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Oasis win BRITs Album of 30 Years presented by Noddy Holder | BRIT Awards 2010

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Noddy Holder presented the BRIT Award for Best British Album of 30 Years at The BRIT Awards 2010 to Oasis. Liam Gallagher collected, accepted and the threw the award into the crowd along with the microphone.
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Text Comments (170)
Sophie Heritage (6 days ago)
Liam hugging Noddy <3
Sophie Heritage (6 days ago)
Where the fuck was parklife?
My Enemy's Enemy (10 days ago)
Urban Hymns is better than Morning Glory - but I guess Morning Glory defined an era
Sean Facer (1 month ago)
Be Here Now was their best work.
FuckinLibertine (1 month ago)
Liam Gallagher best rock n roll star ever
Kartikeya Srivastava (3 months ago)
You don't censor Liam! That's blasphemy!
wesli 163 (6 months ago)
the day oasis died
Liquir Sama (8 months ago)
I really really love Oasis but Urban Hymns it's so much better than Morning Glory. Long life The Verve.
eadbhard butler (8 months ago)
every albums shite expect wtsmg
Maxi Hadda (9 months ago)
Some horrible nominations in this.
Víctor S. Cristóbal (11 months ago)
And OK Computer? 😒
Sophie Heritage (6 days ago)
Parklife too
Norberto Velazquez (1 month ago)
Falto indudablemente,pero amo a oasis una de las mas grandes bandas de la historia del Rock ingles
joel johns (1 year ago)
Honestly, name someone cooler than Liam?
Edityo (2 months ago)
definitely.. it's Noel
fb4cj (8 months ago)
Your mom
prakhar pant (1 year ago)
Except for wtsmg most nominations were shit, where's the queen is dead, ok computer, parklife, joshua tree, so many amazing albums missing.
zakur0hako (21 days ago)
urban hymns is definitely not shit
K Mac (1 year ago)
Did he just give his award away?
Lyn T (5 months ago)
Damn right! As much as it was a surprise to the audience, he didn't even fucking care about the award. As much as I love Oasis, Liam is one arrogant prick. However for some reason, I dont mind the dude.
Den Dan (1 year ago)
I love Oasis and they deserve it but from 1980 - 2010 how the fuck does Keane have one of the best albums in the past 30 years? And the rest of those albums too is more like the best in 10 years not from 1980 - 2010.
CrazyGlobe (1 year ago)
The Stone Roses not being mentioned is fucking criminal, in my opinion the 2nd best debut album ever behind Defitnely Maybe of course
the mighty_isi (1 year ago)
danielaamgc (1 year ago)
Liam is so annoying and funny I can’t stand him
Auto Classic (1 year ago)
1:44 muse
Sandra Plm (1 year ago)
RIP al que le cayó el micro
Mitchell Myers (1 year ago)
Him throwing the award really made me laugh as its what he would do, although i think he should have thanked noel
Greaser5550 (5 months ago)
Dio yeah true
Dio (5 months ago)
Greaser5550 no, he threw both
Greaser5550 (5 months ago)
He threw the mic not the award
Ashwani Lingwal (1 year ago)
Where is westlife?
Zach Official (2 years ago)
Malcolm Boyd (2 years ago)
''What a knobhead'' Peter Kay is a fucking legend
RHYMANTV (2 years ago)
hahahaha those screams after he throws the mic in the crowd 2:18...wonder if someone got injured
Misses Robot (2 years ago)
How did Duffy and Dido get a nomination of Back to Black by Amy Winehouse? Fack off.
Sailesh Shrestha (2 years ago)
Great to see Travis-The Man Who in the nominations!! Quite a surprise Radiohead not being there!
Seth Taylor (2 years ago)
brotherly love is so fucking funny
JAMIE LESTER (2 years ago)
Peter Kay is about as funny as cancer
x iLeon (2 years ago)
Man, I love Oasis but Liam is such a plonker at times. A has-been trying to give it all that. I mean, c'mon mate! Enuf with ur issues. U'r not being cool - u'r been totally fake and a real ass too
Greaser5550 (5 months ago)
Yeah his whole career he’s been fake! He’s not really like that. I’d like to see the real Liam. He’s probably a decent bloke.
Bob Dylan (2 years ago)
I love Liam but he should've thank to his big brother Noel because after all he wrote all the songs and he sang one of those songs in the album and the most important thing is he always got his back when Liam didn't come to concerts, awards or when he was drunk and high or when he fought.
Iker Gato (2 years ago)
Liam Gallagher is a fucking asshole, he knows he is and he doesn't care... He's just a FUCKING God! Long live LG
Glenys Ebanks (2 years ago)
Lets be honest OK Computer should have won
Zaxafy (4 months ago)
They are but a lot of oasis’s music is criminally underrated
Ignacio Gómez (5 months ago)
Radiohead must be one of the most overrated bands ever
김상준 (7 months ago)
Yeah at least it should have been nominated
Maxi Hadda (9 months ago)
Bencsac (2 years ago)
What a pathetic list.
RoadWarrior2006 (2 years ago)
You fucking Queers edited out when Liam threw the award into the crowd. Wankers.
pattithestranger (2 years ago)
He's such an asshole... but a good one. Of course he didn't thank Noel... Noel would probably do the same, just to fuck with Liam, hahahahaaa.
Harry Sanjaya (2 years ago)
liam is legend
haterology (2 years ago)
i wanna thank everone but the guy who wrote and basically did the whole album
destroythebody (1 year ago)
Sorry but he could'nt sing ah ah
Bint Firm 1882 (1 year ago)
haterology probably because Noel split the band up the previous year
maria vasquez (2 years ago)
Harry's wand (2 years ago)
Keane would have got my vote:')
Gallaga (2 years ago)
Keane Hopes&Fears is a fucking good album, but bro, here is Coldplay, Dire Straits, and fucking OASIS. So good life.
Mark Costa (2 years ago)
It was last normal BRIT Awards... now there is nothing interestings on the BRITs
Matúš Kollár (3 years ago)
Somebody bring back the 90s
Lee Bagshaw (3 years ago)
Legend! And all the muppet Americans who say they invented rock & roll? Fuck off 😂
JLF2012 x (2 years ago)
Yeh can't really argue there, they made it...they like to leave out the bit about the marginalised and discriminated Africans in the country inventing it though.... /:
Joao Victor Souza (3 years ago)
legend the real rockstarrrr
David Dave (3 years ago)
who? who? oh....Dire Straights, Who?,Who?< oh........Oasis......that band of assholes that think they're better and bigger than the beatles, and then Phil Collins and Sade?......and then who? and then....Who?
Marty Procter (2 years ago)
to be fair the verve were worth a mention
ThePurpleSheep (3 years ago)
Fuck I love Liam. Of COURSE he won't thank Noel lol.
Jorge Vásquez (3 years ago)
definitely maybe > wtsmg
Norberto Velazquez (1 month ago)
Blur is shit
Norberto Velazquez (1 month ago)
Oasis-stone roses
Trevor Miller (8 months ago)
That would be true if: - Liam sang Sad Song - Married With Children was played electrically - Up In the Sky was played acoustically
Phenomenal One (9 months ago)
Μάκης (1 year ago)
Play-a-maker xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxa what did u say?
magiccoupons (3 years ago)
What a shit list lol
4st 7lb (1 year ago)
Dire Straits are rock history mate
CHRISTIAN. JUNIOR (2 years ago)
no, its a really good list.
magiccoupons (2 years ago)
@Matt 1 The Matt 1 Band
Mati K. Rool (2 years ago)
shit list? Oasis? Dido? The verve? Old coldplay? ahahahaha what is your band kid?
Ed Plays (3 years ago)
Shame about the lack of Iron Maiden. Hopefully this petition should finally get them some long deserved awards recognition: https://www.change.org/p/brit-awards-british-phonographic-industry-give-iron-maiden-s-the-book-of-souls-a-best-album-nomination?recruiter=129942440&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive&rp_sharecordion_checklist=control
2AMCOVERS (3 years ago)
obvio faltaron muchos álbumes y es imposible elegir el mejor pero si el más importante y este lo fue
2AMCOVERS (2 years ago)
Elimino el brit pop?
An. S. (2 years ago)
Antonio Lagos Creo que el más importante es OK Computer de Radiohead, ese album elimino al al britpop y poniendo en alto el rock alternativo y mezclando el electro con el rock
LOVER LINK (3 years ago)
I don't even like radiohead, but their albums had a bigger impact for the music industy than any of those albums. I love OASIS btw.
Red (1 year ago)
Music so Pablo Honey and KOL is better than DM and WTSMG?
Music (1 year ago)
Agreed. Oasis made 2 great albums (first two). But they pale in comparison to ANY of Radiohead's albums.
kevin chell (3 years ago)
Gallagher,arse'ole,,that's a true legend standing behind you!!
Ed Plays (3 years ago)
No Iron Maiden? Really?
David Dave (3 years ago)
Who the hell is Keane?
Music (1 year ago)
... I think he used to play for Man Utd.
robbietb (3 years ago)
There were 2 good albums on that list. Fuck me the Brits are shit
CHRISTIAN. JUNIOR (2 years ago)
Patrik (3 years ago)
+robbietb If you mean Urban Hymns, I agree.
JJ H (3 years ago)
+robbietb It gets worse every year, but I always watch it because something embarrassing always happens.
robbietb (3 years ago)
fair enough
heppolo (3 years ago)
+robbietb I'd say three, 3. Travis, 2. The Verve, 1. Oasis
David Dave (3 years ago)
BEST ALBUM IN 30 YEARS?! 50 percent of these, We've never heard of in the states. And your winner? a bunch of dicks.... I'm not being provincial here......just lettin' you know that no matter how much "poncy" bragging any of your best bands(Oasis) do, WE invented rock and roll and you can never catch us, you silly tea bags. Stick to skiffle you limey clowns. ALSO.......it's called soccer NOT FOOTBALL!
Awakened Saxon (1 year ago)
Americans didn't invent it! black people that you considered sub human did and it took off in england then we proceeded to ram it down white americas throat via the beatles, led zepplin and the stones. British music history makes a mockery of american rock history and continues to even now.
Jabba Da hut (2 years ago)
ZedX (2 years ago)
@David Dave Put an American hotdog up your ass while giving fellatio to a fox with a Donald Trump mask strapped to it's head!
David Dave (2 years ago)
Go beat each other up at a FUCKING soccer game you DOUCHEBAGS!
ZedX (2 years ago)
Who the fuck cares which is better? They're both good! Besides, what language do Americans speak (both day to day, AND in their music!)? ENGLISH. Dumbass.
Speedo Kingu (3 years ago)
listen Alex Turner, THAT'S how it should be done.Last great rock n roll moment on Brits.
FuckinLibertine (1 month ago)
Alex is a poor cunt, Liam is a real rock n roll star
TheFifhFab (2 years ago)
Kanra9671 Liam here shits all over Alex Turner, and this comes from a HUGE Monekys fan
Gibson Marney (4 years ago)
If you don't like Liam Gallagher or Oasis what the hell are you doing on videos of them? Fuck off, because to be quite frank, its boring listening to you whinge. Im sure Liam really gives a fuck about your opinions of him, or he enjoys being a rock n roll multi millionaire icon.
Gibson Marney (4 years ago)
@Nicholas Milne Funny person. Oasis have inspired half the indie/rock bands you hear today, and like Liam says...Their music will live forever.
Flip D Switch (4 years ago)
peter kay just fuck off and eat your happy meal
Flip D Switch (3 years ago)
@Mean Mr Mustard He is not trying at all hes doing what he wants unlike all the fake people out there
JJ H (3 years ago)
@Papa Shenanaigans Liam tries way too hard to be 'cool' he ends up making a tit of himself. What else was Peter meant to say? Congratulate him for lobbing his undeserved award into the audience?
Flip D Switch (3 years ago)
@Mean Mr Mustard No that response came straight from the liam gallagher hate bandwagon. Boring bastards cant handle someone who has a bit of attitude and doesnt go along with the crowd
JJ H (3 years ago)
+Papa Shenanaigans Blunt and straight to the point. "What a knobhead" sums up Liam "I want to be John Lennon" Gallagher perfectly.
Flip D Switch (4 years ago)
@Mean Mr Mustard How was it?
Ian Ng (4 years ago)
What a geezer, and what a twat, madferit.
ladymay30 (4 years ago)
Noel should get the prize in fact he wrote ALL songs from the album!
Rusdi Jidan (1 month ago)
Liam knows that, he's not stupid, but i think it's because of Noel's attitude !!!
mrjamesgrimes (4 months ago)
Hicory Dock tell what song he stole and copied from? I’d love to hear this....
Joel James (1 year ago)
ladymay30 Liam sung them you monh
Bint Firm 1882 (1 year ago)
ladymay30 he also copied every song from other classic songs and slightly changed with different words
TheFifhFab (2 years ago)
Well, probably because this was less than a year after Oasis split, and now, 8 years later, they still haven't made up
Zach Smith (4 years ago)
Based God
Douglas Young (4 years ago)
Noddy Holder saying What's the Story Morning Glory has made my life - he needs to cover it!
Nicholas Milne (4 years ago)
Oasis are shit, has-been, try-hard, old wankers, at least Noel was not mentioned. Noel the musical thief - now you are a Has Been, how does it feel?
Beth (1 year ago)
He just had his 10th number 1 album selling out gigs across the world, he still is as relevant now as he was back in the 90s, still is greatest artist in Britian.
JJ H (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Milne Michael Hutchence was a great man, Noel is a miserable old twat who's done nothing interesting since 1995.
Ed95PkFr (4 years ago)
ohh sorry so edgy...
pompeyboy88 (4 years ago)
Rock and roll!
stinking polecat (5 years ago)
definitely maybe he wants to live forever by standing on the shoulder of giants..........
Robert Farliegh (5 years ago)
What a nob ed!
Elliott Henderson (5 years ago)
What a wanker.
ilovehonglong (4 years ago)
There are TWO wankers actually.
Conor Doherty (5 years ago)
Thats how you do it Alex Turner. Mad fer it
Jacob Cutts (5 years ago)
all these people complaining about him not thanking noel, couldn't you guess its because 2010 they'd recently split because of him, its liam's band, he'll be annoyed
Jacob Cutts (5 years ago)
all these people complaining about him not thanking noel, couldn't you guess its because 2010 they'd recently split because of him, its liam's band, he'll be annoyed
Nassim Simou (5 years ago)
Fuck VMA and EMA this is the best award ceremony ! 
Padgestic (5 years ago)
Let's face it a brit award is shit, even 1D have won one, say no more.
Lotte Yanson (5 years ago)
What's the Story Morning Glory: best album I've ever heard.
Austin Bruno (5 years ago)
Liam's holding the mic woooo!
Fog812 8 (5 years ago)
Whatever man thats liam's problem i know that he should've thanked him but he didn't you dumbass!
Chris Santos (5 years ago)
yeah don't thank the guy that wrote all the songs fucking idiot
H A19 (6 years ago)
moebaid44 (6 years ago)
1. Download video onto computer 2. Convert to mp3 file 3. Import into audio editing program 4. Delete all of audio clip apart from 0:39 to 0:42 5. Save to computer 6. Play whenever depressed 7. Awww yeah...
Fog812 8 (6 years ago)
Yeah i know but since noel broke the band up Liam got mad and still you know they are always fighting and all of that.
AoifeL93 (6 years ago)
I know he did, but that doesn't make it ok...he still should have thanked him, it's just not on
Fog812 8 (6 years ago)
He did it at purpose.
Jon Barrionuevo (2 months ago)
AoifeL93 (6 years ago)
He should have thanked Noel too
amrakit (6 years ago)
Liam is cool as fuck
Niki166 (6 years ago)
Finally an un-cut version!

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