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NOW THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY BARD! FULL AD BARD IS THE WAY TO GO! WHO SAID A SUPPORT CAN'T CARRY?!? Bard Top Gameplay! League of legends Bard Season 8 gameplay! ►CHECK OUT SRO HIGHLIGHTS HERE: https://goo.gl/yWrlUv ►►LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for MORE Videos: http://bit.ly/1P5XteL ►SHOPPING ON AMAZON? Use my affiliate link! https://www.amazon.com/shop/renektononly Season 8 Bard runes guide League of Legends Dark Harvest - Cheap Shot - Eye - Ravenous Hunter Celerity - Manaflow Band ►►SoloRenektonOnly Highlight Playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzuJjd1ZPDg&list=PLr-uIm_KMDJcn5uZ8OBZ7qAIbxQoxHmQ6 ►►Check out SRO's Highlight Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-SnKMOqN5OY21u_8_1Q7ZQ ►►Troll Builds That Work Series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTFJTSp3hGg&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4HXkNE9yRGzuFaSbdA5Bhp3 ►►Road to Challenger Series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxbUfNRQu2s&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4FvDlFQDKZlLhqYQZc_dIMo ►►Season 7 League of Legends Gameplay Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHBMdTyIf28&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4H3DbHhdiJsy5LkrjiM5BU- Want to learn more about minion wave management? Check out the minion wave management series now! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQz3yU5tzJ0&list=PLzHaU28zdQ4GAMfVf_aASyiB4dheLsONx Watch me play live! ►Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/SoloRenektonOnly Follow and talk to me on Social Media! ►Twitter! https://twitter.com/SoloRenektonLoL ►Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SoloRenektonLoL Looking to support me and the content further? ►Tip here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/solorenektononly
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Text Comments (262)
SoloRenektonOnly (11 months ago)
BOOOOM WHAT UP! Almost done leveling a new account so if you have any extra goofy builds let me know. <3
Dragon slayer (7 months ago)
SoloRenektonOnly your team is cary you xd
JungleINSECt Spikewall (11 months ago)
SoloRenektonOnly ivern top like go full ap attack speed ivern and become a ap kind of adc with self peal i once stomped a irelia with this build but that was with old runes but i bet you can do beter
Pokeling (11 months ago)
Lethal Tempo Kayle
Sherone Peters (11 months ago)
on zyra
Sherone Peters (11 months ago)
could you try unsealed spell book, perfect timing, biscuit, cosmic insight, bone plating, overgrowth
Max Jacobson (18 days ago)
When he saves the brand and the brand doesnt acknowledge the big brain bard plays in chat or even an emote... smh ungrateful
Deivi Conde Colonio (9 months ago)
Click bait :/
curtismaxey4 (9 months ago)
ill be at work, watching these twitch streamers with my hand hovering right over the volume dial on my speaker.. Have it set half way to pick up their normal voice, then panic to crank it down when they start screaming about a kill. This is far more exciting than the actual game.
jacobrocket173 (10 months ago)
Here's something you probably didn't know about bard, his chimes also give you exp, which is why I collect most of them as i walk back to lane so I don't "miss experience", I leave most of the chimes in the river alone as I use them to gank mid with my adc or jungler, I also put the little healing things in the bushes in river so I have a better idea as to when I'm getting ganked, I place them on the edge so they don't see it when it disappears, or so it's harder for them to see it when it disappears as they enter the bush
Jinigami (10 months ago)
Why max w second if you dont let them charge up? Other than when you just use them fo the speed boost of course
Emo Marinov (10 months ago)
Bro pls give your full build on every possible clip it would be rly helpful
Sultan Arfeen (10 months ago)
1:32 12% of max mana* you goofball 😂😂
專七飛斯 (10 months ago)
lets play jg bard
JungleINSECt Spikewall (11 months ago)
You should let the heal charge and maybe stack 1 or 2 under tower
JungleINSECt Spikewall (11 months ago)
That way you cant get dove as easily
JungleINSECt Spikewall (11 months ago)
Meatball the dog xd
73MPL4R (11 months ago)
I went Lux support with a Bard ADC one game It worked way better than it should have
Heit (11 months ago)
wtf ur hair is backwards
Tom Chaneac (11 months ago)
I thought this was going to give me another view of my main champ bardo but it's actually kinda bad. Described as OP in the title while you don't even kill Poppy in the lane time is confusing.. Also, this build isn't the most powerful AT ALL. You need to play on your meep as early as possible and those items are too expensive. The real things you need are crit and ATK speed with a little of AP. Add CRB Bard to check my build that is definitely better than this one.
John Mark Co (11 months ago)
Is it just me or solorenektononly looks like kratos from god of war 4?
Ysrael Mercado (11 months ago)
Thank you for this vid...😉
Sirio Rifahi (11 months ago)
dude i always look up for ya vids, thanks for playing bardo, hes cooool , woud you tell me what kind of runes u use?
Zepth Warr (11 months ago)
"get health from charms", me: That's how I sustain lane prescience so well with bard #feelsDumbMan Though for an aggressive Bard build I find BORK>Nashors then stack up his AP to be effective. I wrote off the idea of using a Shen Item, because it feels he only has his stun to proc it and i'd rather have a more consistent damage output
C-Rex (11 months ago)
TheDustyMelon (11 months ago)
BOOM Awesome Video!
Orinatar (11 months ago)
Hahaha I love that your dogs name is Meatball!
Jack Sully (11 months ago)
In all honesty these videos are just as bad as brofresco videos.... He's playing some troll shit that doesnt actually work and winning because he's smurfing like 2 entire devisions from what he is actually in. Don't actually try this shit if you want ELO because it wont work.
Jack Sully (11 months ago)
Nicholas Ruppel (11 months ago)
"have a nice day"
Brett Cripps (11 months ago)
lol meatball
João Neto (11 months ago)
Hey Mike, E max second?
Fais Faizal (11 months ago)
I guess I've been playing every champion wrong
Mr Ace (11 months ago)
Please do another bard vid this one was so fun
Bas Bear (11 months ago)
You get 12% max mana from chimes. Not 12% max health.
Vampyricon (11 months ago)
Bardaleer Bivan, the Collector
Aerosol GG (11 months ago)
Stop playing league wrong.nah just kidding.i should try that.looks cool tho...
EpicSpaniard (11 months ago)
Boom What up, SolorenektonOnly here back at it again with another clickbait title
GeninGeo (11 months ago)
15:22 ult the tower not the champions lol
Chibunna Ezeoke (11 months ago)
ap kench with hail of blades. hella damage. protobelt, abyssal mask, nosher's tooth/rageblade, warmogs and whatever last item or boots you want.
Sjurulf (11 months ago)
Hail of blades bard sounds fun, do a game 😉
Avery (11 months ago)
Max e second bud. The cd goes down quite a bit and you travel through the tunnel faster
nolan keen (11 months ago)
Lichbane over trinity 🤔🤔 the proc is same and bigger meep hits.. I ran both, just prefer lichbane.. Opinion?
Marty Sat (11 months ago)
lichbane only with full ap build, otherwise triforce.
Eversionz (11 months ago)
Bard? You mean fat ezreal
thelegomaker8 (11 months ago)
this is what i normally do
Isaac Brown (11 months ago)
😂😂😂 my dog was chilling and when your dogs started barking he started flipping out himself.
DankSpicyJr TV (11 months ago)
Subscribe and join the notifications squad! BOOM WHAT UP!
Younes Mecheri (11 months ago)
klyclone gabrlel (11 months ago)
what is these patch support top bruisers support wtf
MooN (11 months ago)
Meatball shut up
RJ PHP__ 15 (11 months ago)
I love this channel because the vids are mostly all about different top-champions, since I use to be the top always.
Freedom in love (11 months ago)
Try leblanc support. You can oneshot people
killazilla44 (11 months ago)
literally had a bard try this bot lane as supp and just hard inted till he was 0/12 luckily my team and i managed to carry him but damnit mike putting these ideas in these people's heads
BenjiD (11 months ago)
everything is just easy and too op if you are smurfing in way lower elo :D
bmthebob (11 months ago)
Meat ball is going ham! Lol
Marcus Smith (11 months ago)
This brand is a survivor
Marcus Smith (11 months ago)
Have a nice day plays op
Satou :D (11 months ago)
Yall should try ohmwrecker gayren fought against it the other day sooo gay
Peteroleum .Noise (11 months ago)
As a rapidfire cannon Bard main - I would like to see your journeys from base get a lot more dialed.
Vast Number (11 months ago)
That guy talking about “degenerates taking electrocute on bard” when that’s literally the best keystone for his lane phase lmao. no clue
Dziordan1 (11 months ago)
i main bard support with electrocute, does dark harvest makes any sense on him on support? I ask cuz i play league for fun and I still don't all the rules etc.
Roman Flores (11 months ago)
Well the video didn’t start with WTF RIOT so I guess this build isn’t that great lol
Christopher Gick (11 months ago)
Do thresh 1 hit again with new storm razor and IE
piccsoni I (11 months ago)
full ad video starts with dorans ring...
r3dz0ne982 (11 months ago)
13:30 brand with the celebratory W
david henderson (11 months ago)
Awesome when he plays the non-traditional top lanes.... means time for a great vid!!
Jessie Roy Calma (11 months ago)
I love your content and btw you can know what clone is the real one if they drink a potion so if you see leb or shaco with their clones and one of them has the potion animation that means the one with the potion animation is the real one
Jessie Roy Calma (11 months ago)
Btw I suck at explaining
Marty Sat (11 months ago)
I play full crit bard adc. AD bard > AP bard
Alex Rodriguez (11 months ago)
I literally only watch your videos to help me go to sleep. I hope you don’t find that offensive... it’s just literally like a godsend...
frustratedsquirrel (11 months ago)
Honestly I hate it when I want to play Bard or Thresh top in normals and my team acts like they've NEVER HEARD OF THIS PHENOMENON BEFORE BARD TOP!?!? THRESH TOP!?!?! OMG MIND IS BLOWN I CANT OH! Both of these champs have offensive perks. Playing them offensively just requires a slight adjustment of playstyle.
eme319 (11 months ago)
Good man!
HOC Youtube (11 months ago)
Also, noticed you had the same issue with auto attacking. I think if you initially auto with a Meep, then you have to make sure to click again or you just stop auto attacking. Like, I thought I was trippin and maybe the minions were out of my range, but I could walk into a group and hit them, and after my meeps were used up I would just stand there. It was odd. Pretty sure its bugged. I use attack walk too, and my auto attack is on. So makes no sense why I would just keep standing there. It happened a dozen or so times.
HOC Youtube (11 months ago)
I was just testing a similar build in the jungle as Bard. I ran Sorc secondary and had celerity and gathering the storm. Seemed like those two would do well with his kit. Especially bonus damage from movement speed, since you can boost your speed with W then auto, might actually be great with this build too...
Satvik Saha (11 months ago)
11:47 did he just... walk back to lane? as bard
Itchy Boi (11 months ago)
When playing bard its necessary to play him if you have a beard like mike
brzzzllr rr (11 months ago)
It's late in the night but I think I'm gonna like this video
Scott tappan (11 months ago)
That auto on LB at 21:53 tho.....
Ergün Çelik (11 months ago)
2:28 auto to slow. AA only slow when you atleast have 5 chimes. Walking up to the one in the bush would've been enough to catch up to Poppy and slow her. Great video!
K H (11 months ago)
what is this silver 5?
A Bowl of Soup (11 months ago)
I liked for 19:26.
Crashed GFX (11 months ago)
Awwww meatball such a cute name
The Real Cletus (11 months ago)
Sometimes I just feel like you can pull off any champion top lane
KidYoureAHomo (11 months ago)
Where is your WTF RIOT! click bait in the title?
Frank Villegas (11 months ago)
Men i love your videos are amazing greetings from Costa Rica
John (11 months ago)
Lol that was a pretty sick follow up on mid.
Brandan Denuccio (11 months ago)
Do you have any skins on your league account? If so, which ones? Just curious.
Ryan Sisk (11 months ago)
Never 6 and 0 unlucky
Connor Weber (11 months ago)
Very Clean Gameplay
Cole Pointon (11 months ago)
By far my favourite streamer, I would like to know how many hours I've spent watching you, like1000 hours, keep it up
Pete Samhammer (11 months ago)
Mike, you're a fucking animal on Bard.
Alex Markivich (11 months ago)
can I get you to try Kayn top? I know it's not meta but i still think it would be interesting to watch.
Ricardo Fialho (11 months ago)
Try hail of blades bard, Rageblade, nashor tooth on hit stuff
yugi moto (11 months ago)
Magma Son Games (11 months ago)
This build is quite interesting try AP Bard
Joel Morley (11 months ago)
electrocute bard support with ignite is the future
CoffeeDemon (11 months ago)
I played quite a lot of Bard mid and top, the most important thing is actually having a bit of AD early to get your cs easier (you can start with dorans blade but you don't need more AD than that) and then you mostly need tankiness and magic pen, to outduel/outplay opponents. Trinity Force + Razor is fucking garbage though. xD It can work sometimes but you will not get consistent performance with such a squishy build.
Jordan Cummings (11 months ago)
Would Runaan's Hurricane work with this Bard build? Good synergy or nah? I'm not very familiar with Bard but this looks like a fun build
Snowhunter (11 months ago)
Hey I just did this last night! I went 18/6/34 and got an S+ albeit it was in aram. But still! Pretty cool!
TheGameingTurtle (11 months ago)
SRO never going 6/0
Rumble Main (11 months ago)
Hey SRO What do you think of the TP nerfs on the PBE?
mindo dodo (11 months ago)
Don't place the heal under your feets. Just place it in front of you so you don't lose a part of the ms buff stuck in the cast time of the heal ^^.
normaler Kanal hd (11 months ago)
Meatball such a beautiful name D:D
Bard is a very strong and agresive pick in ANY line, but, after a lot of diferent games, I saw that the bestie option is Using Ap and atk speed, like you were using teemo
j chill (11 months ago)
Literally had 5 ads for one video
A- Bomb (11 months ago)
Not sure how goofy it is but master yi or udyr with hail of blades then: rageblade, botrk, rav hydra, nashors tooth, stormrazer. Great damage, sustain, and attack speed. You’ll be one-shotting noobs in no time!
Connor Bozynski (11 months ago)
7:05 Ihow did mike not get stunned by the poppy? I’d be hyper tilted if were him

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