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Ask Japanese about the difference to Foreigners|日本人と外国人の違い?

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Text Comments (184)
K C (4 months ago)
They seem to think that all foreign men are walking renaissance statues xD There's plenty of Western men with no chiseled features and 'girly faces' just as in Japan.
noah walters (11 months ago)
I love how the introduction is in English, but everything else is in Japanese, with no subtitles to understand what they say.
J D (1 year ago)
There is no difference, we all are humans, and every one have unique soul
FyreMagyk67 (2 years ago)
They have only seen a few foreigners. Personalities vary greatly from person to person, as it is anywhere. Whether they hail from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, they usually will be different. The people that they have seen are generally those who generally more...energetic, I suppose? People who are shyer in nature probably tend to avoid straying far from home.
Charan Cherry (2 years ago)
why don't you add English sub tittle. because there are so many people who can't understand compleat Japanese there are people who are learning also if you add sub tittle means it will be very helpfull
Mr. WeaselSnipes (2 years ago)
Charan Charry *Complete* but there are subtitles, you have to put them on
manok750i (2 years ago)
how can japanese men even compare to superior white bulls?
MrJakeJimmy (2 years ago)
I want to impregnate a Japanese women with my BWC.
Psygnostic (2 years ago)
Sup /pol/
ᄋᄉᄋ ᄒᄒᄒ (2 years ago)
I am 15 , do u think it's a good idea living in a host family so I could understand japanese culture and attend to a japanese high school, pls I need help cause I feel so hyped up I don't want get my feelings down
Zaji1911 (2 years ago)
Weebness is just a phase. Soon you'll grow up and realize Japan is actually a very disgusting place.
白空 (2 years ago)
The guy at 1:37 looks 80% like my cousin...... WTF?! XD
david rojas (2 years ago)
Aoi <3
Mell Pink (2 years ago)
wait I'm a girl and i hold doors open for people all the time. for men, women, children i don't even care as long as they're behind me while i walk out of a door oO...is that weird? in Germany almost everyone does it
白空 (2 years ago)
Same, tho I'm not a german
[RoRy] (2 years ago)
If most people do that in your country then no, it isn't weird since that is the cultural norm. However if you travel outside of Germany to a country that has radically different cultural norms then that behavior might stand out. Its really just a matter of perspective.
Mimi (2 years ago)
American's will also do that. I've heard that in Japan people don't hold doors open. It's not to be rude or anything, they just don't do it.
Amber Clarke (2 years ago)
It's so strange to see that Japanese women find it strange (in a good way) when people hold the door open for women. I'm a girl and was brought up to do this and not just to women
Nathan Garza (2 years ago)
Japanese men or foreign men, what's Aoi's answer?
Then they marry with westerner, they don't know Hague Convention, they kidnapped their children to their mother country, and....
De Code (2 years ago)
I do not know why but I love the way japanese girls express themselves in body language, facial expression and so on. It is a mixture of awkward, shy and energetic/open. I find that adorable. If I have a daughter, I would love for her to inherit that.
Vittamar Akbin (2 years ago)
well, I can be a bit awkward if you see this in person
Agron Legioneras (2 years ago)
they are so delightful
Nit T (2 years ago)
Yamada Ryosuke!!!!!!<3
Navi Ovarb (2 years ago)
This confirms what I have long suspected. Japanese people seem to be ignorant, immature and lack knownledge of other cultures. I can clearly see a great loss of confidence both to themselves and to others. Not least regarding their unwillingness to learn and accept new things, like the english language. No wonder they are a nation of regression regarding birth number.
james imberson (3 years ago)
Aoi is so cute!!!!! Aw i wish i can hug her so cute!
Marleen Britt (3 years ago)
1:40 poor guy xD
Ravkrat (2 years ago)
Marleen Britt i paused it at 1:38.. 😂
t is (3 years ago)
The primary thing I like about Japan is the less aggressive/violent men ... same for the women actually.
solidsn2011 (3 years ago)
There aren't any English subtitles to add! I can edit and add my subtitles if I want to but I don't know Japanese :p
Stroud (2 years ago)
There are english subs tho. Just click in Cc
kan kan (3 years ago)
potato guy (3 years ago)
Wasn't aoi in only in japan's video O_O
mitchcraft (3 years ago)
Interesting, what do they thing of us Scottish men? =D
El mero Culitiano (3 years ago)
I need to get my Ass speaking Japanese RIGHT NOW 🤔
Eroid (3 years ago)
wtf! Dane Dehaan!? I searched up this guys name and the first thing I found was the image stoned guy. Oh, my bad.
Frady Wang (3 years ago)
PokieIsMissing (3 years ago)
Aoi-san is so adorable with the giraffe headband. You have won a subscription from me! (>^w^<)
jzziloho (3 years ago)
So they all say gaijin men are tall. damn it! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
charles savaria (3 years ago)
I always hold doors open for everyone walking either out of where I'm about to enter, or for people walking into the same place as I. Its polite, feminist or not. I'm from southern Texas and it's just how most people are here.
Shadovvwithoutbody (3 years ago)
Im always so excited at the end of the vidoes, because I can watch some pure "Aoi san seconds".
MikiとKiki (3 years ago)
I plan to go to Japan someday so if I held open the door to a man or woman would it be rude? It's become a habit to always open doors for people so I don't know if I have to break this habit when I go to Japan. ;0;
Shannon Catney (3 years ago)
It is considered rude.
Nikki Feliz (3 years ago)
And foreigner Otakus be fangirling over Japanese men. XD
Josephine B. C. (3 years ago)
wooww dane dehaan hahaha
Kurumi Does Gaming (3 years ago)
Haha xD Not all foreigner men are nice v.v
Atreyu (3 years ago)
But Japanese men are shy which is soooo cute X3!!!!!
MarkoTurn (3 years ago)
日本⇔非日本って考え方は間違えていると思いますよ。 非日本というと、190ヶ国以上あるし、それ以上の数の文化があります。だから、全世界を一般化し、その一般化から日本を外すのはあれだなぁって思います!
whoda thunk (3 years ago)
listening to the interviews at .5 is a little frightening. am i the only one? good listening practice though
KajiRider1997 (3 years ago)
Ladies first? Not if western 3rd wave feminists can help it, they want everyone miserable xD 1:36 The amount of ''I'm not here, I'm not hearing this'' on her boyfriend's face is so funny.
kanadajin3 (3 years ago)
違いは日本人は日本国籍を持っている外人は持っていない。他の違いは、この196ヶ国によって違う。国籍が違うと、背が高くなったりするのはない。世界の国の統計によると 平均高い国もあるし  低いのもあるし日本はカナダと1センチの違いしかない外人がみんな高いっていう人は......はっきりいえば、無知です。この動画で出てくるステリオタイプは「外人」じゃなくて、「アメリカ人」なんです。がっちり、LADIESファスト、セガ高い、話しかけてくるこれは、すべてアメリカのステリオタイプなんです。まあ、みんなは本音を言っているから、しょうがないけど世界の知識が足りないと、はっきり分かる
xx345 (3 years ago)
+kanadajin3 これは大変腹立たしいことですが、日本人の多くが思う外国人というのは欧州系白人、強いて言えばアングロサクソンやゲルマン民族を指します。日本に住む外国人の多くはアジア人なのに。 全員がそうとは言いませんが、付き合うなら外国人(ここでいう所謂欧州白人)などという日本人は心のどこかでアジア系外国人を馬鹿にしている。 決してkanadajin3様を批判しているわけではありませんし、仰せのご意見の多くに賛同しております。
Nikki Feliz (3 years ago)
+kanadajin3 Oh hey~ XD
Nikki Feliz (3 years ago)
+kanadajin3 Oh hey~ XD
SweetSpot16 (3 years ago)
Oh hi! Scrolled down the comment section to see you here XD
Moussa SUWWAN (3 years ago)
Hi ask Japanese : i tried hard to translate the sentence which is on the left side of the screen : 日本イ外国イ, but google never gave me a correct translation, what is it then? Merci beaucoup pour votre aide.
Ask Japanese (3 years ago)
+Moussa Suwwan - It's 日本人 外国人 = Japanese , Foreigner - WAORYU C
Angel Carrillo (3 years ago)
i dont think the japanese people know that many foreigners mostly americans, get theri teeth straighten at a young age that helps their jawline/chin. Ive seem some videos of how japanse culture isnt that big into teeth straightening, but i could be stereotyping. like my sister got braces when she was little and always had a round face but now her jaw is a little more "sizzled" and even my dad got braces late in is age, and his round face is a little more strong.
Yu Chen Cheng (3 years ago)
+angel carrillo Yeah, I don't think the Japanese are into those straightened teeth thing. I know that some of the girls even purposely get their teeth a bit unstraightened, because it looks cute to them. BTW I don't think getting the teeth straightened has much affects on Asians TAT My face was round before getting the braces and still look the same if not rounder afterwards... And it's like that for my other Asian friends too... It's a sad world for Asian orz
Moussa SUWWAN (3 years ago)
Moussa SUWWAN (3 years ago)
+Fox Silver Hi Mr. Fox Silver :こんにちはミスターフォックスシルバー パレスチナ人として、私は差別と軍事占領に苦しみます 且つ : 日本と彼女の隣人との間で行われた戦争は、人種差別主義の源です。
Moussa SUWWAN (3 years ago)
+Ask Japanese Hi Monsieur WAORYU C, おはようございます。 ムーサです ☺☺ Thanks for answering me, As I told you elsewhere (他の場所で), Google, on which I depend, for translating my Japanese phrases and comments, gives the following translation to my question: 日本の人種差別主義者はいますか? Do you have any Japanese racists? In fact, my question is/was: "In general, are Japanese racists?" I will try to find some one, who could teach me Japanese in a correct grammatical and translation method. Moreover, I am learning Japanese at: JapanesePod 101.com 私は少し日本語を理解します Actually, I am reading a book (in French) on Japan’s History. A suggestion: Why don’t you ask Google to engage a Japanese citizen, to do the translation? Bonne journée, 左様なら
Ask Japanese (3 years ago)
+Moussa Suwwan Excuse me sir, but the Japanese sentence you wrote translates to "I'm looking for Japanese Racists/Radicals" - WAORYU C
Mar Vin (3 years ago)
haha japanese women thinks all foreigners are gentleman like? better not come thru my hood or you'll get pimpd out and work in a corner 60/40 split
maha eltom (3 years ago)
are u serious?!?😕
Falo (3 years ago)
1:49 looks like "L" from Deathnote.
Danial Izzat (3 years ago)
hi..how to send email to Aoi? ^_^
Bram Marcellino (3 years ago)
i've been watch many similar videos and most of them said "foreigners put the ladies first" or "foreigners have more confidence than japanese guys". is that really happened? P.S. : is there any chance for southeast asian dating you japanese girls? LOL
Yamadaisbae (3 years ago)
jr4chargers (3 years ago)
Trust me Japanese women, not all foreigners are manly and kind.
Angel Zavaleta (2 years ago)
ultrasonic22 lol
France Glorieuse (2 years ago)
I know you genuinely meant that some of them are assholes but your profile picture implies something completely different
Stroud (2 years ago)
Oh, if by "north and west" you're saying about europe, we are cool then !
Stroud (2 years ago)
Duude, Brazil has the biggest gay parade ever. Get yo facts straight !
loltv282 (2 years ago)
yes not all but most
milkjamjuice (3 years ago)
Why did you only ask about men?
kelvin urena (3 years ago)
Guess im in trouble if i go to japan, ill have to get that fat ugly girl the one that always tags along the cute ones :/
Mina Romero (3 years ago)
most of the guys where cute ....I want Japanese friendddd..
Hibari98 (3 years ago)
How old is Aoi ?
FunkyDoolittle (3 years ago)
lol how awkward must it be for the Japanese boys in this video while their girlfriends are talking so highly about foreign guys haha...its quite easy to steal a Japanese girl from her present boyfriend. They will even cheat for a second.
FunkyDoolittle (3 years ago)
As a foreigner in Japan I find lots of Japanese girls have a wrong impression about foreign guys. Its not like all foreign guys are gentlemen or not shy. Such stereotypes. I also feel that Japanese girls want to be with a foreign guy only to improve their English level. I rather go for a Japanese woman over 30+ who passed her Kawai period in life.
stoffni (2 years ago)
+theabstrakt84 Foreigners are exotic. Japan is and has always been a very ethnically homogenic society, which means anything other than Japanese is perceived as exotic, different. Same way they hold this extremely romantic view of Paris, being this beautiful, clean, utopian city of life, love and fashion. When in fact, lets be honest, is rather loud, crowded and dirty. I havnt been to Japan. But could it be that western men are more gentlemanly and confident by average than Japanese men? By average obviously. There is always "anomalies" in everything. I have done research of Japan though, considering I plan to go there soon. I found out that culturally the Japanese do not say "I love you" and show affection publically. Maybe this is what Japanese women perceive being romantic when they associate that with western culture? As we're more like "I show my affection for my woman whenever and wherever I want, get out of my way mofo!" :P
David Green (3 years ago)
+bananian Japanese males are usually colder, more rigit and serious... you know, they don't usually do things like kissing you in public, embracing you (sometimes not even holding hands), telling that they love you and preparing a romantic pictic under the Moon light. Along with that there is the ideal image, of obedient woman, males usually have, and the fact that after they become husbands, and have a child, the classic image os salary man that never tell her wife he loves her, but show it by bringing money in the house, become quite comon. Like this we can understand why japanese females think that Western are nicer with females... is not far from truth, but the mistake japanese make, is that the West has a culture (the western culture), which is totaly wrong. Especially Europe has many cultural differences. We can't compare the passional nature of Italians and Latins in general, with the serious peoples that live in England. The French liberalism is hard to understand by most Europeans too... along with their cuisine -the French plate is pretty poor in comparation with the ammount of food East Europeans eat at a single meal. East Europeans are lazy in comparation with the hardworking Germans. And Scandinavians are really boring in comparation with the rest of Europe. US is the same. So yeah, is not a secret that Western in general have a better attitude regarding womans (but this is mostly because western females have a different attitude than japanese too), but the levels are variable depending on culture. Even in Europe, females from some country dream about the passional Italian lover, or the French dude that will write them poetry, and compose songs for them... Those are stereotypes too - mere idealised images (that are kind of true, but overly exagerated). If peoples from Europe have those stereotypes about their own neighbours, is not a mistery that Japanese from the other side of the world have them too.
bananian (3 years ago)
+theabstrakt84 I think the girls probably project what they wish in a man onto foreigners simply because the girls have little contact with foreigners so they can have this fantasy without being ruined by reality. I am confused when the ladies said that foreigners treat women nicer. I would have thought Japanese men to be nice guys, haha.
m michels (3 years ago)
Typical answers from the white supremacy system brainwashed Western colony of Occupied Japan. Good robots!
Damien (2 years ago)
Lmao this dude just said "maggot brain"
Drop Down (2 years ago)
Too bad the the Western World was created by WHITE MEN. The same world that provides you internet and you can post your bullshit. We created the superior civilisation, the one that EVERYBODY wants to be a part of. We won't apologise to anybody. Philisophy, science, democracy, human rights you name it. You idiots push the white supremacy shit harder than white supremacy supporters, do you want to see white people ganking you up with black uniforms? Stop this bulllshit.
Leon C (2 years ago)
+m michels reported for racial slurs
m michels (2 years ago)
+TiyZzi Are you retarded? I gave you facts and silly pinkies like you still come up with your nonsense. Moreover, the so-called Middle East was NEVER Christian and Turkey is rightfully heir to the Byzantine Empire. You are spewing uneducated nonsense. Whites are 15-20% of the world population and they are all over the world like a plague.
TiyZzi (2 years ago)
+m michels That is like saying Turks should give give turkey back to the byzantine empire or the middle east should fall back to the Christians. I don´t care if the United states becomes a white minority, but not Europe. By 2050 white population will be about 7-10% of earths population.
Keep scrolling (3 years ago)
No offense but why do alot of Japanese have bad teeth
4 right TurnZ (2 years ago)
Yes you are correct. Try think a snaffle tooth is cute? To each their own!
Ang Fan (3 years ago)
+Keep scrolling crooked teeth is a trend and fashion in Japan. Yes, it's a fashion and trend and has been popular for Japanese people for decades now, weird but they find it cute (I find it cute too). They call it "yaeba". In fact, some Japanese even undergoes through dental surgery just to have it.
MCShvabo (3 years ago)
+Keep scrolling Bad teeth is somethink that could be taken with grain of salt here, they have clean teeth, but apparetnly many peopel find crooked teeth sexy, so they don't repair if they have them.
Max Loukham (3 years ago)
How do Japanese reacts to Mongolian foreigners (Koreans, Chinese, Thai,Vietnamese, etc ) who speak Japanese language ? How can you tell them apart ? There's hardly any video on Youtube.
橋本裕也 (3 years ago)
Southe East Asians like Vietnamese or Thais are very easy to tell since they look really different even if they speak Japanese fluently, but sometimes Chinese and Koreans are hard to tell them apart if they speak Japanese and dress like Japanese.
ASIT CICI (3 years ago)
Andjelina 16 (3 years ago)
Aoi is so cute ^^
Lava Yuki (3 years ago)
I was noticed all of the same things when I studied in Japan as the differences are quite stark.
Leogk001 (3 years ago)
Aoi chan is so kawaii :3
seboogieboy (3 years ago)
is it just me or does the guy at 1:36 look like L from deathnote
Kim Choi (3 years ago)
Why there is always "to" at the end of word lady firstO, eight-eighto
BuzziMuzzi (3 years ago)
Because that's their pronounciation of english words.nthey have difficulty pronouncing words without a syllable on the end
Balmor Chuck (3 years ago)
Nothing beats being emasculated in front of your woman, by your woman.
Matheus Costa (1 year ago)
Drop Down (2 years ago)
Some things can't be bought but only experienced. For the rest there's Mastercard.
t is (3 years ago)
Nothing particularly good about being masculine to begin with. Just cultural nonsense.
Randy (3 years ago)
+bananian If anyone believes that all of a specific population behaves in a certain manner, then the only people they can blame is themselves when they're let down. A woman's idea of respect is special treatment, so in the eyes of these women I'd be proper disrespectful, but that's OK because I wouldn't want a woman who would passive-aggressively insult me.. y'know?
bananian (3 years ago)
+Viktor Vaughn These comments are the reason I got confused when the women in the video say foreigners are kind to women, lol.
Lisa Michelle (3 years ago)
All these girls saying the lady first- In my experience, the only ones who do that are the not so handsome guys xD Also, I haven't even seen so many guys at all have this  'Lady First' rule... At least that goes for where I come from.
4 right TurnZ (2 years ago)
Come on now! I do not think I'm handsome but I don't think I am ugly either and I was raised from a child to hold a door open for a woman! When I visited my girlfriend in osaka recently I could not believe how the men have little consideration for a woman in this way? I am not saying Japanese men are rude as they were not raised in such a way but when I held a door open for women walking behind me they were confused at first and then very thankful as they walked through! I absolutely love it their and want to go back soon!
t is (3 years ago)
I've seen so many women offended by me treating them differently than men that I don't do it any more. I used to do the _ladies first_ thing, used to pay for dinner, used to offer help lifting things ... not any more.
JPNox (3 years ago)
+Saner78 I see, thank you for explanation. Well, 'm neither much fun nor well-read, so it probably wouldn't be entertaining. But maybe we'll talk one day and don't even know we talked here.
Saner78 (3 years ago)
+JPNox I like your way of thinking. It would be nice if we had some interesting conversation in pub or pizzeria.
Saner78 (3 years ago)
+JPNox My reply was like dubleedged sword. Society could take her side. My former intentions were not bad. I wanted her to feel good and maybe little special. She took it wrong but I won't say sorry for what I did. That's why I explained her what my intentions were. (Well, maybe  later my intentions little changed when I wanted to put her in embarresed condition. Noones perfect.)
Leonardo DaVinci (3 years ago)
Is it me or do I feel they are only thinking about white men saying this? XDD Not because I think other men aren't like this, but because I think they have this idealised view of them and not the others..
Henry1409 (1 year ago)
Leonardo DaVinci I'm studying in a university in Japan and when I ask them abt this, all they talked was abt caucasian man, like high nose, blonde, blue eyes etc, they didn't realize that I'm a foreigner too lol. The definition of "foreigner" in Japan in some certain way is abt causcasian I think ~
Drop Down (2 years ago)
White men are viewed as a status symbol. Getting married to a succesful ( and handsome) white man is a way to elevate social status. The stupid anti white male propaganda and neofeminism hasn't affected them.
snack (2 years ago)
they are so lucky
Taun-Chi Gaming (3 years ago)
+Yui Nounen Considering that most ethnic groups have a much taller average height than Japanese.. They could be thinking of practically anyone.
Ms Ichinosé (3 years ago)
+bananian Don't hate yourself. Everyone is born what they are for a reason. 
Hadjar Cassiopeia (3 years ago)
Oh wow she says Dane Dehaan! That's so nice! :D
cyn chan (3 years ago)
Yamada Ryosuke! <3
kiyo287 (3 years ago)
Omg she likes Dane dehaan :D
Tim Brockley (3 years ago)
にほんじん の ファッション が すき です
MXknowsHow (3 years ago)
Cristiano fucking Ronaldo xD He simply wins at life
The Aristocat (3 years ago)
+MXknowsHow if you say you are from portugal thats the first thing that comes to mind
d00dz (3 years ago)
aoi-san didnt give her views on this one?
MiliakBR (3 years ago)
+Ask Japanese I will sure. o/
Ask Japanese (3 years ago)
+MiliakBR Yes! If you find a giraffe head, say her HELLO!
Ask Japanese (3 years ago)
+d00dz indeed. next time she will!
MiliakBR (3 years ago)
+d00dz She is waiting for me to go to Japan =)

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