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My Lolita Evolution video - https://youtu.be/65JXr3X1KHk Closet of Frills - https://www.facebook.com/groups/DailyLolita/ Big sisters of lolita fashion - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1527936637425516/ ----------------------------------------­--- Lolita Reacts Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc4bg_GTWPGboev_7o3rcC5__IlOxRqec ----------------------------------------­--- Help support my lolita content- https://ko-fi.com/lovelylor ----------------------------------------­-- C O N T A C T For Business Inquiries & Collaborations: [email protected] ----------------------------------------­-- M Y - L I N K S ◦Instagram - http://instagram.com/lovelylor ◦Twitter - http://twitter.com/loveliestlor ◦Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lovelylorofficial ----------------------------------------­---
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Text Comments (137)
XXNiCoLe2012XX (1 day ago)
I like the top hat 😂
Margot Nohe (1 month ago)
Oh goodness your lolita outfit here is soooooooo cute! 💕💕💕 I love the brown and pink! Edit: I just saw your bear necklace and I'm in love. The whole bear theme in this outfit is too cute!
Alexis Collins (4 months ago)
I was thinking about buying that dress but I'm 14 so the only thing I can afford is bodyline LOL My aunt gives me money to help clean her house but it's only like $20 which is better than nothing and my mom will buy me anything under $10 for nothing. I have been getting into lolita because of you starting January and I got this JSK from Sanrense but I don't like it at all. It's very basic and kind of gothic looking but I'm a sweet lolita type 😂💖 in 2006 I was 1 or 2 lol you're old compared to me jk you're my biggest inspiration
Cassandra (4 months ago)
omg this video had me in tears. you're so funny and entertaining!
The Cage of Insanity. (4 months ago)
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, almost no one gets it right on the first try.
rainbow (4 months ago)
Your coord is so cute, I love the plush bear necklace lol
B B (4 months ago)
Your face should not be displayed in the public space. You'll be doing everyone justice (including yourself) if you leave YT and disappear.
Dana Nitu (4 months ago)
I wore years no real lolita just very bad handmade altered
BlondyIronBlood (5 months ago)
I don't really care for Lolita, like, I'm just here for Lor 'cause I like hearing her voice while I draw
scribjellyfish (5 months ago)
lor’s ita phase, or... lor-ita.....
gag reflex (5 months ago)
anyone else rewatching now there are adverts?
Cotton Candy Tory (5 months ago)
How old were you when you did that coord? Just wondering, since i might be putting together my first one soon ^^
Carolyn Donovan (5 months ago)
I wear a tophat kind of like that for my Bill Cipher cosplay does that count?
Miss Kittie (5 months ago)
msluvlee717 (5 months ago)
This is why you need real life lolita friends! Still looking for some in Indiana if people want to point me in the right direction.
Whimsical Nessa (5 months ago)
We became a fan of lolita around the same time! But I haven’t really gotten started I. Becoming one.
glovesandtea (5 months ago)
i think the positive comments are really important as they give you advice though! no one wants or can really stomach a full wall of 'this is bad and you should feel bad for doing it' text. even then, your gut memory of this post was 'it was so bad', which goes to show how emotions can impact memories! so i don't think they were being too nice, just guided in their comments, just as im sure you are guided when you give suggestions. im really glad the community was willing to help you out like this!
Sarah Martin (5 months ago)
"Steaming lolita is so good!" So you've gone from a steamy loli to a steaming lolita. :D But seriously, it's fun to see how far you've come and how quickly you found your pink niche.
Helen Souris (5 months ago)
Helen Souris (5 months ago)
Keirabug (5 months ago)
We all start somewhere lol
ASHERUISE (5 months ago)
I'm glad you didn't become a steamy loli. 😂 Also, not a lolita but love cute and frilly clothing and have been binging lolita fashion lately, am I gonna be committing a faux pas for wearing a lolita dress (with a petticoat!) without make-up or a wig or 64 different accessories? Not like I plan on posting my outfit in lolita circles anyway... Seems I'm not the only one with a disdain for tiny tophats.
Laura Hughes (5 months ago)
can 10 year olds be lolita's ?? lol.
Kai Maxwell (5 months ago)
Bring back Steamy Loli 2019. lol
Penelope Redwine (5 months ago)
When I first discovered Lolita I was a child and I was so excited I thought I could make a coord out of what I owned at the time. I wore a leotard that had ruffly sleeves because I thought with a skirt it would pass as a blouse. I wore a tutu as a petticoat. No skirt. And my moms apron. Thankfully no images exist. This is why 10 year olds cannot jfashion on their own.
Brasstail (5 months ago)
I’ve recently tried to coord this skirt in brown (although it wasn’t a good attempt imo since I just used what I already had and didn’t invest in any extra pieces that would’ve been better) and I did it with a cream lace shirt (with a white undershirt). It was a casual look and didn’t have a petti but I think it went alright for being my first attempted coord. I’m considering maybe getting some argyle socks, since it’s kinda similar to stripes, although I’m not sure how well it’d work since I hear all this advice about not using different patterns (like how you did with the polka dot socks). I currently have a cheap petti that I puff up with a diy hoop skirt (because we all know the cheaper pettis have pretty limited poof and don’t work well unless you stack em). I’m still wondering about a headpiece and I have an idea in mind but I need to work out if it would be better to try and diy it or to custom order it. Hopefully it’ll work out pretty well though
Delano Carson (5 months ago)
Oh my god I recognize that avatar from imour....that is some real nostalgia
neyaatalan (5 months ago)
I miss daily lolita. So many different coordinates from all around the planet really made me smile on a daily basis. And most of the commenters were really kind. Most members seem to have used daily lolita on the basis of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.". Sad it all faded into nothing. btw. I am not 100% sure, but I think I remember your first post on daily lolita.
Kristen R (5 months ago)
Go back to party city where you belong 😂
Anaclara Pérez (5 months ago)
Again, I don't think you realise that by being so strict and judgemental about your own beginner style makes all the other beginners feel judged and diminished. There are better, nicer ways to do this, you're discouraging people to try. Nobody starts perfect and that's fine, so prove that it's fine
Yami Requiem (5 months ago)
Lor can you maybe do a "first coord ever" rating with the first coords from your followers? Similar to the coord fixing and the critique you did with Tyler? 💕
digimaui (5 months ago)
There's nothing like a self-roast lol
fightmefairy (5 months ago)
Oh Lor I love you but I don’t think I can watch this
Milk Tea Latte (5 months ago)
Serving those steam powered giraffe looks
Hyperkiss (5 months ago)
the amelia nightmare continues
Sophie 🐋 (5 months ago)
Wow girl, you're mean as fuck. We all start somewhere but your style back then wasnt that bad. That's not cool seeing you being a bitch to your younger self.
sheernerdpower (5 months ago)
Are there any online lolita communities that aren't on Facebook?
Случайный (5 months ago)
Your voice is so sweet, and your look is sweat & beautiful too✨❤️✨❤️✨
Wildberry (5 months ago)
Here's a tip if you hate ironing (like I do) and don't have a steamer: put your item in your bathroom and run a hot shower. You'll be amazed at how the wrinkles come out! This is especially great if you're going to a con and staying at a hotel. This trick has saved so many cosplays and outfits for me.
SomeSeal (5 months ago)
Small detail, but I love how honest you are with your old attempt at lolita fashion. Especially how you talk about the way you prerceived the comments you got back then.
Amazatastic (5 months ago)
I'm obsessed with brown and pink together 😭
Nikora373 (5 months ago)
I wouldn't say that your first outfits were not lolita. Lolita is open for interpretation, and eventhough there are some styles that are clearly not Lolita, like highstreet jeans and a tee, it doesn't mean that long frilly dresses without an underskirt of any kind are not Lolita. I mean even Ouji can have Lolita elements and it can all come together to a form of Visual Kei style in the end, but taking the ability to interpret fashion in different ways would be to kill the joy and life of that fashion in my opinion.
Himawari (5 months ago)
"This aint the fashion for those titties" XD I wonder if I saw this post back then
Starseed-bb (5 months ago)
"steamy loli" is just about as bad you can abbreviate two words
Soychan1993 (5 months ago)
Those little teddy plushies on your dress are sooooooooo cute !!!
Olivia Portela de Mauro (5 months ago)
I’d love to see you try to recreate this look and make it better
Shannah D. (5 months ago)
Steaming clothes is the best. We have a super nice one and the only reason I use an iron is for sewing.
Wicked Kitten (5 months ago)
Gurl, we all start somewhere, don't be so hard on yourself. It's quite cute, yeah it's not typical lolita, but you liked it and that is (in my opinion) the most important. You evolved, found your style and got comfortable in the community. Lots of love Edit: my therapist said a quite important thing to me. If you talk about yourself try to think about you like a stranger. I'm sure you would not be so savage to a random cutsie gurl trying to find her style in lolita. It's because it's you, it's "ok" to be so mean, but it's not and you deserve better ❤❤❤
Nelly Negm (5 months ago)
it would be fun to see you re-style the "steamy loli(ta) " cord now to something awsome
Sonia Perez Trujillo (5 months ago)
Handheld steamers for the win! :D
MOLLYDOLLIGHT (5 months ago)
Your eye makeup is amazing
Mark Nagel (5 months ago)
It would be neat to see you do a 2019 attempt at a Steampunk look. :)
Chris Crxss (5 months ago)
You should make a video trying to recreate your early on lolita coords (Like the steampunk version) but, do them in the way how you would nowadays! Loved this viddy tho! Been there, done that with the whole "Look at pictures of your old style" euuugh- Haha!
Oliver Carlton (5 months ago)
youe foole....the mini top hat looks good....if you put it on a cute dog!!!!!
Ruby Campbell (5 months ago)
idk that top hat makes for a pretty bomb ita cosplay..... love you lor!
So Happy (5 months ago)
I mean a loli is just a young child in an anime, nothing sexual about them... most of the time. But yeah lolita and lolis are very different 😂
Cynthia Mayfield (5 months ago)
I had an eta phase that never developed into a Lolita phase as I was a young teen and my parents wouldn’t let me order expensive dresses from Japan online. I might order a used one at some point just to fulfill 13 year old me’s dream
darksunnygirl (5 months ago)
I love it. Keep making videos like this!
Michelle C. Pfaltz (5 months ago)
Lovely Lor can you show us a proper steam punk lolita in a future video?
star rabbit prince (5 months ago)
steamy loli sounds like a meme
Gaga Slaughter (5 months ago)
Sis that plastic straw is NOT cute, please consider reusable ones.
Joey Posner (5 months ago)
OOOO IDEA TIME you should try to contact the same people who commented and see what they think now of 2019 Lor 😃💗💖
Lalappai Not Kim (5 months ago)
lolita is also just a name for any Spanish speaking country tho.. Not necessarily referring to the book.
Taylor Spears (5 months ago)
Omfg steamy loli
PoisonBear9025 (5 months ago)
That "Steampunk" look is giving me some early 2000's music video vibes
Mint Boyd (5 months ago)
I don't blame you for the mini top hat, they were definitely having their moment then. Much to my chagrin. 😩 But yeah, they were all so nice. Even without attempting to portray lolita, that outfit is awful 😆
luv l12 (5 months ago)
I really love the bear necklace with this coord! Where did you get it?
LatinxGoticx (5 months ago)
I remember the steampunk thing in the late naughties/early 2010s. I also had a mini tophat.
Lola Ryyder (5 months ago)
I love your "ita" phase, seriously! The blue wig, the flowery dress ... If that "steam loli" brown skirt was floor length I would wear it, and make my own petticoat to match, haha 😄
E. Forer (5 months ago)
This video is so good! Get that Adsense!!
spellbunny (5 months ago)
shoutout for the mannequin #teammannequin
Dalton Milner (5 months ago)
Can we see Tyler’s reaction to these coords
Lovely Lor (5 months ago)
YES OMG YES that's what I kept thinking about when I was editing this, I would kill to see her reaction...I also wonder what her first coordinate was like
MLG Kirby Trash (5 months ago)
teddybearbones (5 months ago)
"it's not. you're bad. get out" I choked XD
mylaar (5 months ago)
I’m friends with the “savage” commenter - she isn’t really in the fashion anymore, but I think this will amuse her so I’ve sent her the link XD
Lovely Lor (5 months ago)
YES PLEASE !!! I really want to hear from the commenters haha I can't believe I thought it was savage at the time lololol
Luxferra Morningstar (5 months ago)
omg, I remember seeing this posted so long ago. lol
hemlockandvervain (5 months ago)
Marshmallow Pillow (5 months ago)
I’m afraid to post in lolita because I feel as though I still look ita, I’m aware of communities but there is none or barely in my state. Love your videos!!!!! 🧸💗 would you recommend devils inspired as a good shop for dresses I’m anxious when buying dresses because all that I see people wearing is usually AP and BTSSB and I’ve been told I’m not a lolita because I do not own anything from those brands....(just now realized my L in lolita was capitalized😳)
Marshmallow Pillow (5 months ago)
Mint Boyd I’m not apart of a community and don’t have any lolita friends so it’s hard to ask :/
Mint Boyd (5 months ago)
Why be afraid though? Wouldn't it be better if you asked if you still looked ita and had people give you advice on how to fix that rather than going around actually being an ita?
AmberAndGolden (5 months ago)
I find your content so so interesting, I'm not even involved in Lolita in any way shape or form 🤣 Love you Lor! 💕
Hayley T (5 months ago)
This was a little nostalgia bomb because I recognised several of those LJ user names 💜 I miss daily lolita a lot.
Sebbunnie (5 months ago)
Would using a steamer for lolita clothing make you a......... steamy loli?
Allyson Wonderland (5 months ago)
I immediately take dresses out of the dryer and hang them up and then when I want to wear said dress, I hang it in the bathroom while I take a hot shower to avoid having to iron things.
Defunct Otaku (5 months ago)
is this robecca steam from monster high
Helenlefab (5 months ago)
sharpened axe omg it literally is
Nightshade (5 months ago)
Lor back in the day: STEAMY LOLI :) Lor now: STEAMER FOR LOLITA
Glitter Fairy (5 months ago)
Omg I dont even want to look for my 1st ever lolita coordinate x.x
Hazy Bunny (5 months ago)
I ADORE this coord sm🐻💝💞💗
ShakespeareOfBorg (5 months ago)
Ok, I'm a fan of ridiculous mini top hats!
SmolSleepRoyal (5 months ago)
You should recreate your first coord!
ala (5 months ago)
“steamy loli” is sending me
That AlyCat (5 months ago)
So, I finally got my first lolita outfit the other day and I’m proud to say that it’s because of amazing people like you and Isaki Tahashi that I won’t look like a complete and total ita. Thank you for being an amazing inspiration! Kind of like how in the goth community there are elder goths that can help guide fledglings with their style, you have guided ours. That sounded really mushy and cheesy, but I hope you appreciate it.
kingofarkansas2710 (5 months ago)
Buffkin (5 months ago)
The stickers on your laptop are so cuutteeee!!!
Unholy Ghost (5 months ago)
I love your reactions! Moar moarrr please!! 🌈♥️
Lovisa K (5 months ago)
The bear coord is back! I LOVE IT SO MUCH YESSSSSSSSSS <3 A beary cute outfit ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Jemilabubbles (5 months ago)
Can you please remake your first Lolita looks? I want to see the progression.
Lovely Lor (5 months ago)
you can definitely see my progression in my loltia evolution video https://youtu.be/65JXr3X1KHk If I ever get a chance to wear those pieces again I will do updated looks !
BeckyBear (5 months ago)
I want to wear lolita just to collect all the teddy bear themed dresses and accessories :’) I love your wee bears necklace!
Mermaliade (5 months ago)
Everyone has to start somewhere. ^_^' Some of the criticism is really constructive! That's a plus. They don't seem very mean.
Pastel Princess Gracie (5 months ago)
Lor you forgot to mention big sisters if lolita fashion on facebook!
Lovely Lor (5 months ago)
I'll add it to the description <3
mermaidmoonprincess (5 months ago)
Oh my gosh, when I first started in lolita I tried doing a ‘steampunk’ coord too! 😅 it was so bad TwT;; but now I’m super ott sweet and love pinks! Also it’s amazing seeing how far you’ve come! 😍
Hannah Elson (5 months ago)
I am a simple lolita when I see a Lor video, I click.
Lonely Plant (5 months ago)
I remember my first coord was from Milanoo and I got this really long shiny cosplay wig with huge twin tails. I also really wanted to be OTT all the time and back then I thought it just meant sticking 3 huge bows on my head 😂 we definitely all grow and it’s great to see where we started~ Also don’t worry too much about the “loli” thing cuz I thought the same thing with thinking it was just a cuter shorter version of lolita 😝 Can’t wait to see the next video~! 💕

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