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Kids Roasting Their Teachers (Students Vs. Teachers)

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Text Comments (7749)
DJ the Gamer boi (6 minutes ago)
Infinite list merch
xXGamerKatXx (26 minutes ago)
It was hard enough for my teachers to control a class of 14 😂
Sevon Alexander (31 minutes ago)
The second one was the student who called security
Dana Khleld (42 minutes ago)
Dana Khleld (43 minutes ago)
Dana Khleld (43 minutes ago)
T. J (44 minutes ago)
OMG my friends 🔥 my teachers
Rayan Hariri (51 minutes ago)
I'm only convinced by the first video... The other ones are crap and meaningless.
Cassie Reynolds (1 hour ago)
My teacher teaches 80 students and there’s always this one kid who talks back and they’re so mean to her.
lilly smith (1 hour ago)
"Everyone agrees some people just start saying it" Damn that first kid.
El_ poit (1 hour ago)
I am that classmate
ITZME HEAVEN13 (1 hour ago)
On sometimes we reported a teacher because she is always targeting someone and like abusing him soo we reported him and many times that teacher was reported because of us because me and my classmates are talking about him everyday and we just did report it to the teacher and some times the teacher was Also a liar and she told her co-teachers that our section is such a liar so today we are talking about that that we will report him again
Shoto Todoroki (1 hour ago)
My math teacher is always getting roasted by my classmates and my teacher would just roast them back so everyone would call my math a teacher a master at roasting becuz whenever he roasts it would basically make us all scream "OHHHHHH" 😂
Snowbell Plaz (1 hour ago)
WTH!? What kind off intro was that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
AbbyOlivia AbbyOlivia (1 hour ago)
AbbyOlivia AbbyOlivia (1 hour ago)
Korbin Booker (2 hours ago)
My teacher said to me that I have no friends
Ozzy YT (2 hours ago)
I'm depressed.
Anime Vicastamae (2 hours ago)
I want to roast my teacher real bad!! BUT I can get kicked out.
WhoStoleMyFridge (3 hours ago)
6:30 bro that kid is wearing power merch
Alison Namiki Roberts (3 hours ago)
I’m that kid who always sits at the back and everyone thinks is stupid but is actually really smart
Mckenzie Arndt (3 hours ago)
Ok well as soon as the teacher realized she offended the student she should have apologized. And not try to defend her self because the joke clearly bothered the student
NC Playz (4 hours ago)
Anybody want subs? Like this and sub to me, comment and I'll get to everyone I can
Marcellus YT (4 hours ago)
That first guy sounds like Mickey mouse like if u agree lol
Zeds Ded (4 hours ago)
*DISCLAIMER Do not try this at home! You can try it at your School tho.
Sophia Conway (4 hours ago)
I once roasted my indian science (my school is in Australia) teacher in front of everyone! She said why haven't you asked for help and I said I have but u haven't given it to me and the class went ooooooooooh
Brady Goolsby (5 hours ago)
Not unless its Mrs.Steelman
Super Ash (5 hours ago)
Last one me no joke I did it twice XD
Hayden Hollingsworth (5 hours ago)
I did unintentionally roast my teacher and everyone like OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! then she looked at me like chop liver.😓😓😓😦😦
scar blood2 (5 hours ago)
My friend he's a boy and he cussed and threw a pencil at the teacher
Leialoha Susuga (5 hours ago)
I've done lots but only when needed 😏
it's Alex (5 hours ago)
Yep I had a student growl to my teacher it was so annoying I was trying to concentrate But i couldn’t Sorry if I write a word that doesn’t make sense I’m just bad at spelling
River English (6 hours ago)
i have one of those in my class, he can never shut up and he always thinks he's funny but he really is just annoying
Bonkers 9543 (6 hours ago)
Me: what time is it teacher: its time for you to get a watch me: maybe its time for you to get a new joke
Azlin Cunningham (6 hours ago)
My substitute In math compared me to her 6 year old nephew
April B (6 hours ago)
April B (6 hours ago)
Does anyone see that he has on a different yt mercy on
Blanca Celaya (6 hours ago)
2:01 Assasins creed Syndicate logo
Xxtoxic _fartxX (7 hours ago)
I didn’t have a classmate that did this because I was the classmate that did it😂😂😂
Minot Elias (7 hours ago)
Wtf who’s your daddy 😂😂😂
C.I.A • (7 hours ago)
I’ve done this before
B & C Studios (7 hours ago)
My science teacher roasted a boy in my class and the boy got so mad he ran out the class and came back in 5 minutes later and sat down my teacher asked him why did he leave he said because he roasted him😂
Robert Chavez (7 hours ago)
the guy in the teacher and kid arguing clip high key sounds like teenage Mickey Mouse
SavantJoselin (7 hours ago)
Lmao this one kid in my class got roasted by our teacher then he got up and like fake slapped him and everyone was like *ohhhhhhhhhh savage!* he might've gotten in trouble 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Booty Licious (7 hours ago)
There was one time a kid in my class threw his pen with a ball on it and another kid picked it up and the kid that threw it said I sucked on it so I said that’s what she said in front of my teacher
Fun R u n n e r (7 hours ago)
I'm gonna sub to everyone that subs to me and likes 🤣
prettylittlelaur 3 (7 hours ago)
So, i was in an assembly once and these teachers from a different school came in to talk about the new arts program they’re starting at their school. (They just came in to advertise the high school). In the arts program, you get 75 mins a day to do the art you love. (Like music, dance, painting drama etc) and this one kid raised his hand and said. “If I go to the school, I have to leave my friends. I could just stay here and go to classes with an actual professional.” Literally disrespecting them so much and being so rude. I honestly felt bad.
Olivia Swadkins (8 hours ago)
One time in fourth grade we were at pe and s kid started cussing at the pe teacher the f bomb and scream it al the students and he got expelled
Edith Gonzalez (8 hours ago)
That intro tho
Vero Filmz (8 hours ago)
Well one time my friend and my teacher were arguing and I started screaming world star and I got in school suspension so yeah.. lol I would do it a second time.
Noah (8 hours ago)
I saw my principal tell a kid to gtfo
Samantha Aubrey (8 hours ago)
One of my classmates in 7th grade started roasting the teacher and the teacher was fine with it he even helped him roast himself😎
Ra Ud (8 hours ago)
I had lots of people roast my teacher And I have to did I get in trouble ...... I'll keep that to myself 😜 I think everyone has!!!
Genevieve Queen (8 hours ago)
Tal ilysm but u better go back to that barber who cut ur hair bc.. Ⓜ🍔 ↖ hint
Blue Productions (8 hours ago)
I used to have a teacher who all he did was cuss and tell us inappropriate stories. And I wasn’t even it middle school yet. I moved out of that school. Soon after I found out that he got fired not long after I moved.
tess 321 (8 hours ago)
There was one teacher in our school who absolutely hated me.... and god knows why but she would always make fun of me and publicly humiliate me and one day i just had enough of it, and this is how the conversation went.... teacher : you will never become successful in life your the most untalanted creature i've ever seen me : well that's rich coming from you the whole class ( including her was shocked), i got into heaps of trouble but it was worth it, she rarely ever said anything to me after that ... ik that act was stupid but i dont regret it
mistaken onion 2 (8 hours ago)
Just today my cousin cussed out a teacher wired tho they ain't suspend him and he was at school all day
Toni Hicks (8 hours ago)
One time a kid thru a chair at the teacher
CuteyKitty (8 hours ago)
I have a story so I was at my bus and my bus driver is pretty strict and he doesn’t want us to switch seats. So there was this kid who did and my bus driver said to go back to the seat he was at before. Then a kid said if he goes back to his seat wouldn’t he be switching seats again? I was laughing so hard xD
Kai Madison (8 hours ago)
A kid threw scissors at the PE teacher
Izzy's Channel (8 hours ago)
There was this kid that was sent to the principles office for talking and interupting the class like 6 times but he said no. He wouldn't get up and go to the principal so she had the principal come and get him and when the principal showed up he said "Oh, my rides here."
Ginger RBLX (8 hours ago)
My classmate one day got so mad at my nice, gentle teacher, that he threw a chair, which hit my friend's face. Later, the boy who threw the chair, screamed, and ran off. The end
Krazy Goat (8 hours ago)
Just today 🤣🤣
Blit X (9 hours ago)
I always roast my teacher
Robert Wrld (9 hours ago)
I argue with my math teacher everyday
isabella smith (9 hours ago)
A boy at my school grabbed some scissors and threatened to kill the whole class
Okay so it was 2nd period and we had a substitute teacher. I forgot what started it but my friend Allen started talking back to the teacher bc he felt disrespected and he started saying you are so freaking rude you should be respecting me like seriously my brother got hit by a car you shouldn't be treating me like crap okay? Then the teacher said let's talk in the hall and Allen said no I'm not going out to talk to I feel very disrespected. Then the teacher called the student Dean and Allen got talked to and he said sorry to the sub😂
6:35 - 6:36 Teacher: *BA DA BA CA DA BA BA*
bettywesley3 (9 hours ago)
For privacy I will not say their names so this kid was roasting the school bully then he got very mad then threw his computer at him then go up the other kid tried to get away but he got in a dead end then the bully threw him on the desk luckily I did not get hit but the kid had a very big scar on his arm then the teacher started to cry and went out in the hall.the bully got suspended and when he came back the teacher made them sit next to each other. Surprisingly they didn't talk to each other or got each other mad
#subtoshot i_win (9 hours ago)
like your class and your the teacher stuff
Bowwow (9 hours ago)
I hit the bell and subscribed
Mari MC (9 hours ago)
Sometimes the teachers need to back off. Sometimes they pick on a student and the student doesn't have to stress out over a teacher either
Funtime foxy is nice (9 hours ago)
That dude needs some milk
KING AWESOME (9 hours ago)
He is at fault
Chloe Greer (9 hours ago)
My teacher roasted my bf once and we repeated all year lol
Javi's Corner_YT (9 hours ago)
Yes all of our class im not joking
Litty Queen2000 (9 hours ago)
I didn’t know what was going on in the first part of the video bro but anyway.........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crispy vinnie 613 (9 hours ago)
I dabed on on my teacher
Emily Anderson (9 hours ago)
I have a friend who talks back to the teacher the teacher said sit down once cuz he was sitting up and he said did you just say sit down to me oh no you're not going to say that
KenzieCat05 (9 hours ago)
There was a kid in my class and he said catch me outside how bout that and my teacher responded catch me after school how bout that!!!
Darkreath (9 hours ago)
The second one actually i think the teacher attacked the student
Avery Amys (9 hours ago)
my teacher rost us
Lily Stewart (9 hours ago)
I am that classmate
Porzinggod 55 (9 hours ago)
The last one is sorta relatable
Danielle T. (9 hours ago)
A lot of my tecahers roast her students... It's pretty funny
xXOmq KiaraXx (9 hours ago)
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TheDarkenWinter Kirk (9 hours ago)
I had my teacher goes boys Bc a kid asked a question so she started cursing then threw a desk at the door lol
TheDarkenWinter Kirk (9 hours ago)
I ment goes crazy
xXOmq KiaraXx (9 hours ago)
Something just hit me... the teachers aren’t being paid enough for this crappy moves that the students do. They try their best and all they get in return is students bitching to them. It’s honestly really sad 😔 😞 😢
stephanie some thing (9 hours ago)
I did
Fox Lover (9 hours ago)
Lol this reminds me of when we had a substitute teacher he is African American and he said he eats rabbits and this boy said no you shouldn’t eat rabbit you should eat the whole gym because your fat and then everyone was like ooooooo 😂😂😂😂
April Kersey (9 hours ago)
April Kersey (9 hours ago)
One kid in my class lets call him lee, lee roster the teacher and he wrote it down to and the teacher rested him back lol🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
Ur Mum (9 hours ago)
One time we had a really old teacher for psychology and one of my mates was late for class so the teacher started to grill him asking why he was late, then he comes back with yeah well unlike when you were a kid we don’t have dinosaurs to ride to school on in the 21st century
samiah lozano (10 hours ago)
This is every day at my school
Kawena Lenchanko (10 hours ago)
Stop making videos like this. No one wants to here you talk this much
Bralyn Lee (10 hours ago)
4:06 boi
Ella Vlogs (10 hours ago)
H He Hey Hey h Hey ha Hey hav Hey have Hey have y Hey have yo Hey have you Hey have you h Hey have you he Hey have you hea Hey have you hear Hey have you heard Hey have you heard a Hey have you heard ab Hey have you heard abo Okay I don’t have the patience for this 😂
Kadz12 (10 hours ago)
Honestly we really don’t need HUMAN teachers because they lowkey distract students so we should invent bots. But at the same time theses teachers will have no job unless they have a second job. I don’t even know guys

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