is cheap as hell for the stats gain those items offer for the char. Which is why the result shows clearly: best early items providing most stats gain. "
Haise A. (9 months ago)
@BaLoRi nothing wrong with the build, i just found always going triple dorans blade/double dorans ring + dark seal odd. you're definitely a great player and can capitalise off the stat advantage they'll give early but im not sure everyone else could, you'd end up far behind your opponent in build if you cant get kills. guess everyone has a different strategy for how they play! i love your videos even if i find some things odd, you have a really calm/relaxing commentary
BaLoRi (9 months ago)
My builds works perfectly fine to all Elos. What you seeing here is my TEST BUILDS, if you want to play Soraka, you can play her with the same build as support with no problems. Also you started talking about "start items" and how it "only works for low elo". So read our 4 full build guides and enjoy your Free Elo: Full Magic Penetration Cho'Gath: https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/full-magic-penetration-build-by-top-1-chogath-in-the-world-470949 Full Lethality(Armor Pen) Wukong: https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/s8-my-full-lethality-armor-penetration-wukong-build-489742 Full Magic Pen Rammus Guide: https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/s8-my-full-magic-penetration-rammus-build-492829 Full Late Game Yorick Guide: https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/my-conqueror-yorick-full-late-game-build-528679 Test these 4 builds and then comment again about working only on "low elo"! Enjoy
Leoparx PKX (10 months ago)
Attention!!! Comment below is head dmg
H.M B.K (10 months ago)
i play soraka and sona mid ap, but i'm sorry this is not the way to play a game you don't really help your team. and you're just lucky in this game no one is focusing you xD
かわいいreo (10 months ago)
this would be so fun if your opponent was someone like darius or irelia.
grochi (10 months ago)
what is this bronze?
Huy Nguyễn (10 months ago)
Lium Heart (10 months ago)
The teemo was utter garbage early game but started to be somewhat useful mid game
Otaku Yuki (10 months ago)
Use your w more rofl ,you have lifesteal on protobelt and q ,just w and q on minions will get your hp back ,you are going full ap means your w heal more .
Moo (10 months ago)
Imagine a team fight when one ult grants invincibility and the other is extremely high healing. And both do damage???
Moo (8 months ago)
Holy shit I really was an idiot when I was bronze
Moo (10 months ago)
All fun and games until you're against a darius
Sean Evans (10 months ago)
my fave sup, and my wifey <3
John .Do9 (10 months ago)
I like how this banana plays 😜🍌🍌
Ari Candra (10 months ago)
idiot player
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
And proud of it!!
Kevin Bautista (10 months ago)
No sabe usar la E ni sabe jugar en equipo...
Vivian Rice (10 months ago)
I like how you focused on cc early game, something I really need to work on, great wards and communication too. ty for a new way to play Soraka.
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
Glad to hear that my friend! You can use the same build as Soraka support and still have great results! The only thing you need to swap is the Meteor with Aery, Aery will help you both do damage and assist the teammates with it!
Juan Acosta (10 months ago)
Vi carry lol
melon melona (10 months ago)
you just have a noob voli! not worth it.
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
Im not so sure voli was a "noob" to survive against me so long(even while playing with 180ms) is truly a miracle :)
rffm18 (10 months ago)
idol XD
No 800+ AP, no one shots. It's sad.
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
There were plenty of one shots in this game. Its different kind of informations in this tittle + thumbnail. 800 AP+! One Shots! Both of these are true as long as you watch the entire game :)
BaLoRi ok. Almost 1,5 min 800+ AP. Where is oneshot?
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
At 43:51 we had 827AP!
BaLoRi what time was it?
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
You should check better! I think we had 840 AP in this game!
Bro we want to renekton video please
BaLoRi (10 months ago)
will play then!
Joshy Paza (10 months ago)
Beware of the wild banana. Usually found in a bush, it waits for its prey. When seen by the foul creature, they will instantly die. Beware of this banana.. Or else you might be the next victim..
Joshy Paza (10 months ago)
Banana oo nana
JonnesTT (10 months ago)
AD bananas has more dmg and almost the same heals... Thats what you call deadly bananas.
Jakustavius (10 months ago)
12:50 How did you know she was there!
Vkook Love army (10 months ago)
Soraka no W???
Moo (8 months ago)
She has a taric anyway
Sleeve94 (11 months ago)
Crazy song for Soraka lol
NuMersi (11 months ago)
Can u tell me the song at 0:20 when is "lalala"
BaLoRi (11 months ago)
You can see the tittles of the songs at your counter of your screen under "music playing"
j p (11 months ago)
Charlie Wickham (11 months ago)
Used to play soraka top jng and mid s7 lol
Малыш Иисус (11 months ago)
Плохая забава. Он не умеет резаться жестко и, соответственно, не делает килы. Он не делает дабл килл и на 8:40 минутке, отпуская врагов (у него был игнайт, отхил с банки, ульта, и кд на прокаченную кушку 5 сек) и дает килл собственному леснику, однако не позволяет ему брать 2-ой: он пикает леснику, что идёт под вышку, однако при этом стоит и фармит. Вай получает тычку от вышки, лицезреет фармящую Сораку и отходит. Так же косяк Сораки в том, что она не вкачнула "W", на +1, этак ещё и ульту свою в молоко слила. Ходят, блядь, раки, на Сораке (произнес мейн Сорака). Плохая забава. Досмотрел до 10-ой минутки и выключаю.
abderrahim bouzidi (11 months ago)
man why u dont speak
abderrahim bouzidi (11 months ago)
BaLoRi yea i see that i love ur videos man continue like that
BaLoRi (11 months ago)
We started our Commentaries recently(about 1 week)! Check out our last games!
Felipe Lz (11 months ago)
Bronze plays
Felipe Lz (11 months ago)
BaLoRi for sure s2
BaLoRi (11 months ago)
Bronze plays are the best plays I guess :D
Can Kandemir (11 months ago)
I play only solo soraka i am 1.5m now and i can easily say that guy is a retarded. Its just a jungle video, as you can see even if you are a 0 function solo player a good jungler can carry you.
Út Nguyễn (11 months ago)
You are an excellent leader!
Dima Turicyn (11 months ago)
ещё не лицезрел(а) будто российская бронза на сораке играет, однако сыграл(а) в принципе хорошо. Я на сорке пенту делал, сборка лишь другая была.
藍楓 (11 months ago)
不會幫忙補血 也不會幫忙斷大
Your Friend (11 months ago)
Noob, tbh

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